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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ah Long School

I'm studying in Ah Long school!!!!!!!

Many new rules and regulation just to control the students..Nowadays $$ is VERY important, therefore our 'beloved' teacher use this opportunity to find some income..Everything also about $$$$$$$ MONEY $$$$$$$...If u did anything wrong..the punishment is ---- $$$$$ PAY MONEY $$$$$..there's new rate since 28th July 2008 :
  • redeem hp- from rm10 increase to rm50, if parent come to get it..they have to discuss the price AGAIN..wth..
  • didn't bring notebook- rm0.20 each time
  • no tie- rm1 for 1st time, rm2 for 2nd and rm3 for 3rd time..after the 3rd times, max rate rm3/caught
  • discipline book- have to buy a new book if did not bring

hmm..what else..cant think anymore..these are what i remember most because they really very unreasonable..damn stupid..what school did had taught me that..$$ can settle everything..with $$ I can do whatever I want.. is this what school should input in our mind..??!!

This few days I slept inside class..

almost everyday I do the same thing..'SLEEP IN CLASS'~~!!!

especially during Eco's class..omg..Pn.Lee ar..I really cant tahan anymore..!!!

I wonder why I had become like this...sleep in class everyday..

even recess time..20minutes I also TAK LEPASKAN!!!!! *sigh*

Anybody got a very very berkesan formula tokeep me from sleeping, keep me awake whenever I feel sleepy or tired..???!!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hate Saturday School...

Well,..saturday got class replacement ar!!! 26th July 2008!!! Boring day..haih...damn damn boring..almost half od the class was empty...many were absent..haih..this make the enviroment so so moody...

I had brought my hp to school..and a very special thing along..(charger) XD..

since I'm so damn boring..my classmate as well..

We took many many..lotz stupid photos...haha...

Well..this is what i usually do in class...haha...especially during economics...ahahahah..bedtime..

Drawn by Joanne..That is chee leng...^^
Funny hor..ahhhaha..stupid aso..lol..XD...

After school..I went to man gu house with yik..
Just to visit them and discuss our year end trip..
I've spend whole day there..eat slep talk..then my stupid dear json..!!! He didn't inform me that we'll going for mid9 movie..I'm still wearing skol U..did not prepare anything..haih...
I've spend rm25 on an ugly pants..I bought it from pasar malam..because I dont have any better attire to wear..I only got skol U and a very very very ugly shirt..so I bought a pant..*sigh*..waste my $$..
We went to watch Batman, The Dark Knight.. at Leisure Mall...with Leon and Aaron..11.55pm show..haih..tired tired..I did fall asleep in d cinema..so..I've missed a small part..waste $$..haih..I am totally tired..after hang out whole day...There is no next time...NO..!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

~~Alan Chai Tay Bday~~

Wonder who is Alan Chai Tay..??

Well..he is my relative..erm..my 'q kung'..( whom has migrate to US )
Today we celebrate his 60yrs old Bday at Overseas Restaurant, Jalan Imbi (nice food)
Kinda nice..GREAT gathering..
many many relatives attend this celebration..

It has gives me a very very good opportunity to meet those relatives which I had never notice them before this..haha..

At 1st I dont really enjoy this dinner because they were late..( m'sia timing )
They said dinner start at 7.00pm..in fact..I see the dish at 9.00pm...OMG~~
I'm so hungry and tired and pissed off and hot (wonder why no air-cond ) and boring..
oh ya..almost every1 is wearing RED shirt ( special & suprise party for Q Kung..)

They had karaoke there..
And for those who really loves to sing ( my bro..JJ ) he is damn excited..haha..
When we were having our meal..nobody sing..
after some time..warm up dy..
the TEENS..starting to grab the mic and sing..
that's the part I like..haha..damn high..so happy..
every1 of us took photos..sing..shout..sreaming..drinking..haha..

Though we seems like spend quite lot time 2gether..
but I still wan ask for more..haha..
When it's about time to go back..
my feeling down again..( after while I get high )
ard 12.10am we dismiss the gathering..
hope there is much more more more more gathering like this..
especially with my beloved cousins..

Hey guys..I really appreciate and loves all of u~~!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Watch Ur Mouth~~!!

When u're talking..please beware of what coming out of ur mouth..
Sometimes when u talking something but u didnt realize that u're not suppose say it out!!!
Or beware who is beside u when u're gossip-ing..
U might be feel happy..exciting when gossip-ing..
How would the person u talking behind will feel..??
Respect each other is very important..
If wana gossip..
Always check out is there any1 who cant be trusted around..
if there is any..NEVER gossip~~!!!!!
important is..
Always think before speak it out...think with the BIG brain..
Today we had open a discussion in class again..haha..Our topic of the day is..:
If a person ask..
" Do have gf / bf ? "
What will u answer..?? YES or NO
I found out that guy are usually will say NO...or maybe they will only answer YES if asked by friend or some1 more close..
But dont they think if they answer NO..this will not respect their partner!!!
anyway...its just a simple topic we had discuss today..^^ ( wailoon, wanhoong had join us for d discussion ) this kind of chit chat is much more better than purposely organise a gathering..that's what I feel.. ^^ .. no offense..haha...
oh ya..I totally forget 1very very important part..hehe..
Our beloved kc..stood up and confess..He admitted he had gf in class..where almost al of our class member were there..he said..
"saya dipaksa untuk mengakui bahawa saya mempunyai teman wanita"....
walao...he is damn brave enough!!!! I was totally shock when he did that..applause..

