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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing day!

England is celebrating Boxing Day the day after Christmas
Boxing Day is not that fighting boxing..is actually open up all the presents which they received on Christmas Day
How I spent my Boxing Day?
Unbox my presents? haha I did it on Christmas Day already, even before Christmas Eve haha!
Want to blog so much about the presents I received, about how I celebrating this year
but when it come to edit photos, I am so lazy!
There's lot of photos make me lazy to edit and end up lazy to blog
so wording here first..photos, or a proper blog after this perhaps
well, wont be really blog in a period because now is having study week
which mean final exam is here and this time is so pack
wait me after finish my final and there I got nothing to do and I will blog!
in advance I wish everybody Happy New Year 2012
oh ya!
KKFM, my slot, I mean our slot Cafe 911 got Twitter
Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/cafe911crew
come come =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


well decided to blog after read somebody's blog
this actually playing in my mind for some time..
and it just revisiting after me ignore about it
so is time for me to jot down and really consider about it
I do know our life is not just decide by our own..
He has plan for us..and me being reckless little fella
who didnt follow is what I shouldnt do
devil around me I guess..cant blame devil
blame me for it after all
here I really put it into my mind
think what should I do and what I shouldnt do
I have to do something that favor Him
wake up..is time to think and decide then change

Sunday, December 18, 2011

X'mas at KK

year 2011 is coming to the end and a new beginning for year 2012! 
wuhooo........which mean Christmas is coming then New Year and Chinese New Year
I love the month of December
it is the best month of every year because eventually, it will help me think, recall back what I've done throughout the whole year
and of course best of it..Holiday and Celebration!

Dear Santa, am I good or bad girl this year?

well this is the first year I will celebrating Christmas at KK this year and it might be the last year
will definitely enjoy to the max of course! no doubt!
church had a nice decoration (yes, I go church haha)
it's like snowing inside church
wish I had really can celebrate a white Christmas so much..I mean not wearing white so on but with snow

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow

this year I didnt really do something that very very great, or awesome, nor impact full
just lead a normal life
but something that I feel super grateful because I no longer in dilemma for some case
and of course no pain no gain
had sacrificed to reach this fruitful day
somehow I won't regret of what I did
regret doesnt bring any changes, live the life with hope and faith
then we will be happy and grateful of everyday

wish to have a special present this year

who you wish to spend your Christmas or New Year with?
I wish to spend with........(you know who you are).........
I dont have the chance to choose as I am stuck here at KK
but it will be a nice memory for me I guess..
all the best for next year..

well..I actually will having final soon right after these celebrations (wish me luck, pray for me)
and I didnt seem to celebrate much because no money
wish to have some people sponsor or money for me to go out and celebrate haha
job come come..I need you..

I want to wear so-xmas-outfit to some nice place

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2012 Year

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update -me-

lately feel moody..always emo bout nothing
especially at nite! haha always before sleeping time
maybe because of the tension or stressed up with things to do
many things that I dont know how to do

this sem almost reach the end
assignments all almost hand in all
but I learn nothing
from the assignments that I did seems like I dont know what I had done
just to do it and finish it for the sake of hand in
so what is the point?!
no input and waste my time and energy to do it *sigh*

anyway after sleep it seems better
well had a bad bad mood yesterday nite and now better
after a great sleep
so sleep is a strategy to reduce tension haha!

oh oh..wana thanks God for His gratitude
been praying to God I had not enough money 
well, end of sem and of course PTPTN had reach the end too
so after prayed, SIFE Malaysia gave me rm50 vouchers for McD and KFC
thanks lot!

so now I got food to eat rite haha
but I prefer cash
anybody want to buy these vouchers from me?
let trade haha it still the same rite you give me cash and I give u vouchers haha

Thursday, December 8, 2011


well if you know me
I involved in a campus radio as presenter
erm, DJ-ing for a campus radio station KKFM
this is quite new just a few years established
been involving for almost 2years
joined this when they got audition
being playful and go try out and I am in
what a good experience I get from all this

