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Thursday, April 26, 2012

It hurts

been neglecting my blog for a while..
until now still very very busy and I still not doing things I should finish up

got something that really bothers me lately
until I have no mood, really no mood
this is not me, I don't want to be what I am now
I dont like it..never like who am I now
have to change
change back or change to a person I wish I want to be I like to be

it hurts when I cant do things I like
it hurts when I cant accept who am I
it hurts when I cant accept what others did to me
but I have to accept it
because this is life..
this world is not just and fair
so, things will not happen as I like as I want it to be

just be grateful of what happens everyday
be grateful when I can wake in the morning
and sleep during the night

love myself before anybody love me..sunburn on me  is thing that had happened and never forget I got  such sunburn although it might gone and back to my fair skin

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Double Happiness

double rainbow double happiness
this I saw when I was driving to airport, basically stuck at the jam
and I saw this double rainbow <3
such a lovely opening of my trip
fetch cousins and aunt and friends at airport
they will be here from today, Tuesday until Saturday yuhoo~~

now online-ing, will be sleeping at Cititel Express
back from Gayang Seafood Restaurant at Jalan Sulaman
will update a complete post soon..
tomorrow early morning will drive to Kundasang
will stay a nite at Golden Kundasang Highland
hmm..guess will be chilling chilling cool cool..
then Thursday morning will go to Kudat..yes yes I want to go and snap lot photos there
I mean they taking picture of me inside it hahaha

tons of assignment waiting for me..
right after I back from Kudat on Thursday, 
I hate have to start an assignment and rush it like nobody business
because Friday will go island early morning until night only back *sigh*
that damn report I have to finish it before Friday night
imagine do I have time to do..think...damn it...

anyway, don't let those stupid fucking irritating stuff spoiled my mood
here is a short message I want tell all my dear lecturers

Dear Lecturer, semester break or holiday is for us to relax and enjoy ourselves once a while because we deserve a little holiday after so many hardwork. Giving assignments or midterm after semester break is not helping at all because we as student will delay our work..end up, holiday like shits..please consider we are not only student for 1 lecturer but at least 7..so, each lecturer ask us to do a little thing will become a lot already. Please understand us and bare with us..Try to think some alternatives or new changes of system or what for students' better future..

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool

why 1st of April is April Fool??
I don't care it just another day for me to live..
this year April Fool or today is so so special
thanks to Golden Screen Cinema for giving out free movie tickets =)
as GSC's 25 Anniversary and coincidentally 1st April where everyone they giving out free ticket is a joke?
NO JOKE.. GSC is giving out 25, 000 free movie passes for the show at 2.50pm
of course first come first serve basis
so I woke up super early, go Gaya Street, to find some spot or scene for our movie *what movie? next time I'll share*
with Taira, Janice and Yuan
then 10am I go to Suria and queue for movie passes
Mirror Mirror is the movie we will watch later ngek ngek

yuhoo~~ yellow means free izit?
actually me and yuan got duty for KKFM
is UMS Roadshow 2012 at Suria Sabah 
if you want to know more about UMS, and manage to read it now
come to Suria Sabah, we will have booths from each school that might suitable for you
come and ask to know more about it
we wil be here until 6pm =)

For U, I care

this is a special post for a special one..
she is so so active 
not in sport, but her mouth..sometimes, most of the time

she is younger than me only 1 yr
she still like a princess
physically from gal to lady
mentally..erm, got la grow hahaha
she is Annie *Gabrielle* Lim Ker Wei 

why my post about her?
because is her Birthday =)
I actually forget late to wish her because I was busy
here a special Birthday post for u <3

below u can choose any present you want
these from Langkawi le..dont play play haha

earing?? look nice rite...

ring?? I got a similar one..
a colorful one?

lot chocs rite?? hehehe.. chocolate or me?? ngek ngek

hmmm..is a little bit hard for me to get u those present le..
so if u wan so much, u may download it and print it out
then make it a 3D fir yourself..I dont mind
there's no copyright or something hahaha

I know u like cheesecake..
if or by any chance u come KK, I buy u this cheesecake =)
I promise..this is a super delicious cheesecake
come and redeem your cheesecake haha


Happy Birthday Ker Wei
wish you..
pretty pretty..
sweet sweet..
all your wishes come true *I know you're a greedy chick*..
happy happy..
fair fair skin..
ok, enough..too much then next year cant wish anymore haha
Happy belated Birthday =)