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Friday, October 30, 2009

1st Class Honor!!!!

2010 budget stated that if students grad wit 1st Class Honor, den their PTPTN loan will become scholarship!!!!!!!
so my dear uni frens....and those who taking loan from PTPTN..plx plx study hard..to achieve 1st class...den v no ned pay bac d loan!!!! hahahha
hence..to giv lot lot lot support and encourage for myself...that's wat I did..hehe

tat's my study table..messy hor..d sunsilk shampoo not tat good campare with d orange..

well..not focus my study table actualy..focus wat I wrote...

ta da.....so gambate every1...

study study study study!!!!!!!!!!

Fruit Fest..in room

thanx to my dearest direct senior roommate Nancy~~~
she brought lot lot lot fruits bac from her house I guess for us..
there's my favorite durian..very very delicious durian..
Nancy botakkan d durian lo..when I see d durian I have no idea it was a durian which no duri durian..
see..d durian without duri!!!
Qi thought it was a watermelon because it looks round..
den there's Qi favorite rambutan..

Nancy aso brought mata kucing, langsat and a new fruit I din see before..
only Sabah got tat fruit name.. bembangan/membangan...

weird fruit..is like a coconut izit..Qi said so..haha

d taste bit lik mango..but it got lot hirisan..den aso got bit taste lik nangka for me...
and actualy there is red and orange color durian..I haven try tat..wana try it if got tat chance..Nancy..hear tat?? haha

luckily d smell is not tat strong..if not my bedsheet so on will fll of durian'a aroma..aahaahah
too bad Miza dun like fruits...she is a carnivore..she dislike vege & fruit..Miza only like apple..wat else..hmm..ya..chocolate..ahahah
sounds familiar..haha..our black princess..annie was lidat..now better ^^
at least she eat certain vege and fruit..haha..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've been listening to boring presentation since 9am til now, 3.22pm
so so boring..and I'm using on-screen keyboard to blog now..lol..sound pathetic...haha
I wana go 1B to check out hp...!!!!
when will tis class end???
if leave now den no tipsss for final wo..how how how?????
I tink d only choice is wait sit listen til d all groupsssssss finish d presentation lo...haih...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Same destiny with Aaron See

hmm..wonder where is our similarity rite..
what destiny are we facing??
how come 2 person who so different from many way got same destiny
I'm in Sabah, he is in KL but we got same destiny..
well...my roommate aso got d same destiny too..

hmm..guessing what the hell..what d destiny..
let me tell u all la..
I lost my hp this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll buy a new hp soon..when I'm bac to kl..

well..got a fren rily salute me because she said
if she was d 1 who lost her hp sure she crying and not acting slamber lik me..
I jux normal..mayb because I noe I cant do anything with it..
if the person is nice, sure I can get bac my hp rite..
depend on luck, on wat God's plan
luckily mom aso ok when I told her..
btw..wat can she react rite..

how I lost it..haih.it just a short short story ni..not long..
this morning cas&chloe said no bus fetching them
so once I get on d bus I wana cal and ask them try to go to d main road and wait for d bus i'm sittting
den I aso 4get whether I keep it bac to pocket not..
den chloe pass me something and I keep it in bag..when reach ODEC den sure get down from bus lo..
den walk down to ODEC..when reach touched my pocket..
omg..is empty!!!!!!
when my pocket is empty, it means my hp is not inside pocket whisch it suppose to be inside my pocket..
chloe called my hp and it fly into voicemail dy..
so fast lo..less than 15minutes I tink...duno la..but for sure it just a short period
I lost my hp er..now nobody can contact me dy..
I lost everybody contact number..
when I got hp and new number..I'll inform u guys..den jux drop me ur hp thru email or msn or watever le..haih..
kesian veronica ni..tis wat they said d whole morning...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sabah is nice...

just as nice as my nails..hahahhaha

though KL got lot things I love so much..
food..shopping complex..frenz...many many la..
but Sabah got things I like aso..
d scenery here rily damn cun..
KL only got car&tall tall building..
Sabah got nice nice tree, nice nice sky..haha
ppl alwax say 'foreign country's moon is more nice, more round'
but I can confirm that..
Sabah sky's is much more nicer than KL..hahahahah

nice le..orange orange sky..

today is my last presentation..
everything will end after d presentation..
tat's wat I tink..but a junior..ml, ur bro told me that..
that is only d beginning..
well..after consider bout it..
realize that wat d junior said is true..I so mou zi..he so mature..hahahahah
I manage to ka ka cau cau while in d last tutorial room..ahaha
I sing in thr..hahhah..though I duno lot lyric yet shouting is my favorite..haha

ppl use mic to present but I use it to shout.. xp

berlagak cool huh...tis is d place I did my presentation...only bell is same group with me..fen&yihweng not..

