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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


randomly find few pictures and post it..
all happened when I was still in KL..come lets see and share things down there..^^

McDonald Strawberry+Chocolate Sundae..rm4 if not mistaken
last time when I ate only rm3.15 rm2.50 and top up add another 50cent
but now top up need rm1 for it..so expensive dy rite
wont really have this sundae again unless I am so in an extremely good or bad mood..

noodle with japanese tofu, fu chuk, vege, seafood tofu
we cook this in a shop!!!! something like a steamboat haha..
fun and a delicious dinner night with mom ^^

red top or dress..
hardly decide that and I think it can be both ^^
this is so so sexy I can confirm that..wearin on me maybe not
but the design is superb sexy!!!
deep v front and bit bare back behind!!! sexy rite hehe

actually I was finding some dress for daibou's wedding
but I think I just go with the old 1 because I am so poor!!!

there's another dress I like..
check out below..^^

I like this..simple and elegant somehow..
both dresses from EVE..
there few branches..
Sg.Wang, The Curve, KLCC and The Gardens Isetan- Peninsula M'sia (KL/Klang Valley)
1 Borneo, Wisma Merdeka if not mistaken- Sabah
dresses there not bad..the cutting is nice but price also 'nice'
bit expensive for student but quite affordable for working adult ^^
ok..1 thing I miss a lot when I back to KL..
will try to find it and eat it..
wondering what is that?? is....SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!
Subway got superb delicious bread with their super fresh veggie and meat so on!!!
Subway got promo everyday like sub-of-the-day for only rm7.50
everyday got different menu and I suggest go for Monday, Thursday and Friday mayb..
Tuesday is tuna doesnt really like it because too simple..
Saturday is seafood..too simple too rite..
Monday some kind of Italliam BMT if not mistaken
Wednesday is Meatball Marinated
Thursday is..turkey ham turkey breast I guess..
Friday..cant remember so do Sunday haha..
1st choose type of bread and the size 6inches or Footlong, I will choose Parmesan 6inches hehe *my favourite*
then tell them ur menu..there is lot menu but of course d price is different too
and choose what veggie..can just say ALL haha..but green pepper and chilies is always a NO for me
choose the sauce..I would put mustard, ketchup, olive oil will mostly be the MUST..BBQ sauce, mayonise is optional ^^
what next..is take out money and pay and EAT it...haha ^^

wish Sabah especially Kota Kinabalu got 1 Subway!!!
ok..next food I'm going to promote is..
Claypot Chicken Rice at Taman Connaught
erm dont really remember the restaurant name but HoChak went there before
is near Taman Connaught KFC..
there are varieaty of claypot rice beside the old original style chicken
there is black pepper beef which is so so delicious.. *I am so hungry now*
and tomyam claypot and Susan love it so much where I didnt really like it
others like chinese sausage claypot, and so on so on la..
normal price around rm7 or rm8 each small pot..
some claypot with vege and we ordered seafood tofu too but it not so delicious for me..
the last time I visit was day before I back Sabah
had a short lunch with mingleong, susan, chiahui, leon, peggy
they got saman that noon..pity the 2 drivers..haih..sorry guys..
leon so nice and always that nice..he sent me and peggy to lowyat for our sing k session ^^
well..around Cheras area there are lot lot food to intro..
Ampang Yong Tau Foo is so famous but Peel Road also got superb delicious Yong Tau Foo
each 80cents..
used to be only 60cents but now getting expensive yet still delicious..
went with mom, puimun and simyi..
it is a MUST to eat before back Sabah because Sabah I cant find such delicious yong tau foo!!!!!
Peel Road got 2 Yong Tau Foo..front and back..
I visit front's stall more..they have more variety compare behind there
is not a restaurant it consider stall..old rumah papan..
near Jusco Maluri there was a Police Station and next to it is the stall
must go and eat again when I back KL...!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lok Kawi

Nice train/truck infront of Lok Kawi entrance

last Saturday, 24 July,
went to Lok Kawi and Tanjung Aru
Lok Kawi is a zoo in Sabah..well kinda small actually..
animals also not that much compare to Zoo Negara of course
and not to mention A'Famosa
animals at Lok Kawi not that lazy compare to Zoo Negara haha
at least some of them move around when I visit haha..

