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Monday, November 29, 2010

Say No to Chocolate!!!!

I have been rotting at house for few days..
doing nothing..
well what holiday looks like
eat, sleep, drama, and repeat again with
eat, sleep, drama

that's what I've done for few days..
got chocolates from elaine..
she bought it from Labuan
I took a packet of kisses and a toblerone

aiyoyo..that really killing me la!!!
here's the story begin...

every time I start to boil drama or got nothing to do
I will think of food..
well..junk food=rubbish
chocolates really so so tempting
I am full of sin when I touch them and put them in my mouth
I am a sinner!!!

love to eat...
want to eat...
because chocolates are devil..
they are FATSSS..
must fight fight!!!!

ok...made up my mind...
so bit moody rite..
drink water is the best..water..

so that is my storyboard for
hahaha..well..that is just storyboard
and what really actually happened was...hahaha
check out...




at least 3 kisses lo please...hahahahahha


Friday, November 26, 2010

Sis&Bro bonding

wah..its been ages I didnt hang out with bro dy
last time when still kiddo staying with grandma they all
I always prepare breakfast for him then together go to school
then when move back with mom
once a while will bring him out for dinner

then both us grown up..
have our own friends
all settle by ourselves
then we didnt hang out and have dinner together dy

ask him out for dinner
at first wana ask him go pasar malam but he refuse
so end up Yulek
only both us thought wana buy back home
he say eat there so ok lo..

eat half way raining aiyoyo
faster pack those food and back home haha
ordered dessert(tong sui), fried kuey teow, you tiao, fried oyster
those food I hardly eat at Sabah haha
satisfied with today's dinner

enjoy hanging out with bro..
sometimes we really need such bro&sis bonding time haha
hope there are more chances to do so

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Girls' Outing

19th November 2010
ending of sem3 in UMS
ending of 1st sem of 2nd year student in SPKS

this sem didnt hang out much with the girls..
busy of studies, sife things
and I kinda love to spend more time inside room more than 1B
maybe I am so poor till forbid myself go 1B haha
the girls always go 1B I guess
but count me out..good for me haha

elaine dropped by KK on thurs nite..
cas and chloe finished their exam dy
so early rite..elaine too

so before all of us back KL together
elaine dropped by and have some fun first

early morning chloe should take d wira and fetch us
mana tau she overslept..
so from 10.30 make it ard 11am haha..
luckily she overslept
then only I have some time to make up and curl my hair..^^

got doc appointment at Klinik Kesihatan Luyang
hmm..got x-ray
omg omg omg...x-ray can see even a lil smoke inside my lung
hmm...smoking is not good and we cant hide it from x-ray =x
luckily I'm -ve from the sickness ^^

before appointment went to eat breakfast
introduce the girls the superb delicious fish head noodles at Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant
the taste is so so KL when I tried it the first time
but I didnt ask much that time
and this time when the girls order kitchai plum
it is obviously shown that they from KL
because the kitchai plum is blended the green color
not the normal white kitchai bing found in KK
tried the fried fu chuk and wantan..not bad

the girls went Yoyo while waiting my appointment
they had some drinks there..haha
Yoyo quite famous here..at Lintas there's one big big Yoyo..
Lintas got lot boutique
those shirts there nice nice...but

next stop..Damai
once go Damai sure hunt for Uncle Biscuit durian pancake
super delicious and this time we try out green tea swissroll
the swissroll okok only not really that delicious and special

after Uncle Biscuit then heading to Upperstar
the weather is so so so SO HOT
hence we need a drink..
Upperstar since the nearest there
ordered fruit juice
good ar for our skin haha
ladies' drinks...haha

took lotsss pictures..
crazy picturesss
well camwhoring time for camwhore
wont post here as it kinda men-siasui-kan haha

green tea swissroll and playing with the cream haha

after a refreshing juice
our next destination
go to town, KK the CP

the ugly me haha

girls love shopping haha
they bought hairband
I wish to hav 1 but no money so better save money dont buy
then cas, chloe and elaine bought the hair straightener thing
it is small so can be a curler too
cheap..rm20 only

we had captured lot photos inside Kaison
wondering why Kaison can take lot photos..
nothing special there rite
1 thing make us so so excited..haha..