Jessie's belated Bday

let me introduce another new fren..Jessie..coursemate aso..

19 oct 09 is her bday and every1 of us almost forget tat..
but..as a new fren, we did manage to make a small small suprise for her belated bday celebration
we just had a small celebration at library cafe..
though sound so cheaplak..at cafe but she did appreciate it..
she cry le..her tears...scare us lo..
not many ppl not grand special celebration but at least we got heart~~!!!!
well..I tink nobody ever do wat we did yday..hehe
jessie likes ice-cream too..
so..hehe..deng deng deng deng....

waffle and ice-cream buy separately lo..

An Ice-cream a day, keep d doctor Away

today's peppermint ice-cream

since bell & chloe love ice-cream so so much...
a soft hearted person like me will easily get affected..
I aso love ice-cream dy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if not mistaken..is monday

almost every meal got ice-cream as dessert..
if bit kua cheong...
rily cant survive without ice-cream tat day..hahah

but confirm I wont buy ice-cream&waffle when I bac KL
because tauke in KL so so smart..so stingy..
it jux a small small scope ni...
d workers here very generous..ice-cream giv big big scoop..
den waffle put lot lot jem..aahhahahh

mayb u wont believe me cuz u din see prove rite..
here's d prove....

it only 2scoops..compare wit my finger..same lo..2scoops ni le..

bell with her ice-creamssss

Thursday, October 22, 2009


satisfied after a Sushi King Bonanza Marathon..haahhhahah

1month eat cheap cheap food aso nvm!!
I ate twice times of sushi king in a day..
well within few hours..
my 'brunch' is sushi with yihweng, fen, kelvin & bell..ard 1pm
dinner with cas, chloe & bell again..ard 6pm
in between I had my dessert at secret recipe..hahahah
so enjoy..damn enjoy d day..
I applied sushi member card..
printed my favorite beloved unagi~~

belong to miss veronica ^^

btw, yday I ate lot lo..
rm98.90 for 43plates..43 le..hahaha..is for d lunch

here only half of it..

nite only 4 of us and I kinda full..
so we ate 27plates ni..not bad ma..hehe


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fast Fast Listen-Slow Slow Talk

how to improve ur communication skill??
we must fast fast listen slow slow talk..lol..
tat's my class in church for 2weeks..
hmm..kinda lazy wana explain everything
but in these lessons..
I learned lot..

I listened to wat ppl wana say,
dun interrupt or cut in when ppl talk
pay attention when somebody talk is wat v rily must hav as a student

I shudn't mengumpat ppl
I rily like mengumpat..lik2 talk bout others
when I wana express my feeling, e.g I dislike some1
I will tell lot ppl
roommate, frenssssssss...
it consider mengumpat le..
is not good..so v shud stop it
especially back stabbing
though I din do tat..

hmm..if u ask me am I a christian?
I rily hav2 ask myself tat ques for several timesssss
I cant answer tat ques actualy..
stil blur blur floating somewhere middle of d sea..
because a complicated religion background
til now stil cant stick to 1 religion
rily hope within this few years in Sabah I can figure out
which is d best religion for me..

does God rily speak to us?
izit some ppl can hear wat God said?
how God show he is here?
can this be prove and see by my eyes?
or all just exist because we believe?

silly ques come from stupid mind..
make up my mind faster le..hhmmpphh...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Counseling session

counseling session at 1B Pizza Hut??

last 2weeks our counseling session has ended
wonder wat's wrong wit me ned to attend counseling session??
I was helping out a senior to do her assignment
it was a group counseling

glad to join d group
I got many knowledge and experience
at least I can imagine and know something or what shud I do nex year
when I handle a counseling session
happy to noe so much new frens, seniors..
only 4 of us are 1st year..

