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Friday, August 29, 2008

HaPpY BirThDaY w3Rn p3i

29 August 2008 = July29 ( lunar calendar )

1st time celebrate WERN PEI birthday~~
her 19th for 30August but 20 for July29..
her bday on 30August but..for lunar calender..today is her bday as well..

since we cant celebrate with her tomorrow..
so we had a small suprise for our blur blur wern pei.. hehe.. (no offense)
wern pei had farewell with her club..
but..for those who smart like us..
we had our plan for it..haha..
with the help of our friend..chooi yee..

they heading ts kenny roger..
so we meet them there for d suprise celebration..

* siaw wei * may chen * poh yee,looi * pui mun,lew * ye * chooi yee* qing yi *

# zakee # kah wai # li xiang #

kae chuan..who lost contact with us..cant join us..

missed out d chance to have lunch together..haih..

those who participant in d suprise celebration..at ts..

our blur wern pei..haih..

still blur blur when she saw us..

she have no idea that we going to celebrate for her..

she thought her bday this year will be borin..but she is totally WRONG..~!!

we bought a cake for her..specially for her..

wern pei is vegetarian..

so the cake we bought is eggless..

and we had made a Bday card for her..
specially handmade..haha..

after give her d suprise celebration..
we go 2nd round..
at pudu 'sunshine'..yang guang..
not really special bout her celebration...
it full of wishes..our heart for her...hehe.. (^.^)



~~~~ HAPPY19th BIRTHDAY ~~~~

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SOt s0T again~~

23 August 2008
Saturday, nite
I went for tuition until 5.30pm
straight away rush to yp's house..
we went for a campfire at sjkc Naam Kheung
quite nice..unluckily..keep raining whole nite..
Rover H had won 1st for finger painting..wakaka..
I'm d one who help in color..hehe..
10.30pm rush back home to take bath..
rushing just because ej & kf waited me down there..
wonder what crazy plan we got..??!!
we went GENTING for yumcha~~!!!!
around 11.00pm+ we heading to terenz house..
then we start our journey to GENTING~~
ej so cool..
he brought along hot water, cold water and beer..
on the way,
we went petrol station..( petronas or 7-11 )
and bought many snacks..hehe.. (I'm d one who bought lot)
we got d wrong way ar~~!!!
ej miss out d turn so we had to take a big U-turn..
anyway..we reached GENTING also..
when we reach GOHTONG JAYA,
we had a small meal..
'lok lok'..
so delicious..damn NICE.. (^.^)
we reached GENTING when its around 1.00am
we had our drink in front of Highland hotel.. (think so)
noe wat..
my dear friends.. ej & terenz..
they took off their shirt and walk all the way back carpark..which is Themepark thr..
along the way..many ppl saw them..and they even pass by Oldtown lo..malu la..
wonder how come they so muka tembok..haha..
oh ya..terenz..I know u enjoy doing crazy stuff...haha..
please..dont always ajak me when u feel like doing crazy stuff..haha..
even though its kinda syok..^^
reach home around 5.00am..
this is d 1st time so crazy..
go GENTING for yc..
mom dont like what I did..
she kinda strict lately..
wonder why..
maybe she getting worry about me..
or she found out something dy!!! haha..(hope she not)
School reopen dy lo..
must be more hard working..
must study hard from now on..
because trial getting nearer..
same as my bday..
it just 2 or 3weeks from now on..haih..
must get at least 1A...if possible.. 2A lo..
target for economic and P.A..
hope I can get a good result..
no more play play dy la..
this is TRIAL ar..nt monthly test..
TRIAL shows how much had I prepared lo..haih..sad..

Friday, August 22, 2008




21082008, Thursday nite

Is a damn nice place!!!!

NO cigarette..for the 1st time went clubbing and back home without smell..

Dance floor is big..place damn special..

Is design..erm..round..2 or 3 floor..

1 thing not nice..d washroom..

It just a small room..fit 1person only..

How am i suppose to take photos with friends..?? (too bad)

and they got spray somekind of smoke..