lot fake flowers inside there
made up nice scene nice decoration haha..

elaine playing with the 'basket' I assume haha

imagine what will happen if we go Cameron Highland with lot nice flowers..
real flowers ^^

beside flowers got mirror
long mirror
which make us looks slimmer and taller haha

can see the effect of the mirror? haha

dinner time..
went to Little Italy
heard lot ppl recommend that
so what are we waiting for..
go and hav a try of course

wao the food there
kinda so expensive..
ordered a regular pizza, mixed ravioli, salad, tiramisu
cant denied the tiramisu is so so SO DELICIOUS
it just 1 word PERFECT

pizza we ordered mushroom something..not bad
ravioli got 2 flavors,
ravioli chicken with some white wine thing
and ravioli mushroom with some mushroom sauce thing
I forget what we ordered, the name kinda weird haha..sorry
salad is the normal salad with assorted 'leaves', tomatoes, and vinegar
yummy yummy..

after dinner no where else we can lepak
no place for us to loiter
because KK well..
those shop close so so early
time is still early to return the car
after dinner it only around 8.30pm

so chloe suggest 'lets go pub for a drink'
all of us like..
'omg!!! no drinks'
well we kinda got drinks phobia
because we each destination we stop we had drinks
and our stomach is full of liquid lo haha..

since no place to go..
ok lo..go somewhere near Jesselton Point and have a drink lo haha

while we on our way there
Bell suddenly ask for plastic bag
she say she doesnt feeling so well before get in the car
and when ask 'got plastic bag ar?'
we all like shouting
'har!!! u wan vomit ar? got ar got ar..'
hahah...so funny la the scenario haha
we all were shouting loudly!!!

pheww...luckily she didnt vomit
she just feel like vomit..haha

went Fresco
a corner shop somewhere near Jesselton Point,
the roundabout going out from Jesselton Point
ordered cocktail
long time didnt drink cocktail dy..
I ordered green apple mojojo..not nice, not special
elaine's margarita not bad
chloe's sex on the beach so so
cas ordered mocktail..some strawberry thing
bell didnt drink because she still feeling vomit pity her

then we ordered some seafood platter thing
omg so so expensive la..
rm30 I guess for some squid, fish, prawn
although the fish so on is fresh and delicious
but it is still SO COSTLY!!!

hmm..the nite of our girls' outing end at 10.45
when everybody reached hostel
if we dont have curfew I guess
our next stop will be a real pub or a club maybe..
too bad..no money and curfew is waiting for us there..
sound sad rite..hmm..
nvm la..sure got chance next time ^^

Lovely Baby

here I introduce the lovely baby girl
Eva Yap

this officially make me an aunt..
erm should be 'so call aunt'

of course not my bro who become dad but is my 'so call bro'
November 11, 2010 her date of birth
since the day I become so call big aunt haha

love baby..
love baby smell..
now baby haven even full month but she is so so geng
she know how to use her skill *cry* very well

want ppl hug her she cry
as in shout and cry!!!
marvelous rite..
budak lagi know how to use tactics dy..
not bad ma..

everybody in the house love her
I guess another child that pamper by all of us
because she is the 1st kid in the house
1st grandchild
1st great grandchild

cant wait to play with her when I going back for the long sem break
Eva already 5months old when I come back for the next time
that is the perfect time starting to play with baby
hehe..I miss her dy now...
I just left her for half an hour ni..owh...hmmm *heart heart*

even you cry I also love u darling hehe..muacks muackssss

Behind the Curtain

who you really are..???

many things happened
things that I love and I hate
I just want to know who you really are
I just want you to reveal urself
the true you..no mask upon it
I just want you to be honest with me

is that so hard to tell me the truth
to be honest with me?
how hard it is?
just the answer from your heart
you never tell me how you feel
and all the way I am syok sendiri?? no idea

because you never tell me exactly
how you feel and reveal urself to me
I hardly catch and get what you want
I am not you
I will never ever know what really in ur mind
and what you want

maybe what I think
what I guess is not what you want!!
you never tell me
what in your mind..

think back what happened last year
it really one year dy
I like it..
the way now, the situation now
yet it is complicated
I still blur with everything..
I wish to make it clear
but not to ruin the relationship now
can it? is it possible?