went to churchmates and my new roommate
she is 1st yr..oh yea..did I mention that I change to a new room
hmm..I change to a room and got new roommates
and coincidently 1 of my roommate was d 1 during msm last year, Vi..haha
but she seldom back so only 3 of us here..Fiza and Shuying
Shuying from Shah Alam, PJ
so now when I speak cantonese no more kutuk2 because she know cantonese too haha


back to Lok Kawi..
start our journey at 1pm from UMS and we reached there around 3pm..
why took such a long time for not a so far place..because traffic jam and fetching waiting people so on
Bell was with me and ShuYing too..
it been years I didnt go zoo
normally only kids will love to visit zoo but I heard some couple go there dating too
I wonder why..hot and smelly place haha..

took quite a number of pictures
but just few with my hp because..zoo..
nothing much to capture and I camwhore more than cam those animals haha

after Lok Kawi we heading to Tanjung Aru for a beach walk before dinner
we have our dinner there too d same place I went last year
finally I tried Avocado and confirm I dont like it
because it so milky..and I dont know I just dislike
ordered TomYam mihun and redbean ice..both together cost rm10
d tomyam is so so not very tasty but redbean ice is so delicious

must hav a try for d drinks there..
ice blended dragon fruit for d large only rm8
it much more worthy if order d large because d regular just normal size cost rm5 why not add another rm3 to get a big drink and u can share with friend ^^ and I shared with ShuYing hehe

oh ya..ordered satay too..
prefer daging compare chicken..d sauce not bad..

50cent each..normal price rite..
but d food we ordered is so expensive
is a trap for foreigners lo..
I should suggest them to have MyCard and no MyCard price just like what Sunway Lagoon do haha..
after dinner we went for a walk at Plaza Tanjung Aru because everybody is so full
full till I hardly breath when sitting haha..
there's few korean restaurant there and a Korean Mart
I bought kimchi rm17/box for lunch with Chloe, Cas and Bell after church
d kimchi is so so so superb delicious!!!!!!!!! yummy yummy~~~~
I will buy again if pass by or got chance..^^

Friday, July 23, 2010

3rd Sem 2nd Year

I am 2nd year student now..
my 3rd sem now..
officially a 2nd year SENIOR for 2weeks dy..
but guess what..only attended to few classes..
most of the class on 1st week canceled
only 1class din cancel haha..
and 2nd week..gettign normal but most of it cancel too..haha
I love when class cancel
I can sleep till late noon and rush to class
well..today my class at 4pm and I sleep till 1pm hahaha
jealous and envy of me..please dont haha

well..this is 2nd week dy and I am doing very well as a lazy teenager
being a worst student ever
I never do any revision till now and I am always boiling my drama and series
once I back hostel 1st thing to do is turn on lappy
connect to digi and FB for sure MSN too..
then enjoy my little happy moment 'Charmed' or 'poh chong ling'
everyday repeating the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should do some revision for my Spanish and counseling lo...
should behave like a student now..
always complaining cant get good gred result not good enough
but effort never put into it
please please wake up and face the reality!!!!!!!!!!

today somebody called me
and sad to hear what somebody said
somebody is so sad and angry disappointed at another person I think
anyway hope somebody will go thru all this and hope somebody get what somebody wish for with that another person

hmm..my life is so dramatic..
well people say life is like drama
now I agree with that..
things that happened around me lately
I hardly accept it and hardly believe it
maybe I just over sensitive and think too much
I just hope what I think is not what it is..
if not I kinda cant accept and dont know how to face it..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Small Farewell b4 bac Sabah

baobao love Peggy's fridge..because is a mirror too ^^

when Peggy back Msia is about time for me to leave KL back Sabah..hmm
we only have few days to lepak together and of course we spend our time wisely
meet up with her at MZ..together meet Terenz..
he bac for almost a month plus but didnt find me at all!!!!!!
he had no excuse..he admit that..and so do I actually haha..sorry bro =p

just a day before I back Sabah
went out with Ling, Peggy and Danial for sing-K session
love to sing..should be shouting around haha..
after sing I have to rush bac and had dinner at auntie there
she boiled soup and cooked for me..special for me thanx her lot...

