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Monday, December 24, 2012

Body shape get better

I am so so happy!!!
I can wear horizontal line dress now
Erm..everybody can wear I know but not everybody look nice with it
And lot girls dont want wear horizontal line unless she is so so slim
And now..I dare to wear it
The best thing is...I wear S size for it..I got the body shape
It looks much better than last time haha
Chinese New Year next year wont so headache thinking what to wear.
Still remember last time buy dress or skirt must M or L size..
Sad part is my pants..is either L or XL but now i think manage to put on M size!!!
Happy happy!!!
Lose weight already and shape up my body is so happy and my slimming program not so suffer
If wana know more or look how fat am I last time.. Search me in facebook

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I am a person who willing to do anything to get what I want
If I cant get it, seldom let others to get it unless I dont like it anymore
Then I dont bother who pick it up
If that thing I love a lot and I know somebody wana own it..somehow I have the selfishness inside me
I will try to keep it with me eventhough I dont like it
I keep it just because I dont want other people own it
Such a bad attitude I got.

And lately im being nice trying to share what I owned, what I got
But realize sharing aint a good thing sometimes
And I dont understand why some people trying to reach thing that not belong to them

See..human is weird rite
Dont like it but never want to give people
Not belong to u but still try so hard to own it

Dear human,
Please be aware of ur abilities and do things u should and u can.
Dont try to do things that wrong and make u look stupid and dumb.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Slimming Program!!

Im on a slimming program for a month dy. Thats why I manage to lost 6.5kgs in 1 month only!!!
And importantly during my slimming program I am so healthy and so happy!!
I didnt eat less,no unbalance diet, still a normal meal which I didnt feel suffer sad or pity of myself hahaha
Just a slightly changes on my lifestyle but I can be pretty why not??!!
As people always say..

-There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman-

So I chose to be pretty woman although bit lazy but I serious during whole program so...no problem la hahaha

Below is the lunch I had just now..just 3hours ago.
I got add some oyster and some abalone slice too. Well not forget to mention my noodle is BIG which is add noodles hahaha!!!

And yes I look bit pretty because my face smaller dy not that chubby anymore..

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lost 6.5kgs in 1 month

My mission to lose 6kgs in a month had accomplished!!!
Yuhoo... I even got 500gram bonus too haha
Great!!! And I passed my target.
Last time thought stuck in Kota Kinabalu
UMS so big i will walk will exercise and in 3yrs I can hit my 55kg target
But it didnt happen as I thought haha..
My weight still roughly the same stay at 60kg 59kg

Thanks to my friend who gave me a super easy and best meal I lost 6.5kgs in 1 month
And in a month I hit the target I cant hit within 3yrs..
And now my weight from 62kg to below 55kg dy!! Awesome!!!

U can just see the previous me in my Facebook. Click on my facebook or search my email veronica-yap@hotmail.com
Then can see how fat i was and now better.
Wana know my secret weapon or some tips how i did it, how i lost 6.5kgs in 1 month just leave comment here or pm in Facebook.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Happy Family -De Green Hut-

Just started my career at Johor Bahru
A shop at Desa Tebrau. De Green Hut our shop name. Its more on a club, a nutrition club.
Well nice place. I dont really think is a shop is more to a second home because all of them are my family more than colleagues, not just working partners.
Here super nice place where I find love, joy and peace because of the design here.
Inside here always blue sky white cloud with green scenery.
From here a lot of health information we can get.
Well we always want to promote health awareness and of course we doing so and support with our nutrition club.
So if you want to know more about health can drop by!!

De Green Hut
No.19-A, Jalan Harmonium 35/1,
Taman Desa Tebrau,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.

