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Monday, December 29, 2008


Its been while I din update d blog..hehe..busy ma..what to do.. Xp

20 Dec 08

A dinner at Sunway, Yuen Restaurant..steamboat buffet with baobaozz..
Kwei, Yan and Tommy din join us..but Laiyew joined..long time didnt contact her..
It just a simple dinner..suppose it was a nice day with lotxx photos..but..haih..I doesnt seems I got that chance..

23 Dec 08

Saibou Bday~~!!!!!!
went to Lowyat Redbox, lunch..well..
d suprise for her al busted..haih..too bad..and d celebration doesnt end up well..nvm..there is another chance next year.. ^^

24 Dec 08 X'mas Eve

Port Dickson with family..
Yoong gu bac KL so this is kinda family gathering, family trip..though not all d family members attend..at least some of us stil can attend and meet each other..
We stayed in a rm700 bungalow..at 10th mile thr..Teluk Lemang..SriMesra bungalow..huge house..with 5rooms..d house ar..bit eerie..because it too big and it looks like those haunted house..haha..
we had a bbq x'mas nite..seafood nite..haha..crabbie..fish..prawn (damn big, rm60/kg) ..chicken..lamb..'yuk kon' (daging salai) ..mushroom and some vege..my favourite - tau foo pok, brinjal, tomato, marshmallow.. yummy yummy..deliciousss...
that nite..Yap's family version 'the greed of heart'..haha..my aunts and uncles had some discussion and this make me sad when heard and realize there's lotxx prob between them..there is lotxx arguement behind a warm family..

Next day..Christmas..
morning we woke up and eat those food which left over..and packed up..go to a better beach..cuz d beach near our bungalow damn lousy la..teruk~~!!
we played there til evenin..2pak damn kesian..he got his own family but he cant hav fun with his family because of his damn wife..I wonder why his wife damn crazy..i'm sure his son, my couz..dun even noe who we are and whats our name..I'm sure bout tat..
reach man gu house at 10..got next round..go Terenz's house for drink..x'mas ma..haha..kf fetch me go..haih..tat nite..quite nice aso but something happen before d party end..damn~~!! so d party was nice but...haih..those who attend noe lo..
reach home ard 6am~~!!

26 Dec 08

shopping wit foong gu, eric & xuan at midvalley..d xmas theme is circus.d decoration thr not bad..i totally 4get i've date nevin peggy for rockband..haha..
so I ffk..danm bad le..cuz din inform them..yet..nite after while I just reached home, wk cal and ajak me for rockband..hehe..so..I stil can play it..hahahaha..
play til 4+am and go for a supper=breakfast at McD..it shud be a nice meal but tat damn mcD..d machine rosak so we thr's no Mcmuffin~!!!!! hate it..i've been dreaming to hav Mcmuffin but now machine rosak so I cant hav it...grrr....but Terenz can get a fish fillet & hashbrown for free..not bad not bad..hahahah
once again..reached home ard 6am..

27 Dec 08

chua's farewell..at his house..not many attend..mayb he din invite lot..but..it just so funny..its a farewell and I dun rily feel tats a farewell for him..whatever..haih..
we damn hungry but thr is just few chicken for us..because we late..we reached thr at 9+..too bad..because al of us damn hungry..so we went connaught KFC and ta pau to peggy's house..haha..supper again..after our delicious meal..we played wii..
omg..peggy duno how2 control d wii after played twice..haha..we played wii sport..not bad that game..I can play bowling..haha..it just d begining..mana tau..after few games..d guys beat me..sad..Terenz damn cute when he play..he just like a lil boy..haha..shouting ard and d way he play is juts..cute..haha
once again..I back home damn late..but it consider d earliest compare d other days..haha..ard 5+ I reached home...hahah

Friday, December 19, 2008

M.O.S~~ I Love It

damn busy day~!!!!!
ej said go langkawi on friday (it is a last last last minute plan which x jadi)

went out to bank withdraw $$ and d trip cancel..haih..too bad..I drop by at 'man gu' house..
they have book 7pm normal hour at Greenbox..I love to sing and for sure go for it lo..haha
mana tau..those stupid fellar confirm go mos when I sit inside d car..grr..when I reached cheras selatan thr..they keep sms calling me..til my hp no battery~~!!
I just started to eat and sing at 7.30pm then kf say will come fetch me at 9..aiyoyo..just ate a plate of some dish..sing few songs ni ar~~!! ggrrr...

because I'm greedy..thats why~~ I wan sing and I wan mos in d same time..I can get both but hav2 sacrifice bit..which I cant eat til I full..I cant sing every song I want..
I am so geng..always got next round..wonder how my aunts think bout me when they know I got next round at mos..haha..

rush back home take bath..change make up..I took half an hour ni..haha..pro..lol.. XD
we gather at terenz house..decide to go mos because wk & jingle will be there too..miss them..long time no see dy..
this time..its late..terenz speed and its raining..damn dangerous..but his skill..ok la..I am safe & blogging now..so nothing happen..haha..
btw, 'kuai lou' = nevin emo..he is d emo king of them all..hahaha..he just quarrel with his gf..haih..and it makes him damn moody..emo d whole nite..ajak take photos also duwan..jual mahal there.. Xp

met kit yee, amanda moo, poong, yong kar mun they all at mos..they dont really talk with me..nvm la..primary school..what u expect summor we're from diferent class..met sern yih they all too..but of course we duno each other..so just let it be..

