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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chap Goh Mei

17th February 2011
chor 15 also known as Chap Goh Mei which is the last day of CNY

first time I didnt back home for CNY
first time ever I didnt celebrate CNY with my family
and now I can understand those sad feeling for the ads especially by Petronas

so this is the first time I hang out with my coursemates too..
that night Jessie inviting us to her house
she got some open house thing for Chap Goh Mei

good for us, Chen Lei bought a car dy
if not we have to rent car so on
although is Chen Lei's car but Fen drove it because Chen Lei still not used to manual and the road here..he is from China =)

chenlei, yihweng, fen, kelvin, bell, jessie, veron

after class we meet up them at KF then only go to Jessie's house
her house at Lidor..
they say Lidor got a night market selling a lot of foods!!!
I want to go there some other day..who willing to fetch me there...

we reached Jessie's house around 7pm
while waiting for lion dance her brother put some fireworks..
wao..nice le..it had been a quite long time I didnt see fireworks..
so that night I had enough fireworks for whole year I guess haha

the night begin with lion dance then dinner
followed by fireworks show haha

the lion is dancing under the firecrackers..bit dangerous rite..I am scare of it hehe..

dinner of the night..her mom ordered it from outside
there's sweet&sour fish fillet, beef, lemon chicken, mixed vege, sambal egg, butter prawn
they prepared very delicious cake, pudding and fruits too..

so overall that night we just visit her house
had a nice dinner..with lion dancing and fireworks..
and that night officially show the real gluttony me to my coursemates
they say 'wah, veron u really can eat geh wo'
omg..so embarrassing am I?
because I eat a lot!!!
thanx to my baobao gang who always hunt for buffet during those days~

then we left Jessie's house around 9pm
we planned to go the night market that they said but it closed
only few stalls open..
and it actually like a foodcourt for me..nothing special but I still want to go~~

since nothing there we change our destination..
we went to Gaya Street
nice place during night with those red red ang ang tanglung
took some photos..
the first time with them hanging around KK at night love it..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tambayan At Kainang Filipino

Had a special lunch with the gals..
special lunch as in Filipino food!
first time try it out..not bad..

they love pork too!!
lot dishes they preparing pork..

ta da~~~~ Tambayan..
is a Filipino restaurant located at Api-Api, Kota Kinabalu

their food actually different with malay food..
it just something different something you should go for a try..

this is the dish that quite popular..d picture look nice..and it is pork..
you know we seldom have the chance to eat pork..so we ordered it..thought it will be delicious..
hmm...end up...is pork internal organs which I dont really eat..

they mix up those organs..dont know what it call..den fried it together with onion and some chilies..
the pork taste the smell is there so..this is not my favorite dish at all!!

ok..superb delicius soup here..
is sour soup..sinigang I think the name..not so sure hehe..
it quite similar with ABC soup but this is more sour..wao..best as appetizer..

here is our food of the lunch haha..
we ordered a soup, a popiah (contain pork as well haha), an eggplant egg and the pork haha..
the popiah not bad..tasty..and the eggplant they first 'bbq' it then put egg on it..
it had some bitter taste because it hangus when they bbq it yet quite new for us

then move to dessert..

until now I still no idea what is this purple color thing called ube haha
it looks like yam and looks like sticky rice..but it is not
and it taste sweet yet cheese is top of it
I think this have to share at least 2 person because it kinda sticky after all..

ABC..uce campur
it had different type of ABC we used to eat..maybe should name it DEF haha
contain of redbean (big), corn, banana, jackfruit, some nata de coco, jelly stuff
not bad le..it more special than the ordinary ABC...

coconut drink and lassi dont know what Cas ordered..
the price quite okok la..not too expensive..
normal for a restaurant la...
so this can be recommended to friends..because it is special.. ^^

Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 CNY

all my wishes from Sabah to those out there..
my family from the nearest, mom and bro of course..
then will be my relatives..wao..long list here..dad's side *head count haha*

auntie irene + uncle steven, kenji & gf, benjamin & gf = 6ppl
auntie moey + uncle kenny, eric & gf, lily, xuan = 6ppl
fook choy + da pak liong, kuen & gf, yik = 5ppl
keng gu + 3 gu jiong, chi earn, sukyu, sukdien = 5ppl
man gu + gu jiong, chun, meimei, weiwei = 5ppl
2pak, feisuk & gf, 4suk, allie, yoong gu & uncle = 7ppl
biao suk + biao shen, henhen, yuyu = 4ppl
yi gong + popo = 2ppl

ok...count count how many person here..40 ppl dy lo!!
not forgetting bro's gf siewmun so total up got 41ppl ar~~~
big family rite..