Google it find our small heaven or drop by to a comment here if you have any inquiries :-)

Monday, October 29, 2012


Brother - Mom - Me

Finally, I am graduated
3 years in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
3 years in Universiti Malaysia Sabah
wonderful memories and experiences I got

still remember when I was first step on KKIA
that was my first time go so far from family, first time take a flight and it's all by myself
mom didnt go with me. I go all the way myself with a medium luggage.
hop on UMS provided bus, it was midnight
on the way to UMS from airport actually is so beautiful, but all I can see is lights from car, others is so dark
reached UMS, go to  my hostel, E Residential
checked in and feel bit scary
that's the first time I stay in hostel and all the things just look..old and ugly
the bed and so on
I got a bit regret and sad of course, not to mention how the bathroom condition

yet, didnt give up because UMS is my own choice
is a choice from no choice
no matter how, I have to finish my degree

day by day, months by months
senior convocation, meet them up and they ask how am I living up in the new environment, a new place
I keep complaining, say how nasty the food, how boring the place and a lot more
they say,
'You will miss this place when you about to leave. I confirmed'
that moment, deep down in my heart.. 'serious? hopefully'

people who talk from their experiences we must listen because that is the fact, so true
I am so in love with KK. 
I am so in love with the sea there, sunset, food
KK is a peaceful place, a place I wish to stay after I retired

3years in UMS
honestly, i got a lot of new friends but didnt really have best friends
but I am glad to meet my coursemates, my buddies, my gang
and also a lot experiences that I got especially from KKFM
KKFM give me a chance to be a radio presenter, learn how to talk on stage spontaneous
and also meet a very good tutor there. 
of course some courses I attended.

words can never explain everything, what I learnt, my experiences
things just inside my heart and the feeling, memories will always be with me

so if you will be transfer to somewhere you dont really like 
try to live with it then you will find something you really love about it there
dont give up 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My breakfast

People always say breakfast eat like king, lunch eat normal meal and dinner eat like beggar
Because breakfast is the most most important meal for our body!
And this morning had starwberry shake hehe
Didnt really like it at first but now I kinda starting to love it
Breakfast definately will make your day. So choose your breakfast wisely :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I can do it!!!

Me must slim down 6kg this month!!
I can do it. All I have to do is just follow what I should do, what I have been told.
Well, I just need to drink enough water and eat only what I need.
And round of applause to myself because I drank 8.5litre of water today!! Yes yes..
Tomorrow keep it up as well and drink lot more is better haha. I can I can.
So this is my picture today. Let's see end of the month how the result haha.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Wedding

It has been a super long long time my family didnt have any wedding.
My beloved uncle is getting marry, I should say he just got married!!!

When I was still a small small kid, i will get jealous when uncle go dating with his gf haha
Well i was still a kid back then
And now im a big girl, here am i
Wishing all the best and sending all the best regards to both them

Had a great day last saturday, 29 september 2012
The big day for him.
Simple but happy wedding ceremony
Had a great day and night with all my cousins too. Now i miss them

Had dinner at a lousy restaurant. Better not say the name who know next thing i got in trouble haha

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm doing and will do soon

yea, it's been super long long long time I didnt update anything.
my blog is not dead yet, just I'm busy with my intern at prison
well I consider totally locked up inside prison where I cant bring any devices so no photos for my intern period.
now intern ended and i have to settle everything in order to graduate.
so..yes basically im doing nothing now waiting for convocation only.

uncle wedding coming this weekend.
its been while i didnt attend relative wedding dinner.
btw, i just back from Perhentian Island.
will update real soon about past few months activities. wait me!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Human himself is a walking problem

since the day I start working I had no time and feeling to blog
maybe because of those works that seems never done
maybe because of plenty problems and secrets I have to keep it myself
maybe because my life no longer that interesting that I can share more
maybe because I have no more chances to snap pictures and tell about it

