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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ending of Trial

Trial had gone..

during trial..


dun say la...

it just sux...bad..

when result is ready..
im sure
i will feel the fear..
scare to face my mom with the sux result...scare ar~~~!!!!

trial gone..
come holiday~!!!! yeah yeah..
my holiday plan..
penuh..as usual..haha

- monday suppose go shopping with ce ewon..but cancel..
so plan2 exercise with pmun (mine) pohyee (small)..
who knows..
i cant wake up..
my hp turn on silent and i cant hear d alarm..haha..and those callsss...sorry guys~~

- tues nite my best best frenzzz celebrate my super duper BELATED BIRTHDAY~~~ haha..
many were there..later post a special blog for it..haha

- wed go sunway ice skate..
oh god..i don't know how to play la..
oh..i meet william (1billion)
he change dy..leng zai dy mayb..hehe
its been a tiring day..
and i had a nice dinner at sushi king, midvalley..

- thurs going out with ewon ce siaw wei..
as d plan on monday postponed till this day..
v plan to go pavillion..

- friday i dont think i have plan..
rest at home
do all the household..

- saturday plan go PD..
this plan had been postponed for dunno how many ages..haha
hope this saturday work out lo..
but in d same time..
hong ( my couz ) bday..
what should I do..??
hope ej plan cant make it then I know what I can chose..haha

- sunday of course stay home prepare for school reopen lo..
iron my school U..
pack my bag after d exam tornado..haha

and everything go back d same when monday is here..
that's all d thing i do..haha..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ah Long School

This time..
my Ah Long school didn't ask for money..
I just don't agree with what my 'dearest' Principal..
She complain that we, student
didn't sing Negaraku which we did not respect the country..
I saw my 'beloved' TEACHERS did NOT SING as well..
they dont even open their mouth at all..
So, this is what she mean RESPECT..??!!
She want students to open their mouth and sing loudly
meanwhile her teachers just shut their mouth..?!!
Teachers is the one who should be the role model..
they should open their mouth and sing loudly before the students did..
oh ya,
I feel that Principal don't even really know how to sing school song..

Extra classes being held..
I wonder is the teachers volunter or being force by Principal..
I felt that Pn.How don't really want to teach us..
maybe because the attendance is poor..really poor..haha..
in fact,
does she ever wonder why some of them don't want to attend the class..
I can answer it..
for me,
Pn.How doesn't seems have the passion to teach us..
she ask us stay back on monday..
she teaches us at the 9th period..its only half an hour..
if u stay for half an hour..
many of them rather back home and study themselves
because what she teach sometimes quite blur..don't understand at all...
most important thing~~
I always wonder why she choose monday..
I personally think that..
because she can't back home at 12.30pm..
so she held the extra class until 1.00pm..
Teachers are not allowed to back home before 1.00pm..
so I think..
maybe thats the reason the extra class on monday and its only half an hour..

Graduation on 17 October 2008

The 'GAJAH' warned us for dresing code..
her theme is kebangsaan..she said no gown..
why Principal did not mention that no gown..?!!
she only said that no sleeveless and the skirt have to be long..
even Pn.Kassnina also encourage us to wear much more pretty..make up..set our hair..wear high heel..
she remind us that the bottom must longer that the jubah..that's all..

for this year graduation..
since we cant wear gown..
I'll wear OL..pants..white blouse..
nothing special..
because it doesn't look exciting for me..

Friday, September 5, 2008

19th Bday

Its kinda early for my celebration..
it did so..

1st September 2008..
actually is celebrating Jojo's Bday..her 16th bday..
and the whole family celebrate for me too
because we cut d same cake..chocolate indulgence..yuMmy YummY..

4th September 2008..
prepare for tuition..
after school
kit lay wish me 'Happy Birthday'..
I just feel weird..but nvm..
who knows..
my goood classmates..
* siaw wei * poh yee,L * pui mun (mine) * zakee *
bought a slice of New York Cheese for me~~~~ -SR-
thanks thanks~~ love u guys..
I still feel its bit weird celebrate so early..
11days more to my bday
but they bought a cake and sang Bday song for me..
anyway..thanks lot~~~ (^.^)
oh ya..
thanks kah wai for d wish..
hope u can greet 1 more time on 15 September...haha

wonder what presentSSsss will I receive this year...
what I want..??!! hmm...
I have no idea what I want for my bday this year
all of them are busy with their studies..exam..
when their exam end..
my trial reach.. *sob*
So, I think
there wont b any huge special celebration for me..
just a dinner for gathering will b nice enough..

my dear friends..
know what2 do la..
think and plan where we should have our dinner~~!!
or maybe lunch..anything la.. hehe..