followed by mom's side *lesser*

jamie, eewa, jun, nam & gf, foo & gf = 7ppl
moses, peymin & bf, hong & gf, ling & husband + daughter = 8ppl
sally + sai yi jiong, joee, guansheng = 4ppl
here only have 19ppl..is ok la compare to that haha..

so..if you plan to marry me or want to join my big family..
be ready there are 62 ppl you have to know them all..haha XD

now how bout my friendsss..hmm..lot too..sorry if I miss out any1 of u here..

start with my dearest baobaoz first le..
ewei, susan, sookyan, ewon, kwei, peggy, simyi, leon, json, ml, tommy
choiei, ling, evy, waikit, danial, hoe, keat
nevin, terence, eujin, hangshen, oscar
saibou, puimun, kaechuan who is complicated with me now haha
puimun, nicholas, siewyue, chiyuen
peiyee, maynyan, leeing
bell, yihweng, fen, kelvin, william

hey I got lot friends la..impossible I write all..really a long list
make this simple..

my primary schoolmates, high schoolmates, university mates, friends that I know somewhere else
those gf or bf of my friends, people who worked together with me before this and bla bla bla...

really long list haha..next time I try list it out..hehe..

wishing everybody best of luck in 2011

actually, I am so so boring and regret because didnt back home
I will never ever do the same mistake again!
I confirm..ensure that I will back home celebrating CNY!!
I confirm peggy and the rest, like maynya sure say..
'thats why la..when ppl ask u go back, u duwan...'
I know..I deserve it.. =(

I do have some nice special moment on nin30..
but my nin chor1 and chor2..sucks..
although went movie on chor1 but only a movie..
just a movie..haih..boring...

and chor2...every year celebrating with dad's side families on this day
meeting up with so many relatives..but this year
all by myself~~~
at Sabah...pity..

anyway..this blog was supposed to be Happy..
so once again wishing everybody who ever know me..
have a great year and always be happy throughout the year 2011 ^^


22-23 Jan 2011
went Labuan for a 2D1N trip
just right before the launching of Green It program in KgE
it just a coincidence that kist ask want to join them not when I really need a vacation
so why not because this is so cool..

friday nite have to do lot things..preparation for the launching
so have to do until late nite and next day 6am have to go KF..
so didnt take enough rest..so my pimple pop out dy..so ugly~~!!

hmm..5ppl joining this trip
they actually want to buy chocolate for their mount climbing thing
and I kepoh go 8 only haha..and buy something of course..
if I going back for cny, liquor is a must as souvenir but since I didnt go back so only help nevin bought 1 bottle lo..

Labuan is just a small island I assume
because we kinda go all over the island I guess haha..

hmm...6am kist fetch me over to KF
then chris's friend fetch us to the terminal bus there..it just opposite DBKK building
somewhere near KK post office
bus ticket to Menumbok only rm15 max..we got rm10 if not mistaken
the situation just exactly like puduraya, everybody giving cheap price and pulling those customer..scary le..

once reach Menumbok we take speedboat to Labuan
only took us less than 30minutes to reach Labuan..around that time la
fast but costly..rm15 each
called up elaine once I reached Labuan..she kinda shock when I say I am there haha

5 of us went Labuan
kist, wendy, me, ruite and chris
well..obviously I am the youngest with so many seniors haha..no choice I just like to kepoh haha..

once we reached Labuan
first thing to do is rent a car and find a hotel
got a car start to find hotel lo..
find a cheap but nice hotel is most important
Victoria hotel we chose..not bad la..something very cute and antique I got from that hotel..

those oldies lift which can only see inside movie!!!
is those HK old lift..open the door and there's gate..that type haha
antique rite..special lo..I cant find it in Malacca the Bandaraya Bersejarah but Labuan haha..

hotel can only check in at 1pm
so we went for lunch first..hmm..that's my breakfast actually haha..
the price over there is same with KK here..not cheap not too expensive
taste normal lo..nothing special..I think Labuan only have 1 attraction so far..
duty free because cheap liquor cheap chocolates..that's all..

elaine called..and she going to meet up with me
miss her so much..and she bring along the sui zai bao henry haha
miss him lot too..didnt have much chance to meet up with them although same Uni
but..I am in KK and they are in Labuan haha..

