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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Deep in my heart

Deep down in my heart there are lot shits
Deep down in my heart there are lot complains
Deep down in my heart there are tears
Deep down in my heart there is true me
Above all..
What u see me now is just a surface to cover up
Everybody will only maximize the weakness and minimize strength
It is because human are greedy
Never satisfied of what they got
Never enough

I miss you..
The one that i finding for 2years
Where are u?
I really miss u..

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I hate u!!!!
I hate why u always there
I dont even feel right to see u around...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stay strong

I have to stay strong in order to get what i wish for
I have to stay strong for me to continue this journey
I have to stay strong so wont defeat by failures
I have to stay strong to compete with others
I have to stay strong just to proof i chose the right decision

Please..show me once again i made the right decision and i am strong enough to face all the challenges

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Love is the biggest motivation
Love is the strongest motivation
Especially a mom's love

Heard a story of a wonderful mother
And this is a real touching story..

A child was born not perfectly, this child couldnt control his emotion well
Of course the society treat special people differently just because they are special
So does this child.

A mother who had the greatest love for sure wanted to protect her beloved son
Just because she need money to give the best for him she work very hard
As we know when we work so hard without rest eventually damaging our health
Therefore this mother had a bad health yet for the sake of her son
She got no choice. She have to continue the journey fighting so hard to survive to get respect from the society especially for her son

One day, this mother bring her son to a restaurant.
The restaurant saw her son look special and they not welcome them to dine in.
Just because he hardly control his emotion the restaurant wanted to please other customers they not allow both them to dine in.

Prejudice. Disrespect. Unfair. Ashamed.

Society got prejudice to people who are special. They dont have the right to complain when didnt get respect from others because they are nobody. The society is unfair, if u are somebody u get everything and vice versa. But people who have dignity will never be ashamed of themselves.

Hence this mother realize that she have to be healthy first in order to continue fighting the long journey with her son.
As she know if she had fall asick there will be nobody who willing to take up the responsibilities to take care her son.
This wonderful mother now had become more healthier just by replace her meal to nutrition meal. And she manage to earn some for her son especially medication expenses.

Since the day she start to be healthy with Herbalife Nutrition her life starting to change.
Not only physically more healthy but also their quality of life had improved
At least no need so struggling for life because now they have health freedom, money freedom and time freedom

Herbalife Nutrition is a life changing company
And this is proven life can be change if you want

We know if we work hard
One day we will achieve what we work for
We can wait but can our family our loved one wait?
Are we work hard at the right place?
Be smart to know what you want be wise to choose how you want to achieve it.