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Saturday, December 19, 2009


no update lately because I so so busy with outing and bit lazy..
lazy transfer my photo from my baby blackie so on..hehe
so wait la..I'll update soon...
cuz I bac Sabah d borin place sure got time to update..ahhahah

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


5 hotties..

3rd Dec 2009
Thursday nite

well, thurs nite apa lagi..Ladies Night lo
MOS a.k.a Euphoria got some duno wat mix tape thing
Mai & Rahmah are going
and I had never been club for a damn long time dy..
so desperately wana go shake shake.. xp
apa lagi...terus ON lo d plan..

Julian not wearing socks..he like weird posing

ej blow for 5seconds..

Peggy, Wk, Nicholas and me is definitely going
Danial, Ej & Julian is kinda di-force to go..
met long lost fren, SimMei

danial&ej consider good photographer.. ^^

she is wk's fren..once met her at mos too..when I stil studying in cochrane, lower6
now, uni year1 end of sem1 ni meet her again..

when tink bout club will tink bout wat to wear..
so boring lo..tink of wat to wear..who ask me so fat le..ggrrr
end up wearing d red dress AGAIN..boring of it..haih
btw, peggy wore a nice dress..rahmah & mai get a nice dress too..
I shud get a new dress dy..for clubbing..lol

red dress red chair pink nails..suit huh...

they getting pretty

this is d 1st time go clubbing with nicholas..
pmun say wana go along but tat mornin she ffk
last time went clubbing with her was d Quattro

my 1st time clubbing with nicholas..rmb d date..

clubbing really considered as my yoga class lo..
every time go there sure dance dance dance and sweaty
danial say he hates clubbing cuz he duno how2 dance wo
he is superb at lying..he can dance lo..!!!!! good dancer too..
not bad ma..why some ppl dislike those who are clubbing hardcore..hahahah

ej, danial and julian went bac earlier
ej got exam nex day, danial doesnt really like clubbing
julian got final as well I think
others hang out till d very last minute


nex destination is 'siu yeh' time
simmei din join us..only me, peggy, wk, and nicholas
went midah oldtown for our breakfast
ate chicken slice hor fun, mee hon siam, half boiled egg, toast, enrich chocolate
so delicious!!!!! yummy yummy...

they look boring huh..??

chat chat chat..
laugh laugh laugh
camwhoring while..
bac home faste rtake bath and slep cuz d nex day I hav2 work at PC Fair!!!!!

Cheong K

wed nite kinda boring
wk went nite market with his gf and goin badminton after tat
Peggy went dinner with family
Danial & me just got nothin to do and so boring
tought wana go for dinner but its already 9pm + dy..
drive drive drive den reach pudu dy
so v plan to sing lo..call up those k-box and ask for price..
here and there so on
end up fetched peggy and heading to LowYat Redbox
because Nicholas workin there and no idea dy why we go there

we got room50
d room is big and got big mirror..my favorite ^^
rm51 each with 5 bottles of beer and 4drinks and v got 1hour supper buffet
tat supper buffet is my dinner..kesian lo

we sang from 10.30pm til 4am..
eat so on and i've spent rm51!!!!!
haih..nvm la..once a while go out and spending lidat will be ok la..

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tadika Sri Riang Ria

29th Nov 09

early morning woke up went to CHC for sunday service with OiLai & ms.Ong
at Subang Jaya..and d church damn nice..all lik so energetic and so yeng..
d pastor got a long hair..d guitarist if not mistaken, might be bass.. is so cute..from far la..
it just nice fun church..zakee, lets go some other day..^^

after church den follow them to their kindergarten at rawang..
Tadika Sri Riang Ria..soon ms.Ong will b principal.. ^^ congratzz..

love d ball pool..haha..I just miss d time become kinder helper..
surround by kids...love kids..they so cute and adorable..

I played games that created for 4yrs old kid...guess what..I love it...!! haha

v had our lunch..rm5.90 1set..
chicken chop rice with a drink..not bad ma..
wana go..here's d map..haha

Together Restaurant

our meal..^^

and whole day I spent there..til nite ni bac...
and tat's d only day I bac early...I reach home ard 7pm..lol..

