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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nutrition Studio, Healthy Lunch in seksyen 14

are you working in Seksyen 14, or somewhere near there?
and just don't know what to eat for your lunch?

lets do some checklist. shall we?
1. Do you feel sleepy after lunch?
2. Do you feel like taking some snack at 4pm or grab a coffee to stay you awake, maybe a cigarrate?
3. Do you feeling like eating something more healthy but you don't really love vegetables or fruits?
4. Have you been thinking want to try something new or eat clean for your lunch?

if there is a lunch which provides more than 55 vitamins and mineral, a low GI meal and the most important is giving us energy keeping us from feeling sleepy during work, do you want to try it out?

This is a new place for you to hang out, share good nutrition, a healthy lunch
Nutrition Studio just newly open about a month time I guess. A few friends of mine opened it.
We welcome you and your friends to have a try here.

Just visited this nutrition club last week.
I love the decoration. I can see hard works and love in it.
It serves lunch, from 11am-2pm on weekdays.
It just opposite of Maybank, above Pos Laju. There's blue gate, go up!
if you have no idea where is Seksyen 14, search Jaya 33. It just right opposite it, cross the road.

There will be 3 drinks like what my nutrition club serves (oh, mine at Desa Cemerlang, Johor Bahru)
First will be aloe vera which for cleanse, then Teamix for detoxification and energy, lastly the delicious Shake where a balanced nutrition meal made by the angels there.

Not only serves healthy lunch, they also doing a free wellness evaluation for the community
This wellness evaluation is awesome as we can know 8 data of our body not only weight, water, fats but also visceral fat and body age. Its cool.

almost all the nutrition club do the same thing
and extra activities like exercise, SKIN Party (facial party), outdoor activities
and we can know more friends from different clubs too
if you are an out-going person (if you don't is OK too), come and meet some new friends
grab a healthy lunch =)

if you are interested to have a look and want to do a wellness evaluation
drop me a message and I will sent an invitation card to u

Instagram: yapwaiee
whatsapp: +601126265392

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#21dayshakechallenge campaign

wondering why lot people doing this #21dayshakechallenge ???
it is a campaign to help Malaysia against obesity
why? read it from TheStar

Malaysia has been rated as the highest among Asian countries for obesity.

Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid, said new findings from British medical journal, The Lancet, showed that 49% of women and 44% of men in this country were found to be obese.

as a wellness coach, whom we care for our community, we need to do something about it
is not easy to change our lifestyle, our eating habit
moreover if you are doing it alone, we tends to lose motivation

#21dayshakechallenge is a campaign to help Malaysia against obesity and change a eating habit within 21 days. Wondering why 21 days?
well, to build a habit, we need at least 21days repeatedly doing it daily

what you can get if you take up this challenge?

- at least a healthy balanced nutrition meal (suggest breakfast)
- meal plan according your calories intake
- a group of people or community that support each other towards their goal
- a wellness coach who will share health tips and gives you a healthy mind concept
- be able to join any activities that available at your place (exercise, shake party, SKIN party)
- a brand new energy level and a new you!

what you need to do?
- drink your shake everyday
- take a selfie with your shake or of your shake (get creative)
- use the hashtag #21dayshakechallenge (tag your coach and your friends)
- post your photo on social media

no matter you want to gain weight, lose weight, lose fats, maintain your body shape or better sport performance, just say YES to #21dayshakechallenge with me!!
enrolling now for the group of people who will start from 1st December 2015

drop me a message in any of this
Instagram : yapwaiee
Whatsapp : +601126265392

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I'm from a single mother family. Dad leaves us when I was 9, when I am still in class, suddenly someone come and pick me back home.
I don't know whats going on at that time, I only know few people came to my house,
mom not home, uncles and aunties were discussing something
And yes, 17yrs had passed.
In these years, I experienced a lot.
staying with grandma, staying apart with mom
Then when we grow older, move back with mom
At that time I always feel that mom don't love me enough.
she don't understand me. She didn't really care about me
So our relationship not so good. Just normal.
my relationship with my aunties and uncle are even better
then I study in Kk, still I don't have homesick
Mainly because there is nobody for me to miss
My family relationship is just, we mind our own business.
not many celebration, normal one, didn't sit down and talk
When I talk with mom will ended up argue or bad mood
Until I graduated, I see other people with their mom so good
I was so jealous
I do love my mom but I don't show it, I just argue a lot with her
Recently, a lot pressure that me and mom been receiving
Its been a hard time for her to raise both us.
but looks like she don't get what she expected from me
I disappointed her.
A lot people babble to her, telling her I shouldn't do this and should be that way
Mom worries me, I know. Mom always want the best for me, for us.
until this year I told her that I'm gonna leave her, to somewhr else.
at first, I'm OK with it. Mom did say she will be boring but I thought she will be fine
But when mothers day..she sent me a mSg..I cried
Mayb all this while I'm not a Gd companion, I didn't do much things with her
But I do important in her life. She feel lonely when I'm not ard.
she Selfie..she WhatsApp me. She fb..
and today she told me that, no matter, success or failed, she is Thr to back up me. She can handle it.
it really hurts me. It touched me even more.
Mom, I promised u. I will work hard for u. Just gimme time. Just 1 more year.
Things gonna be different.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Broken promises

