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Saturday, June 21, 2008

CANT ON9~~!!!

I cant on9 for..er..maybe few months..my house area..3block of flat..the main cable been stolen..so it mean there is no more house phone and internet connection..!!! its so f**king inconvenience..It need rm30,000 to get a new cable for each block..mean it need rn90,000 total up for that damn cable..haih..
there is a case at tasik selatan..and its been few YEARS they stay without house phone..now..with the bless of god and my dear friends..hope the gov fast fast fix d damn thing la..haih..

I cant do many thing la..haih..too bad..cant chat with friends..cant gossip..cant boil phone porridge..haih..too bad..

Sorry my friends..I cant reply ur comment or there is no any updated news from me as i cant on9..haih...*sigh*..too bad la..really upset..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Susan Evy & Ling Bday

Bad mood~~~
because :-
  • cant hang out till late late..
  • mom force me back home..(she did called and force)
  • cant watch football match (portugal vs turkey)
  • raining *suddenly* which shows moody (what ppl normally feel that, I'm just follow)

I dunno why I want hang out..dun feel like going home..maybe school reopen soon (monday which mean 24hours to go)..dont have time to play anymore!!

My holiday is so freaking boring..I went to PD only!!! Well, it because I'm broke~~ I had to stay home prevent spending unnecessary $$..!!! I owe wk lotZzzzz $$$$$~~~!!!!! *sigh*

anyway, lets back to the HAPPY part..

7th June 2008

Ampang, Korean BBQ Steamboat
6.30pm - 3.30am
There is celebration for Susan & Evy (which born on 6th June) and Ling (born on 2nd June). It suppose a surprise or whatever...haha..but I think they knew it dy~~

There is 20ppl who joined the celebration..some kind of gathering hor..hehe..(^.^)

Guy :- Aaron, Json, Leon, Anthony (hoe), Keat, HangShen, Kitz, EuJin
Gal :- Susan, Evy, Ling, ChoiEi, Syan, EeWon, Syi, Sara, LeeYee, Janice, QingYi, me
It's bit weird actually. I thought we can chat between 2groups. But its kinda tough mission. At least they got meet each other check out whether they change lot or stil d same.

Again pmun's car key lock inside the car..hehe..Leon fetch her back to get the spare key. Then some of us (ml, hui, syi, pmun, qyi,ewon,me) continue to hang out at Pandan Mewah McD for the very 1st football match~~!!!
After that match, we heading back home. I'm so excited and dun feel wana back yet and 4 of us (ml, hui, syi & me) went to 118. Who knows when we just reach there, ml turn off the engine, we all prepare to chit chat for another match, mom called me!!! and the next thing is (back to top). I've to back home NOW!!!!! *sigh*
Anyway...hope our bday gal happy for what we had did for them~~

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Port Dickson

PORT DICKSON, Bayu Beach Resort

during my May,2008 school holiday, I went PD with them...
wan wan, wai kit, hoe, choi ei, keat, ling, pmun anf of course me!!

30th May 2008-1st day

We gather at Pasar Seni (under Putra station) waiting for bus to Seremban. We suppose take our bus at 8.00am, well, Malaysian timing..U know..^^ We had delayed for 1hour. Around 9.00am only we buy bus ticket and get in the bus. Want to know who is the latest..? hehe..is our pmun...wakaka..she reach about 8.50am..so late..haha..

We reach Seremban around 9.50am and we bought a coffee cake for Ling's Bday ( drop on 2june). Then we continue our journey taking a Cityliner bus to PD station. Well, ce&ling go there with ling's aunt, so they didnt experience the bus thing. Is good I can go by bus, even though bit troublesome but at least i can confirm that KL's KFC is much more BETTER more DELICIOUS..!!!!!!! PD's KFC is sux..not nice er..yuckss...

After lunch we take cab to Bayu Beach Resort, Ling's aunt own an apartment there. Wow..it got a nice view from the apartment. U can see the beautiful seaside from the balcony. We played whole noon and dinner we had steamboat~~!!!! omg~~ I'm so full..many many food left which we cant finish..I'm sure will gain weight..

Well, after dinner or mayb supper..suppose went for drink..BACARDI LIMON..but..!!! RAINING~~ haih..too bad..we all went to resort lobby but seems a bit weird. So back apartment. Dont have the feel lo..and they al sleep so early..maybe after played for whole day all so tired..

The view doesnt look like PD..I do have winter feel..^^

BACARDI LIMON..cost rm119 ar~~~!!!!
31th May 2008

2nd day of trip. Well, last time for them except ling choi ei & me. 3 of us going back on Sunday. (^.^) We had a very luxury breakfast. Bread/toast, sausage, ham, egg, milk, etc..

Banana Boat is our 1st activity, its kinda fun but not very exciting..We spent time on monkey ball, picking up some shells as souvenier. We had lunch near the beach. Wonderful meal.. (^.^) Ling's aunt cook some rendang and our lunch consider as nasi lemak with a chinese dish..*weird* haha..

After all, we celebrate Ling Bday, it just a very simple celebration, cake and bday song for her. Hope she love what we did for her.. (^.^)

When is about time to leave, 5.00pm, they say Bye Bye. Hence left 3 of us with Ling's family (aunt, sis, maid). i've cooked spaghetti for our dinner. I prepared it and serve it..!! hehe..pandai le.

1st June 2008

We wake up late. We went to PD town for breakfast. After breakfast, 4 of us (gals) went for beach for the last time. We seldom have the chance to go beach. Finally, reach Ampang at 6.00pm. Its been a tired vacation yet fun. i enjoyed it..~~!!! Hope there is another trip..hehe.. (^.-)

photos link..hehe