Eric Lau

credit to Eric Lau for be my ahmad on 28th Nov 09
no er..not ahmad is prince cuz ahmad wont blanja makan...haha

went BB for photo shooting to launch my c901..lol
actualy both of us kinda boring and nothing to do
and as usual I alwax lik kacau ppl ask ppl out for nothing

there's nothing v can do at 5pm because he duwan watch movie duwan cheong k..
wat else can v do..walk walk sot sot lo..
end up find Kuen at LowYat and I meet up Ling chat while
den v had our superb delicious dinner at Sushi Zanmai, LowYat which Danial promise wana bring but til today i haven get a chance to try..
that's our meal..d bill for tat nite.. rm68..
there's my favorite Unagi..den soft shell crab, salmon and don..yummy yummy

using smile shutter to capture tis..kinda blur le..my skill sux

he damn pro le..I look leng lui..lol..

after dinner we start our journey to BB street..
Pavilion d 1st destination because there is a big duno wat it call.. fountain? tink so..

this consider d best shot of both among all

inside d mall

outside there's 4 x'mas tree..

starting playing ard camwhoring with thing that I can play with..

stil lot pic I took with blackie but lazy upload here..hehe..check out my skydrive le..but who will check out la..not special aso.. xp
after Pavilion we walk to KL..d street of those club, bistro everything..walk walk
den v took monorail bac which Eric never get a ride of it
continue our nite by 'long gai' with d car..

had a wonderful evenin..thanx to Eric..
he deserve d credit...hahahah

oh ya..saw Yoong gu's new Mercedes-Benz...
walao..d car is lik...'walao' when I saw it..so damn nice so yeng..
if I got chance I wana drive it to club lo..or ask some1 drive it...
guys, wana hav a ride?? lol..

is a CLS-class I tink..not so sure..


25th Nov 09

U6A1 gathering!!!

is another must go event because meet up with lot classmate who used to sot together..
I miss my puimun, sai bou, sookyen, hoe, keat, boy, kaili, xueyi, kc, siawwei, maychen, joeann, wailoon, teckli, wanhoong, chyipiau, qingyi, leeing, zakee, beelian, kahwai

v steamboat at mc's house..lot pork ball!!! duno why they bought tonnes of it..haha
its been a long time din meet them le..and I jux found out tat beelian taking psycho too!!
got member dy..haha..but she takin mass comm too..2major wo..

steamboat, photo session, chit chat end d nite..
I meet up wit waikit, nevin, yenlee, peggy and ej after that..
alwax got nex round..kinda tired cuz every nite bac damn late..
meet them at PapaRich den move on to Saga..nice view..yet LookOutPoint better of cuz..

SE c901

26th Nov 2009

my SE c901 birthday!!!!
this is a special birth cert for my blackie c901 though i prefer d peach more but no stock dy...

sing k after havin lunch at sg.wang..
plan to eat hang shen's mom pan mee but close
so we eat another franchise at sg.wang 4th floor..

den sing k!!! greenbox my another favorite spot..hahahah
susan aaron json veron..only 4 of us..cool..
I become d mic king cuz I keep holding d mic whole evenin..
sing sing sing den get my baby blackie c901 at lowyat..wit rm695..haih
another 700 flew away...

fetch them bac and heading to Peggy..
she bac from Perth and bought lot food for us..
met danial, ej & julian..
ej's hairstyle rily freak me out..suprise me I shud say..
shud post a pic here...
ej got nex round so they left earlier..
chat and hang out while at Peggy's house..
den 4 of us went Aladdin for L4D..
wao..I did everything I miss lot...hahaha..
tot wana bac early end up...late lot than I thought..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Connaught PM

25th Nov 09
met ewei ard 4pm..tot I can get a hp tat day..
rily troublesome without a hp!!!
hate it..
shop shop walk walk at TS den meet up aaron they al at my house and go connaught nite market...
its been a long long time din go nite market dy..
syan json ewei and me went there and saw kahman&her bf..quite leng zai ma..haha

wat else v can do at nite market beside eat!!!!!
bought uncle bob, eat snow mountain and so on..
all d way they keep asking
'ye stil here?' 'ye zao jor mei?'
aaron was so frustrated with that ques..haha

after nite market heading to 118 cuz there's no 'jing chan' for aaron and json
another a place I miss..
d takoyaki, lobak, tau foo fa tong yuen, ho chien...
al I ordered and eat it!!!!!!! yummy yummy..
so when v goin sri petaling nite market??