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Normaly every1 will energize themselves if they Ponteng..
but not me!!!!!
It's been a tired day for me..
I overslept again..(3 days dy)
So I decided truent and I followed mom to The Curve (working purpose)
When I'm about to reach 1U...
I REALIZED THAT I'VE DATE nyuk auntie for dinner..It's Foo Keong Bday!!!!!
I've totally FORGET bout it..*sigh*
So..Conclusion is..
I've have to go back KL by my own~~~~!!!! with the high heel shoe and long sleeves and heavy bag..
Long way to KL.. ( shuttle bus from Ikano to Kelana Jaya, Putra..all the way down to Masjid Jamek and change to Lrt back to Maluri ) and I WALKED back home with the high heel~!!!!
Many will conclude that I suppose very happy and energetic when I back to school because I've rest whole day..
In fact,
I'm NOT!!!!!
i'm become more and more tired!!!!
oh god,
help me........

well..in the other hand..I've tried many new dresses...I LUV it~~!!! plan to buy a pants..ngek ngek.. (^.^)..but..want to buy that dress as well...hmm..cant decide yet which should I buy..
It will be nice and perfect if some1 buy any of it to me..wakakaakkkaka....

Oh ya..

I'm sorry Ewon~~~~

Sorry for drop d bread..the story is ...

Ewon bought 2bread and I'm holding 1 of it..so when reach U6A2..she wana eat..and I wan 'pop' the bread lo..So..I 'pop' and wana pass it to her..I lift up and the bread fell out...next second i realize the bread is on the floor!!! haha... XD

I didn't mean it..So..haha..sorry anyway..^^

Monday, July 21, 2008


well.i have never been hit by shuttlecock..but this time..1st time go badminton with wk ( ev, wL, ce, mk )..i got 2hit..1st by racket on my head..then 2nd time..the shuttlecock hit my lips..its all from wk~~!!!! *sigh* nvm la..
many many homework ar...haih...so tired...actualy..i still got lot to write..but..totally forget what I wana write dy...hahahahhahhahha..... XD XD XD.....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Extra "Class"

Well..we ( ye, pm, wp, sw, mc, kc ) always have our very own class..Such as SE class ( sex education )..our very 1st extra class.. next day we had discussion about PA..thanks to our PA teacher giving us such presure time. We had Economic Class because we had to do an essay but what teacher gave us bit 'foo chin' ( kc said )..
Oh ya,..we had a problem in doing a graph but other class don't have the problem..is our class too noob or maybe the other way..?? We had problem means we had our very own mind..actually what we think can be accept right..haha..hope so..
Why everyday also busy..time had never been enough to spend..*sigh*..hope there is much more time for me to spend~~ (^.^)
I hope I have enough time to watch all movies and dramas..wakakaka..enough time to on9 everyday..enough time and wisdom to finish all my homework..had the heart to put more effort in studies..!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sudenlly feel hope that I can be loved. Wonder why?? Maybe everyone around me is couple, maybe I'm too obsses in Taiwanese drama (it Started With A Kiss 2), maybe I've got nothing to do, mayb I'm desperate to get a bf.
Taiwanese drama always sweet. They can love freely. If I can experience some part inside the drama I think it'll be very fun..wakakaka..
My dear friends who had couple..especially those who blur blur..Hope all of u get the best couple ever and will get all the happiness.
Well, maybe after today I cant on9 again~~ Headache~~ aiks aiks~~ Wonder should I terminate maxis broadband and wait for streamyx or I just continue to use maxis broadband and terminate streamyx!!!!!!!!!!!
This few days we had some discussion or we call it 'Sex Education' (SE). It just a fwe of us who had the SE class when teacher is not around. Our teacher for SE is KC and student are myself, sw, py, pm, mc. We had discussed many thing, it's all very useful (dont think we are dirty minded). There is a very interesting question:
If a transexual man-to-female, does 'she' have period? can 'she' be pregnant and give birth if
given some kind of medicine ect.?
This world is full of mysterious. Well, some said in 2012 is the Judgement Day. Do u believe that? If the world will demolish in year 2012, then I cant be able to do many thing. I am just 23years old and I have to demolish together with the world?? Oh God.. 23years old it just the beginning of my life, the point that bring me to another stage. I havent rich, havent marry, havent travel to other country and so ooonnnn~~~~~
But we cant fight with the destiny that God gave. I might just die after i wrote this, I will never know what will happen next. So each of us should appreciate what we had done and glad that we stil can wake up and see the faces we loved, do things we like.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Hair New Life


I've CUT my hair~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erm, kinda short but long also. Hard (lazy) to describe it. I like this hairstyle. But many said it will look nicer without the 'tail' behind. I agree!! But have to wait few months to cut again. Anyway keep a short hair while still study in those stupid secondary school is not that easy.
Take a look #%$@&*@$%^*

there's tail behind..haha..many say it not nice wo.. (T.T)

STPM is coming~~~ the damn date is NEARER~~!!!!

I'm scare and I hate it!! Have to start a new lifestyle. I have to study hard to graduate with flying color. My result for mid-year exam is so BAD... I got 1.83 ONLY~~!!!! The best gred I got is C. *sigh*

GOD~~please help me!!!

Brain~~ control me please...

Heart~~ dont be lazy anymore..