I've told my friends I am in this DJ-ing thingy
but they cant listen to me because it only available at Sabah
KKFM only can listen on radio at the frequency 91.1
so is kinda sad though but now

here I bring a good, great, awesome news
KKFM go online now!
if you're out of Sabah, you are at West Malaysia and you heard of KKFM
but cant listen to it..here you got the way already
where...the link?? hehe here here....
just click on this KKFM
then you can stream online and listen

if you want to catch up with me
tune into KKFM every Thursday, 1pm-4pm
for english slot, Cafe 911 (our program), it will be daily 1-4pm
stay with us ok!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


out of a sudden I crave for chocolate
no idea why it appeared in my mind..
should I say appearing in my mind now..

convocation ended
seniors all went back
and all have their own path to go
congratz to all of them
wish all the best for them

seniors back and so do my outing life
I like going out with them because most of the time
I'm not the one who drive and think where should be heading
I just follow and I had fun

lately I didnt took many photos anymore
and didnt edit photos too
kinda very lazy doing all those stuff
wonder why..

anyway, back to my chocolate post
bought some chocolate bar rm5.60 per packet and consist of 10 bars
from nestle and it is so so delicious
substitute for kitkat perhaps
as it not so expensive

I bought 2 packets
and that is my gift for seniors haha
too many of them and I cant afford to give each and every1 flowers or whatever
so all getting 1 chocolate bar
and now I craving for it but I got none
and I'm going some diet thingy so no chocolate
this is so so suffering so torturing

can I just had a bite..aargghhhh

hmm..middle of the nite
post this kind of sinful post
is not so good rite..
maybe missing for something is same as this..

ok..off to bed now and forget about chocolate and foods!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Break out from Jail

if you know me and followed on every of my post
you know I got this crazy chicken pox at the wrong time

convocation is here..
seniors coming back and tamu gadang with varieties of food
and I got this weird troublesome disease -chicken pox-
so been quarantine myself with another gal who got chicken pox
and stuck in that freaking boring jail for 2 weeks!

and here me now back to my room sweet room
with few mark on my face and many on my body
getting out of the freaking boring jail
prepare to go classes and lectures
fighting assignments and presentations
and postponed midterm for me

I am so going to visit Tamu Gadang soon!
wait me ok..
can only walk walk and see see but cant eat
so suffer you know..you know???!!

many food I cant eat
no egg, no bean, no soy sauce, no this and no that
so kinda boring even when I eat..tasteless

but for the sake of my pretty face
I bare with it
I control my food desire
after this, when I totally recover and recover
I am going to kill all the chicken, lamb, beef and everything.............

here my face with few scars..not bad rite..
still pretty and sweet and gorgeous..
but my body..hmm..wait for few months then will see again =(

Friday, November 18, 2011


There is time when I don't miss you at all, when we're together

wao wao wao...so nice rite!!!!!

went to this book fair at 1 Borneo
try to find some cheap book but cant get any
browse through all the books over there and Chloe show me a cute book
just simple drawing yet meaningful
and it not cheap though

it start the sketch with a girl and a boy
both them walking and see a special beautiful 'love' flower
so the girl wants it, so does the boy
both them fight for it and tear the flower apart

of course, both them would not forgive each other
they blame each other for ruined the flower as there is only 1
girl waits the boy to say sorry
the boy waits her to apologize
but none of them take a step

they leave separately
walking far from each other
both feel sad and regret of what happened
they go back to the place and picked up the broken flower
he plan to give it to her as present
so does she, for him

they met and realize both them giving and receiving same gift
and together they put the flower together and plant it
together they wait for the flower to grow
together they take care of the flower

after a time
it grow
the LOVE flower
this time again is one
but is one garden of love-heart-flowers
it successfully planted and grow because the efforts of both them
together in doing everything

do things together is better than facing it all by yourself because human need supports

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweeties

I want to wish my sweeties with a different way this year
no sms, no call, no facebook but with my words in my blog =)

This year and previous years I also cant celebrate their birthday
I missed a lot birthday celebrations actually
no choice, I'm kinda far from there
so here I am to wish

Sook Yan & Ee Won sweeties
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both you

Happy Birthday to you, you
Happy Birthday to you, you
Happy Birthday to you, you~~~
Happy Birthday to you, you

want birthday cake??
which you gals like?? tell me tell me...

