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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another 1st Time

another happy experience ^-^

1st time
rent a car
1st time drive in Sabah
1st time explore Sabah
1st time drive to KF, Pekan Tuaran, Citymall, Damai, Karamunsing, 1B
1st time went IceBar with cas, chloe & bell
1st time over9 at McD because we cant bac hostel after 11pm
1st time eat 'a not very dim sum' dim sum

last friday..before my precious holiday say bye bye to me..4 of us decided to play gao gao..we rent a car..Viva..sure auto cuz if manual sure never can get out from my kampung..get our car at 10am..den our journey begins..hehe

fetch 3 of them in their hostel..
everybody quite leng lui..wear high heels le..cuz v got car!!! hehe
nex v had our breakfast at KingFisher..walao..d food here damn salty..d yee mee they ordered..lik there's a salty fish swimming bathing inside..omg..salty like hell..
but d rice so so cheap..rm3.50 got 3dishes..that's my meal every sunday after church.. ^^

after breakfast..v headed to Citymall..
checked d map few days b4..and v did copy down..yet I used another route..thru IP..
guess wat..end up v reach Pekan Tuaran..a lil ipoh..haha
d map written turn into jalan tuaran..mana tau d jalan tuaran not in tuaran..dammit..
end up v reached Pekan Tuaran..nvm la..v explore a new place in Sabah..
and v bought toto..d car number..unfortunate..x kena..nvm la..
there's a pagoda..quite nice their carving..not bad..i'll upload a pic of it when got it..

v pusing balik to d junction and take d right way to Citymall..and we made it!!
reached Citymall safely..successfully..ahahha
we walk walk..shopping..lot boutique there..and it mahal too..
but al those clothes like wat v see on9..so beautiful..

shoes!!!!!! i love it..

thr got a very very delicious tong sui shop..
d red bean rily very red bean lo..omg..so delicious..it call 'mei xin'..can try thr..
and I ate 1901 beef soakin ted..walao..sedap nyer..hehe

after Citymall..we go...Damai..
for a very delicious durian pan cake..d 1 I mentioned..Uncle Biscuit..
everything so delicious..so so delicious..miss it..and I tried d turkey ham&cheese..wah..
rm3.90 very big and sedap...I can eat for 2days lo..
v walk walk and spot a restaurant got dimsum shop le..
d banner look like so delicious so nice..so decided nex morning b4 return d car v go eat lo..mana tau..not sedap at all!!!!! yuckss!!!!

evenin dy..no place to go..so decide to go Karamunsing..
4get wat d purpose to go Karamunsing complex dy..
not important..cuz v got car so v go here go there lo..
oh ya..tot wana go sing k at thr..but kinda mahal and they say wan go IceBar..
so d singK cancel lo..and v shop shop lo..den we bac hostel to put down things..
and pick up something..bell wana take her laptop out..
cuz v plan2 over9 at mcD after IceBar..hahahah...

IceBar here v come..hehe
d very 1st time went this kind of place with 3 of them..without any guys..
rily feel bit gan cheong lo..duno why..mayb new place..hmm..mayb..
d bar quite nice la...sure lo..new bar le..open 2weeks ni..
there got a ice room..but hav2 buy shooter ni can enter..too bad..
nex time I will buy d shooter and enter it.. ^^



since f6 w

quite high tat nite..ordered becks..and only 2 of us drink...me&chloe..
cas cant dink..she wil drunk even half of d cup..den bell drink few glass she say headache dy..
well..d 1st time go such place drink beer..yucks..dun like it but no choice..better than none..
beer aso can make me high make me drunk..not ril drunk..high la..
hmm..shows that I'm not good in drinking..
btw..bell damn cool le..she rocks...she drink she shout she dance~~!!!