well that nite was suppose go Genting again but Nevin duwan
so our final decision is go Peggy's house and bring some booze over haha

love JD so much compare Chivas

I enjoyed d nite..is a small farewell gathering party
meet up with lot long lost friends
nicholas which keep hanging out with him because he loves outing so much and dont want stay home haha
oscar brought along kellie..his gf a thin pretty gal..
waikit hangshen and the twins come along
danial and ling straight away from lowyat
too bad eujin went to Mist for some function
didnt get d chance to hang out with him much
nevin suggest this so he is there of course with terenz
random crazy photo..look at Danial!!! hahaha

was planning for club nite before that but too bad
hate PMS..no mood go so I dont have the chance to go anymore hate it..haih..
so tonite consider the last nite I can drink and get high mayb drunk
had some chat and watch 2 football match..
and Terenz said I can drink already compare last time haha...well I had no idea hehe
and they say when I am drunk or high I will talk nonstop and so noisy
I guess that nite I am drunk again haha..
I have no indian blood as nevin and terenz
I am not as good as peggy..she really can drink u know..haha

oh ya..tonite we lost 2 macho bro but had 2 beautiful sister hahahah
wk and hangshen put on the fake eye lashes and make up
we were wearing the same fake lashes that nite hahaha XD
I got the lashes but never try on it..look nice rite? haha

they are just beautiful and gay for Danial haha

we took lot crazy photoss
danial is so gay and he is so pro with that..
he have d qualification to be a gay hahaha..
if u are so curious their look..go fb and click it haha

so most of us lepak till next morning..
I guess some of us only because twins left, wk back and fetch his grandma to market
peggy and ling follow me back and help me pack
as I havent touch anything yet..my flight is at noon
wk fetching me at 10 and when 9am I stil havent pack my stuff!!!!!!!!
I stil want to take bath so on so ling help me packing...thanx lot..
wk fetch me to airport..this time ling following us as she did previous 1
and suprisingly peggy and nicholas follow too hehe..so happy

wk bought some breakfast for us..
tau foo fa and some egg tarts so on..he is so sweet
we lepak while at starbucks waiting henry
his 1st time to airport and he is enroll to ums...hehe
he late omg..and counter is closed for check in luckily they didnt penalised us..
we stil manage to check in and enter the boarding room on time

well..I miss those gathering small party stuff..
hope the next time I back and when they back too we have another gathering thing

Friday, July 9, 2010


bac Sabah, KK for almost a week dy lo...
this time I back with Henry..he is lucky because not alone
I sneak in hostel well is msm and those juniors register that day too
so I have2 sneak in no choice because I back too early..
I manage to sneak in and thr's 2 juniors inside it..
and while more another came in so I decided to go out from thr
malu lo..everybody come in and ask what course so on and I have2 say I'm 2nd year haha

luckily I got back up plan..
ask who can help me of course ppl who stayin KF now haha
ask kist ruite and finally ct contacted me..
he fetchin me to their house so good..
I got a place to tumpang til register in hostel..

stayed here almost week and I love stayin here..
rily got house feel compare that hostel..haih..
help wendy, another housemate clean up d house
is been a while I didnt do such house chores dy..
and it really have house feel
too bad I got hostel and hav2 stay thr

bac here thought can have some healthy lifestyle yet stil d same when I am at KL
slep late wake late too haha..
watch match at mamak beside 818...jux few ppl and I miss MZ so much le..
and also peggy or some gals with me during d match
at least can chat wont be so boring..
anyway quite fun mamak-ing at KF

watched Predators 2days ago at 1B
went 1B with a very ugly shirt and shorts..
what I mean ugly is REALLY UGLY..
like what I wore when stay home whole day den go down tapao that type..
so it is UGLY..
luckily is a very late show and nobody shopping thr dy..
when we (me, ruite, ct, kist) reached cinema there it actually closing
they let us buy also..popcorn everything is closed..
imagine how late were we..
it was a sudden plan
it was suppose a dinner then back home dy who know we suddenly turn to 1B for movie
like such excitment sudden plan really exciting haha

going back kg.E d boring hostel tomorrow I guess
will definately miss here..stayin here so freely
I am so lazy now..
haven ready and not prepared yet for new sem
wake up lo~~!!!! study lo..stop dreaming dy..work hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