# 1 is castle cake

like it?? want ar?? how tall u want the cake to be made??

# 2 is a music box

there's ballerina and jewelry inside also..

so which cake both u prefer??
hmm...after a long search
I think I will choose either one of the below...
it will be more suitable at our age because castle is kinda kiddie
while music box...hmm..too small not enough to eat rite...

let's see what I got for you two..





haahahahah this specially for eewon because she got so many cameras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh...I think is strawberry flavor hahaha



the famous organic 'chocolate' cake hahaha
it will serve at the mangkuk tandas..
or u prefer the sit toilet bowl?? hehe

cant see clear enough?? let's zoom in....hehe

hahahahha got flies lagi oh...
they happy for both u also oh.....hehe

my choice is better rite?? hehe


when people see the cakes, some might say like this..
but I think baobaoz wont la..hahahaha

love both you.. =)
my best wishes to both you from Sabah

A joke a Day

I was thinking share a joke a day will be enough
is a nice starting day with joke rite
so I a joke from iGoogle

Why was the lawyer studying the Bible right before he died?
He was looking for loopholes!

this is funny rite..
but then my cousin commented on my Facebook wall
and a funny quote Samy Vellu
so I say, ok for tomorrow then

when I browse through my facebook later on found this post
then I realize a day a joke is not enough when Samy Vellu got a lot of funny things for me to share out

Dato Seri Samy Vellu finally and officially resigned from his post as the longest MIC President ever, after leading the party for almost 31 years. The Malaysian Insider has its story, here . Frankly, I will miss him very much especially for all the funny quotes he made all these years. Like what our Prime Minister said in the 2010 Barisan Nasional Conference, “We will miss DS Samy Vellu because he add a lot of color … sometimes a bit too much color”. Therefore, as a token of appreciation, I just wanna share some of the more famous quotes ever made by the one and only, Samy Vellu.

1. Samy Velu quoted on Pos Laju:
"Besoh kirim, hari ini juga sampai"

2. On one TV news when he tried to say he felt very ashamed:
"Ini prekara sangat memalukan saya dan kemaluan saya sangat-sangat la besar"

3. Samy said in one of his “ceramah”:
"Kita akan bina satu jambatan wuntuk worang2 kampong di sini." Then one pakcik asked, "Datuk, sini takde sungai, buat apa bina jambatan?" And Samy gloriously replied, "Kalao takde sungai, kita bina sungai"

4. Samy's most favourite quote on the news for the decade is this:
"Toll naik sikit, banyak marah saya. You worang ingat semua ini toll saya punyer bapah punya kah!”

5. During water crisis:
"Semua worang diminta jangan membuang aiyerr!"

6. On social society's problem:
"Worang2 muda sekarang banyak suka hisap dade"

7. During blood donation's program at Sungai Siput:
"Marilah kita semua menderma dare"

8. His welcome speech in most of his functions:
"Selamat datang saudara-mara semua" (It should have been “saudara-saudari”)

9. During the height of the Al-Arqam's saga, he said in a press conference:
"Saya gumbira bahawa didapati tiada pemuda MIC terlibat dalam kes Arqam"

10. At an opening ceremony for a new building:
"Mempersilakan Datin Paduka Rafidah Aziz naik dari pentas wuntuk membuka kain"

And of course the world's greatest joke of all times:

