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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I like

I like......FOOD...........
is a bit kinda shy to put my title because...
I am gaining weight day by day..so sad rite..sad sad..
the temptation..the foods..is just irresistible
I just fell into the trap of food
in other word...no self control..

I found eggie ball 鸡蛋仔 at KL here..erm..basically at My Honeymoon Dessert, Sunway Pyramid
I thought only KK have it yet I found it here
although KK has more choices and much more delicious hehe

oh ya..heard of PapaJohn's before??
it had one at Times Square..
I knew there's some restaurant I knew PapaJohn's restaurant but I never visit it
because..it looks like expensive..and I dont know what food they serving
just month ago I knew it selling pizza, spaghetti..is like Italian food..
have a voucher 50% less
cool rite..50% less for a pizza so give it a try with Ling..
suppose 3 of us including ChoiEi but very last minute she cant make it

we tried Super Papa's Pizza
because the voucher only valid for that
and ordered a Beef and Mushroom Pocket
wao...when those food were served..wwuhoo....
the smell...wao wao..and the taste yummy yummy
for me PapaJohn's serve the best pizza..Pizza Hut cant fight..sure kick out from me already
Domino's still ok..

lately kinda crazy for pizza after tried PapaJohn's pizza
and now they having some promotion
for delivery or take-out
rm20 for 12" pizza..which means 8pieces..
normal price around rm30
and I still think it is worth..at least d taste is worth the price compare Pizza Hut
give it a try ^^

Thursday, June 23, 2011


today..something unlucky happened..
few things..

today went for an interview for a job..this coming month
and what is so sad is...
from expected rm3k with only 3hours work/day had become half of it with many hours working/day

that is not sad enough actually..
it's nothing compare to what coming up next
and I guess..many people had these stupid experience

got SAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUMMON!!!!!!

I parked at the parking lot..the yellow box thingy
but I didnt realize the money machine thingy
when I got back then I saw the stupid thingy on my mirror there...isshkkk...
I hate I hate...

it is not cheap...not rm30 not rm50 is RM100!!!!!!!!

why it have to pay such expensive???
it is because Raya coming and they need money for raya?
they need bonus for this coming raya celebration??

I still dont understand why I have to pay for that parking lot
it is not easy to get an available parking lot there
and I think it used to be free rite?
why now have to pay?
and is there any police or people to look after my car after I pay for that?
if no then why should I pay?
it is not government made a special parking lot under shelter or complex which need maintenance fees
so why do we have to pay for that parking lot which we have to make a lot of round looking for a parking lot
wasting time and petrol and it maybe will be far from the place we want to go..
I really dont understand it!!!!!!!!

btw, everybody please alert and be careful
due to the coming soon Raya celebration
I think there will be a lot more roadblock, summon giving out, so on bla bla
where those not trustworthy not ethical people will used this chance to get some coffee money
this is what I think..hmm..

Monday, June 20, 2011


MAPS is not a lot of map which show u direction
it is my faculty's dinner..on 18th April.. (yea..now only I post about this)
is some night where they give out those little gift and certificate to the smarties...
and obviously I am not one of the smarties
I am one of the committee and it is so so lousy for this year I admit
anyway..it just something I want to post as an appreciation to all my seniors

is masquerade night..so I got myself this lousy mask..

yih weng and me with our mask on..he is super cool that night singing us song..

so who are these seniors...a lot..a lot of them
thanks for fetching me out and play and hunt for food..
thanks for cooking to me..
thanks for giving me all ur notes and lot useful information
thanks for being friend with me because bringing a junior out for fun
sometimes is a hard thing hehe..

oh..they performed that night ^^ awesome performance

well..this whole MAPS thing..is not a very good and nice thing
luckily most of them are enjoying because it is not fun at all to be committee
I dont like it and I will not get involve in it again anymore..
but the food there not bad..performances ok..lucky for that
and most of the people were enjoying themselves so I guess..is a good thing

me in cas's dress..thanks babe

going dinner is something super fun when it come to 2nd sem of every year
a lot of dinner we can go..
this and that..and if u're a person who superbly active
then there is more dinner to go and more money wasting too..
hence..be smart and wise in managing the money for such events even in uni life..

Friday, June 17, 2011


i LOVE enjoying life

i LOVE having a cup of starbucks at it outlet and on9

i LOVE using their wifi to on9

i LOVE sitting there and relax there

but i DONT love to spend a lot of money money money there

having a cup of extra coffee mocha frappucino

hmm..too sweet for me..

should have go for the soy green tea something

went to buy ticket for tomorrow..

owh..im out of town for 2days..

and when I back..I should go and get a job I guess..

i am kinda regret buying a drink here..

was suppose to wait somebody, a friend to pick up her stuff..

once I settled down everything with my drink..

she called up and meet at the bus stop ok lo..no choice

then ewei&json called up

saying they're on their way..

so end up it kinda waste my money rite..buy such exp drink and cant fully utilize it haha

anyway..it's been a while

I didnt enjoying and relaxing at this exp coffee shop haha

good to have this feel once a while..

love is torturing

everybody think love is something very nice
very beautiful and it is good to be loved or loving other
but..love can bring harm too..
hurt is always come from love that turns out something else

love a person who are not supposed to be loved is suffer..torturing
or maybe loving a person who are not in love or never love us back still the same
it is bad..when a side keep giving out and hope to gain some back which they never get
it is sad when the truth is there and just dont want to accept it
it is pathetic when we have to accept the truth..which we are forced to accept it

but people..-we-..still hope there is chance..even any single chance
a chance that the person we love will take a look back at us of what we had done for them
and they will start to appreciate of what we did and saying thanks perhaps

yet how many will survive from that?
how many they really turn around and have a glance at what had we did?
how many will get what we hoping here in the cold dark corner..
waiting to be saved..
waiting to be loved..
waiting to get some attention..

sad rite when things so grey and there is no hope at all
so people do prefer stay in the lies??
in the dream that someday when wake up dreams come true?
guess..it all depends whether you want to wake from the dream
or continue waiting at the cold dark corner
waiting people to save...
waiting the light come in and show the way out of it..

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I am so so outdated!!!!!
so do my blog too..
its been more than a month I didnt update rite...wao..

I am back at KL now..
and many things had changed..
a lot..and I am super outdated..
is time to make myself connect back to the world..
connect back to KL at least...

working nonstop for 2weeks..
and something I dont know is a compliment or not..
when I speak malay, they will ask...
are u a chinese? where are u from?
and most of the answer I got when I ask back why?
98% of them thought I am from Sabah
because I have the accent!!!!!
only 2years I stay there and every sem break I back KL
and now I got the accent there already..aiyoyo..should I happy for this? no idea haha

will get my blog revive soon..starting tomorrow I guess..
I will keep updating my blog and things that happened
as well as things I want to share so much