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Thursday, March 29, 2012

For Once...

thanks to the government for bribing giving us rm200 the 1 Malaysia Book (BB1M) vouchers
initially the information I got is we can only buy stuff or books that related to our academic
so I kinda sad because..I don't really love books..
until somebody told me that we actually can buy anything in the bookstore even bottle, CDs, memory card etc.

when I got the voucher thinking of selling it to books lover
luckily it only a thought as that action is violated the rules and we will got caught
that happened to some of the UUM students..

I spent 2 rm50 vouchers at Borders, The Garden
they had a great offer..
if you spent rm100 or 2 vouchers, you will get a free membership and a Starbucks voucher
during that time I plan to buy some text book of my courses so didn't spend all of my voucher

then I back to UMS and realize there are so many books I wish to own it after went for a book shopping
below are the books that I bought =)

books that I owned now =)

here I bought:
  1. Body Language by James Borg. It relating to my course how we see others and understand others as well as ourselves.
  2. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray. This topic looks fun rite.
  3. Mars and Venus, Starting Over by John Gray. Is another series from the same author. *I bought 2 of that with only rm50*
  4. Hotel K by Kathryn Bonella. Is a non-fiction, memoirs of some prisoners about their life in the Kerobokan prison in Bali. *addicted to it*
  5. Book Spells by Kate Brian. I like those enchanted, vampire stories.
  6. Strange Angels and Betrayal by Lili St.Crow. As I said, vampire weird stuff is my thing, so wanna give it a try.

well, after some book shopping I realize that it is not bad and I like books too
guess this is the government's motive indeed
give us free vouchers so that we buy books and addicted to it..

if you have not use your vouchers yet
hurry up..it will expire soon.. 
the best part is they had extend the dateline to April 30, 2012
till that time you might have not much choices or you cant find anything you like in the bookstore
enjoy book shopping spree
I love buying things when not using my money =)
sad part, indirectly I am using the money I paid for tax =(

Monday, March 26, 2012


I've been blogging for some time but there's no improvement I realize
ishk ishk..something should change here
time to grow =)
still remember I used to blog actively, my blog, baobao's blog
and me didn't update my own blog because kinda busy lazy
don't mention baobao's blog I had dumped it for a l...o....n....g time
I want to be a blogger who can share info and have some fame out of it..LOL
that is what I wish of course but who cares, I write for my own interest for fun
whether you like it or not I will still continue writing here
if I didn't please you, you are invited to leave nobody stop you
or nobody force your finger to click on the mouse direct it to the link and type veronica-ye.blogspot.com and then click enter
well, this is not my purpose blogging middle of nite cursing you who do not like my writing =x
I just want to share that my university had created a group for my university's bloggers

BUMS with the meaning of Bloggers of Universiti Malaysia Sabah not lazy BUMS haha *that's what came in my mind*
wuhoo~~~ is a great start to get along with bloggers and know more friends =)
is the trend now rite, erm..not really now as it has started long time ago!
if you are or was studying in UMS feel free to join the group

I should have finding info or doing my assignment instead of blogging something kinda irrelevant or not so important here
I am sleepy *I just took a 4hours nap hehe*
I think I'm gonna sleep now and get enough enough superb enough rest for this coming hectic week
goodnight world =)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2011 X'mas present

this is a super outdated post..
was suppose to blog about this last year, I postponed it until now
didn't back KL to celebrate Christmas and spent my celebration here with my chicas and some new friends
went to Monkey Brass for dinner, their Christmas Eve dinner had special menu and a little bit expensive
smart business minded the boss got, using celebration menu to earn some
they serve few dishes, lamb, turkey, chicken, salmon
dessert such as chocolate lava and pancake with ice-cream
those dishes taste good, would love to try other dishes during normal day

Monkey Brass located at Lintas Square near to Upperstar

skip those no photos food topic get back to my X'mas gifts
we had some exchange present session
Chloe got my special DIY decorative cupcake with a snowman box
although just a cheap stuff and the cupcake cant keep but the cute snowman box very useful

then I got a present from Pauline
I like the gift so much..it is so meaningful for me
is CD..I got 2..thanks
some Christian band and their song super cool

Building 429 *I like most* and also Joy Whitlock

 went to Chocolate Factory because heard that DJ Skeletor and another pretty babe will be there spinning
well, I personally dislike those clubs in KK here except Whiteroom so far
because most of the clubs have live band which kinda irritating, annoying and low class
and they have NO dance floor..how can a club has no dance floor *no idea*
I want music with beats, cool mix songs by DJ
singing shouting, screaming songs by a group of people totally not my favor