after IceBar..sure cant bac hostel dy..past 11pm..so..haha
McD is our only choice..we lepak at mcD..nope..
is they lepak at mcD do assignment and I slep there..ahah...too tired le..
after take a nap..me&bell slep in d car..haahhaaha..til nex morning 7am lidat
cas call and wake us up and hav our 'not so dimsum' dimsum..
btw..something funny wana share..
cas asked..'v got d student look? because every1 look at use 1kind..'
well..especially our miss ding dong bell...hahhah..she so timid..ahhahh..ppl wonder she reach d age limit not..ahahah
and..imagine v bring our laptop down and do our assignment there..
what their reaction?? hahahhaha...
4gals with laptop..wit spec doing assigment in a bar..lol..walao..yeng le..so cool..aahhhahah
hey gals..nex time v try tat..hahah..

lepak outside while b4 McD..

thats all..d car return bac to d wner..
wish there will be another exciting challenging idea..hahahah

Thursday, September 24, 2009


sudenli many thing flash bac in my mind..
miss every1 so much as 1by1 leaving..separating..study abroad..job and so on..
someday..future..u might dun recognize who am i or i 4get who are u..
will this happen? buddies end up stranger..
or we will keep in contact..till d day v marry and u'll attend for tat..
till our child grow up and had their bday party..
i do hope our friendship will last forever..
we have new frens..our new gang..but..
d old frens d old gang will keep in our mind? i hope it will alwax keep in our heart..
though v might separating thousand milesssss but i hope i can feel u're nex to me..
mayb u will say u miss me..in msn, phone, sms, facebook, watever
but do u rily mean it? or it jux a social phrase 'i miss u so much'
it might a social phrase but i love to hear tat..jux drop by say hi will make me feel better..
saying ur life is boring misery without me..it might a lie..or some stupid sentence pop out..
but it make me feel better..mayb i naive i blif tat too...
somehow..if ur life is better without me..u are so happy without me..so enjoy..and u say ur life is misery and boring without me..i feel damn weird..
i might sad if i noe that im not tat important in ur life though u said how important am i..how u miss me..
i so weird..what the hell im talking bout..watever..life is lidat..human is 'fan zin'...

saw lolipops and remind me how I was been cherished, pampered..so sweet yet follow by sour and bitter..at 1st d lolipops is so sweet..so delicous but after too much of it..realize that not all lolipop i love it..there are some flavors that i rily dislike..and when i eat those flavor which not my favorite, it taste diferent..bitter mayb? too sweet as wel? i lik sour food..too sweet is jux not my style..but not everybody lik sour food and can tahan d sourness which i lik..bears not my toys..gals like it but..not all gals lik tat..im d minority..yet when somebody giv me sure feel bit happy i guess..because some1 treated me so nice..of cuz feel happy..hope those moments will jux stay forever..but time stil tic tok tic tok moving and things will change..what had past is gone..think bac might remind us how wonderful d life..or end up with disasters..i hope i could only remember those sweet memories..but sad memories is there with d sweet as well because..if there is no any bad memory there wont be any nice memory because thr's no comparison..thanx for giving me those memories..those are enuf for me to keep it in my mind forever because that memories made who am i now..and it remind me i was loved by some1..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where got Ghost

today went 1B
with SiangKist, RuiTe & Bell
watched Where Got Ghost..
funny movie..not bad..
3stories in it..d last was d continous from Money Not Enough..
it not scary but funny..thats why chinese is 'xia dao siao'
forget to print out d gsc member bday thing..if not v can get cheaper ticket..

RuiTe challenge d Big Bowl
some competition or challenge by Sushi King..
for those who can eat lot in a short period..u can try this..

finish a big big BIG bowl of noodle in 10minutes..include soup..
it rily a very very BIG bowl of noodle..either soba or udon..
too bad he cant win it..
he almost win..jux a lil more to finish it..
but..duno why..he failed..nvm la..try harder..ahhahah
but I tink he got phobia dy..he scare of udon dy..hehe
salute him dy..GENG!!!!
I rily cant finish d whole bowl of udon by myself lo..
summor within 10minutes..
he almost can make it..haih..wasted..

after that we play POOL...
my 1st game since I reach Sabah..
today din take pic..too bad..
haih..malu la..later they tink i sot sot..
after pool for 1hour..watch movie..
for d 1st time I got ice lemon tea combo as my companion (beside 3 of them) in sabah gsc..

