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Friday, November 29, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore

Guess where??

And yes! USS
owh..pity mr.Doidoi who cant join us.

Went to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) few months ago.
Its been a wonderful outing with kist's family
Celebrating Fathers' Day if not mistaken haha, June..yea..

Start the journey 
Universal remind me of my childhood, still prefer Disney but Universal not bad
if you like taking photos, please prepare a camera and enough memory space
there is so many places that can capture nice photos, nice setting

They just wana be muscular man haha

There is Far Far Away, yes, Shrek
There is Sesame Street, Transformer..
you wana know, you gotta go!

There's a new lost Pig
They selling a Turkey drumstick real big..the price, yea...quite expensive after converted. Better dont count so much or else a little bit hard to enjoy the fun.

The turkey thigh!!

That's my castle

I can spend a half day just by taking photos, and there are lot activities too, so a whole day for USS is a must, 2days also not bad.
Oh..be prepare to get wet, bring a raincoat or just buy there for an activity which might get wet.

At the entrance can get a map and plan your journey.
Our schedule is a little pack on that day so didnt really explore all
Do enjoy the setting and also enjoy the queue. To avoid 'human jam', go earlier or not during school holiday or public holiday.

Each theme got its own attraction, own ride.
A must go ride, Transformer. Really exciting!!

Space ride

the exciting roller coaster. kist doesnt like it! 

A fun happy day with the family :)

well, we doing this during weekday, is monday
for this day, some of them have to take leave, apply it from months ago
but for me, its a sudden decision.
Not because im not working, I just choose to work when I want to
just like Kist, he also.
we as a Herbalife Independent Distributor, we are our own boss
we choose when we want to work, how we want to work
this gives us freedom to spend more time with family
Be Your Own Boss (BYOB)

I started this international business so easy.
by getting good result, feel it and share with others.
and many people ask, own business? have to pay alot? massive modal?
well, not at all. or else, I cant do this business as I just graduated and owe PTPTN haha

want to know more? get some extra income without disturbing current job/studies?
email me at veronica-yap@hotmail.com
 facebook at Veronica Yap Wai Ee

Text. Voice.

I personally prefer texting rather than talking
But talking especially face to face is much more better than texting
Words have no tune. People cant feel it.
Or.. People will have the wrong feeling of the exactly phrase
Sometimes, it is hard to put it into speech and say it out
Type it out seems easier
Face to face. Scarriest moment. Silent.
When silence come means something wrong.
So texting consider avoiding?


What will happen in the future nobody will know.
We can predict but it just prediction.
There is no 100% confirm it will happen.
Today, when I thought it will happen as it should be ended up its not as the prediction.
When i hope it will ended like this seems like its going go end like that.
Totally out of control.
But what we are tomorrow is what we do today.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

In between

I believe any of us will have this trap in the middle of two sides
In between of this and that
Which side are u on?
Who u prefer more?
Who can give more benefits?
Who u can used on?
Have no idea
I only know u have to make a decision
Its so hard to stay in between two sides
Its so headache to decide which side
Things changed
Human changed
Relationship changed
Things cant back to how it used to be
Its either take it or leave it
Face it or keep it hidden
Be responsible and show everything out
Dont trap in between two sides
Make our lives easier
For now, and future