I dont know I just busy and didnt blog
now take out some time and write how I feel after working for 5weeks
working inside a locked up place isnt easy
really NOT EASY
cut off from all the connection is was so so suffer for me
I never really leave my phone and didnt really leave the internet since got a phone

well everybody got something they cant stand off
something that always be a problem to someone
but for me..
problem is not because of a matter but because of human
wherever there is human there is problem
if want out of problem
then stay somewhere all by yourself 
but I dont think there will be no problem because we, you, me still a human no matter where we go
as long as we live, problem will be there waiting for us

it just depends how we can solve the problem 
how we can control our emotions
if you say dont want any problem anymore
sorry, there is no such thing
only thing we can do is change ourselves, the way we see things

Monday, July 9, 2012


I need to change
I need to adapt to new environment
make new friends, stay new place
hmm..not easy but need to do so..
I got no choice
a new environment a new me have to deal with all the changes
no matter how I wish I can stay like it used to be
how I owned what I got
how I feel what it was so on
I just have to let go and adapt to the new stuff, new place
lately feel that my life kinda boring
I need to find some new hobby, some new activity
today start with a book,
'Starting Over : A practical guide for finding love again, after a painful break up, divorce or loss of a loved one'
sound interesting or pity? it just a book I bought long time ago
is time to read and study about it
maybe I can practice what I read
guess it will be useful for everyone
If you want to know about it, ask me haha

well, if you dont know
I am doing my practical or people call it internship now
at Malacca..which organization? Penjara Sungai Udang.
YES..read again still the same PENJARA haha
a very good experience for me
many things many people I meet
and some stuff that happened
for example this morning, I wore a dress to work
and I have to go back which 1route take about 30-40minutes
just to change it and wear a pants
I just dont know what to say
embarrassing, ashamed of myself perhaps
what a new experience and another thing to adapt sigh.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


there are so many things I dont know
there are so many things other people dont know
but what I know is I want to do what I think can make me happy
what I know is I have to earn something I want 
things wont come easily
effort, hard work, sacrificing is needed in order to get something
there is no free lunch in this world
besides, no pain no gain
even if gained will not appreciate it too

but how much can we control when it is not only me who can decide
there are so many things have to consider when living in a community
when this place is not only for me but with others too

till now there are many things unknown for me
there are things that I cant decide because it involves others
as a future counselor
is time for me to counsel myself
is time for me to think 
I cant make decision
I dont want make decision

thought of the dayS

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Food around Kota Kinabalu

time to keep my promise
introducing delicious food (at least I agree that) around Kota Kinabalu

morning you can go to beginning of Gaya Street, there's a restaurant selling Laksa
very delicious laksa, is curry laksa not asam laksa
2 different thing
go and have a try
and it is not so expensive
they serve drinks too such as, Teh Madras, lemon ham kit (salted prune with lemon) and some others

Yee Fung Restaurant's famous Laksa (curry laksa)
beside laksa their Ngau Chap also famous
Ngau Chap is beef noodle, give it a try too

Yee Fung Restaurant's Ngau Chap (beef noodle)
well, if you prefer rice
they do serve rice as well
Claypot Chicken Rice
too bad we didnt order that because we hunger for noodles 
but I tasted it, not bad too but i prefer the laksa more
their famous noodles

if you are so lucky visit the street on Sunday which is Gaya Street
then you have the opportunity to take a look those stuff there
a lot of things can be found there
from foods to drinks, coffee beans, snacks like amplang, kuih cincin,
clothes, hat, sunglasses, and even pet
yes..they selling birds, puppies, rabbits, cats and everything

and here I found a special snack
mango glutinous rice ball
traditional maybe peanut and sugar, or maybe red bean paste
but this is creative enough they put mango
different taste from the traditional style
worth a try
Mango Lo Mai Chi (Mango Glutinous Riceball)
other than food from the local Sabah 
you can find Sarawak's famous Layer cake too
kek lapis which quite expensive because of the beautiful and unique layer done by them

lot flavor and lot pattern
nice nice..the price will be more expensive if the pattern, the design more complicated

