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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Connaught Pasar Malam

today is the 6th day I work at KLCC Isetan, The Gallery
is a fair la...and I knew lot frens thr..
I love hanging out there chatting, talking with them there but~~~
I hate standing for such long time with not so comfortable shoe!!!
I dont like going out to eat alone
and I am so so tired everyday..
until I cant have fun with my frens..
I am so tired until I so so lazy hang out with them

wednesday and connaught is the most happening place I guess..
the so so long maybe longest nite market at Cheras
went there with ling, evy, wailoon,. waikit and choiei
bought food and fake lashes *again hehe*

not tired when walk there but I am freaking tired when back home hmm...
tomorrow work again
full day again..stand for more than 10hours!!!

but I still feel happy and excited when I am going to meet those new frens there
manesh, zurin, mat, doublewin, and bla bla bla hehe..
luckily there are some new nice frens^^
good nite everyone haha..

Friday, December 17, 2010

I am KepohBerry?


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am BUSY!!!! and TIRED!!!!

start to work on 13dec..
once d party over then nightmare start!! haih..
starting 17 dec I will be workin at KLCC Isetan
omg..stand whole day and I have to go there by myself so on
I just hate it..HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ern Thong

who is thise Ern Thong so special and I name this post after her..
she is my niece..as in real niece
her mom is my cousin so she is my niece and I am her aunt rite? yea..guess so haha

lovely Ern Thong
bought her the cute band hehe..
she is so so cute..she will smile and laugh if u open up ur mouth wide and smile with her..
isn't she adorable..^^

6th Dec 2010, Monday
went out with mom and Ling & Thong
asked eewa but she busy with her works..tonnes of works so only 3 of us and the baby gal..

went to KLCC for a walk and some photo session
and also a so call hi-tea at Sakae Sushi
because mom suddenly mentioned about Korean Food
so we ate a little at Sakae and continue dinner for Korean Food with bro

my cousin*Ling & my mom*Penny

my mom pretty too rite..
after a walk and bought ernthong the band
had a hi-tea at Sakae
back home fetch bro and heading to Ampang, Korean Village

there are lot Korean restaurants
usually I will pay a visit at Mu Jin Jang
but this time try another restaurant recommended by bro's gf, siewmun
she recommended Nak-Won

she said there got more choices and yes!!
even the side dishes also more ^^
but the food is bit too salty
it will be perfect if less salty

lots side dishes..love the fried cucumber, kimchi, brinjal...

first time try something like acap haha

this is the steamed egg..delicious..first time too

I love bibimbap
instead eating the same thing everytime
I ordered the fried glass noodle
no idea what it call

fried glass noodle with assorted vege..*only carrots, onions,
marinated pork..salty thou..
had a great day with them
long time didnt hang out with mom dy
wao mom spent lot that day..
just a few hours outing and she spent more than rm150!!!!
sorry mom because I cant buy them the dinner

I love u always mom
although I like to argue with u and talk in a high tone
and sometimes didnt show any respect but
deep in my heart I am so respect you
and love u
I never say I love u but I hope u know it..

Friday, December 10, 2010

Genting half day Trip

4 Dec 2010, Saturday

planned a half day trip to Genting
with Peggy, Ling, WaiKit and Danial

danial and waikit drove there
waikit fetch me then ling
ej suppose to fetch peggy at her house by 12 but he didnt wake yet haha..so v left him

Ling is a pirate!!!! wahahaha

ling overslept!!!
nvm we still can make it on time
meet peggy and her parents at Gohtong Jaya
her parents are buying us lunch..yummy delicious lunch at Chuen Kie..

ice-cream at Gohtong Jaya

we took cabel to Genting
Peggy never been to Genting by skyway cabel so this is the time ^^

Peggy's 1st cabel skyway ride

we took sticker photo again
after years we didnt take it..
last time I am so obsessed with it at Sg.Wang
since every1 got hp and we didnt go to the machine anymore..

not enough with only few shots..
hence while waiting the photo to print out we giler inside d machine haha..
capture with hp and camera haha

inside those sticker photo machine thingy

then we went for a walked..casino, First World
just walked here walked there..
pictures here pictures there..
check it out at Facebook ^^


no idea why we will pay a visit at Starbucks..
KL got Starbucks too and we quite often go for a drink at Starbucks
when we reached Genting..Starbucks again haha..always..weird..