she became our tour guide..
but this tour guide failed la..
she lead us the wrong direction and we 'long gai' till some 'san kala ' place haha

introducing the Labuan louya failed tour guide Elaine..haha.. =p

the first tourism spot that Elaine bring us..is some batu arang left over place haha..
really no idea why this is so special..hehe..

then next destination..Birdpark
hahaha..well..the park is just a small park haha..the bird there..
bit pity for me..but, nvm la..go there for a walk la..
we only have to pay rm2 each person for entrance fee..cheap rite..

you think the entrance so big inside sure quite big rite..
you are wrong...the size roughly the same with the entrance..not big pun haha..
but still have some different nice beautiful birds inside la..hehe..

only manage to visit these 2 place..
then we follow Henry and Elaine back UMSkal for a look..
that nite got APN=ang pao nite
which we call PAP=pesta angpao here

then we went to Surrender Park or Point *no idea hehe* to eat..
nothing special..just some satay, chicken wing and of course
here is so so famous with panggang thing..especially buntut ayam! haha
I personally dont really like it because..erm..oily and weird hehe but the taste not bad la..

some evening hi-tea with coconut and satay
this is so refreshing and yummy..
next to the beach..so summer rite =)
not cheap though but..
holiday sure will spend rite..so let it be..=)

nite we went UMSkal for their APN event thing..
hmm...there's no ticket required to go in..unlike UMSkk here..
have to buy ticket only can enter and see the performance everything..
its not so interesting and we are so so hungry we left early hehe and hunt for food

after dinner we wait for ruite's friends and also chris's friend to join us
we planning for clubbing haha..I assume it is cheap because duty free island rite
meet new friends there..
all also seniors haha..again I am the youngest haha
met chris's friend, michelle and ruite's friends, kalen and robert ^^

then we back to hotel and play something nice and fun haha
ruite bought a bottle of JD with only rm55! so cheap rite..
we drink and play..haha
end up the bed sheet is so so dirty!!!

wonder who sleep that bed that nite haha..
I assume everybody drunk rite..

pity chris he have to wake so so early and back KK all by himself..he got something to do..hmm
we manage to sleep late bit..I dont really have a good sleep since friday lo..pity hor..

packed out stuff and ready to check out..
ruite go church and its quite far from jetty but he manage to walk for such far distance le!! salute..geng er..
we took ferry back to Menumbok..
ferry is cheaper but..take lots time compare to speedboat..
reached KK from Menumbok and everything is late evening already
had a dinner before back KF..
tired tired trip but nice..
at least I visited Labuan, not only KK in Sabah hehe..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Bday Allie

Allie's bday on 1st Jan...special hor..
everybody countdown her bday and every year she got fireworks celebrating her bday
jealous le..haha

is not a birthday celebration at first
it just a normal cousins gathering + korean food dinner with michelle
both us like to eat korean food..btw, she is eric's friend hehe
nice to meet her..she is nice ^^

michelle recommended this restaurant..
after I bring her to Mu Jin Jang, she said this restaurant have lot more side dishes
owh...I am so in love with those side dishes..

KoReJung the restaurant's name
its location kinda far from ampang korean village but it is around there
way behind there..hard to explain..hmm..
is next to some Carrefour express shop thing..google might help I guess haha

holding a wine..I guess that's the name..no idea hehe..taste bit weird though haha

obviously...lot more side dishes than Mu Jin Jang
but way more expensive too.. =(
taste not bad..worth for a try.. ^^

I miss those food!!

is a day before I back Sabah I guess..
so is hard to meet up with everyone because I didnt back for CNY
so..this is the only chance to gather all my cousins..

we tumpang celebrate Allie's bday that nite
quite hard to buy a cake for her
because we want something different for her bday cake
bought mille crepe cake from Chocolate Boutique at The Curve
the taste not bad yet I still prefer the original from Malacca
taste much more better..yummy...=9

Mille Crepe Cake rm8.90 per slice..and we bought 10slices to make it round haha..

here is my cousin portrait haha..
lotss cousins I got..few didnt attend lagi le..
only 3 consider outsiders here..michelle, eric's friend..now my friend haha and siewmun, bro's gf..and yiying, kenji's gf..
so..let's check who there..
benjamin, eric, yik, bro, kenji, lily, bro, allie..yeah and siewmun, yiying michelle

guess what..
few fella who wana go for thai food suddenly pop out at a korean restaurant haha
that thai restaurant is closed so they come and meet me up there ^^
good to see them 1 more time before I back this lousy place..

nice pic..bro inside too haha