budak baru blajar..

others 2nd year..
senior tu..hav2 respect them lo..
nex time can ask them tunjuk ajar dy..ahaha

d gals' power.. *chin*teresa*bell*veron*

last friday our counselor blanja makan..
because we help her wo..
so we went Pizza Hut at 1B..
thanx Teresa..had a wonderful dinner

guys alwax d moniroties..haha.. *weng*quek*kist*fen*ruite*

wonder we will gather not in future
wonder we will contact each ther not le..
I hope we can gather alwax..hav a lunch or dinner..watever as long as gather.. ^^

btw..bell rily naughty lo..
like budak2..after wana play wit those bowl, cup..so on..

she aso ajak me lo..
well..I think it so creative so artistic ni play with d bowls..(finding excuses..hehe)

lazy bum bum

tis 2days I so so relax
enjoy my life

boiling drama every nite..'The Little Nyonya'
wat an amazing exciting story..
after drama is sleeping time..
wed had a nice sleep..
nice weather, nice sleep, nice drama
woke at noon..ard 12 and take a nap ard 5
wat a wonderful life..hehe

yday chloe had role play and she got a mustache
I wonder how she look like wit d mustache
but that's how I look like...lol..

uncle ..


had a delicious wonderful ice-cream 2days strike
green tea & peppermint.....yam & corn
sedap nyer..
very very fat arrgghhh
after ice-cream is chocolate..haih..
gemuk nyer..


wat else I wana blog le..
just wana share wat i'm doing lately..
roommate busy with her assignment and I busy with my dramassss
though I got assignment haven finish and ned2 hand in on monday
tues got presentation..tat I'm k cuz I noe
friday presentation kinda -ready to die-
i dun rily und wat am I goin to present

btw..monday presentation suckss
and d facebook 'how lucky today' aso suckss
tat day I misund wat lect wan..instead present contents we shud present how we organize our essay
stupid lo...whr got ppl present how we organize our essay..aarrgghhh...!!!
d 'how lucky today' says I got >50% luck, unfortunately tat not my lucky day..
tipu orang lo..penipu...ggrrr..

ya..tats all..
whole week I aso duno wat hav I done
wat lect taught I dun rmb and so on
hate it..alwax wana wish to grad wit 1st clas..
I shud keep on dreaming rite with tat attitude..
hhmmm..is time to sleep if stil think wana grad with1st class.. xp

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

May I know ur Name?

this is a phrase..a sentence that hardly come out from my mouth to a stranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so..lets give Bell a very very very BIG clap...
applause to Bell~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today she surprised us with this sentence to a (very handsome, according to her) guy from SKTM
she admire him so much and she hav d courage d bravery to do this
which I think wont happen on me.. xp
Bell is so so geng..salute..cool..
she so happy today..finally she done d dare from her roommate.. ^^
hmm..wonder what will she do nex..
congratzz Bell for ur successful
she got his contact aso..happy le Bell..haha
I think ur phone bill will reach d peak coming month..hahah
becareful ur mom complain d bill...hahahahhaha

today is d last day for Tamu Gadang..convo as well
so jealous when see ppl graduate especially grad wit 1st class..
I aso wana graduate faster..and with 1st class..ahahah..mimpi la..haih
wonder who will come for my convo..I wan everybody attend for it..hahahah

btw, yday went tamu aso
omg..another funny thing from Bell
today my blog focus on her ni.. xp
she wana noe her blood group..but she scare..
she scare d pain which will not pain when d needle cucuk (4get wat eng mean) her finger
so in d end
the guy cucuk and thr's no blood come out cuz she too nervous
d guy say 'tak ada darah keluar la..kamu pergi jalan 1round dulu la..relax dulu'
finally, thr's blood come out from d 2nd finger..haha
and she belong to O+
yihweng, fen aso..I'm A+
took some photos..
btw, all this blood group, bmi, photos from medic booth..
this how we look lik when 5months in mom's 'belly'..haha

this is during 2nd or 3rd month prenancy

Thursday, October 8, 2009

zap ba lang

d beach..pulau manukan

wats zap ba lang??
well..zap ba lang is a phrase in cantonese..tink so..
means everything..campur-aduk
wat aso got..so today..my blog..
zap ba lang
got trip, food, jalan2, exam, pesta tanglung, and watever

trip to Pulau Manukan
it was on 16sept2009
1day after my bday..^^ (rmb my bday dy??)
is church's Family Day..they jealous our skol got family day so they aso wan a family day
1st year only me & andy ni..others seniors....nvm..
d beach thr..wao..nice..beautiful
I can see fishes on top of d water..while I swim..
can see d colourful fishy???