"Kita akan bina roket pigi matahari." One of the reporter responded, "Tapi Datuk, matahari terlalu panas untuk didekati." Samy replied, "Itu tade masalah. Kita hantar waktu malam"

There you are folks. For DS Samy Vellu, we wish you all the best!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Resist My Desire!

middle of the night today
I'm not going to post any emo thing
I just wanted to say it here BIG instead of loud
that this is so HARD TO RESIST MY DESIRE
I can't stop thinking about it
it has been a few hours and I just can't stop thinking about it

somebody please tell me how to resist your desire
you feel doing it so much but you know is super SINFUL
yet you can't stop thinking about it
it keeps playing in your mind nonstop

wish after I blog, the feeling will fade away

Express Tomyam Noodle..
I just cant stop thinking of you
please, somebody take it away from me
dont even keep inside my cupboard..

mistreating instant noodle with hair?
I ain't that stupid..somebody please help me with this desire problem. can you?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Breaking Thru Sem Break!

my holiday begun yesterday!!! yuhoo~~~

so I'm going to break my whole sem break with assignments!!!
erm..not convincing rite? I know..haha
that's what I planned to do earlier but...
things doesn't always end as u want as u expected
life often unpredictable rite..

here my breaking thru the sem break with....



a new pair of shoe from F.O.S
only RM 39 and it is very comfortable

the similar 2 pair of shoes and 1 belong to me =)
same with cas..I like chloe's shoe too but I think I have to buy something not always my style

I was in my room until I tweeted Cas then I join them
both the stressful gals want to release stress and wanna visit Icebar at 1 Borneo
me as future-to-be counselor have to be there and cheer them up rite
I cant miss it of course!

another chance to show off my new dress yuhoo~~
sadly, when I step in Icebar..


no people..no crowd..like a dead city
they did a great design where the door cover up everything inside
kinda got cheated with the band singing erm..shouting indeed

anyway, just accept it and enjoy ourselves
we always live our best from the worst

finally I tried Hoegarden
it taste GREAT!!! I like compare others...

didnt really have fun though
no crowd, no people dancing there, no handsome, no pretties
but something we observed and saw which clarify our hypothesis haha

back to our room and camwhore is in the house!!!
wao..lot lot lot lot photos we took and I cant choose the best because we are the best haha

obviously we look exhausted rite
well we are human too
we will tired..bare with us
but aren't we still look kinda good even we are tired? haha
hope the answer is YES!!

lastly..happy holiday and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha =)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vienna Boys Choir

I am one of the volunteer for Vienna Boys Choir during last weekend at Dewan Canselor of UMS
any idea what and who is Vienna Boys Choir?
u may check it out HERE

they came Kota Kinabalu for some charity concert organized by KK Rotary Club
I am so happy and glad to be one of the volunteer
not regret when I have to spent time on this and not doing any assignment

these boys sing very well and they are adorable!
their age between 10-14 only as u can see at the choir's name..Vienna BOYS =D
there are Asian too joining this choir, and I found out a cute twins who is Singaporean <3

they are going to perform at KLCC next
I bet u will not regret to pay RM80 for this!
especially those who love choir, singing

oh ya, if u are going
remember to purchase the program book because u need the lyrics so badly
then only u know what they sing for some songs =)

now I am so in love with them
miss their angelic voices
their cute, lovely and adorable faces

this is the bunch of volunteers from UMS with the some of the boys
happy to work with them
and if u realize, I'm wearing my new green-blue dress =)

Friday, October 21, 2011


this is the crucial most critical time for this sem so far..
I have so many many many things to do in limited time
previous sem I have no problem in doing assignment
yes, I will rush for it but not like what I'm facing now
at least I am clear of what I want to do and I can assume the time I need to do
but now, I dont think I can finish all my assignment on time

following week I have to hand in 4 assignments
I got 3 mid terms and busy with SIFE as well
and of course wont neglect church activities

so I am so busy with everything but time limited
and this moment when I am so sleepy
I wish somebody is here for me
somebody who work with me
somebody who can motivate me
somebody who can help me
somebody who can watch me doing my work
somebody who can make me not feeling so sleepy and tired
please pop out somebody
I need you..