after movie meet up wit cas & chloe at mcD
SiangKist & RuiTe bac 1st..got things to do..
had dinner at Apple cafe..
den they wana re-stock at giant..
I got re-stock too..
3 chupa chups..apple, strawberry 7 watermelon..
all my favourite..
giv chloe 1 because she get me a almond Big Apple Donuts.. ^^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suet yi Longan

very attractive title hor..
can u feel d sweetness..
can u feel d aroma..
can u feel d taste..d deliciousness..
hahaha...yeah..I boiled tat tis noon..
sudenli feel so 'zhi yun' lo..
got tong sui drink le..so happy..
though its not enuf sweet..but at least better than none ma..
let me teach u how2 cook a zhi yun tong sui with rice cooker and limited ingredients..

1st...boil hot water and pour it into d rice cooker..before that of cuz hav2 rendam d suet yi and settle that lo..
2nd..put everything into d rice cooker..d suet yi and dried longan into it..dun fully tutup d cover..let it open bit..
after it boil for an hour or 1 and 1/2 hour..add in d sugar..boil again..for 15minutes..
lastly..change d mode to warm (rmb tis is rice cooker) and add some egg into it..must stir it..if not it will masak a whole egg..we wan d egg lik 'wat tan hor'..
and its done!!!!!! u can serve it dy... (^.^)Y

my zhi yun tong sui

get some to KaeChuan..and everybody got d house feel today because all of us got d very 'zhi yun' tong sui..hahahahaah
but..we ate instant noodle for dinner..so boring..omg..everyday aso instant noodle...wana vomit dy le..haih..

Damai got a bakery shop..damn delicious lo...Uncle Biscuit..their bread and cake so so delicious..yummy yummy..their durian swissroll..durian pan cake..walao..irresistible..and vanilla chiffon..sedap nyer...banana muffin aso deng gua gua...haahhaha

aiya..pendak kata..

tomorrow I'm going 1B with bell, SiangKist & RuiTe..I wana watch 'Where Got Ghost'!!!!!
enjoy my uni life..without class..without malay here..sleep til noon..hahah..yea..
but assignmentsssssssSSSSS....lot waiting for me..killing me slowly..omg..thurs hav2 finish it!! is a must!!!!
because friday goin out again..hahahahhahahah

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bday * Uni

Friday..holiday started cuz v dun hav class dy..
cas, chloe & bell celeb my bday..
there's package..eat, movie, cheong k..
because here dun hav k-box..so they bao me whole day by lunch,high-tea,and everything la..
from morning..we had lunch..den tot wana watch movie but nothing to watch so we walk walk..eat eat..shop shop..

took lot pic..from library bus stop to restaurant to padini concept store to parkson to starbucks to toy'r'us to giant to cas's room..omg..so happy..camwhore is d best moment..ahhah

I camwhore with cas in her room..rily lot lot pic taken..so syok..haha..pic describe all..hehe..

d children's clothes so cute..

I love tis la..but..cant wear it at skol..so din buy it..haih..

pdi concept store..hehe..

bell geng lo...she can eat that much..

waiting shuttle bus to 1B..end up..walk there..quite far..

bell love mcD ice-cream so much..

well..I started to like uni life now..once I do something which forbidden..which v never can do in hostel!!!! haha..
we STEAMBOAT-ing in cas's room..ahahhah...
using bell's rice cooker..omg..syok..
and v bought 3bottle of beer..ahhah..tiger, carlsberg, heineken..ahahhhah
2 can shandy..hehe..
1st time I like my uni life.. ^^

watching drama while waiting d food..hehe


yummy yummy..so many food..hehe

camwhoring..sot sot dei..

barbie doll?? hehe..


my face got sunburn not drunk..

beer models?? hahah

My Bday Celebration~~

Thanx to everybody and everything u guys did for me..so so happy!!!
glad so many people remember my bday and facebook is a very very good site..
it remind every1 when my bday..hahaha..and many ppl wish me thr..
wat a useful mukabuka..hahaha..

