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Sunday, October 31, 2010


what comes in your mind with the word Halloween

"Trick or Treats"

scary?? eerie?? spooky??

better dont go out..stay home...

or maybe something fun

"Let's Partay~!!!"

what am I going to wear...where are we heading to hmm...

or maybe it still another nite that I have to spend money
still another nite I stay home watch tv or sleep..

now I realize I never celebrate Halloween
did I?? aahh..cant remember..anyway who care about the past..
I can confirm assure that I didnt celebrate any Halloween for 2years dy!!!!
why so confirm?
because I am stuck in this boring place where no much friends who love party
maybe lot them love party but transportation and money is another problem..

I wish to celebrate Halloween party with some costume thingy..
I wonder how am I going to 'decorate' myself haha..
spend money on costume kinda not worth rite..
but it looks like fun..decorating myself with something different..haha
something that will never ever wear for Pavilion or maybe Times Square
wait..Times Square there are some who wear like they celebrating Halloween everyday
those who working in I-Socks..haha..their style..1 word -WAH- haha..

I once wondering what costume suits me
well because I dont have a sexy nice body figure..
I got a oil bucket body haha..so wear what also seems not nice hor..hmm..

sexy..nah..no way...I cant wear lidat la..coonfirm my 'spare tayar'
though I heard Halloween is the time to be slut and bitchy where nobody will complain haha..

will this be bit scary?? didnt Halloween suppose to bring out the spooky feeling? haha
this not bad rite..and the black dress can go for daily shopping..wont waste money for a costume

cosplay...everybody playing cosplay during Halloween..
all wearing different costume..witch, nurse, doctor, pilot, Frankenstein, Peter Pan etc...
I wonder the witch really bring along d broom to club whole nite??

candy gal...sweet rite...I think this quite fit me..haha..
simply and nice..and for some occasion the sweet pink polka dots dress can be wear too..
to a birthday party maybe ^^

now here is an example..hahahaha...
because I am fat..so if I wear a maid costume..
will it turn out like this?? hahaha..
funny rite..and weird..so...
let's just forget bout Halloween costume..haha..

concentrate on final la..everytime when Halloween is here means final is just around the corner..
stop dreaming and start to do revision lo..haha..
wake up wake up on the saturday nite..haha..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Homesick? YES...

for the first time I got homesick
serious..I miss home badly
maybe because I got bucket of clothes havent wash
maybe because I am so poor now..
or maybe because is time to miss home

I fb bro saying I miss home
this never really happen
he also feel weird bout it..
he asked am I sot jor haha
few days ago called mom but nothing much to talk with her

now I realize I am so so poor..
I am totally despo for money now..
when I can get a job and have saving for myself..

final is around the corner..
monday is first day of study week dy..
and now I still have an assignment to hand in..
wednesday is the last day..I wish I can finish it by monday and hand in
it actually not that hard to do it just I am so lazy

lately I ate lot..
I craving for bread..I love Kg.E white bread..
much more better than sabah's gardenie..
bread with butter and sugar or milo so so delicious
milo with hup seng crackers also make me smile..
after a packet of maggi I still can stuff myself with bread and biscuit le..
am I crazy or my stomach sick?
I am so FAT...ishk..hate it..
what's wrong with me..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Which better?

hmm...wish to buy contact lens lo...color con..
but i duno which better and it kidna waste money rite..
hence..ps is the best thing ahhahah..
having fun with it haha..
see the result below..haha

now I can know which color con suits me haha...
i prefer blue and green le..

Cumpleanos Feliz

celebracion de cumpleanos 21 de Casandra en Upperstar, Damai
jueves pasado por la tarde desde las 7pm hasta las 11pm
vosotros habeis celebrado sus cumpleanos un poco tarde porque ella fui a L.A

ok, stop Spanish and back to English since I havent master eng yet haha..

last thursday, 21 Oct 2010
went to Upperstar, Damai to celebrate Cas's belated birthday..
well this is a special celebration because...
the first time we celebrate bday outside 1B haha..

thanx to our 'lai ma', or whatever his character now
is Kiinglsey who drove that nite..
thanx to him we can go out of 1B for a celebration haha..