I think about you
I do
do you?
I dont think so
even I hope you feel the same
but you never tell me
and I will never know..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love the Way u Lie

Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts

Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

I will think...a lot of things
should I believe in what you said?
should I believe myself or you?
believe what I feel based from what I see
or believe in what u told me?

I dont know whether what u told me is a truth not
but I really hope what u told me is a fact, a truth
because everybody, somebody out there doesnt believe what u said
and agree of what I think because
it make everyone of us feel so
we felt that way because of what u did and shown to us

I wish what u said is d fact
and I am wrong
I wish so..please show me..

there is time I remain silent too

Red Bean Tang Yuan

hmm..day before Hari Raya Haji no paper so..
decided to make something fun and nice to eat
made tang yuan or known as glutinous rice ball
chinese specialty I guess
chinese will make this for reunion dinner, 'guo dong'
before chinese new year, almost near end of the year

steps to make red bean tang yuan..

1. buy ingredients of course..
bought glutinous rice flour, sugar, ginger, red bean, pandan leaves and cane sugar (optional)

2. boil red bean soup and make it red bean paste after boiled it
because I only use rice cooker to cook it so I have to smash the red bean by hand..maybe can use blender too

3. boil sweet soup for the rice ball..since there is red bean soup, no need boil also nvm
but for some and the original taste is boil a sweet soup with some ginger and pandan leaves.
can either put normal sugar or cane sugar

4. mix the flour with water. never too many water.
mix it until the mixture wont too dry nor sticky..

5. then make it round round..
is time to play plasticine haha..

this is normal glutinous rice ball

if you prefer something different..
6. put red bean inside it..and roll it round again ^^

if you prefer something more special than that,
mix some red bean paste with the 'mixing' (water+flour)
then put red bean inside and wrap it..

7. put the rice ball into the boiled water and cook it
when the rice ball is cooked, it will flood up..

take it out and put inside cold water..then it wont stick with each other
make sure the water is cold enough, change the water if it is not cold

then the red bean glutinous rice ball can be serve~~

had a great day with roommates haha..
the room is messy and dirty because of this
clean up is the worst part..hate it
because I made this..most of it so...
cleaning part let roommates lo haha..

hope there's another chance to make again ^^

Monday, November 22, 2010

17th of lunar month

study till half way spot the superb nice moon...
snap it and share it..^^

if I have a better camera..

instead looking at d book, facing facebook
I snap picture and blog haha.. =p

this is chang er saying to her beloved ^^

Sunday, November 21, 2010


love is nothing for me
as I too hard fall in love
or too easily get in love trouble?
no idea..
there's some1 irritates me lot tonite
and I hate it..
it makes me think back those old memories
those experience once I had
knowing somebody from a not so proper way or place
is a problem for me to be friends with him or her now
friends is ok but for a step further
sorry, I still cant make it

am I not firm enough to say NO
or I am coward to do so
or I duwan to do so because I think there might be a chance to say YES?
no idea..
I really dunno what I myself want
what am I thinking about

I hate myself
for being so useless
for being so coward
for being so miserable
for being so stupid
for being so .....................
whatever it is...sigh..haih...
just hate the 'me' the 'I' now

motivation please....

left 1 more paper
last paper but
I dont have the motivation at all...
help me...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


just finish my 2nd last paper..Organization Psychology
not good...fatal...
those I memorize didnt ask, those I didnt really memorize just go through he ask..alamak..
how am I going to get a 1st class or dean list oh...

baobao will never all attend my convo
now half of them attend also a big huge problem...
hmm...I wonder they free to attend my convo not le..
I wish all of them will be here when I grad..
I will be so so so extremely happy le..hehe..

my last paper will be on next monday
major, counseling theories and psychotherapy
hmm...quite tough subject...hard to score
right after the paper then back room and pack my stuff
then back KL..

