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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sim Yi's Bday


We celebrated syi's bday at Look Out Point..a very nice place..nice scenery from there..whole KL u can see..is so nice from that angle.^^ We went to Gasoline for dinner.

That day got me, our bday gal Syi, Syan, Ewei, Json, Aaron, Leon and Janice. That night who drive was me and json..perodua (kancil &kenari) this time..normally is proton..haha..

We took photos also that nite..got a very kind man..he took photo for us..and he is so funny..actually, he is a very nice guy..he very professional as well..he ask us.. ' 1 2 capture or 1 2 3 capture'..we have posed for minutes then he asked this question..I do feel funny..we're tired of being half stand and he ask this..well..his intention is good la..

Actually everything seem like going well..but..!!! i got car crash ar!!! damn stupid crash..there is never be another me who crash like this...haih..why i crash i also dont know..speeding, cant see in d middle of the night (at petrol station wo)..some more there are something rushing me..(ml 'kap' shit)...So..from all this thing..I still cant explain why i got the hit..haha..

Is all my fault anyway...so..I should be responsible for it..!!! I have to fix the damn car..it ned around rm1000 to fix it ar!!!!! Do u know that it is a HUGE amount...HUGE sum...haih..OMG...so it mean..my holiday plan i have to cancel everything..

At 1st my plan is so nice so perfect..sing with classmate, go genting, go movie my PRINCE CASPIAN, buy blue top, go for hair cut, buy red or blue shoe, buy a new school bag and everything..but now~~!!!!!! everything CANCEL~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so sad...haih..*sob *sob .. So my new holiday plan..stay home and sleep... (T.T)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whats going on??!!

Sichuan earthquake killed LOTZZZzzzzzSSssss.....Dr.M resign from UMNO..!!!! What's going on...??!!! Sichuan had earthquake which killed...then Malaysia's politic want to create an earthquake as well..?? I dont really know whats going on.. Isn't the GOD want to PUNISH human..??!! Is there really another flood or what which will destroy every sing living thing..?? And the world reform again..???
Is it too much crime, too violence, which only dead can repay the sin..??!!! I do believe that one day, the world will demolish everything..another me will reborn in this world after dont know how many billions of years later...

I had give up my exam..!! I dont even bother about it anymore now. Even if I'll get sucks result or what so ever. For me is not a BIG deal anymore....
This is NOT me...the ME had disappear..I really want ME back..I hate the ME now...I used to concern bout my result..I'll put a lot effort in my exam, in my studies..but now...everything seems like nothing for me..what's going on with ME....please..someone please help me to find back the ME i used to be..please lead me..I need help~~!!!!!

By the way..yesterday night,19May 2008, Wesak Day, around 11pm, my house area...do feel the earthquake..it just a slightly shake..many people run down from their house..while they are busy and anxious running,..I sitting at my living enjoy my tv show..haha..I wonder why they so anxious...if they didn't run down from the flat, I wouldn't realize the 'shake' thing..Am I too free and easy. dont bother it or just they over react..?? haha..

Monday, May 19, 2008

We Love U~~!!

Memories with Annie~~!!

Stil remember the song that we used to sing for our graduation year 2006

Sun will shine, my friend

Wont let u cry, my dear

Seeing you shed a tears

Make my world disappear

You never be alone is darkness

See my smile, my friend

We are with you, holding hands

You have got to believe you are my destiny

We meant to your friend

That what a friend should be

From different class but still can be BEST FRENZ..Gals' power always rockSS...friends 4eva

When we're still a kid..childish look.. Football Fever at Annie house..

Kwei kena 'rompak'..XD..so cant see her in this pic..

Maxis event at Leisure Mall..Football Fever..

After our SPM..its X'mas time.. Always got weird posing..

As we go on

We remember

All the times we

Had together

And our lives change

Come what ever

We will still be

Friends Forever

SPM result..life started to change

Our very 1st trip..even it just Genting..but its FUN~~!! im sure there will be another trip..

Even after we graduate, we study in different school, we still hang out together..

U always have a very very funny look when taking photos..always have different weird expression..we cant beat u!!! haha..

Jusco Maluri toilet..Annie always got the weird funny cute posing..^^

Oh ya..we did a very cute MV..do u still remember...???
nvm..from here..im sure u remember..this can help u flash back what had we did..!!!

S.H.E = S.A.V