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Monday, May 24, 2010

Pavilion again

19 May 2010
Pavilion again
Gals' outing again
Ewon again
but this time with Miko..long time didnt see her dy lo...
1 or 2years we didnt meet up dy..long lost fren ^^

I actually wana meet up wit kist, ruite and another fren (4get his name)
they drop by Sg.Wang while before go Cameron but I woke late and busy wit my make up so I miss d time hahahaha..

so went out quite early and hand in my timesheet to Recruit Express
meet up ewon and miko at Pavilion
they went for movie so I decided go Maxis settle my mms and some bill
I waited for 1hour!!! 1 HOUR!!!!!!! stil not my turn yet I wonder what d staff there doing..
its not damn lot ppl but they can hold me for 1hour!!!! terrible service..

continue happy memory rather remembering stupid service..
met with d gals and heading for lunch
instead of lunch we loitering at foodcourt because no idea what to eat..
so we went to washroom and camwhore again haha..

veron * miko * yvonne

hmm..after a short camwhoring we hunt for food..
we ate porridge and yao char guai..sedap sangat haha
then we go for Snowflake, opposite PDI Concept store
this month special Japan Ocha I think..delicious~~
funny special thing for d UFO thing..it wil flash when our order is ready to serve

black glutinous rice with ice cream & japan ocha bla bla bla
why we dont go for a proper lunch instead those dessert so on..
because WongKok got Hi-Tea promo at 3pm
so we tahan while starve while for that
but those desert make us bit full dy haha yet we stil go for our lunch
ice blended plum + twin sauce chicken chop spaghetti = ard rm18
more or less that's our gals' outing of d day..
oh..we took sticker photo too..
nice 1..if not we wont wearing skirt dress so on haha..
ewon say miko 1st time wear skirt wo..hehe

btw, I got myself another inai..
this time I google ahahha..no idea ma..hehe
not bad rite..

Friday, May 21, 2010

work work

worked for 2days..
Megan Avenue 2 some where near KLCC
go Megan Avenue 2 if from cheras maluri, take B114 wil much moer cheaper and nearer
ring the bell after pass KLCC then traffic light when it turn right to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
d bus will stop at a bu stop infront Menara Ambank..think so..but there is only 1 bus stop..
and walk forward bit can see d big building is Megan Avenue 2 dy ^^

I know another building dy..not bad...
I only work for 2days lo..haih..
wish to hav few more days so I can earn some pocket money..
I damn poor now...so damn poor..yea..fucking poor..haih..
any job for me?? I wan part time wo..
oh yea..2nd day of work..which mean my last day
I had a slice od Black Forest Cheese cake..yummy~~

Siu Fu

special post for a new member of baobaozzz..
let me introduce~~~

siu fu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

siu fu belongs to syan..she duwan bring him join baobao lo
but I insist siufu joinin d big happy family...ahhaha

siu fu got pinky dot panty..he is sexie~~ haahaha

sing K with some of d baozz on 10 May 2010
at Jusco Cheras Selatan, Greenbox..rm13 each for happy hour..
this is d 1st time I meet siufu hehe

leon, ml, hui, me, syan goin on tat day
is my 1st thing to do once I bac from Sabah..sing k~~!!!!!!
cuz Sabah kinda no K-box which cheap and nice and updated..hahahah

inside d k-room..
brought indigoes along and v took lot stupid photos..haha..
rily stupid..wil try upload it.. ^^

yan - leon - hui - ml - ye

siufu - veron
yan - leon - json - aaron

after sing we go for syan's house...

shud sending her bac den dinner time
mana tau v mahjong and lepak til supper!!!

had our very late supper at 118..
consider my territory..haha
cuz they say since I left they seldom go cuz nobody order wo..haha
so ordered many food hahaha...
fried oyster (oh jien), lala jien, lobak, tau foo fa tong yuen, takoyaki
hmm..tats al I tink..forget dy lo..

Scouting at my age?

why not wo..
stil got lot old uncle aunty la..haha

I joined Rover Husky
and yes..rover has nth2 do actualy...
last time see rovers lepak here and thr den say why tat senior lidat...
now I'm one of them..haha..
I went for scout activity last friday and saturday, 14&15 May 2010
Jambori Pengakap 1Belia 1Malaysia at Putrajaya Wetland
is sempena duno wat Hari Belia
it was suppose a 3d 2n camp
but sudenli 2d 1n den ok lo..
when I ask oli wat time v meet up..he told me 1pm at LeisureMall
I was like..'huh...1pm..??'
friday noon den saturday bac dy?? wat time le..
will be at noon aso..so conclusion my camp this time is less than 24hours.. XD
went there lepak here lepak there
with cas, chloe, edmund, shiyin, nicholas and oli
we were havin some sweet moment I guess when everybody busy doin there things
I manage to put inai on my hand lo
and I help chloe and cas too..hahaha..
oh, and edmund too..he got 5 diferent emoticons on his finger..haha Xp
see..it shows v damn free damn wuliao..

