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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Uni Life

so late on9 so late blog blog because I just back from taklimat..
so tired so damn tired..
d campus damn damn big..omg~~!!!! hav2 walk damn far lo..hate it..
beside d transportatin, d bus thing..others seems ok to me..nothing..no complain besides I need to walk damn far..

anyway..just wana update bout uni..UMS..
my hostel..kampungE (which is d best among all..got cc, washing machine, nice cafeteria..etc..)
my room..not bad..only got 2ppl..my house..stil2ppl..which is me&a gal from sabah, vina..
her house is only 30minutes from uni..so damn near..
so no any prob is sharing bathroom all tat..and she quite nice aso..
she's a christian..but bit look lik malay..
my house got 3rooms..inside d 3rooms got 4beds..

thats my room..2doubledeck..tats not me&roommate..is elaine&fungyee

inside d house stil another room..bathroom..1bathroom, 3toilet..but toilet got shower aso..so stil ok la..

that's my study table..jux beside my bed..well..near bed charge hp aso easier..theyw atchin drama..cuz they feel damn borin..

i've bought a coupon..voucher..on9 8hours with rm10..haih..kesian..
i tink after this..wont on9 dy cuz i duwan waste so much $$ lo..
i've book 23nov09 bac kl..and cny aso..13feb..wait for me~~!!!! hehe

my 1st flight..Ak 5122..think so..4get dy.. xp

thanx to baobao..they really nice to me..
they come and help me pack my luggage..
susan sookyan sponsored Gsoft pens..and eraser..thanx syan..
syi bought starbucks, java chips..
leon fetch kwei from asia jaya i tink...love them lot..
so suprise when kwei pop out in fron of my eyes..damn suprise..damn touched..
she come bac all d way from kampar with ewon&ewei letters..and their spirit..mayb..haha\thanx d earlier(so early) bday cake..thanx lot..
and aso 'ho B Zai'...i hug him everynite..

without him I sure cant sleep well..

Sunday, June 21, 2009


today I've cried for several times..
bad temper day..kinda d only day spend with mom&bro..but..I ruined everything..
I duno..I just very hot temper..talk to them 1kind..I hate that..I duno why I act that way..
mayb too stress...tension with everything that d stupid gov planned for us..
within 1week wan us settle everything..body check up, document, flight and everything..

morning..wake by cass..she called and asked wana book d flight not..they goin on 26thJune09 morning..arrive ard 1pm..I think bout it..and it makes me headache..
noon..went out..take cab go hukm for body check up but they say just do for staff, public cant do it..so after paid rm6 go hukm for 15minutes, I took cab bac home with rm4..
evening..mom, bro, foo, loong gor & me go lowyat..bro wana get d new pc..
at 1st plan to buy a new laptop..but after walk ard ask d price..
talk/discuss/argue with mom because of my stupid emotion stupid temper..no mood buy..
because I duno what to buy and I know nothing..yet keep askin me..
of course I answered dunno and mom hate d way I answer..so..laptop x jadi beli..bro bu new pc, new monitor lcd mayb, new speaker with bass..fuck him..i hate him using lot $$ while I save it..

I duwan buy new laptop cause I think mayb I can save bit..use d old lousy cheaplak laptop..just for study stil can 'min keong' use..very paksa tat way..
when I save he spend..hate him..nvm..that's him..I duwan b like him..use mom $$ b4 think..hate him!!!!!!
why cry...because too tension..because d way I talk to mom..because I'm leaving soon and everything seems haven settle down..because mom ask many ques which I duno d answer..hate it..
now I wish d malacca is off..but cant because v paid everything..haih..anyway..just wana update bout my departure..hahahah

26th June 2009, Friday, 7.30 will depart..KLIA..take note!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


today..Friday, 19June09
and key in everything that needed..and a word pop out..
so..wats in ur mind now..hehe..mohe is gov website and d word tahniah shows?? hehe
I got offer from University Malaysia Sabah a.k.a UMS
located at KotaKinabalu..I also duno whr izit located..
my course...Psikologi Kaunseling..
why in BM le..I hope d whole course wont use bm lo..BI is d best.. ^^
I had2 register at Sabah on 28June09, which means 1week from now my life in KL
but..I'm going Malacca on 22-24..3days wasted..jux lidat..
many ppl I haven say bye..haven meet..my relatives, aunts,uncle, couz they al..FRIENDSSSS..
many thing I haven do yet..trip...Perhentian, M.O.S, Poppy..my 21st Bday..haih.. *sob*
wat2 do..gov is lidat..everything jux last minute and u hav2 settle it..hate it..damn..
anyway..date me ASAP if u wan..friday nite, 26June09 kena book dy..haha..
DATE ME b4 I go Sabah~~!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


erm...I'm not sure whether I got d correct name for d nice nice restaurant..Pastis..
today..well..yday..cuz it happened on 16June09, 8pm..
with syi&mom..we had our dinner..