Sarawak famous layer cake (kek lapis)

you will no regret visit Gaya Street because a lot of special, pretty, unique things can be seen there
then we move on to Damai

for me Damai is a chinese area where there got a lot of food
chinese food, a paradise for chinese haha
and this Eggie Ball is so famous at KK town last time 
unfortunately, because of some not so good circumstance, now left Damai 1 outlet only
oh, it call Tea Presso
it is inside a comic shop
next to it is a shop selling clothes

Tea Presso's Cheese Eggie Ball
I love the cheese flavor eggie ball so much!!
others i tried but not so tempting but the cheese definitely a YES

the price might change..currently only 1 shop located at Damai
after eggie ball and some drinks from Tea Presso
move to next street find Uncle Biscuit bakery..
the bread and cake very delicious

my all time favorite golden pillow bread (turkey&cheese) big big less than rm4 only
followed by durian pancake
it was more delicious, now not that delicious but still worth a try

Uncle Biscuit's durian pancake

since we had reached Damai
now move on to Hilltop
just after a traffic light and a junction, not far

HIlltop have this super super delicious fish meehon and also lime juice
both of this are my favorite

MIxed Fish Meehon without milk

undeniable this restaurant selling those delicious food at a higher price for me
but I think it is worth because the food very delicious
no matter fish meehon soup with milk or without but I prefer without milk because more sour when compare
and of course the fried wantan and also fuchuk
my all time favorite

Front left,  mixed meehon without milk; front right,  fried wanton; back., mixed fish meehon with milk

price (might change) and types of noodles serving there
next go to Tuaran for Kelapa Bakar 
a special aroma special taste after the coconut burnt
a different taste of it
why the coconut is dark? because it got burned haha
beside coconut, they have this Lukan (clam)
the sauce is the secret recipe

Lukan, a seafood, clams categories
this is the stall I always visit
Sudi Mampir
along the street you can see a lot of stall but I like this because the sauce for Lukan is delicious
their coconut pudding also delicious and original compare others

Sudi Mampir, the stall I favor most
alright, whole morning whole day go here and there hunting for food
and now dinner time
of course seafood!!

there's a chinese restaurant Welcome Seafood located at Asia City
not expensive, affordable and the food delicious

The only vege found in Sabah, 'shu zai'

Dry Butter Prawn

Sweet and sour pork

Kam Heong Crab (dried chilies) rm18/kg only

I've visit that restaurant many times and their food still so delicious
can try the claypot beancurd too

alright those are recommended must go places haha
now time for some food that can be found somewhere else but worth a try here too 

1 Borneo, Brooklyn
it was called New York New York but now they had changed to Brooklyn
recently I found their menu had changed too

they have this super Giant BIG burger
1 person definitely cant finish
if you think u can finish it then accept the challenge finish it within the time given and eat it for FREE!

Lamb something..at Brooklyn

next pit stop at Upperstar
you can see a lot of Upperstar branches around Kota Kinabalu
so no worries just enter any of it and order it
just their design might slightly bit different


Peppermint sauce lamb chop always in top list

Baked Mushroom Soup (with puff on top of mushroom soup)
food post done
and it makes me hungry
but cant eat because no longer in Kota Kinabalu
now at Malacca, soon will update Malacca food
although in diet plan but once a while nvm =)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kota Kinabalu, 3 Days 2 Nights

this is my first time as a 3days 2nights tour guide..
my friend came all the way from KL and visit me here at Kota Kinabalu 
I'm not very good at this but at least I can give low cost, cheap and affordable tour tips
especially for students because we are students

Kota Kinabalu for sure have to go island
so we went to 2 islands, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi
go to Jesselton Point which is located at the city, and there got lot agency try to pull you and give u so many information about activities and islands over there
so no need to worry, you will be directed
Pulau Manukan not recommended, try Pulau Sapi or Pulau Mamutik