Family Day

23th november 09 2110 I reached LCCT
Leong waited for several minutes I think..'thanx' to d delayed flight and d weather..
suppose bac home once I reach KL..instead of home I went Puchong..
Foong gu's house cuz man gu they al were over9 there too..
so I aso go kacau kacau..den nex mornin Leong fetch me bac home lo..
thanx leong..I owe u..remember tat

24th Nov 09

Daidomon at Great Eastern Mall

a fabulous family day spent with mom, bro&his gf

suppose had lunch at Daidomon but there's no BBQ, no steamboat, no sashimi..only d served food which not attracting at all..
so v change our plan to have dinner there..

bro&gf bac home to do their assignment watever thing..while I went shopping with mom..
den we heading to TS and get bac my maxis number..tot can buy hp on tat day but x jadi..
cuz v keep shop shop..try tis try tat..I bought a blouse..^^
den time's up..6pm soon..v reserve 6pm..
so v rush bac Great Eastern Mall..luckily they din cancel our reservation..bro&gf reach 1st..

tis meal suppose to be bro's bday present from mom I guess..
his bday fall on 21nov..and he bought a hp le..samsung..duno which model..touchscreen!! jealous nyer..
nvm...I dun lik samsung.. xp

delicious delicious food v ate..
v ate d wagyu beef..I noe tis from drama..tis is a very exp meat..duno why so exp..mayb d part of beef or type of beef..I aso duno..
I only noe tat it is an exp stuff..haha..and v got d chance to taste it..cool..

wagyu beef wo..

mom spent rm210+ for tat nite..
thanx mom..love u..
I kinda miss u after stay far away from u..
but duno why I stil cant rily tahan when I hav2 answer a thing many times..
yet I stil love u..hope u noe tat... ^^

can see my pretty nails..^^

Beginning of Holidayzz

sem1 end on 18th Nov 09..hence we goin out and celebrate it on 19th
rent a red wira..very costly.. rm60/half day..belong to a FELO from kg.CD...
when there is a car definitely will go far far away from UMS lo..go here go there lo..
d main purpose of d day is eat seafood!!!!

noon we went down to KK..d city..d town..
we parked at somewhr..I duno wat d place name..
ate our brunch at a chinese restaurant..got char siew, siew yuk, duck so on la..
Chloe ate duck rice, I ate siewyuk rice, Cas ate kan lau min and Bell had tuaran fried mee
d food there not bad..rice is better than mee..tuaran mee here is better than d one v ate at Damai


after brunch v headed to CP and ard KK lo...
d Philipine Market..Warisan or Wawasan..4get dy..
well..d Philippine market got lot handicraft there which u can get it for frens and family as souvenir but I tink it kinda waste money buy those stuff so I din get any of it for u guys..haha

this cap is for dai dai lou..
there's a street full of sewing machine and guess who working for d sewing thing?
is man!! a street full of sewing machine and men not women!!!! special rite...

and lot shark fin gantung there for sell...sea horse, yu piu, hoi sum and lot more la..
those are sharkfin!!

there's lot 'ham yu'

we walk walk walk..den sure will tired and thirsty rite
drop by Warisan (tink so)..bought juice and ice-cream.Bell's favorite
rest while and continue our journey..shopping..bought a pair of earing wit rm5..
because we're kinda focus more on food...so we headed another restaurant for dessert
my 2nd visit to tat restaurant..
tau foo fa very nice..and d kan lau min aso delicious...damn damn delicous..
d soya bean aso not bad..herbal chicken aso sedap..can hav a try there..

promoting d soya & tau foo fa

is about time lo..dinner time..our most important program of d day..
Restaurant Gayang or Gayang Seafood..whatever
it located at..somewhere after KKIP Politeknik..kinda pedalaman lo..
luckily go earlier if not..I'll tink v had lost and patah balik give up for our seafood dinner lo..

v ordered vege, soup, crabbie, squid, fish
so exp lo...but nvm la..because it worth!!!
finally had a damn damn nice damn wonderful meal since I came to Sabah...haha.. (kua cheong lo)
tat superb dinner cost rm120+ le..but as I said..nvm..x pe..


after dinner we went to KF McD tapao for chloe's roommate..
since stil got lot petrol..I improve my roundbout skill by pusing several times at kg.CD roundbout..for ur info, Sabah had lot roundbout..inside UMS got at least 3 roundbout dy...

another roundbout!!

so v end d day just lidat..not bad lo..
at least v had a superb delicious seafood dinner!!!