a white sauce creamy cheesy spaghetti, sandwich, strawberry cake, boston cheese cake, chips, salad & a glass of apple juice..

is SO DELICIOUS..sedap...hao chi..hou sik..hau sit..ho chak~~!!!!
its located at The Gardens, Ground floor..
imagine d place and try to estimate d price..our delicious dinner..
and guess wat..all of those nice delicious food cost rm48 only!!!!!!!

because they havin promotion..dinner buy1free1..
after 7pm, weekdays..not included public holiday those days la..
and I tink d strawberry cake having promotion but duno til when..50% off..30% off for all cakes after 6pm..
so u guys can hav a try there..nice le..delicious..

strawberry cake

boston cheese cake..

sandwich -bacon,egg,chicken fillet mayb-

d plate is so big!!!! food jux a small part in d middle..

but actualy d portion quite big..sedap..white sauce spaghetti

my pretty mom..my 'chun' mom..haha

today almost whole day lepak at KL Sentral..b4 that lepak at Pavilion KFC while..meet saibou, zakee..
den zakee 4low us to MV..he wana buy a bible..he goin baptise soon..congratzz
b4 that..we rily waste our time at KL Sentral waiting duno wat..nvm..4get d sad part..
us at MV radioactive

reach MV bought durian pancake..sedap..but mahal..den sit down hav some dessert..
we so so thirsty..and took some pic..quite number of pic taken..cause..
I'm using d new bag..mom bought it..after less aso rm90 ar!!!! b4 less..rm300+ er..mahal..

durian pancake..sedap..

*i'll get syi pic asap..and post it..^^

I'm heading Kampar tomorrow..opps..is later..hahhaah...1pm train..yes..wait me Kampar..my dearsssss over there...ahhahahahah..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life Is Unpredictable

thats's what every said..when heard d news..

today got d news tat sara liew's mom had pass away..
sad to hear that..though we're not close yet when u hear d news..
feel sad for sara..her mom still young lo..
and I think she must so so damn sad when got d news because its all of a sudden..
life is so unpredictable is what every1 can say..

this is kinda bad..
many ppl die..wk's dad..
man gu father in law..
sara's mom..
among all this..I think d most tough to accept is sara..
others might have prepare and ready for it because they knew it..
but..sara..is so sudden and it hurts..for sure it hurt a lot more compare d others..

I cant follow them to show respect on wed because I'm goin off kampar..
anyway..I hope she can g thru all this with bravery and courage..
time heals..hope so..

Monday, June 15, 2009

work work work~~

last weekend..sat&sun..
work at wangsa maju carrefour..aiyo..
damn freaking boring lo...so so boring..standing thr giving out some pamphlet..
my job..
wearing panasonic I Love Weekend black t-shirt, standing, giving out pamphlet, promote panasonic's product..cincai say cuz v duno~~
partner..ml..so so boring lo..work from 12pm-9pm..
stand thr do nth..haih..nvm la..get pay by standing..not bad..

doesnt hav any pic cuz v cant bring hp when working..borin rules...
nvm la..tink of $$ and d prob fly..hahaha..$$ come to me..

i ned lot $$ lo..for my trip..
kampar on 17-19 June..
A'Famosa on 22-24 June..
wonder oscar plan d trip not..
i ned lotsssss..tonnes of $$...hahahhaah..giv me giv me..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mix up~

1st time Sunday sing k lo..
at Redbox summor..
met nicholas..he working thr..
sing with saibou&pmun..3of us sing 4hours..yea..thanx nicholas so v got 4hours I tink
quite lot song I can sang thats why nex day, san bday din really sing much..cuz hav2 take contract..

tuesday..work as receptionist again..Mitsui..
back to d 1st company I start my receptionist..
meet lot person that I met 2months ago..
they stil rmb me..not bad..
finally I know d lengzai I admire name..Sakan..
wonder he is Japanese or what..he doesnt look like japanese
he is tall, fair..duno le...d feel is ang mo..
but name Sakan..wondering*
nvm..he is damn smart..handsome..sweet..watever le..hehe

help pn.ong (f6 form teacher) in Ping Pong competition..
is state level..lot chinese..most of them are chinese..
cochrane got wakil lo..KL..Nigel&Nicholas..proud of them..
saw a 'leng'zai..SHE is so so damn 'leng'zai..
omg..she can b a smart handsome cool tb yet a pretty gal..she got d look..

tml, thursday will go thr too..
kompleks sukan cheras I think..nex2 kompleks renang BTR..
well..because of this..I miss a rm60/half day job..
I promise to help here so I hav2 responsible for it..
I wont go just lidat..though high pay..
nvm..I got rm40 here..

