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Friday, January 27, 2012

CNY 2&3

like holding a chinese 'dui lian' haha.. 12tickets for I Love HK 2012

as always 2nd day of cny, chor2 will meet up gather with paternal's side relatives
and of course my best day of CNY every year...
met lot people and those kids no longer kid..they all grown up
hmm..my dear cousins, please get marry earlier and got a baby for me to play with haha

hmm..my second day of cny end up with Movida at Puchong
not really high and didnt get wasted (to bad)
but I did had fun and enjoyed with my cousins and also Nicholas & Janice
both them meet me up there
basically Nicholas cheated Janice to meet me there haha

so of course stayed allie's house
the next day thought of playing mahjong with eric but too late mahjong not for us dy
then went for movie
I Love Hong Kong and it is a nice movie
very funny and meaningful..
go and watch it if you got the chance =)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st day of CNY

let's talk about yesterday reunion dinner before go to first day
allie fetch me late, then wrong way and end up we reached uncle there at 8pm
not late, just right at the time
had superb delicious meal
it's been a while I didnt eat dishes cook by auntie
got pork, fish, prawn, vege, duck, chicken
and my all time favorite, soup yummy..

had nothing to do after dinner
movie cant buy ticket
oh, something wana share..4suk had GF dy
yeah yeah..congrats..although not pretty but nevermind
mom say she not bad, polite so I guess
good girl is the most important criteria to be my 4auntie hehe

alright, let's get to the very first day of Chinese New Year, 23 January 2012
hmm..woke up and get ready..
got angpao from mom..
she's not the first haha because yesterday nite yoonggu gave already

then prepare and get ready
and chose this to be my first day outfit..when I ironing it yesterday, realize that..
it looks exactly like my hostel curtain =.=''
cheap only rm36..not bad rite..pretty also
the very famous Dragon they said..

me and mom went to Pavilion and lot lot people
many shops open half day and we manage to get something for ourselves
and me very happy bought lip gloss which cost me rm10 only

mom kinda more generous compare last time
and she willing to buy many many things dy
and she even wana eat bit expensive food now

we had brunch at the foodcourt..
not bad the korean food..at least got the taste
then we got some evening hi-tea after tired walking (mom still not tired, powerful mom)
bought some sweet stuff and had a drink at Oldtown 

delicious..red velvet not so but the brownies super delicious only rm5.40

 the red velvet not so delicious..it claimed to be the delicious
but I prefer the brownies more
the red velvet something just some delicious cheese with soft sponge muffin
and it so expensive..around rm8.50

what awesome is the brownies cheap and delicious
a lot of chocolate chips and nuts
erm..if I didnt remember wrongly
this shop name Just Heavenly, just somewhere near Bread Story

after hi-tea accompany bro buy his shirt
he so so choosy and picky
guys guys..
end up Forever 21 haha

then back home, bro dating with gf
me and mom back home rest
super tired
mom say i'm lousy..she say I cant shop
she is so so powerful haha..my supermom <3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

sem5 ended!

this is how my room now haha
is a store room...really beh tahan..
me myself also didnt keep my stuff properly because we rent our room to put our stuff as a store room
i just pack what I wana bring back to KL
especially my new year clothes wahahaha

my year 3 sem 5 has ended officially
and now 1 month semester break then I will move on to sem6 which is my last semester
then I will be graduate..
wao..3 years and now it had come to the end
it just so fast....still remember 2 years ago still saying 'how can I survive travelling KL-KK'
and now I love KK and feel like my second home..
bye bye sem5...

currently at airport..stil got 3hours to go then only boarding then only back KL
again this year reach just right before reunion dinner...
hmm..hope everything go smooth..no jam then wont be late..
dinner wait for me..

oh, to you..
remember eat lesser..you dont want to gain weight just because 1 or 2weeks of chinese new year rite
and also if you can online
stream to KKFM and listen to our special program for CNY
today and also tomorrow 23,Jan the very first day of CNY <3

Wording Nails for CNY

everybody posting about their nails today
therefore, I decided not to be outdated and post it too haha

yesterday night kinda boring and there go my mood for beautify my nails
been wondering what color or what pattern I wana do
and out of a sudden, really a sudden I thought of the newspaper nails
google it and here I know how to do it already haha

it really easy, simple and nice

special nails for special Chinese New Year 2012 =)

apply a base, any color you want..I put up pink because my CNY more to pinky color

after it dry, prepare a bowl/cup/plate (whatever) of water
room temperature, normal water will do

cut out small pieces on papers/newspapers
soak the papers in the water, not really soak just make it wet is enough

put it on the nail and press it real hard
so that the words will stick onto the nail

clean the nails especially there might some papers stick with the word
then apply coat onto it to prevent wording ink fall off...

that's all..so easy and simple rite..
this my first time and will not be last because it is easy

Happy Chinese New Year to You
Gong Xi Fatt Chai
Wish You have a Prosperous Chinese New Year <3

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear u..

when I am kinda in trouble
you come and pull me out..
when I have something I want so much
you gave it to me

am glad because somebody treasure me
am happy because now I learn how to appreciate
even a small little tiny thing that happens everyday
am grateful because somebody will be there for me
not only 1 but more than 1 person

not everything is perfectly nice
but everything is enough for me
learned that we could not, never be greedy
learn to satisfy even with a small thing

am older mature now
and I am a lady who can think wise
thanks for being with me along the journey and teaching me

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Love with KK

Kota Kinabalu or known as KK
is where I spent 2 and half years here
I don't really like here when I just got here
because it is so outdated..and not convenient as Kuala Lumpur, known as KL
KK had no big shopping mall, no LRT, no this and that
shops and malls close early like 8 or 9pm
and here just boring...

but now, after going through more than 2years
peacefully, slow, relaxing lifestyle here
with lesser racist (this is what I feel)
I am so so in love with KK
the scenery never let me down

now I understand why seniors told me
when the time will graduate, I will super miss this place
the place where we can let our mind rest

officially my sem5 had ended
which means I only have another short sem to go..
honestly, I really love this place already
although still bit bit lousy haha but I really like here
KK, I will back for you often, if I can =)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Happy New Year!

Happy New year and continue fighting with exam
yea, still having my final exam
at the same time, have to do recording for kkfm
had no idea something that I should happy or sad 
happy because I still can continue with this thingy but
sad because I had not enough time sometimes and I really hate recording
I prefer do it live...

am tired fighting with exam
too pack..no time rest
and I stuck at here 10days before I can back KL
I want to get new clothes =(
last year didnt back home for CNY so no new year clothes too
this year end up be the same I guess hmm..pity?

I wish my dreams will come true
 I hope I be able to cope with my exam these few days
kinda hectic because I got 4papers in this week
and it is kinda a tough subject

now waiting my turn to do my recording..
kinda wasting time here *sigh* 
stop the waiting time please...