her chocolate from Uncle Biscuit, Damai..
superb delicious..Uncle Biscuit's cakes, bread and the my most favorite all the time is durian pancake... owh..miss lot.. =9

here the participants of her bday party ahaha...party =p
bell, cas, kingsley, chloe and veron ^^
this is the first time hang out with kingsley since we officially become friends in fb haha..
oh ya..both us bday fall on d same date...sept 15 ^^

the food at Upperstar not bad le..
the price also quite reasonable..not bad to celebrate bday there..
they will play bday song when u take d cake out..

ok lets move to the menu of the nite..
food which I always crying for haha..

this look messy and so ugly rite..because it mix all of the menu of the nite...haha
this is my steak platter haha.. there's lamb, chicken, fish and salmon.. the grilled salmon not so nice..
let me introduce 1by1 below..hehe..

this is my menu..
mint lamb chop with lemonade
the lamb chop is delicious..very delicious..I think the price is rm15..roughly la..the lemonade so so only..I prefer auntie anne's lemonade.. sour enough for me haha..

chicken chop..bell's menu of the nite..with an ice lemon tea.. not bad..the chicken..
the portion is BIG...haha..
bell keep saying scare cant finish so on but she can 1..haha..

next, baked mushroom soup something lidat..
the bread and mushroom soup inside..another thumbs up for this..
the soup is so so thick...so kaw...haha...yummy =9

fish and chips..the normal set but always the choice..^^
with a glass of orange juice..not bad..both also quite nice..

salad...hmm.. dont really like the taste but still can have a try la..
it bit looks like rojak rite..haha..

our drinks of the nite..orange juice, ice lemon tea and lemonade...

we took lot lot lot photos..but I lazy to upload here..so just check it in FB or window live la..
long time didnt have such outing dy..love it so much...^^
when our another outing?? hehe..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Man's voice

remember the previous post I wrote bout slowcooker and hotplate
I got a feedback from a friend..haha..

bad english he said..haha
I know la..well, my english really poor..
is time to improve rite..YES..
but how?? hmm..any idea..

representative from men..
he told me that
if men screw up they will always take responsibility and they wont do it if they scared of the future...
what if they never think of the future?? haha..ok, I just asking no offense..

he agree that always men get high in sex but actually both can get high too..
I am agree la..not only men who get high, women as well yet men still got the higher percentage haha..

then its not ego but feelings..
ego is a kind of feeling?? or they dont really have feelings and become ego..
men can judge better than women because their feelings is different with women
I am so agree with this
women always choose to follow their heart, their feelings in making decision..
sixth sense always very strong wo...haha..

men cries..wao..bit unbelievable
when there is too much they cry..
but where is the too much stand?
where is the limit??
only they know..

Bye Xiao Huang

wondering who is xiao huang rite..haha
xiao huang is kist's daughter..
yea...his daughter who always used by him...is his laptop..
a robbery case in their house..
didnt know the whole story
but xiao huang and ruite's laptop also been stolen
so pity la..haih...this the critical time no laptop
assign gone, notes gone..
and now need to hand in assign, final coming
if this happened on me...I really cry and maybe moody for weeks..

anyway..hope they can cope this..
and get a solution for everything lo..
haih..pity le..

this just want to remind everybody please close all the windows and doors when go out..
dont tidur mati and alert with everything..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

$$$ is NOT water

I am so so so POOR la....


last Sunday, 10-10-10
a special date
went to eat steamboat
with kist, ruite, hachee and chris..
this is the 2nd time I visit there..

is somewhere near Lintas
d restaurant is...Yun Man I think..haha..forget dy
is a steamboat buffet..rm20/pax
not bad the food there
beside steamboat they prepare chicken wing, mango pudding, fried noodle and some other snack la..
and ice-cream too...^^
the chicken wing and mango pudding is consider their specialty wo..

when we were on the way there,
is raining and chris's car viper got some problem..
his car is manual so do the viper..haha..
we have to use our hand to move it because it will stuck there after few swipe haha..
luckily not raining heavily..if raining heavily sure cant see the road dy haha..

I love to eat steamboat more than bbq steamboat..
I love vege!!!
and prawn
and beef
and squid...