There is never a 100% guarantee in this world
Things are simple, human are complicated
Hence, the World become complicated
History keep repeating the same thing again and again
God knows better
God shows me the answer
but me, always trying to challenge God that I chose the best for me
God always know what is the best for us
believe him, He knows all
everything happen for a reason
as long as keep us grow, its good
let go, and grow up

its been the worst 2months for me
things changed, I need to adapt myself to a new environment
people changed, I changed
I feel I am stupid enough, and still so stupid
like an idiot
is time to think again, purpose of life
what kind of life that God wants me to live

I only back to God when I need Him, because I know He never give up on me
I take things for granted, others take me for granted
What goes around comes around

I keep holding grudge in me
is not good, I know
Im trying to let it go, when I can let go, Im free
then I can move on
when we keep moving forward, happiness follow our back

is easy to say not easy to do
been manipulating myself for 2months
struggle within myself for 2months
make people around me miserable
I wish, I have choices
I wish, I can know whats God's plan for me
I wish, I can get what I want
I wish, I be happy like I used to be

always wondering,
if I am not in this world anymore, anyone will remember me?
anybody will think of me, what I did for them?

is been a long long time I didnt had such personal feeling post
I am a human too, I have feelings
dont take my kindness for granted, no one else can do it again, never.

Friday, March 20, 2015


We always look at others, pointing finger at others but we seldom look at the mirror and see what we had done.
Always ask and questioned others but never really sit down and ask ourselves 
Who am I?
How can I be a better person?

I had told myself I need a change
I need to change
Is my life, I should have not count on others rely on others, not anyone other than me myself

Indeed, I found out that I am not that independant as I thought I am
I am someone who need companionship
I cant have the feeling of being abandoned or neglected
And thats make me very annoying when I keep questioning others

People change when they grow
I had changed
I hope I changed for good
I dont feel me belong to me
Slowly I dont recognize who is the girl reflected on the mirror
Reflection shows only outlook
Deep inside, nobody knows

Reflection of me. Another side of me

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh My Goat

Chinese New Year is coming!!!
This year falls on 19 February 2015 and is a Goat year
How am I going to celebrate this year? Nothing much special other than I had lost 3% of body fats after a few weeks of eating clean and also exercise.

One of my meal. Boiled carrot and celery, grill potatoes, mashed cauliflower and fish!

I am so so happy this year because I shape up even more and bought lot nice clothes <3 p="">

I had lost 3% body fats and gained muscle..yuhoo~~

Had my hair dyed purple

Thanks my personal hair dresser aka MY MOM

Had my nails colored red -DIY-

Done my with red and gold glitters, and gave a lot of love to Jessica too

Had my house decorate nicely

Mom made this with Herbalife Formula1 and Formula3

Had my Herbalife SKIN for my face and scrub my body with Mint Claymask and Berry Scrub

Mom did all those fishes. Nice one!
Tomorrow will start my engine to eat for this wonderful festive season
I wont worry much about my weight during Chinese New Year although with a lot of food because I have TC Formula, Herbalife Nutrition of course to control weight easily

80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise = 100% result and mindset

Lose weight to eat more is always my philosophy haha!!
More updates on my outing for 2015 Chinese New Year

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015 January&February hobby

is 2015 and everyone will start to write their New Year Resolution
what I want to achieve in 2015 etc
well, I also do the same thing haha but..found out that if I just think and want but didnt really feel so then will be boring..

anyway I want to be more FIT in 2015
because I want to look sexy in clothes so I try a lot
and I started to eat clean than last time
I kinda addicted to prepare my meal
#veronmeal is what I cook for myself

Thanks to Jessica, a pretty who had lost 17kg inspired me and motivate me to start this habit, hobby instead

Start with simple dishes

I just boiled potatoes and celery, grill the brinjal then add in some soy sauce thats it

If you like more creamy and taste more good, add a little bit butter when the potatoes still hot

If you want more protein just add in some chicken breast, either bake it or just grill it. I marinated my chicken breast with some salt, pepper and a little bit of sesame oil. More juicy when I grilled it.

Make your meal more colourful. Celery with tomato also not bad. If you like a little bit sweet can grill the chicken with tomatoes puree..blend the tomatoes, add some ketchup just a little bit, add in some sugar to make tomatoes puree then grill it with chicken breast.
The whole purpose of eat clean is to get a new body transformation story. 
I had lost 10kg and had been maintaining for 2years and since we leading a Healthy Active Lifestyle with Herbalife 24
I really think I have to get a new transformed body

Will try to blog and active more often again because I love to read what I wrote last time
I love to crap everything here
I am so happy to see I have a new hobby and...
I want to share with everyone how well I can cook hahaha!!!

Try to search #veronmeal if you no idea what to cook or looking for some recipes. Pm me to get exact recipe =D