at 1st my plan was straight away go JB after reach LCCT
maybe get a bus to KL Sentral or where they take train to JB
because their train at 11pm..
btw, going with aunts..but
due to lack of money and mom macam duwan me go..haih
no choice...cant go lo..
back home and ready for work lo..what to do..
mom keep ask me get a job and work..
earn some but the problem is where can I get a job for a month wo...
I also want work want money la..but where?
mana? na li? bin dou? choi lai wui? where? donde?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have to admit that

sometimes when I see something that remind me of u
I will start to think what are we now if things didnt change
I will start to miss those moments
I will start to miss u

sometimes when I got nothing to do
I will pass by at ur page and take a look
I will check out what ur updates so on
I will jealous when I found out something there

I will think whether we can be so happy not by now
if things didnt change
sometimes will want to find u back and grab u back
but I know that is impossible and will never happen
I just think..imagine it..

was it my fault to let u go
was it my bad to give up everything that good for me
am I stupid made such decision
I have no idea
but I was just thinking and wondering didnt mean anything

everybody want to be happy and get what they wan
but for me...it never perfects
either get what u wan or be happy
there's seldom got chance of perfectionist what what u wan and be so so happy with it...
hard rite...tough when choosing decision..

yea..think more than twice before regret of what u did..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Roommates kaki makan too

brought rice cooker from home is so so cool..
can cook something nice to eat..
though not everyday
not something special but at least can cook some dessert or some soup

cook a maggie is always much more delicious than soak a maggie
steam egg is feel so so bahagia...haha

deepavali consider a minor celebration among all
but we still celebrate it of course..
milla out for dating and left 3 of us
we planned to order pizza delivery but expensive rite
so..using almost the same amount of money
we bought lot lot food that we wish to eat from cafe haha
delicious and full!!!!

10th November 2010

roommate outing..went for to do something
milla drove that day she got car ^^
once get out of that ums jail
confirm hunt for food lo haha..

craving for kfc few days dy
so our lunch we ate kfc, snack plate and cheessy wedggeesssss

went to Luyang or somewhere near Lintas
settle our things then went City Mall
the dessert shop close down dy lo..I cant find it..
weird rite..hmm..so delicious also will closed down
1901 also jap jor..so sad la.. =(

walked while..lot beautiful yet expensive clothes..
love it to the max but I am so poor to the max max

dinner went Tanjung Lipat..
raining day if not sure we sit near the beach
and capture lot lot photos..too bad

shu ying(kl) - fiza(kedah) - milla(lahad datu) - veron(kl)

nice view rite.. ^^

had our dinner at TLC
is the end of Tanjung Lipat shop..far from car park there

we ordered fried squid, sweet&sour fillet, vege and tomyam soup

this tomyam's taste not bad..quite delicious..

that nite we spent rm60 including 1 big orange juice, 1 milo and 1 forget what milla's drink
the price so so lo..not too expensive
is around that price also..
love hang out with roommates..
fun nice happy

Eat is the Best way

final exam ar..
I am so so going crazy bout it (not really =p)
final exam also have to eat rite..
final exam should be treat myself better lo..

how's my final exam? so so le..
statistic okok, group counseling kook, spanish okko, interviewing okok
overall, I duno is OK or KO haha..

after interviewing paper last thursday,
went out with Sarah and Niz
helped Sarah her celcom youth-pack thing..
then we went for lunch at Lee bla Garden
somewhere near Sutera Habour..is a food court

there's various cuisine
chinese with dimsum le... =9
thai, nasi lemak, baba nyonya, etnik sabah, korean, indian,
is like 1 Malaysia with korean food haha..

ordered Kimchi Jigae (do I spell it correctly?), the kimchi soup RM 13
and Bibimbap the vege rice RM13 too..

not bad le..sour I like it and spicy..still can tahan ^^

this is not so nice..too spicy...it should be bit sweet but the hot bowl is really HOT!!!
it still keep the rice warm until the very last spoon of my rice..

the food there quite expensive..maybe because lot tourists will go there especially Korean..
can go and have a try..

today went to Luyang for some body check-up thing
purposely rent a car and go there because
Sabah public transportation is so so sucks..hence rent car is a must
thanx to kist for becoming my driver hahaha XP..
thanx thanx..