Monday, October 3, 2011

My sociogram

got a homework from my course of families counseling
and we are assigned to draw our genogram and sociogram
I actually realize my family system have some problem
but I have no idea it so serious..
realize that me and mom although talk, but our relationship is kinda far
mom and bro's distance getting more far and far
maybe I cant see when they communicate (when I am away from home)

this is my sociogram

I just draw out what usually happen in my home..me facing laptop, bro facing his computer, mom back from work and facing tv while before she go to bed
that become our routine
I kinda ashamed of my family style..it is not a good family
and I think I might have some psychological problem too

people always say those who are cheerful actually people who are trying to hide the sadness so much
and people who cry is because they been so strong always
I am both perhaps, once a while I will cry like nobody business

is kinda sad when realize my family is not as happy as other family
it had been almost 1 month I back to KK and so far
I only hear mom voice for 3times I guess and each time is less than 10minutes
I have no intention to call her so does her..

I can be so nice to friends and my uncles and aunties but not my mom and brother
how would all this be different if dad is still with us?
how would things change by now..
oh gosh why everytime middle of the night then only I will post emo stuff

ok, is time to sleep..
assignment didnt do and losing time for nonsense stuff..hate it...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gaya Street again!

have u realize that my blog is full of food?
my friends keep complaining it's all about FOODS!
which annoyed them when they can only look at it but cant taste it
went to Gaya Street when saibou and puimun came Kota Kinabalu last month

I would like to suggest food that must try when visit Gaya Street..once again..

the special Kek Lapis -Layer Cake- which is traditional cake for Sarawakians

I like the peppermint flavor although it taste like toothpaste
I heart the cheese flavor too..
but it kinda oily so less consumption is better
and this is not cheap, each block around RM20 to RM 25 if not mistaken

oh, can try out the Kek Batik too
simple, combination of milo+sugar with marie biscuits
easy to make but I havent try it myself
maybe some of u can try and share with me =)

next, the mango 'lo mai chi' -mango glutinous rice-

traditional is use peanut as the filling
now creative and new innovation, they come out with mango
it is best to consume in cold or chilling condition
the mango is sweet, and is a small cube with some mango juice
once u bit.....-ppiikkksss- u can taste the sweetness and a bit sourness *depends on the mango*
it only RM7.50 per box consist of 6

here come my favorite breakfast at Gaya Street...
Laksa..should be curry laksa at Restaurant Yee Fung

I dont really like curry but I heart this
the taste is bit different from curry and they have delicious sambal belacan too

this is ngau chap -mixed beef- noodle
it consist of beef balls, tendon and something else
I only eat the meat and beef balls
I still prefer their curry laksa =)

what a long-delayed-post I got..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Party with Hennessy Artistry

24 September 2011
Party at White Room, KK Times Square
who was there?? anybody?? share with me if u were there

me with my new top and the shorts belong to Cas..no idea I can squeeze into it haha

Cas and Chloe got the passes so they ask me
they kinda force me to go so I just go
reach there around 10.30pm that night and the crowd is just so so
btw, it is so simple to get passes to attend the event
blogger just have to blog about it
others can just register on FB

Pretty Cas..so the theme is The Global Art of Mixing
hence they have this new mixer come with Apple, Citrus, Berry and Ginger
I can only try the berry and it taste great!

see the white wrist band on Chloe's wrist?
the white band is for bloggers..special rite..and they have a special area for blogger =)
located at upstairs, and u can see the dance floor from there

there are 3 booth by Hennessy
1st is the slashing game..like fruit ninja
u have to slash the fruit (citrus, berry, apple or ginger) shown and the top 5 scorers will win a special edition something