Chocolate Factory where they had indoor and outdoor
I thought what so special about the outdoor
it has nothing special about it and super sucks
it just a place where they put a lot of tables and chairs, no dance floor and lot of lights 
so so hot, so boring, so lousy
but we had no choice, we had already chose that place
Whiteroom super expensive the other nite, and heard that Hitz Dj will be there
end up, the songs by DJ was cool but when the live band came out
gosh..well, accept the fact that I am stuck at KK..

before that me and coursemates went out too and we got exchange present as well
got the special gift from Fen
although I didn't really use those stuff but it quite usable 
at least it not those put aside things
thanks lot =)
but one thing he did super annoying
the thing that I had stop doing since secondary school
he wrapped the present with 7 layers
can you imagine how thick, not so easy to unwrapped 7 layers paper
anyway, it was fun too
will not have much chance to get this kind of experience anymore haha

Sunday, March 18, 2012


out of a sudden I feel bored
I want to go for a date...
it's been a while I didnt go for a date as in a real date where there's somebody fetch me then movie, dinner etc..
not really need me pay, then I can enjoy the nice comfortable shopping mall environment
now I am just like a girl inside a village who so outdated

I want to have a real date
I want a somebody drive me out
I want dinner
I want movie
I want dessert 

ok, I look desperate and pathetic now rite
just out of boredom I feel I want a date haha
time to get back to reality
homework, assignment, presentation, midterm next week
yes..midterm next wednesday, presentation also on the same day *sigh*
stop dreaming, take some action now
I miss my pendant =(

been praying and worrying about my practical place
hold my letter now wish I can find  a better place
mom called and she say try to help me ask around
thanks God, although now still don't get any but it is a good start I might have another alternative =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


saying bye is so common to end a conversation
but it didn't really happen when I talking to mom
she also didn't really wait me say bye then she hung up

happy when mom called me this afternoon
already 2 to 3 weeks she didn't call or contact me
this is so weird rite..
some people will chat with their mom every day but me
when something really important or urgent to discuss about

today she called me to ask whether I will pursue my master or not
because she had some other plan if I am not
then I talk about money
this sem really need a lot of money and I cant even get a part time
all looking for full time =(

I need money to support myself for the stupid retreat
then some of my cousins coming over during sem break to have holiday
I bet during that time will spend quite a huge amount
I am so so poor as ptptn definitely can't enough for me

I have to pay phone credit, broadband, food, books, and others
if you say no entertainment and cook each meal then might enough until end of this semester
but is that really can?
school dinner and so on? this is my last semester of course I hope I can have some outing with my coursemates

is there any part time that suitable for me? =(
when talk with mom about this issue she starting babble a lot
in the end I guess give up the trip with cousins maybe because I really had no money to spare anymore

why practicum had no any allowance or salary?
for 3 months I work or spend our time like a working servant but no any allowance
till that time ptptn confirm had dry up
rm1960 for a sem which means roughly rm400 for a month is not really enough already
I still have to think for the following 3months...
if there is hostel, of course will be great to save up the accommodation
food, daily expenses and so on will spend up until rm400/month
so where can I get another rm1200??
if I work for 3months, for a normal job I can earn rm600 minimum each month
but now I got nothing!

maybe some of the NGOs or private organization will give some allowance
that is good enough at least can help out a bit..
but for me..who focusing more on government sector, don't even think about getting a helpful cent

talking with mom over the phone usually makes me cry
end up hung the call without saying bye
means not a good, happy talk between us
always..things always happens this way
yet I still not really used to it
why other family can be better but not me

*sigh* many things to think now
when I am not working yet
I cant imagine what will my route be after I finish my studies
after this semester
after this semester where am I going to find another at least rm1200 to survive
then flight ticket to come back UMS for convo..
money for convo and so on...

dear friends, please don't ask me out
don't invite me go anywhere
don't find me for dinner or lunch
don't ever find me..I wont angry or upset if didn't ask me out

