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Monday, August 31, 2009

Digi Ur Widest Coverage

Finally I got a digi broadband dy la...!!!!
I can blog..
I can on9..
I can chat..
I can watch drama and so on..

It's been a while I didnt blog..
there's really lot thing happened..many things I wana share with my beloved
those who care and miss me..hehe..

come lets share what I've been doing lately..
ipta got a week holiday, 3 friends of mine back KL where I stay here SABAH alone kesian..my roommates..all 3 of them back hometown as well..so..almost the whole week I stay alone in hostel..kinda enjoy it la..just exactly I staying in my own room..PUDU ULU~~

1st day of holiday..monday..went to KK..well bsn lo..settle my stupid ptptn..luckily kaechuan not going bac at least some1 can hang out with me.. ^^ so not that kesian not that bad aso la..I found out something so so special so so unique and u never ever can seen this situation at KL..or peninsular..I went to a mall foodcourt and see few chinese stall just next to malay stall..at Kl foodcourt where got chinese food chinese stall rite..?? that's not so damn special so damn unique..I even can see 'hong kong dimsum' walking around in d foodcourt!!!!! maybe u'll think what so special see dimsum in foodcourt?? well...that dimsum is BABI!!!!!!!! BABI dimsum in a foodcourt where malay..muslim having their meal too!!! unique hor..

2nd day..tuesday..went 1B with kaechuan and his roommate, keong..they haven been to 1B..high cost high class mall le..it just like pavillion lo..hehe..miss pavillion Carl Junior, Pancake, Subway..omg omg..x tahan dy..I had a very delicious yummy yummy Java Chip at Starbucks..yet I prefer dark berry mocha.. ^^ watch movie as well, On His Majesty Secret's duno what dy..Louis Koo's movie..funny yet ridiculous lo..wana watch The Proposal yet they prefer that so majority won..

1 Borneo Starbucks

Java Chip..yummy.. my purse from beloved baobaozz 2yrs ago..

Thursday, went to Penampang for Hubungan Etnik project wit Ferdinand, Nurisah and Jonathan (I assumed)..we interview a ketua daerah le..not kidding..he is a lawyer..we been humiliate for the whole interview session..he said 'kamu ni bodoh, tanya soalan bodoh, tak baik, tak layak jadi pelajar universiti, apa pelajar univerisiti, bodoh...' and so on..omg..the way he talk..he speak..ggrrr...I just dun like it..ggrrr....
nvm la..at least I visit some other place other than KK..After Penampang I visit Muzium Budaya or Wisma Budaya..and I try on Dusun Kadazan traditional costume..it is a very very good experience..!! ^^ had our dinner at Tanjung Aru b4 bac to d cheaplak Kg.E (hostel)..

veron & ferdinand..weird??

There my holiday week ended..pity me..stay here alone..kesian lo..so boring..but nvm la..I enjoy staying alone in room..btw..during this whole week..If I stay inside my room..I just eat maggi..each packet a day..so it means more than 3packets in a week..so so unhealthy...!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


today really a bad bad day..noe why..because..
day b4 this noon I was so happy because I got ptptn..print everything for d saksi sign den submit it and waiting my $$..
den..yday nite..sudenli..eh..how come thr written 2yrs for my course? got prob so hav2 write a form lidat..den can settle rite..mana tau..
d guy told me that I fill in d wrong info..and I hav2 batal it 1st b4 I apply..guess wat info I wrong..
is my course..wonder why from 3yrs it write only 2yrs?? because...I ter-type SARJANA!!!!! ni la..berlagak pandai..my level is only sarjana MUDA..pandai pandai go master when I am stil in degree...omg..
so now..I hav2 batal it and apply again..guess wat..batal it need ard a month to process means..tis sem..no $$ la..grrr..sem2 mayb only can settle everything..hate it..hate it hate it..

no $$..no ptptn..print everything for my ptptn = waste ink, paper, $$$$..and now cant get any $$...aarrgghh...
its very very kesian dy..kinda bad day dy rite..and evenin..1more thing happen!!!!!!
I duno do wat wit d IE8..and duno wats going on..
I cant open my IE anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when I cant open my IE means I cant on9 because I cant login my ID to access...no msn and so on..
d IE icon cant appear..it just..turn to those weird icon when thr's a prog tat cant be support..
so..today is really a bad bad day for me..
no ptptn..no IE...cant on9..imagine that..my life will be so so sucks..
and I am so damn broke now..so pk..never been so pk..and now..d IE..haih..