San 20th Bday

Monday, 8 June 2009

a very very simple celebration for Susan..
jux gather few of us..really few of us because many of them stay in Kampar..
syan got class, syi date by her friends for gym..
left 5 of us went sing k..guess who..
d very free Me..bday gal San, ml, hui, leon..
I din ask tommy cuz I think he is working during that time..

went sg.wang Greenbox..omg..lotsss human were there..mayb seafood..
sing from 2-5pm..actualy..its not really nice celebration..
I also din think and plan it..lazy mayb..
sorry San..hehe

after sing, 6ppl (syan) went into capsule for d 1st time..
we had dinner at Queen'sPark..d pumpkin porridge steamboat..
syi&syan joined us for diner..

this year no cake for San cuz save $$, cut cost..hehe..
bought Majorlica-Majorca eyeliner&mascara..
I wana buy it badly but no $$..haih..
so we din really sing bday song..nvm la..nex year la.. hehe xp
so thats all I think..really simple hor..haha

Sunday, June 7, 2009


am I annoying??
am I irritating??
am I busybody..damn kepoh so 8??
am I stupid??
am I lazy??
am I alwax find an excuse to cover up some mistake or my bad attitude??
am I naive??
am I a good, nice friend??
am I a good daughter??
am I a good sis??
am I jual mahal??

those I really cant answer it..any1 can help me..mayb I know d answer but I wana confirm it..or what do u think bout me..haih..stupid post huh..I aso duno why feel so..but..jux got d feel wana post tis out..hhaha
any comment?? leave it in d comment box..chat box aso can but u cant write long wo..hahaha..

Saturday, June 6, 2009


what I've been doing for these 2months??
stay home..lepak..go out while..go some1 house over9 few days den bac home..
not working..if got part time is ok..but when thr's no part time..omg..wana die..

well..I think..spending spree is coming soon..
when every1 stop working..b4 July lidat..all plan for trip..
omg..where can I find those $$$$$$$$..
I shud earn more while it stil early of may..
who noe..lepak lepak..time flies...terbang..

nvm le..d result of uni application will release soon..
3rd week of June..so mayb 19 lidat..
it jux 2weeks to go..so..
lepak 2weeks more than work hard lo..

today lepak with syi again..den ml while..
really duno what to do dy..
find peggy chat while..
sorry syan..ffk..sorry..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

House Warming

May 31, 2009

house warming at Puchong..Bandar Bukit Puchong I think..B-05-03A..is my beloved Allie Yap Yoke Foong..Foong gu new house..well..I've stayed thr dy..hehe..so not so special for me dy..and most of d decoration..haha..my idea le..not bad huh..especially those curtains..I choose most of all..haha..

go there quite not convenience..because no car..lot drivers but limited car..car at Puchong..impossible they go all d way down to Cheras and back Puchong, night send us back again rite..so I decided follow mom to The Curve and get d car..

morning bro suppose wake up and follow lo..end up he just cant wake and mengamuk..grr..hate him..dont care him..whatever..I bring lappy along and have nice Dark Berry Mocha..damn enjoying..hehe..

back to house warming..meet lot of them..I miss them so so much..as usual...relatives lo..lazy state out la..so many of them..special, mayb Hen&Yu lo..man gu din go..cuz 100days rule..

nite Lily drive ll d way to Damansara le..not bad..applause..haha..and we played L4D...thanx to JJ..kacau ni..ajak me, lily & yik go play..den mom 'beh song' cuz she hav2 wait us..grr...

well..long post but no point..hahahahha...post this cuz I realize what I post alwax related to frenz..family I din really post it..so this time..Family post...ahahah

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dark Berry Mocha

promoting Starbucks Dark Berry Mocha....
a super delicious yummy beverage that I lately fall in Love with..
I am really that into it~~!! haha
1st time had Dark Berry Mocha is..The Curve..
1st time bring my lappy out and sit thr..enjoy a nice drink..
2nd time had Dark Berry Mocha is..today..with syi..at PGRM..
2nd time bring lappy out and enjoyed for few hours..and a Tuna Sandwich too..haha..
damn enjoying weh..but it cost..
today is d 2nd time meet up wit syi..
yday had diner with her at Yulek..steamboat..
today chatting ard at starbucks..and dinner at yap choong..
another makan promoting..hahaha
Restaurant Yap Choong..peng leng zeng..murah cantik sedap..cheap nice delicious..
hmm...tomorrow hanging out with syi again..at jj..
lately both of us keep meet each other..
mayb we're damn free..nothing to do..haha
oh yea..we planning a Kampar trip on 17-19 june..
mom kinda approve...haha..so..utarian..wait us...~~!!!