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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh My Goat

Chinese New Year is coming!!!
This year falls on 19 February 2015 and is a Goat year
How am I going to celebrate this year? Nothing much special other than I had lost 3% of body fats after a few weeks of eating clean and also exercise.

One of my meal. Boiled carrot and celery, grill potatoes, mashed cauliflower and fish!

I am so so happy this year because I shape up even more and bought lot nice clothes <3 p="">

I had lost 3% body fats and gained muscle..yuhoo~~

Had my hair dyed purple

Thanks my personal hair dresser aka MY MOM

Had my nails colored red -DIY-

Done my with red and gold glitters, and gave a lot of love to Jessica too

Had my house decorate nicely

Mom made this with Herbalife Formula1 and Formula3

Had my Herbalife SKIN for my face and scrub my body with Mint Claymask and Berry Scrub

Mom did all those fishes. Nice one!
Tomorrow will start my engine to eat for this wonderful festive season
I wont worry much about my weight during Chinese New Year although with a lot of food because I have TC Formula, Herbalife Nutrition of course to control weight easily

80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise = 100% result and mindset

Lose weight to eat more is always my philosophy haha!!
More updates on my outing for 2015 Chinese New Year

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015 January&February hobby

is 2015 and everyone will start to write their New Year Resolution
what I want to achieve in 2015 etc
well, I also do the same thing haha but..found out that if I just think and want but didnt really feel so then will be boring..

anyway I want to be more FIT in 2015
because I want to look sexy in clothes so I try a lot
and I started to eat clean than last time
I kinda addicted to prepare my meal
#veronmeal is what I cook for myself

Thanks to Jessica, a pretty who had lost 17kg inspired me and motivate me to start this habit, hobby instead

Start with simple dishes

I just boiled potatoes and celery, grill the brinjal then add in some soy sauce thats it

If you like more creamy and taste more good, add a little bit butter when the potatoes still hot

If you want more protein just add in some chicken breast, either bake it or just grill it. I marinated my chicken breast with some salt, pepper and a little bit of sesame oil. More juicy when I grilled it.

Make your meal more colourful. Celery with tomato also not bad. If you like a little bit sweet can grill the chicken with tomatoes puree..blend the tomatoes, add some ketchup just a little bit, add in some sugar to make tomatoes puree then grill it with chicken breast.
The whole purpose of eat clean is to get a new body transformation story. 
I had lost 10kg and had been maintaining for 2years and since we leading a Healthy Active Lifestyle with Herbalife 24
I really think I have to get a new transformed body

Will try to blog and active more often again because I love to read what I wrote last time
I love to crap everything here
I am so happy to see I have a new hobby and...
I want to share with everyone how well I can cook hahaha!!!

Try to search #veronmeal if you no idea what to cook or looking for some recipes. Pm me to get exact recipe =D