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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Eu Jin Birthday

Eu Jin Birthday
25 April 2008, Maison

We went Maison to celebrate Ej B'day. He invited his primary school friends and secondary school friends as well. its some kind of gathering for me. I can meet those who had almost lost contact. Such as Julian, Danial, Yuva, Oscar, Jingle.

TeR3nz - NeviN - EuJiN - KiN F0N - DaNiaL - 0ScaR - YuVa
PegGy - V3RoniCa - JinGLe - wAi KiT
JuLiaN..where are you..??!!

All of us haven't get 'high' yet..everyone still know what are they doing.. Xp
GaL's p0W3R..!! Y3aH..

OMG!!!! This is how EuJin look after he got drunk..lol.. XD ..JuLian behind him.. He did many funny thing..he fell from the couch..he SS..he shouting dancing around like nobody business..he is so so funny..haha..

there is lot more photos we had took.. can check out at.. http://http//ye1989veronica.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!75CE36DED31911A5!3061/

but..i might be scare..only a few can view my profile..sorry..if really want to take a look..please leave me a message or comment.. (^.^)