after the clinic thing hunt for breakfast
there's a superb delicious fish head noodles
VERY VERY DELICIOUS... yummmmmyyyy =9
location..erm erm..Hilltop..
corner lot of the shop, seafood restaurant during nite and fish head noodles during day
restaurant name..erm erm...Jin Jin Seafood Restaurant..

this is the fish head noodles that can fight with the 蕉赖4楼鱼头米粉
perhaps more delicious..
the soup is boiled from tomatoes, the fish is so so fresh
but the price..hmm...exp le...

this is the fish head noodles with milk..RM13 ar!!!! so exp
but d portion quite big la..

this is mixed fish noddles..got fishball, fish meat, something I duno whats that..haha
this is cheaper..small RM5.50 but I think is enough for normal portion..

after the big bowl of superb delicious fish head noodles *I finish all the soup hehe*
then still got some time for renting car..
so went to Lintas for dessert
went Yen Ai and try out their dessert
duno heard from who the dessert not bad
but....it just so so normal ni..

cream caramel, RM2.50
not so delicious compare to those bazar ramadhan I can get..

mango ice RM 6
not delicious because the mango is sour...and the ice quite rough...erm...kasar..not small small snowy type..

phewww.....so so full lo...
and cost me lot today and yesterday..
hence again I am so SO POOR~~~!!!!!!!
haih....so sad...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Gal wait me ar~~

I am aunt lo...
start from now..today
11 November 2010
is a memorable date...
my so call bro had a daughter dy..
his 1st daughter so I am the so call aunt ^^
love baby gal...though baby boy love too
but I seems like cherish baby gal more than baby boy hehe
I cant wait to go back now la..
wana see the baby so so so desperate...
but the baby gal not so active yet rite..hmm...
be patience la...hehe...
nex sem break go back then I can play with her dy ^^

House Party

24th October 2010
~~~House Party~~~

new house, new housemates, new roommates
something new for this sem..get to know more about my housemates compare last year
good to know more people..people who stay under one roof..should I say behind one door haha..

we got a house party that nite..
suppose celebrating our room peoples' bday including me haha
but end up we make a house party to socialize, understanding each other ^^

we had steamboat nite..
they put up some raya light at d living room..
so beautiful..love it

hungry dy now~~~

kak shah made limau ice..here we name it kitchai ping haha..

as usual, steamboat must have crabstick and full of balls..fishballs, sotongballs, meatballs, crabballs..so on la...

that day superb delicious food I cant forget is Satay!!!!!!

that day after discussion for statistic then Milla (roommate), Kak Shah and Linda (housemates)
fetch me and heading to Putatan Servey buy our food..and take d superb delicious Satay
from Kak Shah's foster parents..

after settle everything we back home and prepare d food..
9 of us joined for the party, each of us paid rm10
my room all attend, 3rd room too, only 2nd room 2ppl didnt join us..
very very full!!!! we cant finish those food...
we keep it till next morning as breakfast ^^

love such activity in our house...
everyone do some sharing
more understanding each other..love it..
waiting for another activity in the house ^^

Saturday, November 6, 2010

HIS words...

"要坚强勇敢, 不要惧怕,也不要惊慌,
约书亚记 1: 9

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.
Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged,
for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
Joshua, 1: 9

thanx God for you word,
things that you said make me feel better
and motivated for my final exam

I am Lazy *bi bo bi bo*

emergency here....give way give way
give way to a superb duper lazy lady here...
final is around the corner
no is not around the corner..
I am reaching the corner..

MONDAY will be my first day of final!!!!!!
owh...worry...scare...and everything la...
but I didnt do anything for it..
study..yeah..study 1hour sleep 5hours..
is not efficient!!!!!!!

json once told me that if I get 1st class all baoz will attend my convo *thou I dont think ALL will attend*
looks like I cant get 1st class rite..so
if dean list half of baoz will attend..that's good enough
but....with my stupid si beh lazy attitude here...
nah..dont say half la...not even 1 will attend lo rite?? =(

how le how le...haih haih..
everyday fb for nothing
really nothing I can do there but still open it click her click there..

hate it hate it!!!!
hate myself for being so lazy!!!!!!!

I just LOVE my hair

wish u know I miss u
wish u always be there to support me
wish what else..no idea..just simply say here haha..
yea..as I always simply say.. =x