So we have to chose d right place to dance..if not..

When the smoke come..

U cant see anything..totally..

WHITE..BLUR..!!! haha..

Peggy~~ u missed a damn nice place..too bad

My mission accomplish..( bring Nevin down to dance floor )

Nevin dont want I regret wo..so terpaksa follow my demand lo..

Thanx Nevin..haha..

Euphoria really a cool place..

Unfortunately..its far..

Sunway..from Cheras we sure spend some time go there..

My dear lovely couz..

I think u guys should go Euphoria and try..

It's really a damn NICE freaking COOL place.. (^.^)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


School holiday for A week~~!!!!

there's bunch tonnes of homework..
but as usual..d 'clever' 'smart' 'hardworking' me..
stil haven touch any of it..OMG~~!! there are LOTZZZ..
maybe that's my style..haha..
for the 1st time i drive Toyota Altis..
omg..damn cool..though just a short distance..
but..I feel good..*music*..haha

whole holiday I dont really go anywhere..
I stayed at Lily's house..for 2days..
Wednesday went Sunway Lagoon..I've made a tattoo..haha..
rm15 for fun.. Xp
Thursday will go clubbing..( waiting for it )
Saturday will attend a campfire at sjkc naam kheung..
Sunday stil dunno go where..but I think I'll be going out..^^

So..it's clearly showing that I dont put any available time in HOMEWORK~~
how am I suppose to finish my homework wo..haih..haih..

Anyway..work must be done..
I'll do my homework..
if not..some1 will scold me teribble..more scary than teacher..haha..

Monday, August 11, 2008


Welcome to U6A1..

let me introduce our 'beloved' teachers..

  1. Mrs. Ong - my form teacher..she always lecture us b4 d teaching begin..sometimes..She teach meaning of life & how2 bcome a better person more than accounts..

  2. Pn. Lee - the dedicated teacher..who will always teach & teach & teach with her mic..she got potential to bcome a hypnotherapist..haha...

  3. Pn. How - who always in hurry..the way she teach is weird where by she dont really know how2 get d answer...haha..

  4. Pn. SriVali - talks about politics sometimes and gives us work per day and thanks to her v can finish other subjects homework..lol..XD

  5. Pn. Caroline - she is so strict..sometimes..She encourage us SPEAK IN ENGLISH..always..and will guide us whenever there is NONSENSE and NO SUCH THING..hehe..

Those are my teachers..

We really hav2 appreciate their hardwork and try to fulfill their hope on us..

My dear friends..we hav2 GAMBATE~~!!

But...what we did is d other way round..haha..

play UNO in class


sleep in class..always..this is what KC's view..haha..

Today I've learnt lot new words..

U're not a sausage! - U're are nothing at all..

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world..

Grass is always greener.. - d others country moon is more round
My 1st Key - 10 August 2008
I've got a key which have a deep meaning..haha..( a key to open and lock the heart )
It's nice & costly as well..!! haha...thanx lo.. ^^
Hope this key really bring me luck.. XD especially in exam..STPM..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bye bYe m0nThly TesT

Last day of monthly test..We talk lot after the last paper-econ.. We chit chat almost whole day.. Thanks to the most 'dedicated' teacher.. She come in and the environment had totally 360' change..!! It just from the climax fell to bottom..I got that kind of feel.. Actually..it had expected lo.. She come in set up her mic and begin her hypnosis to the class...haha..
Today we had a small discussion once again..haha..about our very own personality..each of us had different characteristic..
  • KC - cool (or he try to act cool)..he starting to join our world..or..he 'welcome to my world'
  • MC - smart, polite, blur blur sometimes..haha..always say...' yameh..?? I dunno geh?!'
  • SW - she is so serious when study but she gets excited when we got discussion and sheso cute when..'I've know' (just imagine)
  • WP - blur blur always..she is just like a protected animal..every1 will just protect her..her reaction is just slower than us..
