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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


finally things are ended for now...
coming up real soon for another thing I guess
I really need rest....lotssss of rest...
tired tired...
although had a trip but tired too..
maybe makes me more tired because lack of rest
but...tat trip is nice..not bad..

program event has ended..
not going so well but it has ended so should feel grateful for everything
whatever it is..it ended so leave it there..
make sure never ever do the same mistake again then will be alright..

many many post are stuck there..
inside my lappy I guess..
lot lot lot....duno when only have some time to post everything hmm...

tired tired..and I think
sick is visiting me soon...
and now I duno tomorrow wana go Spanish class not le..hmm
what should I do ar~~~ no idea..
will see how den..

blog ar blog..wait me update u ar..hehe

Friday, January 14, 2011

I wish to cry NOW!

there was a junior of mine so so happy when he going back to uni
and he is so enjoy of his uni life..
enjoy it more than he is at hometown ALOT...

for me..is nightmare
was happy when going back uni
not for this sem
I am so busy especially with kampung sife thing
many things have to do
and many things undone yet!

I am so so scare..
should have use the word terrifying of the program coming soon
can I do all that?
can we make this success?
I know we can but..can we do it like nicely perfect?
are there still many more obstacles waiting us there?

I have no idea and I am so so worry now!
can I just let this go and give up?
answer I think = CANNOT!

I wish to cry now..I do
it just tensed up..stressed up
everything seems like on the track
but late than d date it should be

I wish I am in my own room (not with roommates)
or my house because nobody will be at the living room at this hour
is been quite a time I didn't cry
is time to cry isn't it..
I do wish I can cry now.. ='(
God please give me the strength to do all these things
please take my fears and my worries away
with You I can do the best I ever could
please stay with me ok.
我靠着那加给我力量的 凡事都能做!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I miss...

wao..this post is hiding in my draft for ages..haha
this should posted when I just back Sabah haha..
anyway..I still miss every1 at KL there..

my fellow baobaozzz...

the handsome i assume..

many people say v look alike haha..

camwhore buddies...

Friday, January 7, 2011

I am Back!!

phewww....1month ++ had gone
say bye bye to KL and hola to Sabah

this time..dont really happy saying hola to sabah
I wish to stay KL longer because I dont really enjoy my holiday
working more than enjoying..

luckily still can spare sometime to hang out and enjoy with friends
if not I will bang my head on the wall dy haha

many things I wana post here..
is been a month I think I didnt post something nice bout myself
or my life..is all those advertisement only..

giv me some time la..
let me free bit..got better connection and the feel to blog
then I will do so..

end here with a photo of mine
because I know u guys miss my smile hahaha (perasan xp)