1st time..VIP room..haha..though is VIP but stil lot ppl..crowded..we open 2bottle wodka..aiyo..this time I drink lotxx...~~!!!!
till I vomit..wonder how much I drink..hmm..its high..damn high..
d best nite ever..everybody (guys) looks emo when go in, end up all high..blur..haha..
oh ya..tat bad 'kuai lou' left me & peggy blur2 there and duwan come find us..he say he went out alone..keep sms ask him come dance floor..or come and save this 2 leng lui he aso din come..bad 'kuai lou' hmmph... (>.<) meet ej's fren..'kaili' something lidat..damn beautiful..leng lui..cun..jingle aso.. XD shit..lot crap here..'cheong wa duen suet' all of us having fun..d best nite ever..
camwhore..terenz aso...haha.. XD
reach home damn late..or it should be damn 'early'..around 6am..shit...luckily mom didnt notice that.. Xp
thats all..no more crap..haha..

check out those photos..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Single but not available yet

I prefer single life..
nobody kacau..
nobody cares who u goin out latte nite..
no need tink frens or bf more important..hahhaa..
no need tink I loves my frens more or bf more..because..I alwax loves my frens more than bf..I can confirm that~~!! (^.^)
so now I can plan and do whatever I wan..hehe..

btw..I cant sign in messenger~~!!!!!!!!!
I cant chat with u guys la..why??!!!!!!!
how come..
and I hardly visit some page due to duno wat security certificate...apa itu..??!!
somebody plx help..~~!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

After STPM~~!!

last day of STPM
4 dec 2008

start my plan..enjoy my life..haha..nothing else..just enjoy my life..hahahahahahah... XD

right after d last paper..makro ekonomi, I have my lunch at hs's mom thr..pan mee..I withdraw $$.because enjoy my life need lotxx $$..!!! grrr.. me, ewon & ce went JJ and had a walk..
many many things I wana buy..shoe, shirt, bag, cosmetic, dress, pants, lot more..

well those very boring..because it just inside my mind..lets share what I've done..more interesting..haha..

4 dec 2008
went clubbing with frenzz...at mos aka euphoria..I love mos~!!! hehe.. suppose a sad nite but end up I enjoying the few hours single life...hahaha..weird..haha..
same gang of course.. terenz, ej, oscar, nevin, peiggy, me.. others were terenz's college frens and ej's former schoolmate..lotxx ppl tat nite..crowded..but we stil have fun..we enjoyed our nite..our failure..for me & nevin..haha..

5 dec 2008
went JOGOYA for hi-tea..deliciouss~~!!! I wan more~~!!! haha..spent rm54 for d meal..cant really eat all d food there..too much la..and din really walk so often..just eat what my fren ordered or took for me..haha.. many join d meal..it can consider a gathering..ahaha..

- zakee - hoe - keat - teck li (lili) - kok how (how siu) - kah wai - lee ing (elaine) - may nyan (cas) - pei yee (chloe) - kai li - chooi yee - xue yi (sukiyi) - pohyee.O (dai bou) - yin yi - kit lay (ah kat) - siaw wei - may chen - pohyee.L (sai bou) - pui mun (mine) - ye (me) -
mc's sis ad her fren as well..

after Jogoya I meet ce, ev, ling and chua..mean while I drop by and met hs..I miss him lot..hehe..
den I fetch mom to duno whr..fetch ce bac home..things happen..end up I cut my hair~~!! go far far cut..went setapak~~!! just to find tat stupid bad Sam to cut my hair...hate him moved damn far~~!! but he stil a good stylist..that's why 'chan' til setapak and cut my hair..
but..my hair..so short~~!!!! is DAMN SHORT~~!!!! oh god...I duno how la..haih..but wat2 do..cut dy lo.no choice lo...just wait it long lo..wait half year la ye..haih ~~ ...

6 dec 2008
nothing much..BBQ with couz and 1aunt..haha..she is soo 'young'..haha..ok la..she stil very 'in' and mix around with us..hehe..

thanx to my dear beloved couz, eric..he say this BBQ is for celebrating I graduate..and jobless..haha.. graduate = jobless ...he just find an excuse lo..he is d 1 who wana make a nice BBQ and he 'borrow me cross d bridge'..!!! anyway..cincai la..I so good..I dont mind..haha..at least I can enjoy my BBQ..haahaaa

we had squid..beef..lamb..brinjal..fillet..sweet potato..tau foo pok (my favourite) ..chicken wing..sausage..prawn (by eric) .. cant really remember what we ate..forget it..hehe..

each of us pay rm27 this time..not bad not bad..haha..
* eric * leong * ken & his gf * lily * xuan * allie * yik * veronica *
others were those elders..2gu, ta gu lidat lo..and 2pak..hehe..but they din pay..^^

7 dec 2008
stay at man gu house..almost half day..d nite b4 over9 at her house..no choice..too late dy..many things allie 'kuasa' to me..haha..her boots..her laptop..but al those thing either I dont use it often or half rosak dy..hahhaah...
nite went Kelana Jaya foodcourt wit kf..lot food but I sick..so din eat much..dont have d appetize..

9 dec 2008
mom off..she dye my hair..aiyer..geram aso..tot d red will damn sharp lik last time..mana tau..!! it turn copper..just a lil color ni..not sharp at al!!! I wan a damn sharp color lo..it just highlight..if I noe it wil turn cipper..I wil dye d whole head...haih..geram..grr...forget it also la..haih..

nite went shopping with mom & ee wa...oh god..she bought shirts and I got nothing..I dont care...I wan shopping~~!!! I dont care...I want shopping~~!!!!!!