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Friday, September 13, 2013

Amazing life

Sorry for not updating here
and sorry again for not keep my promise haha
this not about food or holiday fun post
because I personally feel that these stories is more important to share than food blog haha

De Green Castle at Larkin had been operating for few months
a lot of amazing stories had been created there
Changing People's Life
that is what we doing and will be doing in future

Kak Wan working at Larkin as a cleaner
get to know her thru Jordon who invited her into our nutrition club when she standing out there grasping for air
She have low energy, hardly walk up a staircase and she cant even walk for a long distance at a time because she her heart couldnt pump well..

From the day she invited by Jordon, slowly her life is changing day by day
by changing her breakfast, taking up the responsible to lead a healthy lifestyle
after 5 days she feel more energetic
after 15days she can walk up a staircase and walk further distance without stop aside to rest
All her changes she can feel it so lively and we feel so happy to see her changes
Next few people I want to share how greatful I got to know them
few elders whom I got to know in nutrition club too
there is a couple, uncle had stroke for few years already and wife having kidney failure problem
only can drink up to 1liter of liquid
uncle couldnt pronounce what in his mind
he only can speak out few words

I hope they can be healthier and better.