BitBit was there too..haha

lot scout rite..

nite dinner time..
drive out to...*forget d name dy*
we had McD..ahaha...
nowadays scout very pandai enjoy hor..
last time..camping sure eat those not so delicious food..
now rover dy..big dy wil fly dy lo..
drive out for McD wo..haha.. XD
hmm...nice camping too..
cuz long time didnt feed mosquitoes dy ma..hehe
long time didnt slep inside a tent dy..
and long time didnt wear U dy...hehe..
lik budak lo..and long time didnt so smelly..
wait til nex day mornin ni bath lo..
luckily got car we can drive out somewhr to take bath
if not sure lik those pity budak no water supply for them haha..

veron * chloe * cas * oli


wait for update my bloggie
wait for money fall from sky
wait for part time
wait for ppl cal and ask me go work
wait for ppl bao me
wait for mommy would sponsor some money to me
wait for holiday end
wait for clubbing
wait for mahjong
wait for trip
wait for my prince
wait for sms
wait for cloud reach
wait for you!!!!!!!!!!
yes you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*i sot sot dy..ignore tis...go slep lo..99*

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gal's outing at Pavilion

its been few months we didnt meet each other dy lo..
12 May 2010, Friday-Pavilion
meet up my gals at Pavilion
some crazy ppl la..Ewon & ChoiEi

wat we did..hmm..lets see
walk walk walk..
lunch at WongKok
everything in Pav is exp la..
I so poor..haih..so they hav2 have some mercy on me..
doesnt mean they buy me lunch (of cuz I hope so hehe)
we go for some cheap lunch instead those exp restaurant

after lunch we go for movie
Ice Kacang Puppy Love
this movie william wana watch so desperately (wonder he got that chance to watch not le)
kist aso wana watch..duno he watch dy not..but I watched it..haha XD

overall d movie is about..hmm..
ah niu's puppy love..duno consider his 1st love not..
he likes a gal very much..he alwax be with her all d time
he never got the chance to express and tell her he loves her
though I tink d gal likes him too but they never express and confess to each other
until a day d gal wana leave d town
he bought her favorite ice kacang for her wit his love letter
hit by car also not a prob for him jux to giv her favorite ice kacang for d last time
he didnt have d chance to giv her d letter or mayb he duwan to (no idea)
she get on d bus, she think their memories, she cried
they didnt couple but tis may consider their first love mayb
they never get d chance to express and confess their feeling toward each other
though both them got d same feeling (think so)
what I can conclude after tis movie is...hmm...
if u got d chance to express ur feeling why not..before it too late
but if u tink keep it in ur heart is best for every1 den it might be a good idea too..
tat day v did becoming camwhore again haha
because Pav got nice washroom..haha
they got big big large mirror..yea..

Joyce * Yvonne * Veron

Ewon - Ye - ChoiEi

I like my shirt..cool rite..haha

after movie we had a walk
ewon buy a gift for her boy boy...so sweet huh..haha..
den we heading to Sg.Wang
suppose we goin bus stop wana bac home
but I got a bad idea
its Wednesday
and where else d best place at nite for Wed..
Connaught Pasar malam lo..haha
call ml they al and d plan is ON!!!

while waiting ml finish his dinner we go Sg.Wang T-Bowl
d concept there is base on Toilet-Bowl
yes..mangkuk tandas..yes..!!!!
there's another T-Bowl at Gurney, Penang

well..lot photos but cant show it because
d stupid me accidently delete all d photos in my hp..
hp and it impossible to get it bac dy..sorry gals..

can u see d mangkuk tandas behind..yes..ma tung haha..

choiei bac earlier cuz somebody fetchin her for dinner..
me and ewon lepak at sg.wang lo..
so we went shop shop..walk walk..and..we took
sticker photo!!!!!! ahhahaah
it so a last min sudden plan..
its been a damn long time didnt had such photos dy
so dun k watever poor things on me we decide to take a snap
though not very leng lui only 2ppl stil go for it haha

its bit weird and funny because both us duno wat style wat pose we can show
usually a bunch of ppl bunch of gals squeeze in a small room and snap
so our pose is so limited al only smile and a small pose ni like peace mayb (^-^)Y
but..today only 2gals..so..lot spaces
our pose..haha..small ni..nth much..cuz v used to d whole gang photo..haha

ml sms and we realized d time is 8.30pm dy..
omg..so late rite for pasar malam..
so v rush to bus stop at TS den meet up nicholas and howl at LeisureMall
ml, hui and yan v meet at pm thr..
stil d same connaught alwax ppl mountain ppl sea..haha

it been a damn long time aso I didnt go pm..
I miss d food thr but didnt spend much on food cuz I'm not tat hungry and I f**king poor...
so..technically I bac home early and stay home wit mom..
manage to chat wit her while..end up arguing something aso..haih as usual..