27th May 2010
Cochrane-syan's old house
participant- baobao with platinum card XD
bdayboy/gal- syi kwei hui ml
others- ye ewei susan syan tommy leon kk john

day b4 BBQ Bday thing I went shopping with ewei getting their presents
and tat day wake up quite early and prepare everything for d precious wonderful nite
mornin meet up with syi and syan buy charcoal and took brunch at hs's pan mee
next is JJ buy some food or whatever we haven get
then we heading to syan's house and prepare everything

my apple honeydew salad
oh ya when I buy d fruits that ah ma make me headache
I say I want half watermelon and there's only display quater which cut and ready for us
so I thought if I say I wan half she wil cut for me if she doesnt is ok
I just get 2 quaters lo but she I get 2 quaters she asking me why not get whole watermelon
I have to take 2 quaters and put it together and show her I wan half!!!
this ah ma make me headache..she dont und lo.. =X
anyway end up a man find a watermelon but smaller size for me =.=

today gathering, erm, birthday celebration is somehow everybody were there except ewon and peggy too bad
ewon went back kampar so early no idea..orientation I guess

skip all the preparation because its not important haha
so lets go to their presentsss...
ml and syi is 21st yrs old and of course their present is more special and costly
ml got a purse from HOL...and he actually stil got another new purse at home
haih..kinda waste money get him that..should get him a boxer or box of under haha
syi got a pendant from PohKong and a cheaplak necklace not cheaplak but not white gold lo
kwei and hui's present kinda cheap compare both them cuz they only 20yrs old
kwei got a famous amous choo choo train biscuit
hui never had a bday card so this time get him 1bday card and put some cash inside

ewei join us late because she have to go some temple for Wesak thing
kwei reach quite late too with her beloved john the only no platinum card but got gold card mayb haha
lot food we hardly finish those chicken wings, fishball so on..

when ewei join us she brought a wine too
she say wan drink and drunk wo haha
is a wine and we dont have that opener what to do
make d thing go inside that wine lo haha
then we can drink
that ewei say wan drunk but after few sip say dont want dy cheh

that nite some busy packing some busy talking some busy playing with food
we all did enjoy that nite I guess
at least some of us didnt meet long time then we can update to each other

well whole nite kwei staying with john and he didnt talk much
hope john can be more talkative and hang out more with us hehe

I didnt take any photos that day so not goin to post any of it
even if I got aso cant post la cant upload also haih..
those photos at FB..this time ml and leon quite efficient haha..not me hehe

Monday, July 5, 2010

Off to PD & Malacca

13 July 2010

2 cars heading to Port Dickson later nite
leaving KL ard 9pm+ hmm..lepak while mayb 10pm dy
meet up and PD here we go~~~~

2 cars goin, nicholas and waikit driving there
late nite ni go PD reach there also very late dy la..haih
but we got plan!!!

a mid9 bbq at PD sound fun rite..
but it not that fun when we do it because it was so tiring and mafan-ing haha
well at least we did bbq at PD so I hope every1 enjoy that sticky thing smoke thing dirty thing haha

oh ya, every1 have to pray and thanx God because we reached safely
waikit and nicholas speeding and we almost crash omg..dangerous lo is vey very dangerous ar!!!!
participant in this trip..
me of cuz, simyi, choiei, janice, ling, waikit, nicholas, danial, and choiei's fren..er forget wat his name(not important nvm le..)
we stayed ling's aunt house again such a nice view can see the not so beautiful sea haha
our first nite of the trip..
when going to bed everybody talk crap and non-stop laughing for nothing or some funny thing
only those who were there know it
for ignorance of janice, choiei please take note and rmb she is with us as a human hahahaha... xD

wake up quite early..
b4 we sleep we say want to wake early and play while at d beach there
but as usual, our style
alarm rang and we turn it off back to sleep again haha
so the beach thing we skip it..haha
after breakfast we continue our joy trip heading to Malacca

drive kinda far and I manage to color my nail there haha
once reach Malacca sure find place to eat lo..so hungry
called aunt and ask any special nice food
we went a restaurant behind a hotel
forget what the hotel name now, it was Ramadan Hotel
that restaurant selling variety food
the special is satay come in pork and the satay sauce got pineapple
not bad the taste and we ordered some dimsum type thing too

the satay and cendol!!

