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Saturday, December 19, 2009


no update lately because I so so busy with outing and bit lazy..
lazy transfer my photo from my baby blackie so on..hehe
so wait la..I'll update soon...
cuz I bac Sabah d borin place sure got time to update..ahhahah

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


5 hotties..

3rd Dec 2009
Thursday nite

well, thurs nite apa lagi..Ladies Night lo
MOS a.k.a Euphoria got some duno wat mix tape thing
Mai & Rahmah are going
and I had never been club for a damn long time dy..
so desperately wana go shake shake.. xp
apa lagi...terus ON lo d plan..

Julian not wearing socks..he like weird posing

ej blow for 5seconds..

Peggy, Wk, Nicholas and me is definitely going
Danial, Ej & Julian is kinda di-force to go..
met long lost fren, SimMei

danial&ej consider good photographer.. ^^

she is wk's fren..once met her at mos too..when I stil studying in cochrane, lower6
now, uni year1 end of sem1 ni meet her again..

when tink bout club will tink bout wat to wear..
so boring lo..tink of wat to wear..who ask me so fat le..ggrrr
end up wearing d red dress AGAIN..boring of it..haih
btw, peggy wore a nice dress..rahmah & mai get a nice dress too..
I shud get a new dress dy..for clubbing..lol

red dress red chair pink nails..suit huh...

they getting pretty

this is d 1st time go clubbing with nicholas..
pmun say wana go along but tat mornin she ffk
last time went clubbing with her was d Quattro

my 1st time clubbing with nicholas..rmb d date..

clubbing really considered as my yoga class lo..
every time go there sure dance dance dance and sweaty
danial say he hates clubbing cuz he duno how2 dance wo
he is superb at lying..he can dance lo..!!!!! good dancer too..
not bad ma..why some ppl dislike those who are clubbing hardcore..hahahah

ej, danial and julian went bac earlier
ej got exam nex day, danial doesnt really like clubbing
julian got final as well I think
others hang out till d very last minute


nex destination is 'siu yeh' time
simmei din join us..only me, peggy, wk, and nicholas
went midah oldtown for our breakfast
ate chicken slice hor fun, mee hon siam, half boiled egg, toast, enrich chocolate
so delicious!!!!! yummy yummy...

they look boring huh..??

chat chat chat..
laugh laugh laugh
camwhoring while..
bac home faste rtake bath and slep cuz d nex day I hav2 work at PC Fair!!!!!

Cheong K

wed nite kinda boring
wk went nite market with his gf and goin badminton after tat
Peggy went dinner with family
Danial & me just got nothin to do and so boring
tought wana go for dinner but its already 9pm + dy..
drive drive drive den reach pudu dy
so v plan to sing lo..call up those k-box and ask for price..
here and there so on
end up fetched peggy and heading to LowYat Redbox
because Nicholas workin there and no idea dy why we go there

we got room50
d room is big and got big mirror..my favorite ^^
rm51 each with 5 bottles of beer and 4drinks and v got 1hour supper buffet
tat supper buffet is my dinner..kesian lo

we sang from 10.30pm til 4am..
eat so on and i've spent rm51!!!!!
haih..nvm la..once a while go out and spending lidat will be ok la..