my dear susan..thanx for ur msg..so sweet when I found out that is 9.15 am..so sweet...love u love u so so much..and hor..she help me with d ptptn lo..thanx so much..and that ewei..haih..I aso forget when she wish me dy lo..summor at fb..so no heart..kwei aso!!! she say she din forget my bday she but she 4GET to wish me tat day..hahah..ok la..accept lo..haha

on my bday..what I did?? most of u will think I will so kesian so lonely here..why I say so..cuz eweon tink so..json tink so aso..leon aso tink so i tink..at 1st I tink so...haahha..
mana tau..I got a very very nice fren and seniors..good..hehe..
I woke up EARLY in d mornin tot will hav a boring day cuz I rily tired wake so early and have assignment wana finish by tat day too..!!!
luckily..people I noe very very nice..very good..I so dai sek many ppl sek me..so I got celebration..hehe

lets share my present..hehe..

d very very 1st present i received which I got it on august..is mooncake from ChoiEi, zakee, saibou, hoe & keat..so sweet..ask chloe they all pass to me..thanx so so much..
2nd..purse from bell, cas & chloe..from milk teddy..white..they bought it when bac kl..omg..keep til now ni giv..rily yao sum er..love them..
3rd..celebration from SiangKist, RuiTe & bell..had 4slice SR..so xing fu..hahah..but not tat delicious la compare to kl's SR..v ate mango, choc banana, raspberry cheese..whole nite I pay rm0..from dinner to cake..thanx..

4th..bac room got a small cupcake from roommates..and a card..so nice la they rmb and gov me a cupcake.. ^^

miza*qiqi*me*nancy ablik..haih..

5th..celebration from cas, chloe & bell AGAIN..wonder how much $$$$ she spent..

thanx lotzz....well..continue my celebration wit another page..hahaha...

Monday, September 14, 2009

1st Bday at Sabah

I was blogging bout UMS but I change my mind to tis..what I'm writing now
after receive lot lot wishes from frens..so so happy..glad..and going to drop some happiness tears..
so damn touching when receive msg and wishing from all of u!!!

1. our very 1st is that ah pek leon..he wana win d competition fighting who will be d earliest to wish me..so sms me b4 15sept..but nvm la..11.45pm+ aso accept lo..
2. pmun.lew (f6 clasmate)..so happy she rmb my bday..but I dun rmb her bday le..bad hor..she remind our days in U6A1..miss her voice..our gossip days..
3. aaron see..tis yr he so boring..stil mrb last time got voice clip le..lik dj wishing me..haahah...now..sien jor lo rite..
4. bell..a very yao yuen fren from uni..so yao yuen cuz she from kl aso..same course..and she met cas&chloe at hospital durin body check up..
5. json ng..d bighead..startin from his i feel wana cry more..cuz he ask me dun cry..why wana mention tat??!!
6. melissa..a primary skol fren..she stil rmb..omg..how sweet..
7. pui li..my couz..sweetzz..
8. lee yee..thanx gal sending me msg..miss u so much cuz v rily din meet for ages dy..
9. yi xuan from taiwan sms me le..omg..wonder how much d sms cost..she ask me dun reply..haha
10. wai how..some1 who been kinda almost lost contact..glad receive his msg.. ^^
11. danial who baked a cake for me last yr bday..i stil wan a cake for my bday tis yr..rmb that..we had made a deal..
12. nurisah..my hubungan etnik group member and she is so so nice..
13. janice liaw..she aso rmb wo..not bad..she aso sept de le..sorry cuz I din wish u...hehe..4get dy..haahah
14. ewon..she assume my bday wil so lonely wo..and say baobao spirit wit me alwax..but hor..leon say baobao going dismiss le...hahaha..u see our blog like dead blog..ahahahah

thanx so so much for u guys..so happy receive d msg which full of blessing from each and very1 of u..though I do really hope to celeb wit u guys..my dream bday had jux gone with d wind..jux lidat..
this is d 1st time I celeb my bday at Sabah and this wont be d last..there are few more yrs to celeb here..I feel happy because u guys wish me..feel sad because I miss u guys so so much..I really really miss al of u..
there are ppl wish me via fb and so on..hahah...lazy mention here..check out fb lo...hehe..