after lunch went to Jonker Street
a place where every1 will go if visit Malacca during weekend
Jonker88 if not mistaken
a stall selling cendol with very delicious gula melaka
there are lot type of cendol and ABC
those who love durian..
hehe..here ur chance to have a durian cendol
it is SUPERB delicious..yummy yummy
and can have a try at the 8 Treasure ABC something lidat

the design of that restaurant insde there is so antique
it stil remain the BabaNyonya style thing
is worth to have a look even though u think the cendol is not nice haha

eat eat eat is what we did
photos pictures camwhores is what we do all the times
and of course at Malacca where lot ppl here we wont miss this chance to camwhore
walk around and took lots pictures
Nicholas is so HK ppl style and we acted like tourist from HK Japan so on haha

well honestly Malacca I always go because it is so near
d last time I visit Malacca was CNY with baobaoz guys
went there for a movie and visit aunt while we come back dy stupid haha, PD too

mom off d next day and I suppose replace her but I was so playful
I duwan work and stay Malacca 1more nite with nicholas, janice and simyi
we stayed aunt's house tumpang a nite

so after a whole day camwhore with them we say bye bye because they have to go back
is rushing back..
we another car find aunt and bring her for dinner
b4 that went mahkota shop while because lack of clothes haha
I bought a dress there rm35..love it
those cheaplak dress that can find at Sg.Wang but I can try this bit more exp nvm lo
and undeniable the quality is really bit better than those at Sg.Wang
regreted I didnt buy the other long dress
met aunt she brought us to a restaurant near seaside
but the stupid gov want to make lot development and they tanam the sea haih
now I only can see a small river and stone instead of sea =(

hmm is dinner time so makan again
we ordered a squid because we changed our mind and want to go Portuguese Village for dinner
because those delicious portugal dishes can only find at Malacca

Portuguese Village is so totally different with the last time I went
it had change a lot I mean A LOT!!!
last time it was just some atap papan they make into a restaurant and it is above the sea
but now..hmm..is like a park with restaurants
it doesnt have those feel anymore because it developed
it is good for a place to develop but the feel is different and no more kampung feel too bad

here some advice for those who wana eat there
see, there's lot restaurants..10 restaurants
once u get down from car they will come and approach u
I mean serbu..
they will keep recommend their restaurant's specialty and suggest kinda force u to pay them a visit in their restaurant
so the situation is like some papparazzi come and ask ques like u're a big superstar
so beware of that and faster make up ur mind to get rid of them haha

we went restaurant no.4 if not mistaken
it speciality is chili crab
we ordered chili crab, bake otak2, belacan kangkung and garlic butter scallop
it so so SO DELICIOUS!!!!!
especially that scallop omg..delicious la
we ordered oyster from stall 1 I think
each rm6..not bad very fresh so juicy haha

otak2(left up) squid(right up) crab(middle) scallop(left down) oyster(right down)

after dinner/supper we went to the big ship there
there is a Kbox and so cheap
wana sing but too late dy..next time mayb
took a walk..the restaurant there is so nice..
nice spot for couples and friends

oh there's a club too..
is mirror d concept I dont really like it because everybody can see what happening inside..
and guys wearing shorts also can enter so weird rite..hmm..
it was a tiring day
sleepless nite too previous day
once take bath we all really sleep like a pig dy
next day a call wake nicholas up and us too
have to settle his citibank job thing

after everything done we ready our stuff and get ready to back KL
it kinda rush because nicholas didnt tel his mom we going out of KL
he told her he went PD only and next nite stayin friend's house
so we have to rush back and guess what
we only took less than 2hours to reach KL
imagine how fast he drive

from Malacca back KL less than 2hours!!!

that's all bout my trip I guess
had a nice days and nite with them
hope our friendship last forever!!! ^^

Sabah I back to u dy~~

reach KKIA on 3rd July ard 3.20pm..
thanx again waikit fetch me to airport..
thanx him a lot..this is the 2nd time he fetch me to airport...appreciate so much
wao..had a nice nite before back Sabah
hang out with friends at Peggy's house..
will going to post all about it soon and update my blog
because I am so free to blog now haha
since there's not much chances for me to hang out here
and I am boring and free to blog

my tripssss
what else
my outings with waichee they all
gathering with form6 mates
sing k session
clubbing..no clubbing update because went once ni so sad =(

anyway..I miss my buddies now..
those at KL..
I miss u guys alot..I mean A LOT!!!!!!!
haih..what to do I have to come back here =(