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Monday, June 24, 2013

Herbalife 2013 Extravaganza, Bangkok!!

Last 2 weeks went to Bangkok, Thailand
My very first time step on Thailand
Of course I very excited because of Herbalife APAC event with 25 000 people
And also.... Bangkok trip with my mom and friends
Many of my friends had visited Thailand and also other countries but me.. Malaysia and Singapore thats it
So this is my first Extravaganza at Thailand and also first trip to Bangkok

I met a lot amazing people from Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, USA etc.
And they have very good result with Herbalife products
Their life really change not to say their look
As for me.. I only lost 10kgs in total but shaping from XL pants to size M.
My mom 24years piles problem had improved a lot because doctor once said it might turn out to be cancer.
With just 3months consuming this nutrition had help her from 24years hectic health problem.

Well, if you want to know more or want to see my before picture just email me at


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Nobody will decline or reject a chance to be healthier and getting better!!

Ok..done with Extravaganza post and next post will share where I went or had fun during whole week at Bangkok!
Also food that I ate which I think is a must eat food haha!!