2nd is the drink mixing place
there will be pretty lady teaching u how to make a nice cup
1st, she will pour the special Hennesy, the put in ice follow up with the mixer u want..stir it up then u can get ur drink =)
I only manage to get 1 cup of berry because no more free flow!!! around 11pm they had stop the free flow so sad..

the place for drinks..Cas taking those bottle's picture but I busy body perasan there haha

and the last booth is a place where u can make ur own music
is a very special thing..I dont know what it name haha
each round thingy will make different sound
u can mix it and create ur own music
special rite..

see..special toy rite haha..

these are the pretties that went to the event
pauline, cas, veron, chloe

these are the people went there..got to meet some new friends ^^

chloe, cas and janice
I've edit this photo..I like
oh, in this pic, janice: smell my armpit~~ haha XD

lighting in the washroom is always the best for camwhoring haha
the washroom is bit small and crowded so just few shots

pheww..tired after 'burn calories' inside there

well, the whole party event thing just nice
a bit disappointed because there is no free flow whole night =(

oh oh...forget to mention..Dj Reeve is super super handsome!!! I love <3

ok, the night end with small simple supper at Foh Sang..
the famous popular porridge no more available seat so try out at another restaurant
the prawn noodle is not bad
the shop is some malay restaurant I think, is located at the corner of shop lot near Yong Tau Foo resturant

tired night but still have to remove make up, do thing and that
and I only go to bed at 4.30am around 5am!!! crazy life I got but occasionally I love it

Saturday, September 24, 2011


went to island and the best present I ever get is
it just the next day of my birthday and I got the present nicely haha

ok..is bit weird in the auntie pajamas but I just want to show the burn ok..
focus on that =p

so people calling me malay gal because the red turn black

and 1 week later means today..
see what I got..

dont freak out..

ta da~~~~ is not some skin disease I got..
is the skin peel off..ishkk

how am I going to Hennessy Artistry with this!!!!
oh yea..I'm going partayy to night..
is at White Room, KK Times Square..

come come..let's see who will I bump there =)

Friday, September 23, 2011

1 year

any changes within 1 year??
what had u done in the past 1 year??

lets compare this year me and last year me haha

this year me with Garrett the delicious popcorn!!!

and lets look back to last year me..

ok..I prefer the last year me..
look younger..of course everyone grow older each year
but, I look prettier last year rite with the nice hair...
now my hair like broom..ishk...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fire of Love

nice rite..
Love only will burn out with 2people
just like this..
2 lighters, 2 hands

2 lighters with the help by 2 hands
is a symbolic to 2 people giving out, sacrificing, doing something to make the love
if only 1 people..it cant burn a heart out I guess
unless some supernatural power or something

appreciate when you found another lighter, another hand that willing to burn a love out for you

actually I just randomly crap some because I like the photo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I got lot trips to blog
cant find the right feel or time to blog yet
soon..I will blog about it..
be patient and wait for it k haha

this is my first trip once I reached KL
Langkawi island with eewei and simyi

delayed delayed postponed blog since May

then will be Baobao Genting trip on August

follow by JB-Singapore trip with cousin and uncles during Hari Raya week

and few Baobao after cousin and uncle left

then will be Sabah trip, last week with saibou, puimun and I am the tour guide

Mount Kinabalu view from Kundasang

the special Mosque on the water in Kota Kinabalu

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sem 5

12 Sept 2011
start new sem in UMS
now is my 3rd year, sem5..I'm senior now!! hehe

I've change new room, new roommies
I dont like..is ground floor
I hate..everybody pass by my house, can see my room, what I'm doing, what's inside my room
I hate!!!
and my place is super HOT
the fan is so far from my bed
I'm sweating when I sleeping yday nite

no longer can wear this jumpsuit
no longer sitting in car going out like this
even if I got car to go out I wont sit at this seat
driver's seat I will be sitting
no more jumpsuit
only long pants, long sleeve shirt maybe

things had change..
a lot change here
I miss everything..
guess last sem will be my best, most favorite sem of all