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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


my oh my...
now only I realize I never blog any about my so call 'part time' job as tour guide
I had been a tour guide for twice, I think a good one
but I never blog about it
how can I forget about it..
how can I neglect that important post so that I can promote Sabah especially Kota Kinabalu

okok..I promise will blog about it soon
when I am done with editing some of the pictures and when I have the good connection
getting lazier to edit pictures and blog nowadays
because I prefer so sleep..I know I'm a lazy pig

yet I am going to do so because I left a month time in Kota Kinabalu here
then I will start a new journey at Malacca, Sg.Udang prison for my practicum..
so, here I promise will blog about the tour guide experiences soon
and introduce more about Kota Kinabalu to you who reading
wait for me..

Thursday, May 10, 2012


things always happens not the way you wish
maybe this is what God wants 
because He thinks things you wish is not things you need

I am always in dilemma situation
I want it and I own it
now when I owned it, I feel it is not enough
and I try to achieve what I want
but because of my laziness and my dont know how to explain attitude
I will forget then ignore it

this semester is really a growing up semester for me
many things happened and still happens
many things I am in the learning process of how to handle it

I made a decision that I think I am so so stupid by decide so
because I have no courage to do what my mind ask me to
because I have no courage to face it alone all by myself

I owned it now
yet, am I will own it forever?
am I really getting what I got now or it just a dream?
a sweet dream that keeps me from awake
a sweet dream that I want to stay asleep and not coming back to the reality

I wish I can do what I want so freely
I wish I can achieve what I want easily
 I wish I can keep what I owned now
the matter, can I?

It is not easy to achieve although I got it already somehow 

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Love

Everyday is a blissful day

it's been while I didn't blog
quite busy and a little little bit, poco poco poco lazy
btw, poco is little in Spanish

I miss those days I got time to edit photos and blog about it
I miss those days I will take out some time to share anything about me or things I think worth to share
but lately things not going that easy
many things happened
and my status or things that I posted quite emo *I know is very not quite*

My love for you should be unconditional
should be infinity.. it always come with a but..
but I can't do so..
I can't love you as I suppose to be
I can't be nice to you because of what you did
I can't be the person I should be or you wish to be

of course, I will try
I will try my best to be the person I should be and also you wish I am
because you're my love one
because of you I will change myself
maybe because I am a greedy person
I want things to be perfect
I don't like things that not perfect, less likely to perfect still acceptable

therefore, please give me more time
maybe you had waited for quite a long time
don't give up on me..
I will change myself to be a better person 
for things I love, the one I love