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Awesome weekend

Saturday was suppose to have a 'class' or talk by JohnBoy early morning start at 9.30am
he was an announcer at Hitz and he has many years of experiences in radio industry..
I was late and kinda worry but when i reached there only Ms., Yuan and Cas
ok, i'm not late because our speaker not there yet so kinda relieved and breath smoothly later on after a rush at the stairs
waited for some time..fellow friends not there yet =(
text them and they say don't know and also not feeling well, some cant make it
he is a very very good speaker and had lot to share but they cant make it
don't know those absentees lucky or we unlucky
Ms. received a call and Johnboy said he forgotten about it and missed the date haha
so the 'class' had been postponed to 2weeks later =)

thus, Ms. gave me, cas, yuan, adrian and aaron a small survey and lecture about broadcasting and what do and don't for our talkset so on
end at 1pm, of course lunch time..
I was kinda lazy to go back hostel because nite have Pesta Tiong Hwa at Chancellor Hall in UMS
went 1Borneo with cas, met up Bell there
they eat at Legen Coffee and Tea, I bought McDonald's double cheeseburger

there's a book fair at 1 Borneo Lower Ground floor, center
I think those are secondhand book but very cheap
the most expensive price I saw from there so far is rm14.90 only
try to drop by someday if you are a book lover

Starbucks time..
time to blog..
it's been while I didn't blog or spend my time at Starbucks because those drinks are not cheap and kinda fattening

my kinda 'sick' laptop with a cup of Iced Cocoa Cappucino

we walked back to UMS for Pesta Tiong Hwa..
will talk more about it on my next post..
let's talk bout something I wana share which I just did with Cas this evening

after church, went to Conti KKFM to do my recording for coming Thursday
then both us watched Martha Bakes about cheesecake
Cas wana eat cheesecake so badly and I feel like eating Korean Food
but my superego telling me I should go back hostel, don't waste money
these kind of food or outing should do when there's more people with other babes

when we start to walk, it rain so decided go to library bus stop wait for bus
saw a bus but he didn't stop for us =.='
ended up both us walk to 1 Borneo haha when my ego won =p

nice place where I studying now
peaceful, calmly..
just a part of it..imagine the whole Sabah =)

ended up both us these fei poh leng lui eating Korean food at Sabah Korean Restaurant at 1 Borneo 1st floor, facing the main road, above Standard Charted saadiq bank
each us ordered one meal

*dol sot* hot stone bibimbap, all time favorite only rm15 for vege, rm18 for beef
 for you who are vege lover, Bibimbap is your first choice..
is a mixed vege rice with egg and korean sauce
I personally prefer the cold not hot stone rice because the vege wont overcooked and it taste more fresh =p
I had no idea why only 2 side dishes for me =(

this is so different with others Korean restaurant I visited at KL or Lintas, KK.
they serve the side dishes along with main meal and there's not much choices which I kinda disappointed with it
the taste overall not bad..still prefer those I tried at Ampang, KL.

*Kimchi jigae* Kimchi soup with rice only rm15 for normal, rm18 with beef/seafood/pork
if you are regular korean meal customer, you may found something not right or not match in the picture above..
can you spot it??

ehem..it is the rice..
they using normal bowl to serve the rice not the steel bowl
and they are using the normal spoon, plastic chopsticks not the slim long spoon and chopsticks
cas say they had localized it haha
I don't really have that -eating korean food at korean restaurant- kind of feel =p

anyway the food not bad..
the price not so expensive, quite reasonable for a restaurant inside a shopping mall
and they even have promotion for lunch only rm9.90 with free chinese tea
definitely will go there if I craving for korean food
as a student we always aim for discount, cheap stuff rite

 each us got 1 meal is more than enough for us as we not those really eat 'rice' people
but today, only two of these can't really satisfy our desire lust haha
after a delicious main course, dessert is a good companion rite
they served superb delicious cheesecake and cream puff
both if it really taste good, EXCELLENT indeed

the boss really looks like that.. -proud house- only rm18 each

if you want to find a nice cheesecake this is a must to buy in 1 Borneo..that's what I think =)

owh..2 fat girls finish it after 2 main meal
scary geng rite?? hahaha
after that I told Cas, we must not think about these kind of food anymore within 3 months..
don't even think about it!

how nice if there is some electronic device will shock us if it sense we think about fattening food hahaha

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holiday updates

it's been ages didn't blog
because the lousy irritating bad UMTP block blogger's pisca thingy..I cant upload photos and without photos me no mood to blog because I like photos in my post or else it looks dull doom emo SAD
therefore a happy nice cool post MUST have photo as it can show a thousand words better than I type in million words 