erm..fish spa mayb..can try there..hehe
I got sunburn lo..
my face red red lik a red apple..or a char siew???
3days later..d skin peel off..yucks..
my arms..so ugly!!!!! face ok la..stil tat cute..ahahaha
but arm..not nice dy..sad..haih..

nex..2nd thing wana blog is..2days ago, tues..
Tamu Gadang, Pesta Konvo UMS..
is another pasar malam in campus..haha
I rily got tat feel la..d pasar malam feel when got lot stall selling foodsssssss
which can buy lot and share with frens..
got kacang rebus, kebab which is so so diferent wit kl's kebab
ikan bakar, fruit juice, jeruk
another feel beside pasar malam is..MAMAK
because some stall got table chairs so on..
and few of us, me, bell, cas, chloe, lingming, 'shiyen', jessie
had a nice fun chat in a stall and we ordered mee goreng mamak
so so delicious...
satay*nasi oreng kampung*mee goreng mamak

today went there again..food here I come
nasi briyani..aimed that on tues and today i attack it..haha
so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!! d maggi goreng..
finaly I can eat maggi goreng dy!!!!! very very delicious...sedap!! ho chak!! ichiban...!!
oh ya..bell saw a (according to her) very very handsome guy...she like tat type..haha
lot stall selling flowers & bears..for those wana grad..

almost half of that row sell this..there got 4 rows..imagine tat..

why alwax gic flowers, bears ar?? nothin else more useful?? creative bit la..
3 and half years later plx give me something useful
but I wan flowers aso!!!! hahaha..

Pesta Tanglung on mid-autum festival..
2 oct 09..padang kawad palapes
pasar malam feel..got lot food...chinese food..!!
though no babi but better than malay food again..
got sotong kangkung, takoyaki (cheaplak), fried mushroom, tau foo fa, mua chi
we bought those and get a place to sit
enjoy our meal..a small group consisit of 4gals who got bit sot sot yet pretty smart cool cute..hahahah
sit a corner and hav our own 'yuet guang hui' instead watch those performances
keep shouting lik nobody business
'hak zhi ma-wah~, bak zhi ma-wah~, hak zhi ma bak zhi ma- wah wah wah~~~'
ate mooncake bought from KL by bell's mom..
thanx aunty..thus..tong kee mooncake very funny
'chiu kap bak lin yung' - ultimate white lotus
after a nice meal..ready to watch performance..krung~~~ thunder lighting..raining~~~
very bad lo..so 'sou heng'..so we take d umbrella den bac hostel..bye pesta tanglung..

erm..wat else..
mid-term result..
overall..not bad..for my major la..
ppib-acedemic tat eng..sucks..so 4get it..
life-span ok la..more than half..in action aso more than half..
counseling very bad..but ok la..1st time..nex time work harder..

YungFen likes those bun soft toys..he got 3..
bell kinda like it aso..here she goes..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tired- - - - - because of trip!!!

I am so so tired!!!!
I am so so exhausted..
because of..






rafting at Tenom!!!!!

last saturday went Tenom for rafting..my koko lo..
sukan perahu bcome rafting..but stil so exciting..
tat day rily a very very good experienced I got..
up hill down river
siong san lok sui


start our journey at 7am, gather at our kg. bus stop
though only 22students and 1coach..23 of us but v had a nice day!!
morning had breakfast inside d ums bus airline serve by me..veronica d bus-hostess
depart from IP ard 8am and reach Tambunan ard 10am?? mayb..not sure bout d time
because d scenery at Tambunan Gunung Mas (I think so)
had totally make me stunt..
d place is so beautiful..is lik..Cameron Highland..

