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Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNY=1week holiday=study week? hell no!!

well..this year CNY suppose to be study week cuz I havin mid-term right after bac from KL..
even though I brought my books along wit me inside d luggage..
but my books never show themselves out of d luggage til d day I bac hostel hahaha
it means tis whole CNY is totally a holiday for me no study!!!
tis is d reunion dinner I had..though tat nite something a lil bit slighty unhappy thing but stil ok la..
thanx to da pak leong cooking al this!!!!
chor2 went to foong gu's house..as usual chor2 is dad family
kuen bring along his gf tis year but too bad kenji din bring his gf anf benjamin break up dy
den bro aso din bring his gf along..everybody ask me when my turn..lol..
me ar?? wait lo..haha
nowadays kids aso got lou sang lo..yao yeng le..

well..so messy rite..but tat's not kids' er zuo juk..is us..d adults.. paiseh

we aso celebrating yoong gu bday..
foong gu bake her a cake...cheese cake..but not tat delicious..
yet stil got tat taste la..is not cold enuf la..
yoong gu reached KL very late almost 12 dy lo..
but of cuz v wait her lo because she is a part of our family!!!

so many kids le..but not her kids..haha

after foong gu as usual I sure got 2nd round..
chua invite us to his house but I cant..
yet I meet up wit them after foong gu thr..though its too late but they stil waitin for me so nice
waikit, ej, hangshen, chua, twins, ml, leon, hui, tommy and my beloved peggy who goin leave soon..
meet them up at OUG Steven..
den chat while ard 3am or 4am lidat say bye lo..
it suppose time to bac home but instead bac home..
v hav crazy idea..

was sending ml home to get his laptop cuz d guys staying leon's house
den duno why sudenli come out a freaking crazy idea...
'let's go PD watch sunrise'
'let's go Malacca lo'
well, tat time is a nice timing to go PD watch sunrise so once ml hop in d car v told him our idea..haha
den duno why leon drive home dy..and our decision to PD not confirm yet la of cuz..
reach leon house saw d waja den say go genting pulak..
tis and tat end up take ml's car which park at Peggy's house den go PD..
v did ask peggy along but she say wan packing wo..so din join us..

our journey beginsss....
so tired so i slep..haha
finally reached PD..and sudenli a thing pop out in out mind..
PD had no sunrise is sunset lo!!!!!
so we go there al d way for nothing..!!!!
yet d baobao spirit never dies..
we wait til d sun come out!!!! hahahaha

when we reach is so dark..den we wait wait wait..

d sky getting bright

now u can see d sunlight lo!!! imagine how long v lepak there..

baobao never dies!!!
after d sunrise thing which not from d sea from a building a house..
we rily no idea wat to do dy..
so we go Malacca to hav out breakfast..
we called yan cuz hui they said wil ask her out for dimsum breakfast..
who noe now we are at Malacca..
we called yan but she din believe tat we had reached Malacca..
she rily dun believe lo!!!!
we called ewei and she believe us..
now u can see differences between ewei and yan lo..haha
after breakfast we go for movie because we rily no idea wat to do..
so pathetic loitering ard Malacca..
we watch 72 Tenants..
and after d show end, tommy told me that they hav d feeling they were watchin movie at Jusco Cheras Selatan hahaha..
unfortunately we watched d show at Mahkota Parade..ahaha
den we went for a lunch mayb or hi-tea..
had a very nice cake..duno wat it call and duno wat d restaurant name
it located at d new shopping mall..Pahlawan I guess..
d original taste d best..
den 5 of us heading to my aunt house..
is been a long time I din meet her dy..
so does eewa and others..
this is a very good chance to meet them and can pai nian aso..
and take a rest too cuz 5 of us is exhausted!!!
slept while at d sofa..den duno why so ngam sally whole family wit peter gor gor visit too
and it very nice I can meet them al though just a while..
den v go for satay celup..
yummy yummy delicious..!!!
this is wat ewei wana join badly but timing alwax not ngam for her

den after satay celup we go bac I tink..
traffic jam so on..and sudenli..
turn into PD cuz we wana go Chuah for dinner
our superb delicious seafood dinner..a restaurant at Chuah
after dinner bac home lo..
so tired and I rily no idea how ml hui they al stil can go leon house lepak..
end of chor3 lo..
chor4 is here..d day Peggy go Aussie..haih
morning didnt plan to ling's house cuz mom off ma
who noe mom goin out wo..if she go out den I sure go my own outing lo haha
called up them to fetch me along...
luckily d guys wake late so I can join them..


