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Sunday, August 29, 2010

shut up bitch!!!!!!!

hey be careful of what u say ok..
and now yes I am writing this just for u miss helen if u so kepoh and keep stalk me on my updates
maybe u're not mayb I think too much
I hate u when u talking something without really think of the consequences..
U do tell me that sometimes u will do things that annoyed ppl..I understand that and i bear with it..
but this time really over..too much!!!!!!!!!!
what u did is over my limit..u really challenging my patience..
what do u mean by west msia ppl is full of suspect..
what u mean we blame him for ruining our friendship..
i didnt blame anybody ok....if there's a ppl to blame now is u!!!!!
u say we suspicious..we just feel weird and we think so yes..we think so..
but we didnt say that is d facts..we never...we just think so!!!
is it wrong to think so and suspicious about what happening ard us..??
I really have no idea what in ur mind actually..
msg me this stupid msg I wondering does he knows bout it or not..
is this what u do by urself without his acknowledge or what..
i am focusing in my assignment and doing my things and now receive ur msg
it spoiled my mood doing things..
now if i cant finish it definately i blame u
but my eq is good...i will never let ur words ur stupid attitude affect me for a long time
after i split this out here i continue with my works..
please dont be so childish so stupid..
and dont be too busybody..u look idiot doing all stupid stuff...
sorry for being harsh to u..
it is nice enough to say like this..if not u will get my call once i received ur msg..
u are so lucky i dont have credit!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy week

going through a very very busy week
busy with assignmentsss
busy with midtermssss
seems like I dont really have time to rest
but when everytime I wake and think
I dont really have things to do
I stil can lepak lepak
watch Charmed
on9, Facebook
chatting, msn so on..
yet stil complainingtime not enough for me
well..time is enough for me
it just i didnt use it wisely
I can finish some work by that time if I focus in it
but I doing it and in the same time doing other things too
1 more week I will be going back to KL
thursday nite flight
reach LCCT will be 9pm+
hey guys wait me back and have fun for 2weeks
erm mayb not 2weeks because I got so many midterm after raya break
well wait me back for daibou's wedding
my bday
lepak-ing with me
movie time
sing k session
clubbing maybe..maybe la..
I got plenty of plans but I got limited cash
how am I going to cover all that..hmm
working maybe..
canI get some part time..few days job within he 2weeks time??

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I wore raincoat today!!

is been a really really long time AGESSS I didnt wear a raincoat
today I got d opportunity to wear it again haha..
and guess what...the raincoat kinda useless for me..
my pants is wet..well raincoat didnt really cover all right..
erm..it useful also la but I still after all
so..it really a nice experience for me
never ride bike in rain and wearing raincoat..
it just..funny and weird!!!!!!!!
and..cold..bit freezing..
who want to try??
oh..I wonder d mini head umbrella that put on head 1 can use not..
haha..confirm definately beside d hair which covered by helmet
others will totally wet..ahhaha
mayb can have a try la..haha..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

what's goin on now!!!!

I have no idea what is goin on now..
dont know what I am doing too..
I know what should I do and what i shouldnt but
instead of doing things I should I am doing things I shouldnt now..
always and never stop from doing it..
how to have some self control..
I dont have any self control
I am so useless and I cant be save anymore
mind clearly saying I shouldnt do this and that but
I follow my stupid heart and let the id win fighting with superego
and ego never win too..always id win haih..

Wake Up!!!!!!!

hey please wake up and do what I should be doing by now and not doing nothing
or mayb I should say I should have done what I suppose to!!!!!!

haih week7 is around the corner..now I am not sure week4 or week5
anyway..I should have finsih some..should have but I still dreaming here
and complain how lazy am I, what should I have done by now so on..

lets have a check list now..mayb this will help me..motivate me..
16th- stimulasi kes with bell for psychotherapy
17th- psychotherapy midterm
19th- should have my 1st counseling session (if I can get my client by that)
24th- spanish quiz
26th- interviewing midterm
1stsept- group counseling midterm

assignments to hand in..I think all b4 28th aug or mayb 3rd sept
- mental health (group&individual)
- interviewing presentation individual
- psychotherapy individual..verbatim
- psychology organisation individual maybe

omg..so many things to do la..
I havent find dialouge for my interviewing assignment, havent really figure out what to do for the journal for organisation, mental health havent do any research find any info yet!!!!!! haih..
and I havent study for my spanish!!!!!!!!!! haih..and psychotherapy midterm!!!!!! haih...

I am so dead now..

anyway..today went out for lovely takoyaki
not bad..d flour thing not so thick but..d octopus not so fresh and d mayonise not that 'baby' brand
takoyaki at wisma merdeka rm3/box and rm4.20 for a box and peppermint green tea..
the green tea not bad..quite refreshing
I miss takoyaki now..I want more~~ hmm...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

AirAsia rm1 promo!!!!!!!!!

hey guys..for those who read this make sure faster take some action once after u read the sentence below or d title thr

from 10-15 AUGUST 2010 only..booking for next year april-july 2011

go book ur ticket now!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I booked tickets to Langkawi on 23-25may2011
and Penang on 8-11july2011

langkawi I going with ewei only..both us plan to backpack-ing at langkawi
2gals backpacking cool huh haha..