I just love many food...haha..
for sure I will go eat again because buffet rm20 quite cheap
and the food there not bad..quite fresh also..^^

well, Tamu have started before I went for steamboat..
during Tamu had spent lot then steamboat..ok lo..
after steamboat still got some stall for 1 Best Malaysia
so will spend some money there too..hmm..

this is putu piring..quite nice..rm3 for 5pieces

the nasi lemak is nice..got semenanjung taste ^^..
is from Nasi lemak Antarabangsa..if not mistaken..there's a restaurant from Suria Sabah..can go have a try..

this is the best snack..haha..is made of potato..twist it then fry it

saturday 16-10-10 went out while to CP too..
once go step out from the door sure will spend money..
so that day spent some money too..

had bak kut teh and roast duck for dinner
not bad the bak kut teh..
found some KL taste from the restaurant..
is a stall at Api-Api

next day, Sunday, 17-10-10
went CP again..suppose to be short lunch with sarah
niz and ain, her roommate tag along too..
went CP ate chicken rice..not nice at all!!
service also bad..haih..no good no good..

but bought something for myself that day..
bought an hot iron thing..small size..
only rm19.90!!!! so cheap rite..
I can straightening or curl my hair
of course I prefer curl so I tried it today..

not bad rite...^^

Tuesday after class 6pm, 19-10-10
sarah called and ask whether want to go Tanjung Lipat, the Anjung Selera there to have dinner

so so excited because can try to eat there..
so didnt really consider and care about the consequences and accept the offer dy...
went with sarah, niz, liena and maziah (her roommates)
we ate seafood..consider seafood la..

we ordered sotong tiga rasa (sweet&sour squid), butter prawn and sup tulang
when the food is ready, instead of sup tulang they give us sup jagung..

the squid..

prawn..I still prefer the way chinese cooked..

we just simply say and ask the sup jagung for free when the waiter come and change sup tulang
so when the sup tulang is here, waiter say that sup jagung will be give to us FOC...
lucky us..got 2 soup haha..

sup jagung..I think the people here like this soup..I dont really like it though..

really sup tulang..u can see the bone haha

when we asked for bill, the woman's face totally change when she know we got a FOC soup haha..
totally change!!!!!
spent rm13 for that dinner..hmm

20.10.2010, nice date too rite..
went to Sushi King Bonanza at 1Borneo
quite lot people who went for the food outing today
sarah, niz, bell, casandra, fen, kelvin and yihweng
and we met others at there too..so quite a big group who went there

these 3 guys play with wasabi...below is their artwork haha..

they celebrate yenying's bday..
her bday fall on Saturday but celebrate early bit lo..
and we just tumpang tumpang kacau bit la haha..
sang song and wished her lo..simple simple..

8 of us ate sushi I think around 40+plates..
our bill for today is rm92..
so each of us spent rm11...
so I have to vomit another rm11 haih....
so poor rite..haih haih....

and tomorrow there will be a belated bday celebration for casandra
kingsley, their coursemate I guess..invited me
so I just ok with it because quite nice too to know more friends..^^
this is some socialize thing that cant avoid sometimes
so tomorrow will spend money AGAIN!!!

really hope money is fall down from the sky
or maybe money is like water..can get it easily
unfortunately, spend money can be like open the water tap...
but the consequence is so so terrible... =(

Slowcooker vs. Hotplate

someone told me that women are slowcooker and men are hotplate
do you think so..I do..

women think a lot and most of the time they spend time thinking..
thinking on how to do something, thinking on what to do next, what will happen in the future
like a slowcooker..takes time..take a lot of time to settle or figure a thing..

they tend to use more time to fall in love..to trust a person..
women have more patience..maybe not during pms.. =p
even in sex they are slower to warm up..this what a counselor told me the other day..

men will normally spend time on doing it without thinking maybe..
they think after they did it..because of the consequences I guess
they maybe try to think after something not so good happened
I do believe they have their plan as well..
they do think and plan for their future rite but, I am not sure whether it takes a long time or just few minute..haha..
hardly answer this because I am no men..
the same counselor told me that men are easily and fast get high in sex..
hence they are known as hotplate..haha =p

compare to women I think men are more ego rite..
they seldom let others know they are sad or maybe they never cry since the age of 13 maybe..
in the other hand, women, at least for me..always cry
I can release my stress, tension my negative emotion by crying
I feel lot lot better after a heavily tears fall from my eyes haha.. ^^

hmm...anybody have some idea on this topic..
I just simple write something after the talk the other day
because I am so agree of what she said..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tamu Gadang

