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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing day!

England is celebrating Boxing Day the day after Christmas
Boxing Day is not that fighting boxing..is actually open up all the presents which they received on Christmas Day
How I spent my Boxing Day?
Unbox my presents? haha I did it on Christmas Day already, even before Christmas Eve haha!
Want to blog so much about the presents I received, about how I celebrating this year
but when it come to edit photos, I am so lazy!
There's lot of photos make me lazy to edit and end up lazy to blog
so wording here first..photos, or a proper blog after this perhaps
well, wont be really blog in a period because now is having study week
which mean final exam is here and this time is so pack
wait me after finish my final and there I got nothing to do and I will blog!
in advance I wish everybody Happy New Year 2012
oh ya!
KKFM, my slot, I mean our slot Cafe 911 got Twitter
Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/cafe911crew
come come =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


well decided to blog after read somebody's blog
this actually playing in my mind for some time..
and it just revisiting after me ignore about it
so is time for me to jot down and really consider about it
I do know our life is not just decide by our own..
He has plan for us..and me being reckless little fella
who didnt follow is what I shouldnt do
devil around me I guess..cant blame devil
blame me for it after all
here I really put it into my mind
think what should I do and what I shouldnt do
I have to do something that favor Him
wake up..is time to think and decide then change

Sunday, December 18, 2011

X'mas at KK

year 2011 is coming to the end and a new beginning for year 2012! 
wuhooo........which mean Christmas is coming then New Year and Chinese New Year
I love the month of December
it is the best month of every year because eventually, it will help me think, recall back what I've done throughout the whole year
and of course best of it..Holiday and Celebration!

Dear Santa, am I good or bad girl this year?

well this is the first year I will celebrating Christmas at KK this year and it might be the last year
will definitely enjoy to the max of course! no doubt!
church had a nice decoration (yes, I go church haha)
it's like snowing inside church
wish I had really can celebrate a white Christmas so much..I mean not wearing white so on but with snow

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow

this year I didnt really do something that very very great, or awesome, nor impact full
just lead a normal life
but something that I feel super grateful because I no longer in dilemma for some case
and of course no pain no gain
had sacrificed to reach this fruitful day
somehow I won't regret of what I did
regret doesnt bring any changes, live the life with hope and faith
then we will be happy and grateful of everyday

wish to have a special present this year

who you wish to spend your Christmas or New Year with?
I wish to spend with........(you know who you are).........
I dont have the chance to choose as I am stuck here at KK
but it will be a nice memory for me I guess..
all the best for next year..

well..I actually will having final soon right after these celebrations (wish me luck, pray for me)
and I didnt seem to celebrate much because no money
wish to have some people sponsor or money for me to go out and celebrate haha
job come come..I need you..

I want to wear so-xmas-outfit to some nice place

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2012 Year

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update -me-

lately feel moody..always emo bout nothing
especially at nite! haha always before sleeping time
maybe because of the tension or stressed up with things to do
many things that I dont know how to do

this sem almost reach the end
assignments all almost hand in all
but I learn nothing
from the assignments that I did seems like I dont know what I had done
just to do it and finish it for the sake of hand in
so what is the point?!
no input and waste my time and energy to do it *sigh*

anyway after sleep it seems better
well had a bad bad mood yesterday nite and now better
after a great sleep
so sleep is a strategy to reduce tension haha!

oh oh..wana thanks God for His gratitude
been praying to God I had not enough money 
well, end of sem and of course PTPTN had reach the end too
so after prayed, SIFE Malaysia gave me rm50 vouchers for McD and KFC
thanks lot!

so now I got food to eat rite haha
but I prefer cash
anybody want to buy these vouchers from me?
let trade haha it still the same rite you give me cash and I give u vouchers haha

Thursday, December 8, 2011


well if you know me
I involved in a campus radio as presenter
erm, DJ-ing for a campus radio station KKFM
this is quite new just a few years established
been involving for almost 2years
joined this when they got audition
being playful and go try out and I am in
what a good experience I get from all this

I've told my friends I am in this DJ-ing thingy
but they cant listen to me because it only available at Sabah
KKFM only can listen on radio at the frequency 91.1
so is kinda sad though but now

here I bring a good, great, awesome news
KKFM go online now!
if you're out of Sabah, you are at West Malaysia and you heard of KKFM
but cant listen to it..here you got the way already
where...the link?? hehe here here....
just click on this KKFM
then you can stream online and listen

if you want to catch up with me
tune into KKFM every Thursday, 1pm-4pm
for english slot, Cafe 911 (our program), it will be daily 1-4pm
stay with us ok!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


out of a sudden I crave for chocolate
no idea why it appeared in my mind..
should I say appearing in my mind now..

convocation ended
seniors all went back
and all have their own path to go
congratz to all of them
wish all the best for them

seniors back and so do my outing life
I like going out with them because most of the time
I'm not the one who drive and think where should be heading
I just follow and I had fun

lately I didnt took many photos anymore
and didnt edit photos too
kinda very lazy doing all those stuff
wonder why..

anyway, back to my chocolate post
bought some chocolate bar rm5.60 per packet and consist of 10 bars
from nestle and it is so so delicious
substitute for kitkat perhaps
as it not so expensive

I bought 2 packets
and that is my gift for seniors haha
too many of them and I cant afford to give each and every1 flowers or whatever
so all getting 1 chocolate bar
and now I craving for it but I got none
and I'm going some diet thingy so no chocolate
this is so so suffering so torturing

can I just had a bite..aargghhhh

hmm..middle of the nite
post this kind of sinful post
is not so good rite..
maybe missing for something is same as this..

ok..off to bed now and forget about chocolate and foods!!!