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Monday, October 29, 2012


Brother - Mom - Me

Finally, I am graduated
3 years in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
3 years in Universiti Malaysia Sabah
wonderful memories and experiences I got

still remember when I was first step on KKIA
that was my first time go so far from family, first time take a flight and it's all by myself
mom didnt go with me. I go all the way myself with a medium luggage.
hop on UMS provided bus, it was midnight
on the way to UMS from airport actually is so beautiful, but all I can see is lights from car, others is so dark
reached UMS, go to  my hostel, E Residential
checked in and feel bit scary
that's the first time I stay in hostel and all the things just look..old and ugly
the bed and so on
I got a bit regret and sad of course, not to mention how the bathroom condition

yet, didnt give up because UMS is my own choice
is a choice from no choice
no matter how, I have to finish my degree

day by day, months by months
senior convocation, meet them up and they ask how am I living up in the new environment, a new place
I keep complaining, say how nasty the food, how boring the place and a lot more
they say,
'You will miss this place when you about to leave. I confirmed'
that moment, deep down in my heart.. 'serious? hopefully'

people who talk from their experiences we must listen because that is the fact, so true
I am so in love with KK. 
I am so in love with the sea there, sunset, food
KK is a peaceful place, a place I wish to stay after I retired

3years in UMS
honestly, i got a lot of new friends but didnt really have best friends
but I am glad to meet my coursemates, my buddies, my gang
and also a lot experiences that I got especially from KKFM
KKFM give me a chance to be a radio presenter, learn how to talk on stage spontaneous
and also meet a very good tutor there. 
of course some courses I attended.

words can never explain everything, what I learnt, my experiences
things just inside my heart and the feeling, memories will always be with me

so if you will be transfer to somewhere you dont really like 
try to live with it then you will find something you really love about it there
dont give up 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My breakfast

People always say breakfast eat like king, lunch eat normal meal and dinner eat like beggar
Because breakfast is the most most important meal for our body!
And this morning had starwberry shake hehe
Didnt really like it at first but now I kinda starting to love it
Breakfast definately will make your day. So choose your breakfast wisely :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I can do it!!!

Me must slim down 6kg this month!!
I can do it. All I have to do is just follow what I should do, what I have been told.
Well, I just need to drink enough water and eat only what I need.
And round of applause to myself because I drank 8.5litre of water today!! Yes yes..
Tomorrow keep it up as well and drink lot more is better haha. I can I can.
So this is my picture today. Let's see end of the month how the result haha.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Wedding

It has been a super long long time my family didnt have any wedding.
My beloved uncle is getting marry, I should say he just got married!!!

When I was still a small small kid, i will get jealous when uncle go dating with his gf haha
Well i was still a kid back then
And now im a big girl, here am i
Wishing all the best and sending all the best regards to both them

Had a great day last saturday, 29 september 2012
The big day for him.
Simple but happy wedding ceremony
Had a great day and night with all my cousins too. Now i miss them

Had dinner at a lousy restaurant. Better not say the name who know next thing i got in trouble haha