MISS & LOVE all of u!!!!!


went Doulos for a youth nite..4get what d theme dy..last tues went thr, sept8..d very 1st time step on a big big huge ship..happy.. ^^
went there with BCCM..d church I'm going now..Bacel..met lot new frens there...nice funny..and most of them who really fren is senior..not my batch..nvm la..and they speak hakka most f them..among them la..omg..lik bac to hometown..it remind me of grandma, aunt irene they al lo..those oldies (elders)..hahahahahah

Doulos is a ship younger than Titanic 2yrs..and actualy I aso duno really know bout Doulos..but...I know it really a very very rare opportunity to visit the big big huge ship..
actualy it related to christian la..those who works on the ship is christian and they all are volunteers..0 salary..either 2weeks, 2months, or 2years volunteering..they come from diferent country, diferent culture but sharing a same common..serve to GOD..

there are a lot of books selling on the ship which so so cheap and affordable (heard from my roommate who worked there 2weeks last year)..they aso selling mango ice-cream cost rm2.50..well it will be d income to support workers' food, accommodation I tink..

7 month 14

what the hell is tat??
translate to chinese la..got it?? the ghost festival..lol..
not kidding..there really a black shirt medium long hair gal in dkp4 look scary..
dun believe?? see it urself!!!

be prepare wo..

not suitable for pregnant woman..kids...below 18 because this is 18SG

scary le..I told u!!!

no la..actualy ok aso ma after make up..lol..

ok la..serious serious..
bell is so hardworking..
she studying and I ka ka cau cau there...hehe..
and she so semangat wearing our batch batik le..only our batch got that batik le..every year diferent..

gao gao zan mou bong chan

The Face Shop

How to get ur nail color nicely??
wan 10 colors on ur 10 fingernails??
go and put on the tester!!!
that's what I did last Saturday after koko..
went 1B for lunch and walk walk..and lepak lepak kacau kacau..
tried various colors..get myself 1bottle ni..cas bought for me..THANX!!!!
chloe get herself 2bottles..omg..that shop cheat consumer lo..
banner written rm5.90 but when we pay..2bottles cost rm25.80!!!!
d promoter said is rm12.90 each!!! but there dun hav any price tag!!!!!!!!
cheat consumer rite??!!! nex time ask b4 purchase...

nice?? as colorful as rainbow..

those we bought~~ mine is pink.. ^^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


that's me..Dewan Canselor bhind it..DC very very special wo..

today I had my 2nd presentation..
today is only talk bout 5minutes..my topic..Tattoos and Body Piercing in Psychology..let me share with u guys what I presented tis morning..

Tattoo is modification and self expression..They modified themselves to become more charming, more prettier..Adolescents have strong sense of identity which they dont want to hide..they wana show it to the world how special how unique they are..they do what they like..they wish to have a tattoo so they tattooed..they wana gain attention and wana let others noe their existence..if u shopping in a mall and saw a person who tattooed or pierced, sure u will focuss on the person rite compare to a boy who eating ice-cream..adolescent who have tattoo doesnt mean that they are bad, naughty or join black metal or wat..they just wan to express their feelings thru tattoo..mayb there's a story or meaning of the tattoo..therefore, dont judge a book by its cover!

I dun really rmb what I delivered today..I din really prepare for it..I simply cincai cincai say ni..luckily d assestment by frens not bad..can pass la..hehe

hmm..wat else I wana blog..oh..wearin same clothes wit cas&chloe..black and white and we camwhore while..and when bac my room..haha..nobody inside and I camwhore 'not a while'..haha..its been a long time I din camwhore dy lo..


Sabah have nice nice sea..well..my campus have a nice sea aso..from SPE can get a nice view of sea..and do u still rmb when is d last time u see a rainbow? in KL u hardly see it rite..here a very very nice rainbow I wana share..

btw..Gardenia for u is only selling bread..delicious bread..variety of bread..but..in Sabah..my campus..near DKP (dewan kuliah pusat) there's a very very unique machine..which is..gardenia selling canned drink!!!!!

That is special rite..I'll try to find out more and more special thing in Sabah..and share with the ppl who stil stuck in KL..haha..