penang I going with hoe, saibou, keat, and puimun..then we will meet up with keat's gf there..
hmm..low budget trip I hope..because we will be staying TuneHotel haha..

well for now what hav2 focuss is save $$$$$
earn $$$..
for sure I have to work hard to earn dy..
for my trip..I cant lepak stay home anymore..I must work!!!!!!!!!! is a MUST!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


7 August 2010
I just back from 1Borneo while ago and I get myself a pair of heels....
from Charles and Keith..they having SALES now!!!!!!
so ladies please wear ur slipper and grab few now..at least 1 ok..
because it is SO CHEAP..
I spotted few lot rm50 and also below rm100...
I need a formal shoe..so I get a black 1..
izit look auntie or nice??

auntie or ok?? hmm..
I was so so regret when going to pay..
I saw lot more nice heels..so so regret when paid and bring it back with me
but just now..a moment b4..
mom called..she ask 'so end up didnt buy anything?'
haha..after whole long story thing..
'I am so regret..this is too formal cant go for shopping........'
mom: then buy another pair la..u never can get a shoe for all occasion and function
me: but I dont have enuf money..I am so poor now though I plan to to so dy..haha..
mom: ok la..go buy la..I'll bank im rm100 for u la..
me: wao..sure not.. *eye blinking lot..happily*
mom: yala..go la..I wil bank it for u
me: nvm la..now I stil manage to survive..mayb november u have to bank in for me confirm not enuf
mom: okok..
so..conclusion ahahahaha...mom allowed me to get another pair of heels..and I so so happy with it..
she didnt nag me because I get myself 2pairs of heels..hahaha
so when the next visit to 1Borneo Charles and Keith..hmm..tomorrow mayb? hahahaha
well..PC Fair this weekend..
at 1Borneo..tomorrow is d last day
for those who wan buy something better get hurry..
hardisk for certain brand like Adata is sold out!!!!
hmm..this 2days I spent rm250..
or mayb more than that..just ard that mayb..didnt make any difference haha
rm250 in 2days..haih..women..
bought shoe rm47, ink rm60, laptop skin rm10, mouse rm10, earphone rm5, screen protector rm15 with cleaning kit, adapter case and a keyboard protecter but I am goin to sell it to kist haha..what else..
oh an ugly bra..very ugly..aunty bra yet so support..cost me rm56!!! so expensive rite...ishk ishk..
calculator battery rm10..luckily change a battery and my calculator survive dy haha..
I am so tired now..woke at 8.30am today
went for a talk at pandu puteri HQ I think..bout organic composting
then continue go 1Borneo dy..shop walk here and there till 5pm ni back hostel..bump with shuying..
when I am so so poor..maggie is my best friend..
yet today is so lucky because when we both on our way back we saw rm5..
and we took it..keeping other's ppl money is not that good so we spent it..
we bought a rice, vege and fish rm4 foor our dinner
so left rm1 we get papaya^^
had a dinner w/o paying anything..
well frm now on hav2 save LOT..what I mean is really A LOT in order to survive in following monthssss...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Japanese Culture Night

31 July 2010

UMS got a Japanese Culture Nite and what so special about it..well..those performance only so so..definately performance is not the main attraction..is the FOOD gain my attention haha..there are SUSHI~~~takoyaki~~ cupcake~~~candies chocolate~~snow ice~~ bla bla..

Chloe not joining us..I think she is lazy and tired and want to sleep..so only 3 of us went there together..crap less pictures time..FOOD~~~

cute cupcakes..and d taste not bad just bit too sweet..

Sushi~~~!!!!! favourite of all time..cant get takoyaki..too bad..so many ppl snatch for food lo..takoyaki just few and cant be able to snatch it too bad..want to try takoyaki but cant..

there are several performances..singing, introduce Japan, games, Sumo competition, short sketche by ruite and his gang, and ct is the monster..he definately got the look of monster haha XD..
there is Bon Dance but they didnt want to join it so we end up back early..walked back to hostel..I miss Bon Odori which held at Shah Alam so badly..there are so many foodsss...many special character to see...
here didnt have much cosplay or weird weird custome..just a few..not so special..maybe because this is UMS and here didnt really popular of those weird custome..
something bad happened that nite..my bag..got tsunami..this is really is tsunami not flood..
my bottle is open and water pour out!!! my scarf al wet..my book too..1thing I should be proud of my bag is it really waterproof..d water trap inside!!! so good rite..
and what is d worst part..my calculator inside it..and now it cant turn on!!!!!!! so sad!!!!!!!!!hate it hate it!!!!!
well..end of the nite I shud talk bout something else..after Japan lets move to Korea..haha..
last last Sunday I think..after church meet up with cas they al and we had a KimChi lunch..
superb delicious kimchi bought from Tanjung Aru Plaza inside a Korea Mart..rm17/box
superb delicious KimChi..I miss Bibimbap so much now.. =(
ok..last wednesday FB have a link saying wearing Black on Wednesday..
I did..haha..ajak some friends wearing black to lecture but they didnt join me..just me and bell wore black..
imagine the whole class are wearing black..sure will be cool rite but not all willing to do so..
not totally black also la..there's grey hehe..

my scarf~~ finally there's chance for me to wear it dy..though bit kua wearing that but nvm la..once a while ok aso la..^^