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Sunday, March 29, 2009


u tink u're not worth we change something jux for u..
u tink we cant give up something jux to hav u with us..
u tink those nice places can compare wit u..
u tink u're cool cuz u chose to let it go..
well...for me..u're totally wrong~!!! damn stupid damn fucking wrong..wat u chose is a damn fucking big mistake..
u're worth enuf for us to change plan..
u're more than a fren but u tink fren jux so so..of cuz family 1st..i dun deny tat..but..wat can i say..
u might not alwax join us..u might feel abondone or being neglected..
but u stil our best fren...when thr's no chance to hang out we und tat..we din blame u..
wats wrong if we change plan jux bcux of u...wats d prob..i dun see thr's a prob we change everything jux bcuz of u..
mayb u tink without u d plan will go well too..d plan wil b nice aso..
but do u ever tink tat..if u are thr d plan will b better..d plan will b d best..
mayb we not tat important in ur life..but for me..
u're so important..u're so meaningful to me..until d moment i rily feel fed up..
mayb i cant get d feel i used to feel it from u..it seems going away..far from me..
i duno why sudenli i duwan talk2 u...i so tired talking with u..
now i only got tat feel..and i dun lik d feeling.. i hope it'll go away from my heart soon..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

1st time

18 - March - 2009

my 1st time..

#went Quattro
#with Susan
json aaron leon
pmun syue kahman
and a fren of syue, cc
#go a club and reach thr at 9pm
#come out from a club at b4 or ard 12am
#din rily drink much and ordered a jug of Tiger =.=''
somehow my dream come true cuz finally..our Cinderella went Quattro with me..haha..not bad not bad...hehe
Black Eyed Peas
Sorry janice..hehe
Our Cinderella
All of us..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Responses after Left 4 Dead

what u tink bout it..??!! or wat ur parents feel towards this..??!! game that play till 3am+ last nite..haha


the moment i enter the door, mum opens the kitchen light..den claiming herself goes2 toilet..blame a bit..so in a short term period, seems like cant out so late dy.. but den..thanks2 all bao baoz..I m really happy 2day.. =)

den i sent a msg to almost all of them..

well, seems lik every1 get shot..after shot by monsters now parents..haha..luckily some of us stil alive..haha..shud stay safe room for few days or 1weel.. XD

v are the survivors..v stay safe room reload money dy..den go out kill monster again..haha..waitin for it..

tommy (leon's dad talks wit him..haha)

lolz..i thot i was d only 1 who kena shot by his prents..u all also kena huh? haiz..mayb next time we become parents also will do something lidat =)

well..wat tommy sent me kinda not tat funny..just wana say to him tat..only u got shot by his parents...haha..we all safe..lol..XD


lol..nvm..me leon n tommy ady used2 it liao..haha..kelian syan oni..cant go out late for few weeks liao.. XD

i din sms peggy..if sms peggy..i tink she aso 1 of d survivors..hahhah..she kinda same with me..din rily complain by parents..ahhaah..

Left 4 Dead

damn..i love d game~~!!!!
oscar, terenz, nevin..u guys shud teach me how2 play since d very begining...hahha
i'm addicted wit it la..ahahha
nice game..i love it..
thanx to ml, leon cuz bring me to e-net and play.. (after insisting)

Left 4 Dead

baru je balik from cc..played tis game...nice nice..cun.syok..
json, u're born to be monsters..killer..bad guys..u can become d pro spawn..hahaahhah

Thursday, March 12, 2009

That's What U Get

Paramore - That's What You Get
nice song..which i heard from rockband..hahahah

my STPM result~~!!

well..result release on 10th March 2009

my result..
Pengajian Am : A- , 3.67
Ekonomi : A- , 3.67
Akaun : C , 2.00
Math S : C+ , 2.33
so overall..my cgpa is..


not tat good but not bad aso lo..so is in d middle..not up not down..aiyoyo..apa macam..haih..

congratz to those who got damn nice good result...pohyee..congratz...

and..this is d day i dye my hair..hehe..red with purple highlight..now stil nice..mayb after 2-3weeks..d color come off..will damn ugly..haih..nvm la..dye again..lol.. haha..