Tamu Gadang = UMS 12th Graduation/Convo = spend $$$ = broke

tamu gadang is here means food is coming UMS too..
when food is here we have to spend $ to get it..
so it means I have to vomit out some money to buy food to satisfy my desire, my lust to reach my pleasure..haha..

there's restaurant from Tanjung Aru call Sri Sembilan Ria
their tomyam and sotong kangkung not bad..quite nice..
worth for a try..
others like nasi goreng planta, nasi goreng thai, mihun goreng so on not that nice..
the nasi goreng is so so and all actually almost the same..

this what we ordered that night..it only cost us rm6 each person..
we ordered nasi goreng planta seafood, nasi goreng thai, nasi goreng duno what got fried chicken, tomyam ayam soup, mihun goreng ayam, sotong kangkung and maggi goreng..

so many food but only rm6 each..cheap hor... me, sarah, bell, chloe, casandra, taira, kai were there
we ordered satay too..the satay kambing (lamb) is so so delicious..and the kuah kacang is so delicious...the satay is just next to this booth..I think under the same booth..

the best food I ever taste during this year tamu..

sotong kangkung..not bad la..although the taste bit different from what I ate..

this is the satay I mentioned..and the cupcakes not bad too..rm3 for 2..
lo han kou also nice..at least can feel some chinese-rity feel here..haha

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UMS Open House

1 Oct 2010
Friday, afternoon
is my beloved UMS open house..every year they got open house after Raya
love this sem a lot because there is always nice food to eat!!!!

Tamu Gadang because of convo, open house of MPP, UMS, TNC and so on la..
*got juniors wondering what is TNC..a Tenaga Nasional Cawangan Sabah or what..here I want to say TNC is a PERSON..Timbalan Naib Canselor..hahaha not tenaga nasional or what*

went to UMS open house with roommates -ShuYing and Fiza- and Sarah, Rina
so many people there!!!!!
when there is FREE thing, no matter food or any program people will join
FOOD is the most hot item where people will rush there no matter what..

went there first thing I ate is sup tulang..very very delicious
next is hunt for drinks but cant look for it so while hunting for drinks we grab whatever food we can..
anything that can put into mouth called food we will just go get it
because each stall each booth is flooded by people so we have to squeeze our beautiful body figure into it..

didnt really manage to get lot food but at least got something
got varieties of kuih become kuih-muih haha..
then a little bit of fruit salad with fried chicken..

look at the list below..the menu haha..

fried chicken, fruit salad, rendang

(left) kuih-muih, empunyit (right) from SPKS booth is some Sabah local food..it taste like asam fish but there's small ketulan kanji there..d soup is very delicious but d kanji thing bit weird..

this fruit tart is just for display but it look very nice..they prepared cakes..kek lapis is my favourite too..and I took 1box back haha..

this is the superb delicious yummy sup tulang I mentioned..I miss it lot!!!

that night I continue eating at SPKS..
bought a ticket rm13 to a bbq..
so so regret after bought the ticket
it just a normal bbq where not many people know bout this

went there with Bell, Sarah, Rina, Aliaa
so only 5 of us ss there..kinda boring because others are the ajk for SPKS week..
after bbq kinda late dy so walked back
when walked until anjung, a beautiful kind lady volunteer to fetch us using her kancil..
how nice is her..appreciate lot because it was raining that time..

there were quite number of us so some of them have to walk back
bell was one of them..the gal from kg.e that's why I got in the car..
she fetch 6 or 7 of us..I'm not sure..but I can confirm in front sat 2 person haha..
quite cool a kancil can squeeze so many people haha...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pesta Tanglung

25 September 2010
Pesta Tanglung in UMS for the second time..

I rushed to pesta from church..
I started working in church on this day..
rush my work and I am so late to pesta dy..
suppose going back campus to pesta by bus but end up
going with kist and bike because late dy haha..
it just because I finished my work late...hehe..

this time kinda boring..
but food still quite lot..
quite a number of stall is the same like har mee, sotong kangkung
but there's also new stall like chicken rice..very very delicious..
and a stall selling varieties of kuih..so so delicious..
they got a permanent stall at Damai..check out there la..delicious..

