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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Believe, Trust

We have to believe things will get better
Then with our mindset,
Things will be better.

Believe is easy..
Just believe it will happen then it might happen after u done your part
You no need to do something to show u believe it
Trust is another thing
Trust is followed by actions
Trust it then do it without doubt
If you doubt
Then you only have believe and no trust

I believe if I do my best then I can the best
If I trust myself I can do it then I will do it

Believe yourself have the power to do and
Trust yourself you can do it.

Lets be better!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

At last!

Yuhoo..congratulation to me!!!
If u ever notice, i dont tuck in my tops
I cant wear high waist pants or skirt
Because i am fat so cant fit in
And my tummy look so obvious if tuck in

But now.....i can wear that style already!!
I can tuck in my shirt in a high waist pants!!
I am super duper happy!!!!
Lost 8kgs in 2 months..and i didnt starve myself i still eat
Just the right food at right time
The figure of weight is not so attractive
Guess what... My pants..
Forever from XL to M size now!!! That is the best part. Shaping!!

High waist pants always was only a dream last time
And now my dream come true

There is no ugly woman only lazy woman
And i lose weight with easy way. I am happy.
No exercise also can lose weight. Cool

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tomorrow will be a new day

Everyday we must have something that we cant manage to do
Something that we regret
There might have sadness or disappointment even anger
I thought I can be happy again after yesterday disappointment
Reality always cruel
Today full of sadness and anger
A day I waited for..a day I wait to be happy again
Ended up with arguments and tears
I always be cool..be happy..be cheerful
I always rationalize the cruel reality and the beautiful imagination
No matter how worst the situation is,
I still find a balance point and make myself rejoice again
But today,
I cant do it anymore.
Im burned out.
I wish I can be somebody I always locked inside me
For things I done it seems so 'i am suppose to do it' when i can choose not to do it
Do u ever appreciated what i done?
Do u ever think i can no need to?
Do u ever think what u can do to make it better?
Do u ever think why dont u doing all these instead of me?
Travelling this time, now is with a moody heart
And it is so not fun!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Repeat over again, again and AGAIN!

My second time to 'Zero to Hero'
I went many events and i had listen to a same speaker for several times
I know what are the topic mainly about

Do i know how to say it?
If I really can say it out, my stories is up to date? Or outdated?
Do I bringing out the same feeling as I first time listen to it?

I used to complain why have to go events
Is the same events every week...
And is the same people who will be there too
Basically the slide contents is exactly same too..

But 1 thing I realize is...

Although is same thing but the speaker might be different..
Even if the speaker is same but everytime there will have some extra information or story which never been exposed..
And even all are same..the slide contents, the speaker, the feeling by speaker
There must be a different thing that touched your heart
There will have a thing that inspired you most

If this event u quite blur, go again until u understand it completely
Repeat doing the same thing and evaluate ownselves then improve ourselves

Well..if had attended many...alot events and still blur or didnt get any insight
Is either u didnt open up your heart to learn to accept from the people, the world
You have not move forward, didnt develop at all

This is what I learnt this time
Everytime go an event, everytime I got a question
Eventually it will be answered by duno who!! Magical...
And is the same thing but I got different feeling, different idea about it and got insight

Therefore..as we know..
We never stop learning until the day we go into grave
Dont complain so much..dont ask so much
Get the answer from event!!!

If u think eventS didnt help, then think and evaluate

Where were you back then, where are you now, and where will you be..

Were you standing at that point?
Standing at that point or have step forward?
If you didnt take a step further will you reach your destination? Is not when will reach is will you reach?!