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Thursday, January 24, 2013


I dont know what should I do
I dont know how should I handle these emotions
Mayb this emotion instead..
I dont know how long I can stand at this condition
I'm tired..tired of everything
I cant handle anymore
I cant stand it anymore
EQ..hmm..start to learn and rebuild what I learnt then apply it.

Friday, January 18, 2013


I am a city girl
I grow up in a city
I live in a city
I behave like a city girl

How a city looks like then how I am
The food or lifestyle also bit expensive bit classy
I feel myself bit expensive too as I am not CHEAP

My life is so comlicated
I know what I want and what I hate
But sometimes things that beyond my principal I still can accept it
So what is the point stating what I like what I want or listing what I hate what I dont want

That is life.
Things never go exactly the same what I wanted
Dreams hardly come true as we wished for

There are always sacrifices to get what we want
In order to achieve what we want, we have to lose something that may be so precious so meaningful to us
Hence, can u let it go?
Or u think u can get both?
I personally love challenges.
The tougher to get it the more I want it
So if I know I got competitor, sorry u may get ready to give up because I will and must own it.

Successfully slim down

So happy I manage to wear mom's dresses which I never ever can fit in before this.
Always wanted to try her outfit but I know I can never fit in.
And now I can!!!
With simple and correct way of eating finally I slim down!!!!
Yeah yeah!!! So happy..

Well I can share my experiences with u.
Add me or pm in facebook. My email is veronica-yap@hotmail.com

Monday, January 7, 2013


Tears is the most precious thing
It also a very unique liquid
It can show that u are happy or sad
Each drop is a diamond
But is that drop of tear worth of a diamond?
Try to think for whom u shed your tears
In a day many things can happen
In a day u may facing a lot of problem
In a day u may cry few times or even none
Question is..
If  u shed your tears today, it is because of what and whom. Do u feel it is worth and so valuable as a diamond? Then u decide do u want to create another diamond again.