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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

KKFM recording

pheeww...4months holiday is not easy for me especially have to do recording..
tough tough...both me and yuan prefer to do live more than recording because..
recording is so so fake and not lively and troublesome..
and we only manage to do 2recording each time because when too many
it is so so boring and totally no idea what to say next...

had staying over at conti for 2nites...
1st nite only manage to do 1 recording and 2 teasers..
because lot of us were there so hav2 to take turn and do recording..
then the 2nd time was yesterday nite
manage to do 2 recording..not bad

yesterday nite went to tapao McD after 1 recording
then after supper continue another recording..
then both us like super tired and no mood dy
our tongue really twisted haha..so we stopped
and I played ps haha..yuan on9 i guess..

tomorrow have to go conti and settle everything before I go back..
must be a responsible person and settle those things...

is the 2nd day I staying alone at this house
kinda lonely here staying alone
nobody talk with me nobody play with me
this house once full of noises and laughter
but now all left..sound sad rite..

nvm la..2more days then I will back home
again that home is a lonely place too..
but I have friends ^^
dear baobaoz...wait me back and have a gathering ^^

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RM 6

well I picked up RM6 yesterday..
at the cafe and with me was husni..
he saw the money first and I thought it will be nice if we just buy some food and use it
dont keep the money which is not ours ma rite..

but he had bought his rice and he kinda dont want to buy bread
I thought maybe he dont want bread or what
when he ask how are we going to do with the money? I said eat but he laugh out loud..
he continu say couldnt just take the money maybe the person will come back and find the money

oh..so I say nobody at cafe looking for money now
I suggest why not we just donate it he agreed
but no donation box or whatever he suggest put it at hep
haha..I LOL this time saying nobody will go ask because of the RM6 only..
so..haha..I keep the money thought want to donate it somewhere

once I step inside the room and I still cant figure out where got donation box..haha
I decided to donate it to my stomach with McD hahaha
McD lunch only rm6.30 so why not haha

because I got extra rm6 so I willing to buy strawberry sundae which is super expensive now
went to take a short break at McD after ergonomics paper...
nice lunch hehe..enjoy so so much.. <3

owh..created a super lame joke from the idea of McD..
really out a sudden the idea came out when I still thinking what story to say haha
am proud of myself XD


Mothers' Day Activity

is Sunday is Mothers' Day
and I cant go back celebrate with my mom
but...I kinda celebrating Mothers' Day for my 'mothers' haha
My wendy mami and pheng mama hahaha
because both them treat me super good and cook for me often
to show my appreciation to them I fried mihun for that night
all of them are having exam next day so I'm the only person who so free prepare dinner
is been a while I didnt cook or fried mihun already
that night I can show my skill haha..
luckily it is not that embarrassing and quite delicious
simple but the taste not bad

continue study few slides end my day
oh..I sms-ed mom wishing her
haha..this is a thing that I never do before haha
I bet she must be very happy when she replied 'happy' haha

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day lo~~~
any plan for ur mom today??
hmm..I kinda far away from mom right now..
anyway didnt celebrate mothers' day with her because another week is her bday
so usually will only celebrate bday..and also mothers' day together
save budget ma hehe..not bad rite hehe

mom I miss u so much
although I didnt call back often
didnt communicate with u well but
I hope u can feel I do really care and love u
it just I didnt show it or I often do things that offended u
I'm sorry for that because I am a rebellion and bad daughter
anyway..wish u always stay healthy and happy...
I love u..

Old Fire Soup

lately I so so happy
feel I am at home sweet home
because I got a lot of nice home cooking meal..

thanks to pheng cook it..
she prepared the soup and rice hehe..
and thanks to them let me tumpang at their home always haha

yesterday she boiled lotus peanut dont know what melon soup haha
super super delicious...just soup and rice is more than enough for me...
long time didnt have such delicious already...like it like it.. <3

wish I can stay with them longer..hmm
they going to graduate soon...
and no more soup and rice for me already...
pheng mama..here want to thanks u again and
wish u...
happy mama day hahahaha