nice le..

tats go up d hill..later we'll go down d river
after a long long bus journey to Tenom
noon v reached..hungry..
coach ordered nasi goreng for every1
and we had our lunch inside train..
d train..omg..rily is train..kereta api..not lrt not ktm not monorail..is those
choo- - choo~~~ krung krung krung~~choo- - choo~~~
walao..it so..antique..never find it in kl lo..never!!
d train is lik our bus..it so common for them
d place thr..where I went..kinda kampung..
stil haven totally develop yet they got ASTRO!!!
rumah papan..lik louya louya but got astro..geng lo...

finally reach our destination place
for our rafting program
chit chat while wit every1 and found out tat..
coach only 24yrd old!!!
no wonder lik budak2 la...he damn nice la..he plan for tis trip..normally student plan it wat but him..hahah..nice coach..
had a brief explanation or wat it called ar..aiya..some ppl talk bout d rules&regulation lidat..
den v take our boat and headed to d river!!
rafting here I come~~!!!!

so exciting..very chi gik lo..
my 1st time rafting..walao..omg..syok nyer..
many big rapid..d name so funny
headhunter, scooby-doo, big mama, cobra..so on la..4get dy
few times v almost fall out from d boat
rily very challenging&exciting..oli sure love it..

bac we hav2 rush to d train station b4 5.30pm
tats d last train..tink so..
d train is so so small..is lik 1gerabak ni..
how can it squeezeee so many ppl
it rily can..jux imagine u're in India
den tats how I stand near d door enjoy d scene
imagine I'm in India..sardin..

d station where v get on ums bus after rafting

love it..love d 1day trip..
though is koko but..consider trip la..
nite had kfc..delicious..coach blanja lo...
aiya..pendek kata..he damn nice la..
my roommate wana kenal2 him after I tel her his age..haahhahah

hope can go again with baobaozz..oli..eric..allie..elaine..so on la.. (^.^)Y

Friday, October 2, 2009


tired because of playing around during holiday
tired because of working after playing around
why working?? because wana earn $ and play again
tired because lack of sleep
lack of sleep because rush my assignment & presentations

today done my presentation for life-span
bout Death&Bereavement
william last last minute cant come to tutorial and nobody prepare for his part
wat2 do..goreng saja la..read out his slide den simply giv examples lo
my part of cuz I can do it..so overall..ok lo..GOOD JOB
because I din prepare, I finished my slide yday nite at 2am and today i can present it well
my classmates und wat we presented..so happy with our performance ^^
and duno our presentation very good or our topic so important..we goin2 present it in lecture class on week14..3weeks more..drop on 20 Oct 2009
I tink I will scare lo..d class so big..lecture le..omg..nvm..good experience ^^

last saturday after spending whole nite outside and continue to work- part time
and I so tired...work in a 5star hotel I tink
d banquet..nice..grand le..

Shang'ri La hotel at Tanjung Aru..rm6/hour..kinda lil lo..big hotel so highclass but our pay jux..haih..
work as waitress for wedding dinner..chinese wedding dinner
d bride&bridegroom is well educated..grad in England..rich..their family is so rich
banquet with 63tables means ard 630ppl they invite
and those ppl looks rich with their dresses, jewelries and so on
they got lot performances by duno who
their dishes so delicious..omg..wish I can eat some..sharkin cant finish, prawn cant finish, fried rice only eat lil..wish I can curi makan
but too busy and tired and those plates damn heavy till I dun hav 3rd hand to curi makan
their food seem very very delicious..so hungry when tink bout it
they got wine..some of my fren tasted and they puji x henti2..whisky so on
so it shown how rich are them

wed went KK with bell, yiweng & fen
wana go bank...damn broke er..den go post office buy setem hasil for ptptn (kao tim dy..)
found a restaurant not bad..not so mahal and delicious

my shredded duno wat mee, tau foo fa, herbal chicken, d kan lau mee aso delicious..

d tau foo fa there so sedap..nex time wana bring cas&chloe along.. ^^

d cream puff not bad le..kobe I tink..
chocolate pudding doesnt taste tat nice..mayb I dun like..

later will go pesta tanglung
tomorrow go tenom for my koko
hope everything will b fine ^^