  • PM (mine) - she got her style..'yeng'..'yao xing gak'..nobody can imitate her..NEVER find another PM or look like her..
  • YE (me) - cute..which I dont know how cute am I..talkative..always say out or do some action which look funny = crazy..'sot sot'..

I'm so happy because get to know a bunch of new friends..U6A1..I'm glad we can be classmate..this is a fact that cant be denied..Please remember that u're one of the member of U6A1 which had met YE..haha..

I sit behind..2nd last row..right corner..beside window..next to PM, infront of KC, behind of XY. Seems like corner..been left aside..but..there is always laughter from my seat..because I'm talkative ma..haha..

Aiyoyo..I'm writing lot too..haha..that's all for today..because..in a hurry wana watch tv..hehe.. (^.^)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August Monthly Test

Bad Day!!!!
hatred towards school and teachers getting stronger..
HATE teachers..HATE muet..HATE econs..HATE p.am...HATE acc..HATE maths
hate TEACHERS because the class getting boring..membencikan..men'dulan'kan..
hate MUET because I am not taking for the final yet still have to do the exercise..
hate ECONS because the teacher seems like dont know how2 teach..her style damn bored..talk also slowly soft..' Class ar..do u know ar~~~~ '
hate P.AM because the 'leng mui' so lazy..go in class read newspaper and give us 1question..
hate ACC because I dont know how2 do and teachers got bit lazy..well..not really teach us..
hate MATHS because I did try to understand but still the same after all..come in class always ask the same question..' Any question? U finish ur work? Do I give homework? '
Its been a while I didnt cry..I dont feel this is good because..it shows that I dont have any stress any tension to release..or..I might have stress which cant be seen..and it keep inside my heart..my body my mind which will hurt myself more and more..
This few days I am so different..something wrong with me..some feeling that hardly explain..I cant describe the feel..but it did make me feel uneasy..uncomfortable..I dont like that kind of feeling..it just like..hate myself..my body is out of control..my mind always cant stop from thinking stupid thing..always hypnosis myself to sleep..
I do really want2 study and score in exam..but..when I reach home..or even in school I dont have the heart to study to do any revision..it seems like I've give up my studies..I dont want things to become lidat..NO~~!!!!! is it because my self-controlled very weak..?? my EQ very weak..??
Really hope I can go somewhere which nobody is there and give myself some time to cool down to think..yet..I'm so very talkative..getting talkative and this is not normal..!! I'm too talkative..hyper active maybe..feel wan2 cry to release my emotion but cant..why??? I'm so suffer in this condition..
Is there any way or anybody can help me..?? get me out of this conflict..get me out from this complicated world!!!!!!! Please save me!!!!
STPM trial is getting nearer...15 September..my bday..I'm afraid of it..yet exciting because is my bday..(hate this kind of feeling).. waiting for the day coming really make me cant breath..heart beep seems like will stop at any moment..

Monday, August 4, 2008


3rd August 2008

Kampung Baru

Scout Activity..JOTA & JOTI

I went there with Oli and Zakee and met few cochrane scout there..I've learn and recall many things..

  • A-Alpha

  • B-Bravo

  • C-Charlie

  • D-Delta

  • E-Echo

  • F-Foxtort

  • G-Golf

  • H-Hotel

  • I-India

  • J-Juliet

  • K-Kilo

  • L-Lima

  • M-Mike

  • N-November

  • O-Oscar

  • P-Papa

  • Q-Quebec

  • R-Romeo

  • S-Sierra

  • T-Tango

  • U-Uniform

  • V-Victor

  • W-Whisky

  • X-X-ray

  • Y-Yankee

  • Z-Zulu

I had learn how d radio amateur used..haha..well.. d JOTA JOTI whole thing got bit just exactly like what I usually practise in MSN..haha..it just I'm sure they all are SCOUT~~!!

Sunday as well..celebrate my dear Jie Wei Bday..big boy dy lo..ahhaha...