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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nutrition Studio, Healthy Lunch in seksyen 14

are you working in Seksyen 14, or somewhere near there?
and just don't know what to eat for your lunch?

lets do some checklist. shall we?
1. Do you feel sleepy after lunch?
2. Do you feel like taking some snack at 4pm or grab a coffee to stay you awake, maybe a cigarrate?
3. Do you feeling like eating something more healthy but you don't really love vegetables or fruits?
4. Have you been thinking want to try something new or eat clean for your lunch?

if there is a lunch which provides more than 55 vitamins and mineral, a low GI meal and the most important is giving us energy keeping us from feeling sleepy during work, do you want to try it out?

This is a new place for you to hang out, share good nutrition, a healthy lunch
Nutrition Studio just newly open about a month time I guess. A few friends of mine opened it.
We welcome you and your friends to have a try here.

Just visited this nutrition club last week.
I love the decoration. I can see hard works and love in it.
It serves lunch, from 11am-2pm on weekdays.
It just opposite of Maybank, above Pos Laju. There's blue gate, go up!
if you have no idea where is Seksyen 14, search Jaya 33. It just right opposite it, cross the road.

There will be 3 drinks like what my nutrition club serves (oh, mine at Desa Cemerlang, Johor Bahru)
First will be aloe vera which for cleanse, then Teamix for detoxification and energy, lastly the delicious Shake where a balanced nutrition meal made by the angels there.

Not only serves healthy lunch, they also doing a free wellness evaluation for the community
This wellness evaluation is awesome as we can know 8 data of our body not only weight, water, fats but also visceral fat and body age. Its cool.

almost all the nutrition club do the same thing
and extra activities like exercise, SKIN Party (facial party), outdoor activities
and we can know more friends from different clubs too
if you are an out-going person (if you don't is OK too), come and meet some new friends
grab a healthy lunch =)

if you are interested to have a look and want to do a wellness evaluation
drop me a message and I will sent an invitation card to u

Instagram: yapwaiee
whatsapp: +601126265392