CNY is not only food but gathering too..
gathering with my family, relatives, cousins and of course friends
as usual I got a bunch of crazy friends who always have sudden plan
Leon the season gambler planned to go Genting with his 'friend'
and he make the 'friend' so suspense till we all guessing who is she
unfortunately his friend ffk him and it was a 'he'
so ended up he brought us the pretties go up to the peak
and I was wearing 'cute' jumpsuit which means short and sleeveless and it will freaking cold up there

cabel car is so yes although we actually can drive up
hot green tea latte and dark mocha my all time favorite
walk around at Genting, take some chilling air is so relaxing
I love the environment and a cup of coffee superbly awesome
I don't know why always I go up to Genting I will buy a cup of Starbucks
Dark Mocha or Java Chip always my favorite, and Hot Hazelnut will be my third choice
owh, Leon and Ling won some money so we back down to Gohtong Jaya had a simple dinner
it's not expensive although Genting is a tourism spot and things around there will mark up the price but Gohtong Jaya's food is delicious and the price reasonable

besides gathering and meeting up with friends or going somewhere else
we actually doing something which adults prefer to do
but we only do it during CNY..really during CNY which is....
related to gambling stuff
but we of course didnt play money it just to polish up our skill bit..
by using the chips only
I really like playing mahjong as I have a lot to learn..every year only got 1week time to play
so I need few more years to become a pro perhaps 

Yee Sang also a must for me to eat during Chinese New Year
and I love to eat so much because...erm...because it is delicious and only can eat during CNY like McDonald's prosperity burger?
my beloved mommy heard I only eat once for the whole CNY so she being so nice, telling me that she going to buy Yee Sang and we will eat it together
owh, she is super nice rite but I never tell her that I love her or say thanks in front of her
because I didnt do that since I'm staying apart from her when I was little kid
but I do love her..hope she know it =)
too bad bro not at home that nite, he can't join us
and I always hate him can't spend more time with us ggrrr....son..boys...ishk...

Yee Sang with mommy only =)

erm, fishing is not really my thing because...it is kinda boring waiting the fish to eat my bait
I am no patient bit more active person so sitting there under the sun or what waiting the fish is not so my style
went fishing with dear Peggy and Leon
when I got in the Leon's car, I saw a book and asked him 'wah, you bring book to read later?'
Leon was kinda excited for this whole fishing thingy but me so so haha but it is worth for a try

went to Semenyih, can't deny it is a nice place, still preserve the nature of environment

the lake and trees as shelther

this place is a restaurant and they do have pond or lake -I don't know- for fishing
don't worry if you cant get a fish because u can always order one to eat haha

the fishes are BIG and there's not enough place for them

have you ever see a city girl, the pretty fishing? here is the chance...

I never thought she actually likes fishing haha
 the uncle who ask us to go fishing and the funny thing happened was...
I don't think he will ever ask us to go fishing again anymore
because...let me tell you his plan for that day
he plan to get some drinks, a book -which I saw in his car-, and also his fishing rod
so he was imagining that he will put on the bait so on for us then he will have his own fishing rod, put there or holding there and reading the book he bought

well, imagination and reality also totally different haha
once we reached there, he help me and Peggy do the fishing rod stuff, the bait and everything
there was only two fishing rod and it is enough actually..
he done one fishing rod, and he going to finish the second fishing rod, 
when he had done the second rod, I told him 'why this fishing rod so weird with the string?'
then he is so frust and he told us his plan, reading a book, holding the fishing rod and got a fish
those relaxing and enjoying the nature stuff
but he didn't have the chance because I was keep complaining 'so HOT...can you bring the umbrella out to cover my leg?' hahaha

he caught a fish...a BIG fish but can't eat..have to let it back to the lake

we got it too.. -can you see the umbrella haha-

there's thai's cuisine here
well, I will not come here again for fishing but for dinner of course
they serve delicious food

nice view to enjoy dinner during the late evening but not nite, u can only see black

our meal..there's salted egg vege, thai fried steam fish, mantis prawn

they using charcoal so until my rice finish the fish still hot

this is the address..
with 3 delicious meal, some drinks only rm64.60
price reasonable, taste awesome, environment peaceful
it is a recommended place to try their dishes..

PT 16367, Fish Valley Semenyih, Sri Haneco Industrial Park,
jalan Kachau, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia
email: fishvalleysemenyih@hotmail.com
contact: 018-6688198, 0123825518

wao..long post, I wonder do you really finish read this post..will share more place again if I got a nice place worth to share =)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

on air time at KKFM

pheww..thursday back to on air at KKFM
nice huh hehe..miss it lot...
and of course if you want to know more or wana hear my funny voice..
click this..

kinda busy to blog ahha bye!