after ling house lepak lepak..
we go airport lo..to 'sung' peggy
lot ppl lo..she so special sure lot ppl ma..
say bye KLIA come stupid traffic fellar to rasuah...
behind din put on safety belt wo..I tot tat rule had demolished..
so v lost rm50..haih..
after tat I bac home cuz nite got dinner wit mom and nyuk auntie they al..
so they send me bac and they go Kaki Corner for dinner..
after my dinner at Yap Chew I meet yixuam they al..
tis is d 1st time yixuan come bac from Taiwan..
meet up wit yixuan, cas, chloe, elaine, saibou, twins, zakee, teckli
bit blur..sorry
chor6 lo..so fast
today got u6a1 gatherin..
only few attend..but nvm la..
participants were..
puimun, saibou, kaili, chooiyee, maychen, qingyi, zakee, twins, and a outsider choiei hahaha
our 1st destination is 4lou fish head noodle..
after breakfast den go choiei lepak while..
den I hav to go settle some gov thing
hence they go KLCC den I meet up wit them when done my things..
KLCC is jux a place to gather ni..
our motives our main purpose is FullHouse!!!!!
there's a FullHouse at Jln Yap Kwan Seng wo..
somewhr near KLCC..
d FullHouse at Ala Damansara 'jap' dy I tink
so now thr's 2 FullHouse I noe..
Sunway and Jln Yap Kwan Seng lo..
d concept of cuz is same..
stil tat nice stil tat special stil sweet..
d mashed potato is stil tat delicious..
I tried d Alfredo Spaghetti tat day..so damn delicious..hehe..
here d recipi..
u guys can hav a try.. ^^
drink is lemon duno wat dy haha and delicious alfredo and d golden thing at right is mantao..but d sauce they provide to dip not bad quite special..
tis d superb delicious mashed potatoes..

and they sell clothes too..and accesorries..i'm wearin my own clothes but both of them not..
puimun love tat dress lot I tink she buy it rite at last..haha

every1 wear tat dress aso lik it..but no $$ buy too bad..
chor7 yan invite us to her house
got mou xi wo..so early lo but stil wan go..
dun rily wish to go but..go lo since she invite haha
luckily I go cuz can meet wit San!!!! rily din see her for ages dy..
yan house got nth2 do beside gamble hahahahaha
I rily no luck in gambling lo..keep lose ni haih..
after yan house they change to kwei house gamble..
oh ya..kwei bring along her boy boy John..^^
when they gambling at kwei's house I went Leisure Mall for shopping..
and I bump cheeyun a long lost fren..
den v had dinner together after fetch san bac and fetch ewon out..
we go yulek new steamboat buffet but not nice!!
ewon, yan, me, cheeyun, ml, leon, hui
after dinner I meet up wit weikidd nevin and kf..
jux meet up b4 I bac sabah..
cuz din rily chat wit them durin tis holiday..
summor long time din meet kf dy..
after yumcha at saga..
I got 3rd round hahaha
go yan house again along wit my lappy cuz I wana do assign
but end up..slept at yan's bed after 1 game of L4D2 wit blackie..
others gambling..I am so useless and hopeless haih..
cuz din even touch my assign and study for exam..
nex day bac Sabah lo..chor8 haih..so fast
thanx waikit fetching me to airport and ling who kepochi follow along hahaha...
1week end lidat dy lo..nothing else I did beside play eat slep
no assign no study bac ums wait die lo..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


duno why some ppl EQ damn low..
wonder why they will sudenli emo den bad mood..
if something they dislike den voice out la..
or if something they feel uneasy can say it out too..
emo bad mood is not d way..
problems will alwax there unless they say it discuss and solve it..
nobody will ever noe wat inside ur mind because tats not my mind!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY *Tiger*

happy cny everybody!!!!
gong xi gong xi!!!!!
tis year is tiger year..
so it means is my mom's year..haha
u guys can guess how old is she..
mi madre quarentaisnueve ano..
i reached kl on nin30 7pm lo..
eat my reunion dinner at 8.30pm lidat!!
den chor1 spent whole noon at 'mama' thr with 'toh bak' they al..
nite go peggy's house..
as usual v can stay her house for long and v alwax leave her house damn 'early'
today chor2 lo..
later go foong gu's house..tis year had change to her house cuz wana 'wong' her house ma
so later goin there den nite wil drop by chua's house..
wana meet up wit al long lost frens lo..
cny is d best event to keep us together..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baobao favourite-suprise!!

yday morning which is 3 Feb 2010..
8am..my hp vibrate..
tot it was msg from bell or some1..
but it rily vibrated keep 'zhan-ing' for long time so I get it and saw Peggy
was expeting mayb william instead peggy..I tot hp sot dy lo showin Peggy
I pick up d cal and it rily was Peggy's voice..she shouting ye den william..lol..
den she say 'I zui jor ar'...
walao..so damn early lo...impossible at tat hour because she shud b sleeping!!
and den I heard Leon and MingLeong talkin shouting..walao..
wonder wat these guys doin so damn early in d mornin and all lik high jor..
mingleong said leon rape him den when he wake he din wear any clothes so on..
den leon say mingleong force him to rape him..hahaha..
chee sin gar!!! 3 of them sot jor..
leon&mingleong lepak at peggy house whole nite and they rily no idea why duwan go bac..
d fat ass jux stick on d sofa til nex mornin and even can 'sung' peggy parents go work lo!!
chee sin gar yi ban ye!!!
but I guess this is wat baobao lik2 do!! accept it..hahahaha..

Monday, February 1, 2010

wat a suprise!!!

yday nite 31 Jan 2010
I was wandering inside 1B and sudenli a guy came over and call veronica
I wondering who the hell is this fella..
well..guess wat....he is Alex..my blog follower..
I never expect to meet or even bump wit him..
wat a superise..so it consider my lucky day rite..
now a ques in my mind..how come he can recognise me..
d 1 inside pic and d real me is totally diferent lo..rite rite???
anyway..happy to meet u Alex.. ^^