6th March 2009

my beloved miss Sim Ee Wei bac from tat lousy boring place = Kampar
thought wana give her some suprise, wana plan everything nicely for her but end up all x jadi
plan a movie (motion picture) 'Love Matters' before celebrate her bday at McD, well all this x jadi..so ewei's ticket replaced by Peggy
we bought fast food to my darling cuz she cant find any in Kampar where she stay..kesian..McD & KFC..a small cheese cake (her bday which drop on 16th march)
we put everything in front her door, planned wan her open d door and sing bday song..but..
as usual suprise doesnt end up as u planned..she sudenli open d door and 5 of us duno why..run away..
everytime she open d door and we sure run away..wonder why..I duno why we alwax wana hide from her when she open d door..!!

she so happy..she never think of bday celebration from us..well..it quite nice..
tat nite chat with her..and we talk bout some 'heart prob' among 6 of us..nice pillow talk..
7th March 2009

talk til morning and sleep for few hours ni den v go eat dim sum at sri petaling..
tat 'kai woh bao'..nice meal..bought Tong Kee's egg tart to eat along d journey to JB.. ^^
say BYE to my darling ard 12.30 noon..we heading towards JOHOR BAHRU..I drive for d first 2hours, ard 230km+..change to Leon until we reach his aunt's house..
his aunt stay in Skudai..

1st day reach thr sure take a bath rest while..den v meet Yee Sheng, Leon's couz..he bring us to Jusco Bukit Indah, super duper hyper big Jusco..bought something for our beloved 'fren'..after shop while went dinner..

a damn nice cheap steamboat buffet, Tapino..nice dinner..I ate lot..til my stomach can burst ar~~!! damn fat ar~~ shit..
after dinner Yee Sheng meet his fren together we go Danga Bay, a place where JB's ppl will go during weekend nite..lot couples, families, tourist mayb..walk while den bac home take bath and sleep of course..

8th March 2008

mornin woke at 11am+..start our 'eat journey' at noon..v ate '3 lou kan mee hon'..not bad d mee hon..quite special..

followed by sushi burger at City Square (v might open a stall here) ..well..my dear json's stomach very naughty..alwax 'kili kulu' so noisy all d trip tat few days..so v alwax hav2 wait my dear json visiting JB's shoppin center washroom..haha..
after City Square, suppose bac home pack and go swim..mana tau, json eat duno wat somekind of panadol den fall asleep..and so do I rest and take a nap..den..duno why and how..din swim dy lo..hehe..
so after d short nap..go eat dinner lo..makan lagi~~ nite we ate, nasi lemak at Permas Jaya..damn delicious d nasi lemak..i've tried when Foong gu brought us..
Permas Jaya Seaview Nasi Lemak (where Yoong gu stay)
after nasi lemak we go another place to eat again..wana eat 'tong sat' but sold out dy so x jadi..
end up eat 'kuey teow kia' at '3 lou'...which Leon wana eat badly..at last he got it..haha

kuey teow kia

after supper plan to see 'Aqua'..mana tau..today v damn bad luck..wana eat 'tong sat' no more..wana see 'aqua' got police road block wo..they thought we're those ppl who wana visit d aqua..luckily lots ladies (leon's aunts, couz) and v terlepas lo..
end up go Leon's 'da yi' house meet his couz lo..'baby gal'..haha..den balik rumah mandi tidor..

9th March 2009

Yee Sheng work so today his sis, Yee Wei and Yee Wen will bcome our tour guide..our makan tour guide..
mornin woke up pack our stuff den went to 8half miles eat duck rice..d food there is delicious..not bad not bad..
after duck rice is abalone mee..kinda seafood mee..suppose eat bitterground soup as well..but close..too bad..same as d fish head soup..no fate mayb..
rain heavily and d shop ass. take out a big big umbrella which ppl use to put on table, and cover us to our car..damn big lo..
well..tats d ending of our makan journey in JB..but its not d ending of our trip..

we continued d fun at PORT DICKSON..though is raining but..it never stop us from havin fun..haha
meet Leon's fren, Hong Yew i tink..he bring us to d Yacht Club..we played on d beach but too bad for syan cuz haih..AV..ladies..hate it..

nite eat a super delicous seafood meal at Chuah, Tian Tian Restaurant..nice nice meal..wish to eat again..hehe..nice recommend..i got d satisfaction..haha
and that's end of our trip, our journey..3days 2nites..eat eat eat.makan makan makan..til i getting more more more fat fat fat..gemuk gemuk gemuk..fei fei fei..ggrrr...

sad SwissRoll cuz stay in d car when we go makan and jalan..den she fight with Tizu..mayb kalah dy..

greedy yan Yan..she been so greedy for d few days..

Sushi Burger..v mayb can open 1 here..haha

Jusco Bukit Indah..damn big~~

this few days thanx to Yee Sheng..our tour guide..he rily damn nice..sacrifice his time for us..thanx thanx..

thanx to hong yew for being a nice fren and recommend a nice restaurant..


thanx to Leon cuz without him v dun hav a place to 'turun kaki' and nice dinner in PD..haha