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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Workshop by Gran Fiesta

have I ever told you that I am a sweet tooth?
I tends to hunt for desserts especially I have a good way in weight management

everybody talking about waffle or honey toast nowadays
the credit goes to The Workshop at Mount Austin, JB
you may need some patience to wait for the waffle
been there one time and ALOT people so I skipped the waiting
try again my luck the other night with the lady

lucky me got the peach waffle quite fast
I think they just tell you the estimated waiting time but it don't really take up that long

Peach waffle

the waffle serve with fresh fruits and ice cream
the portion of the ice-cream is just enough for it
some place, only one scoop and it cant fulfill my desire
The Workshop did that

tofu salad for you who on diet

the price is reasonable too
environment not bad if you wish to have some place to chill out and chat with friends
the staff and service is good too

I asked one of the waiter how long should I need to wait for the waffle
he told me around 30minutes, my lady is on her way so I guess by the time she is here just right
surprisingly, after 10minutes they serve the waffle and my lady not reach yet

I don't know what to do and ask if they can keep it first until my friend reach because I scare the ice-cream will melt by the time she reached
he told me 'is ok, let me replace a new one for you when your friend is here'
wao! I didn't mean to waste it or turn out to be a troublesome customer
I thought I can just keep it in the fridge
but they willing to make a new one for me just to make sure the food quality just nice when it serve to customers
Im a happy girl

I had a nice chat with liwei
she actually got some secrets or I shall say small dilemma to share
so I hear her out, found out that we all have dirty little secrets
we all want to be loved and in love with someone that make us feel excited and fun,
but we shall choose wisely, excitement love with dangerous guy doesn't last long compare to romantic rational love

lady like? felt im aging

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

People changed

There are so many WHYs in our life
And these WHYs you cant find an answer because it is a mystery

when you are special, you will always in someone's mind
when you are nothing, you wont even pass by his mind
everyone will change
everything will change
question is,
do you keep onto the changes or u are still remain where you are?

you are nothing when you have no more value to use in
you are not important as you think you were
you are just someone who can help out but not anymore
you can be replace by anyone anytime
but do remember one thing
you are irreplaceable for your own life
you decide your life, you live your life
maybe you will miss those precious moment
it was the sweet memory that you gained, keep that in mind
don't hope for it when you knew it wont get to you
the best yet to come
don't sorrow for the past that wont relived today
getting prepare for the joy that will come tomorrow

I shall cut my hair short like this perhaps. Shall I?


My 2016 Valentine

Im back for blogging. Thanks to a friend reminder I shall continue what I used to do for my life
here it goes, a romantic post

Love is in the air
How I spent my Valentine's Day?
have no the other half at the moment doesn't mean I don't have a lover
I have lovers instead
people who love me and people whom I loving as always known as my lover
True friends doesn't need to keep in touch always but whenever we hang out we cant stop talking
I had a romantic lunch date with my babes ewei and sookyan

There is another one missing because she got a hot date
We went to Fishee Coffe Café @ Esplanad Bukit Jalil
I like this place, a cozy café if you want to have a great chat with friends
the food with delicious with reasonable price

had a great catch up
talking about our days back in high school
gossip about who we hang out the guys
knowing more about our friends who will surprise us with their latest news
I just love catching up with my ladies
The special Fishee ball and complimentary Red Velvet for that day
We kinda hungry and here goes our brunch!
Big breakfast, toast, pasta and of course coffee for coffee lover
its like their drugs haha
forgive me for all the very late post and I think Im getting older because I cant recall much of it

though I would fancy for a romantic date with whoever guy that wana date me
prepare a flower for me, picking me up for dinner and movie date then a small gift maybe
for a second thought, lets get back to reality
there is no awesome date compare with two babes, three will be better of course

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Ice-cream Project -TIP-

I am a sweet tooth. Yes!
I love desserts and fancy food haha
Thanks to Wynne, my old friend who bring me for an awesome evening.

Pick her up and we went to IT Roo Café at Jalan Dhoby, JB.
they have this 'The Best Chicken Chop in Town'
meet my new friend, Jeff
they had dinner earlier so we just order one to share 
I wonder do they complain us? haha

well, our main purpose drop by there was going for ice-cream
me who staying JB dont really searching for food
those staying bit far keep introduce me where got nice food, nice cafe
im lucky to have them

so we come for this The Ice-cream Project
it just opposite the chicken chop restaurant

what so special about this ice-cream?
they make it on the spot, after you order
they texture is so smooth, so creamy
not too sweet, just nice!!

over here they have the 'self clean-up' concept
you can get your own plain water, then you need to throw away the cup after finish your ice-cream

they have also cookies, tea to serve with ice-cream
we ordered chocolate, butterscotch and..i forget another one haha
not much choices but you will love it
if you love milky, creamy taste try original

happy to meet this pretty lady
im glad to meet up again with her after lost contact for years
fate brought us together again and nutrition build our relationship stronger

this how the shop looks like from outside
quite classic
give it a try, a nice place, delicious ice-cream

Friday, January 29, 2016


Time for food again~~

we are 食物的小孩 (food kids)
nice name rite? it obviously shows how we love to eat haha!

this time we have this sudden plan to try out GoGiGo, a new Korean BBQ and Steamboat buffet restaurant in Mount Austin
there is no reservation, so you need to go and queue earlier

the staircase is so nice, you wont mind to queue for an hour just to get your seat

the owner is a Korean Family, the daughter so so pretty~
and here I feel I look like the piggy hahaha

They have varieties of food
oh, its not halal. I assume you know when see the piggy rite? haha
they serve different flavor of marinated pork, chicken, fish
also have prawn, squid, not much choices of vegetables
 you can choose either to bbq or steamboat

they also prepared some well cook food too
there is korean rice cake, korean pancake, kimchi, some fried food like fish ball etc.
and most amazing part is there is different type of sauces too

we are given 2 pot, for bbq and steamboat
but we focus more on bbq because it just right infront of us and the steamboat pot is beside
so we kinda neglected it haha

we spent around one and half hour to eat
we can actually still can eat, but there are so many people waiting for their seats
we kinda embarrassing to sit there and let others see us eat

there is drinks, there is ice-cream for dessert
hmm, for me not bad..not much of my favorite
if you are a meat lover you can come to have a wonderful feast!

this is the address and details for it

29-01, Jalan Austin Height 8/1, Taman Mount Austin
Johor Bahru
Price less than rm30