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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Get Fit is not a dream

Everybody talking about exercise, gym, workout
And here I talk about Get Fit with a group of people
Who you hang out with is who you will become
If hang out with a gang of people who drink, smoke slowly we will get that virus
If hang out with a gang of people who do exercise and positive we will be more positive
Yes! I know you saying
'Phewww, luckily im with a bunch of people who go gym!'
Then what you do or eat after that? Golden 30minutes after exercise so important!
Here we at Get Fit Studio in ss2, do what we know the best for us
We will have pre hydration and fat burning tea before workout then we will have post recovery shake with protein within 30minutes after exercise.
And all of us have one target. Improve our stamina and performance in a month
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

20% exercise + 80% nutrition = 100% result

Another small sharing and gratitude from me!
Know a little girl, Renee from Wechat!
Come to me and say want to lose weight, the first time I met her was
'Lose weight? Seriously? U look ok'
When she get on the weighing scale, her body fats is high, unexpectedly
So she join our exercise weekly, take a balanced nutrition post workout recovery shakes
Look good, and now she join a challenge

Slim And Win challenge!
Is a 2weeks competition, top 3 winners will get cash rewards as a bonus.
Sound attractive right haha.

So Renee decided to join since lose weight why not get the chance to win the prizes.
With her cooperation 100% seriousness, with exercise, she had lost 1.1kg!!!
Another week to go. Hope she can get good result.

Well, from stranger until we exercise weekly become friends.
This is magical things that happening in my life.

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