Pulau Manukan beautiful place

There's chalet too..can check out the price and information..just google

you will fall in love deeply

you can prepare and bring your own food over too
if you didnt prepare dont worry, each island selling food but not much choices

we chose to hop 2 islands in a day
we reached Jesselton Point at 9am then spend few hours at Pulau Manukan
then hop to Pulau Sapi at 12pm
you can choose to stay at 1 island but if you can choose 2 islands why not?

as usual, snorkeling, banana boat and lot activities there
life jacket, the mask cost rm10/each roughly that price
if you need one contact your agent =)

Pulau Sapi.. I prefer here more

tired tired day..sunburn is unavoidable haha
then we walked around at the city
opposite Suria Sabah which 10minutes walking distance from Jesselton Point have this amazing unwanted left building full of mural painting, well in the other word, vandalism haha

although I dont know this is vandalism or meant to be a tourism spot as well
but because of some people whose hand itchy, the beautiful spot became not pretty already
it used to be nice but because somebody spoil it by add more not artistic drawing so it became disaster 

nice place for an abandoned spot
if you ignore those unwanted sketches it actually very nice

dinner can go to restaurant near there
an old kinda dirty restaurant but serve delicious food
located at Ang's Hotel, opposite Wisma Merdeka
is a chinese restaurant
try it out..

first day ended because so tired..after a day island hopping
next day you can visit the chilling chilling place, Kundasang

we called a van, tour van who fetch us and it's not expensive though, rm500/van and can fit 10 people
he will fetch us 3 places, Kundasang, the park..Poring, the hot spring.. and Mesilau, the cow farm..

all the way to Kundasang we will pass by Pekan Nabalu
every tour bus will stop by here
there's a spot for you to take picture of the Mount Kinabalu
unfortunately, super cloudy and only see cloud

pretties and the cloud no mount Kinabalu

there got a lot of stalls..selling local food like tuhau, fruits..
they selling snacks as well.. amplang, kuih cincin..
of course beside food, souvenirs too.. keychain, t-shirt, hat

welcome to Pekan Nabalu, spot the left bottom picture, is a Gong, a traditional music instrument

alright after Pekan Nabalu, next stop is Kundasang Park
reached Timpohon View
this place for tourist to see the Mount Kinabalu Peak as well but because the cloud keep following wherever we go, so only can see cloud and no peak

Timpohon View..all of us, 10 in total

there have some office showing a lot information like the history, the largest flower Rafflesia's information and a lot more

alright, nothing much to do there since is cloudy so we go the next destination Poring, the hot spring
erm, I dont really fancy that hot spring because it seems not so hygiene although you can pay for a more personal place but I still dont feel like enjoying it, so we go to the canopy walk..

here a lot places to go if you dont feel like putting your leg into a same tub with others

you need to pay for the canopy walk and of course your camera need to pay too haha
not expensive only rm5/camera...
of course canopy walk we have to walk up high high then only can go on the bridge..
so all the way up is not that tough i can wear so pretty and walk it with sandals

it is worth to walk it
done with Poring here we go to Mesilau, the Desa Dairy Farm
this is the place I want to go so badly!! because it looks like New Zealand

here is where they produce Desa Dairy milk..
they actually have this session for people to visit and milk processing thingy, it open at 3pm
try to make it around at time to cow farm

i like the green grass..dont worry no cow poo poo

really like New Zealand rite??

and if not so cloudy you can see the peak 

done with green grass, mountain and skies now with rock

besides cow farm, there's War Memorial Park too..can pay a visit if want =)

all right..i'm done for 2 days trip here
these 2 days really tiring both day used up whole day
from Kota Kinabalu city to Kundasang took around 2 hours so it's not so far
if you decided to drive up yourself no problem is not that hard..just a way to go
but I dont like these bumpy up hill road haha so I will never drive up

next I'm going to share the food post haha
my blog often about food and this post no food at all because I'm saving it for next post
when my friends visit, we took a whole day just to eat out at KK
come back next time for food post haha..maybe few days later and all about food =)