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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Extravaganza 2014!!!

Once a year Asia Pacific Herbalife event Extravaganza!!
this year was held at Singapore, my second Extravaganza
amazing, amazing, amazing
I cant describe how I feel because everything seems so new to me and inspired me a lot

This year is so special because the launching of Herbalife Skin and Herbalife 24
so what is this Skin? This is a clinically proven outer nutrition which can see differences in 7days 
and all the outer nutrition is paraben free! 
now have pre order, an ultimate program total of 9 things, with free tool kit!! 
Grab a kit for yourselves, I got one already

and what is Herbalife 24?
is a new products to improve sport performances 
so why 24? is 24hours athlete
we want to keep our stamina fit all the time

therefore this year come with this Healthy Active Lifestyle 24/7 which is whole day long, every hour, every minute, every seconds

Walk the Talk! I leading Healthy Active Lifestyle. First step, joining and know more about Fitclub. Where a lot of people gather together to achieve better fitness and importantly have fun! This is JK who joining SIngapore Fitclub.
Do you like to work alone in office, with computer or work in a team?
I love my team so much! I love Johor Elite Team, love Herbalife team.
In any big big event, those once a year event definitely a lot of people
and all of us are in a big family, we protect each others
this is my team, we work together, never alone, around 500people from our team
thanks to all the flag team for leading the way and make it easier for us, for the folks, for the pregnant mommy
thank you, thank you, thank you 

This is just Johor Elite Team, just a very very small part. There are more queuing behind us.

This is my Herbalife family. No matter where you are, if you have connection of anybody want a good nutrition or want an international business, just invite them to the local activities. It is all the same, just different in language!

Protect the baby!! This is herbalife baby where her mom drink 4 to 5shakes a day during pregnancy. And herself drink shake as her milk milk

People always want the best for themselves. People wont do things that have no benefits. Not all but most of them.
In this company call Herbalife, I really see the spirit of sharing is caring
we share how to improve, how to success, how to become a better person
and we achieve it together, we share the secret to be successful
the more we share, the faster we grow and success
This is my family at Kuala Lumpur. My achievement had nothing to do with their business but in Herbalife, we are a big family, we help each other to better. Grow and we success!
Why we all gather here?
Why we want to squeeze among 22,000 people in a hall?
All because we want to learn, just to see a bigger picture what is the company we involved in, what is the shakes that we drink
when we want to become better, to grow, no matter what, we will go for it
not to try it, but go for it
just like what I saw
many people sitting outside listening to the translation to learn, with their kids, their blankets, their foods

and also people who never forget their religion
find the best way out of the hardship
there is no excuse, no reason not to learn

no matter you are doing it alone, all by yourself, as long as u believe it, you will do it. People look at you with one kind? So what? You are fighting for yourself.

And you can do it in a group. Team works better than we fighting all by ourselves. This is what I saw inside the hall. No excuse for learning. Just do it, change!

International event, international business, international friendship!
is not all about business, about money
it is all about personal development, about friendship, about love

new friend from Hong Kong

beloved Kana from Japan, 1year friendship

and more to come from Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore etc.
And the best part is, the hotel we stayed, Park Avenue Hotel
just awesome!!!!!
a room with kitchen, washing machine
and also a weighing machine in the bathroom
for me, this is cool!! I will not booked a hotel like this
with Herbalife, I got the chance to experience all this

it is not about how much I make for living, is what I do for living
if I manage to touched a person, helped a person to a better lifestyle
I am successful
I am grateful I had this opportunity to do so now and in the future
I am proud to be a Herbalife distributor
lets lead a Healthy Active Lifestyle and bring the mission to everyone, everyone country

whatsapp for herbalife opportunity +01126265392

Friday, May 9, 2014

Value, not Price

There are always people say the nutrition very expensive, cant afford to buy it
so if cant afford to be healthy, are we afford to fall sick? 
when we really sick, the expenses is so much more expensive than trying to be healthy

there are also people say is too expensive, I have a lot of commitment
Yes.. u are so important and u have to pay for so many things
that is why your health is so important!! 
u need a body to work, to get more money, to take care the family
so firstly, take a very good care of our body, our health

there are some people especially the youngster, telling me no money, just come out to work
many debts, just started to work no saving yet
but they can afford to give the best for their pet
they can invest some amount in modify their car
they can pamper themselves with delicious food, nice movie, wonderful teatime with coffee

so above everything, it just the value and not the price
the money is just a paper actually, a very cheap paper
until something the numbers is printed on the cheap paper
so that is the value of the cheap paper after all the ink

just like the nutrition which I always share with everybody
dont look at the price, look at the value
what you can get behind the products that I am sharing

love ourselves before we love others
take care ourselves before we take care of others

when you are ready to start a healthier life, want to change a healthy breakfast
whatsapp me at +601126265392