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Uni Year1--ended

hmm..packing but I playin with webcam..haha

officially, my uni life of a 1st year student had to put a full stop dy.
today my last paper for my final exam Reseach Method, certified at 4.30pm
I have no idea what I am writing in those short essays and long essays
I just goreng..goreng sayur goreng sotong whatever I got I goreng

after goreng goreng I rush back to hostel pack some of my things
waiting kist, ct and bell
fetch chris at his home..now I know where he staying dy haha
we going for steamboat at somewhere no idea where is that haha
I should ask them for address and direction so I can bring my cas babe and chloe gal go for a visit
is a buffet steamboat
so full lo..its been a long long time didnt go for buffet dy
satisfied..HAVEN feel gulity and bad for gain weight thing

rush back hostel to pack my stuff for keep it in store
after store thing go HEP check out then next room ChasePerdana for key thing
I got rm10..luckily I found my receipt
tomorrow can have a snack plate at the airport while waiting
though I tired after packing and rebut-ing at the store but stil look nice rite.. XD
tired boring sweating too

to all my babesssssss
or should I call babissss
hahhhaa..I am going back KL on may8..yes TOMORROW
late evening flight 1855
so 2hours 30mins I will reach LCCT
which mean..around 10pm I reach LCCT
so, any plan for me?? hahahah

Wednesday, May 5, 2010




I am cruel
I really bad
I am mean and cruel
nothing else can describe who am I anymore
I am cruel
I hav no idea why I acting such jerk
when I am clearly know and realize what shud I do
when I am clearly identified myself is cruel and mean
I shud know what to do to make things right
but I stil acting d same way I am now
I just say i am bad I am bad I am cruel but no action
jerks rite
yap wai ee u are a jerk
u suckss..u mean..u bad..u cruel
u never ever be forgiven of what u are doing now
please do something u think u shud and right to do
dont just complaining without any action
people ned u now and u shud know what is d right thing to do
u shud help out and make ppl feel better
dun just think and complain bout it
do it..take out ur courage and do it
dun wait anymore...go for it
but will I?
can I?
I duno =.=

2 swollen eyes...

I also duno why I got this thing call 'ngan tiu zham'
it so so damn ugly
right eye 1st..bottom..my beloved beautiful eye
few days later left eye follow up..top
izit must be fair for a pair??
no idea rite..me too..
it really very ugly
just like I got punched by some1
luckily this is exam week and I will not meetin up with lot ppl
oh..I just hope it will go away soon..
it just ugly la..
it never appear since ages..
I used to get 1 of these when I was a kid..
go away
faster go away from me
leave me ASAP..
ugly rite..yuckss..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy belated Birthday Bell

today is Kelvin Wong's Bday..
instead celebrating his bday I celebrate Bell's bday..

her chocolate banana and waffle ice-cream

our day start with..
we - veronica casandra chloe - celebrated Bell's Bday at 1B again..
no choice la we got meetin at 7pm later so I actually duno why cant go KK lepak..haha..nvm
we go 1B straight after our paper..every1 tak sabar2 wan go 1B lo haha..

once reach there sure hunt for food~~~
took our lunch at d KamTong again..
and I actually duno d real name of d restaurant and we call it HongKong everytime haha..

after lunch we watched Ip Man 2..
nice movie..it got humour action moral..good story line..
and I didnt fall asleep in d cinema for action movie..hahaha..applause..haha
saw lotssssss studentsssssss
everybody go 1B after exam..everybody go movie..
Hall2 at GSC is bit like DKP2 ahahaha waiting for lecture..
hell NO!!
all waiting for YenYen lo..who YenYen ahaha.. Donnie Yen la..lol XD and Sammo Hung..

after movie is time to laksanakan our main purpose our main motive our main goal of d day..
a suprise bday celebration for Bell~~~
well..for me it not tat suprise aso cuz she kinda knew it..haih..failed..

we went New York New York
d food there is damn damn delicious yet expensive of course..
'1 fen chin 1 fen for'

suprise for Bell..??
she duno we celebrating her bday on d day..she tought it is a simple outing after exam..
after ordered our drinks and foods..
me and cas went out to get cake at SR..
we really totally no idea wat present wana giv her..duno wat can we get for her..
ice-cream?? cake??

end up we ordered a chocolate ice cream waffle at NewYork and bought a chocolate banana from SR
d waiter from NewYork will wish her Happy Bday when he serve d waffle..
how we do it w/o bell noe..haha..tis is tough
me&cas lepak-ing outside NewYork and d menu thr..
until d waiter notice us..
I look like a 'soh poh' knocking d window..jux while knock softly ni..
but waiter cant notice me aso..too bad...luckily he stop talkin wit his frens
den ni notice and pay attention thr's some1 outside kacau kacau-ing
thanx their cooperation for d so call suprise haha..

ok..now introduce our food of d day..
Mushroom bla bla bla Pizza

Roasted Mushroom Cappucino Soup

Latino Chicken Chop

cas * veron * chloe * bell

lol..triangle love huh.. XD

dun kill us because of cheatin on u.. xD

oh ya..for those lovely ladies who LOVES fake eyelashes...SASA got PROMOTION now..
faster grab 1 la..
I grab 1 dy haha...so now I got 3 fake eyelashes dy..hehe..

so fake rite haha..MOS waiting for it la..