Starbucks at First World

I am officially 21 yrs old..
so casino here am I hehe..
21 legal age XD

hmm..I thought this is the first time enter casino
so maybe can get some extra pocket money from there
who know I'm the one who pay entrance fees..rm25 gone

woohoo...Casion's washroom

haih I paid rm25 there and I actually can buy things I want
I want hairband..hair clip..shoes..

Ling said we had a great superb dinner at Casino with rm25


so thats the nite at Genting
went there just for a walk and pictures time
take cabel back Gohtong Jaya and heading back KL after whole day..

waikit stopped by Pandan Jaya nite market
he heard I didnt been to nite market and we all actually didnt had dinner beside the so call 'super delicious dinner that cost rm25' haha

bought lot food..
roti john, fried chicken, satay 30cucuk!!
and we going to have a feast at Peggy's house
haha..cool rite
at first 3 of us, the gals saying no dinner
want diet keep fit so on
end up..hahaha..u know haha =p

supper time

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is Xmas!!!!

this is the first time I hang out with them at KL!!
haha didnt realize that I never hang out with them sing K with them at KL hehe
who are them
es mis amigas Cas, Bell, Chloe y Elaine

Sg.Wang decoration

we went out few days before back KL
and now after few days, 1 week I think
we meet again~~

outing with them on 29th December 2010, Monday
they wana have a walk at Sungei Wang so went for a lunch-k at Neway, TimesSquare

after shouting for 3hours
heading to Sg.Wang and start shopping
I am so so so poor hence window shopping is the best
although many clothes I wana buy
wana get myself

a short top that can be dress too..flowery or mayb just plain will be nice too..

or mayb..I duno what it call..
top come along with pants..check below...

short or long will be nice too rite..
saw lot at Sg.Wang those rm25 shop
but cant try it hence I duwan take the risk and buy it..

chloe went for her haircut so we walk walk
saw siawwei there..
she loves shopping alone^^

the decoration at TimesSquare is better than Sg.Wang
maybe Sg.Wang haven finish decorate..

can u see the gals inside d Ring of the Giant..haha..

asked them go down and wait me so I can took some shot from up
and when they do so it really look funny
imagine few gals standing there and posing
looking to the top not front
they told me a person..passby and said 'zhadao' very loud clear and obvious haha
sorry gals..didnt mean to put u gals under such situation
but I do like the outcome of our 'zhadao' haha

Times Square..

after photo shooting session
next stop is Lavazza
is somewhere near Segar Perdana
near Susan's house, near MingLeong's futsal court
there's lot shops there..it facing the road so can be easily find

drinks that we ordered that day

there's lot drinks
it would be a nice place to hang out with friends
who wana have a little chat
the environment there is nice..
unfortunately the food kinda limited
dessert also limited too..

food of the day..
tuna chunky spaghetti, cheesy wedges (KFC still the best), classic cabonara and fish&chips

they selling cupcakes and designer cakes too...

but the cupcakes have to order 2 or 3days before it...
so if u want to eat cupcake when u paying a visit *which u know u will haha*
order it few days before that..
there's cake..just few choices..

chit chat
camwhoring is what we usually do..
bla bla bla..
and my phone rang...
is ling..she called me up and ask wana yumcha not
her uncle open a new cafe..Sidewalk Cafe

since she say is the first day opening so why not
my lovely peggy is back from Japan so called her too
and her new house..OMG!!!!!!!!!
far...although it not that really really far..but it is far..
and her house..so damn big!!! HUGE!!!
will introducing her house some other time haha

Sidewalk Cafe
somewhere near Ampang Point, opposite Sushi King
u guys can go have a try there
d concept bit like Oldtown, PappaRich, etc those cafes...

had soya redbean cendol..I like it..
the food..so so only..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Digi Live K-Pop Party 2011


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Friday, December 3, 2010


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


aiyoyo..working at The Curve for 3days
starting today..
owhhh...tired la~~!!!!!!!!!!!
nvm nvm...3days only...
I will survive!!!!!!!!!!!