this year didnt have much mooncake compare last year
because last year I got a box of 4 mooncakes as present but not this year..
so no mooncake..I wish to eat lot more mooncake le..

exactly the same like last year
raining during pesta tanglung
why everytime also rain rain rain..all have to go there with umbrella..

and this year goodies bag also not so attractive..
tanglung is smaller I think
not much nice things inside..too bad..
and no small mooncake..
last year everybody got 1 small mooncake...

oh..dont know why..
me and roommates like to drink kitchai so much
when there is chance either one of us will buy bunch of kitchai and make it ourselves..
this is so so sour and so so nice..
just love it.. ^^


just a word busy cant really explain my life now..
it just VERY TOO BUSY..
I just cant explain why I am so busy lately..

I am working in church now..
as part time clerk something like that
every saturday noon have to be there and work..
I work on the slide for sunday service
just started my work for 2times
1st time still okok because peiling helped me..
the 2nd time I do it all by myself and aiyoyo
well I am banana so I cant really confirm which chinese is correct or wrong..
so there's mistakessss in wording..then slide also..
kinda useless la me..and paiseh..hmm..
hope everything will be better coming week..

assignmentss due date maybe..
though busy I still will spend some maybe plenty of time watching series, dramas or sleep
btw, lately I sleep quite early..
like there's an alarm inside my body ask me go to bed ard 12+..
and I will wake ard 9+..of course I can continue sleep if I have nothing to do..

I dont know is a good or bad thing because it seems I am leading a quite healthy lifestyle
as in sleep early wake early..
but I think after this, cant really do so because assignment due date coming..just right after the corner..real near..

I haven finish my counseling session..I am so so worry with that..
I am totally no idea how and when I can finish it..
oh dear Lord, please give me the wisdom and strength to do my counseling session
please lead me all the way and I stay with me to settle the unfinished works..
please guide me and show me the way when I am losing myself, losing self control in whatever things I do..
in Jesus name, Amen..

Friday, October 1, 2010

HA 19 'special' programme

wednesday, 2 September 2010
Aliaa's Bday..

no class after tutorial psychotherapy
that day is Mid-Autumn Festival..

I just love mid-autumn festival because next day of it is my lunar bday again..
when there's mooncakes around, it showing my bday coming soon
for me, mooncake is my bday cake too ^^
I just love mooncake..and mid-autumn festival

I like to see the beautiful colorful lantern and candles
still remember it will cover the front gate at grandma's house last time..

anyway..since is a so meaningful day
fen brought mooncakes to share, a very special honeydew flavor and white lotus
so nice of him ^^
beside mooncakes, Sarah brought some cookies from her hometown
Raya ma sure lot food lo haha..thanx to both them ^^

again..food that I sharing now..haha..
always food food food..

these the foods that we ate inside makmal kaunseling individu there..
should be no food allowed but we suka-suka saja..haha

it was Aliaa Bday too..
and her bday present given by Rina and Sarah is..
they wishing and singing to her from KK FM...
cool rite..so so cool...
a special dedication to their best friend..

since a special day, dont let it stop..
we, 8 of us..
Sarah, Rina, Aliaa, Niz, Ayie, Bell, YihWeng and me of course
went 1B and makan makan..as a small celebration and bonding time haha

Happy Bday Gal~~
get her a small walnut brownies from Secret Recipe..delicious..

where we makan makan..haha...
I'm Lovin It..
that's d place we went..McD..
had a triple cheeseburger..
superb delicious..d juice from d beef..and d cheese..omg..
irrestitble I can say...haha..
but it is confirm VERY FAT!!!!

I just Love it!!! -I'M LOVIN' IT-

the 1st time hang out with them..love it..
we should have more outing coursemates... ^^

so what else..
of course photo shooting session lo..haha..

cool huh..haha

after McD we serbu karaoke..hehe..
oh..before that we played the dance machine!!! COOL..!!!!

after a long day playin lepak-ing and laughing so on..
is time to go back and suffer dy..
got shuttle but have to wait untill 7.30pm..
so we all just lepak and hang out somewhere near Harris.

there's massage chair..
have to pay of course..1B got that..cool rite..
rm1 for 3minutes ONLY...
but I can confirm the 3minutes really comfortable!!!

see their facial expression, u know they enjoy it so much!!!