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Monday, January 25, 2010

Elaine-Last Day

Sorry for d delaying posting thing..
last day of elaine's day we went Gaya Street in d mornin..
this is d 1st time we visit there..well, it bit look lik Petaling Street..KK 'chi cheong gai'..
5 hot chicks at KK~~!!!
we are so pretty and sexay too..haha
we ate 'siew peng'..quite delicious..

well..I got bit lazy to korek korek bac wat happen la..so..hehe..sorry guys..
I just briefly say say la hor..haha
breakfast at one of a restaurant at Gaya Street..tomyam, chasiewsiewyukkai, meatball

chloe promoting lot stuff lo..hat la..bracelet la..

we even went suria sabah, the new shopping mall..
bit boring lo..only parkson open ni..so boring..after that we went to the pelabuhan (consider so I guess)

i never see an ince-cream car lo!!!! so special..

bell love ice cream so much..budak ni will cry if she cant hav d ice cream..

I never see a pink guava..

cha siew siew yok kai!! and chu yuk yuen!!!

tom yam le..but too many milk not tat nice..

OMG..superb delicious kek lapis le..it so colourful lo!!!

dun cry elaine dear, u soon wil reunite wit us.. lol.. xD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

dear Baobaosss

dear baobao..because v are so far now..
just wana inform u guys tat me d cute 1 had couple la..
dun say i din inform ar!!!

nice date to remember somebody belong to me..hahahaha
its so ngam is nevin bday...aiyo..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

welcome 2010

bac UMS earlier than others..
so v hav2 spend our new year at Sabah...
happy to receive call by Nicholas wishing me Happy New Year cuz he noe I wil b so pity celebrating at Sabah..
start our New Year Eve with New York New York at 1B..
hav a nice drink after check in Tune Hotel..

float!!! and a chocolate strawberry something lidat..
my ice blended lime guess so and onion rings!!! yummy

well..our day had gone comes d nite..
where we wana go? hehe..
since v staying Tune tat nite..of cuz some party will take place lo..
here we our plan..
Ice Bar!!

leng lui promoting d brochure!!! haha

while I'm on my way to Ice Bar...my lovely darling Peggy called..
'hey wai ee, how are u ar..goin anywhr not ar? how u spend ur new year ar? I'm on my way to MOS with Terenz they al!!!!'
well..she called up for wishing me Happy New Year or wat..ahhah
I'm sure she call for wishing me la..she so nice.. ^^

Bell so seducing..haha

well, gals after make up...haha

definately more pretty and charming lo..
tat nite elaine bit 'sat sui jun' lo..
she felt dizzy sudenli when it left few minutes to countdown for year 2010!!
so no choice lo..hav2 go bac with her rite..but me d super duper 'pou ka' stay there and chloe accompany me..
after d count thing we bac to hotel and meet them up..
and once again because I wana hav fun so much I force them go down again except chloe who accompany elaine..hehe
went down jux while ni..
den drive out for supper!!!!!!!
stupid malay shop no maggi goreng..tats ok lo..
most pik chik is...
a drive-thru McD say they goin2 close early wo!!!!
wtf..a 24hour drive-thru say no more and close??!!!!
so end up tapao mamak food from KF lo..
at last found a super delicious mamak dy..nex2 818..KingFisher
end of 31st Dec
now beginning of 1st of January in 2010!!!!!
woke up and prepare and ready ourself for a nice outing!!
drive all d way to Tuaran jux to show elaine how Tuaran looks like..haha

Tuaran got bit looks like S'ban, Malacca, I aso duno la..go feel it urself..
our breakfast or consider brunch at a Tuaran Mee Restaurant..
d food there quite nice..
d mee goreng tuaran is better than kon lau..
kuey teow aso not bad..quite nice..
this d restaurant v went..at Tuaran
after our meal we went d pagoda there..
this time we took lot photos..cuz not rainin and we al so cun..haha
we rily look exactly lik tourist..

nice rite?? all so happy..haha

now I realize my tummy not tat big ni lo..haha

elaine wit d nice 'tap'
well..after tat we plan to go somewhr futher..out of Tuaran..
so we jux walk straight!!! ahahhaha...and I rily no idea whr we headed to..ahaha
duno wat Kota Marudu or Kudat or wat la..something lidat..haha
but walk til half way v bac lo..
cuz seems lik nothin lo...only lembu=cow hahahaha
so bout time dy so we decide to go for our seafood!!!!!
but we got another 'sau wok' which is..
BBQ coconut=kelapa bakar=hot coconut
is located at..I not sure..
along d way to Gayang Seafood Restaurant..
looks delicious rite..

tis is Lukan..something lik lala..quite delicious lo..
oh ya..this stall Ah Xian went b4 lo..is Ah Xian or wat I duno..

can see those packets hanging thr..is keropok ubi lo..delicious aso..
after d coconut and Lukan den headed to Salut Seafood restaurant..
but..d way there bit weird..and d car we rent so louya..
so v decide bac to Gayang!!!
today got d chance to take nice pic..^^

tis our meal..
we ordered crab, squid, vege, 'fatt but'...
I quite lazy write so many details la..
cuz it happened long time ago dy lo..sorry..hehe
but at least I post it rite..hehe... ^^

Sunday, January 17, 2010

450cc of Blood!!!

well..today is a damn historical date lo...
because I finally can donate blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my 1st time of blood donation is at 1B a place I alwax lepak..
very happy very glad I can donate blood..finally...
last time I wana donate so badly but cant but today can make it!!
just finish donate den now blog bout it while I'm so excited..haha
thanx God because finally gave me d chance to do so..
confirm nex time will donate again..
actualy its not pain lo..
wonder why so many ppl scare of it..
well human, u shud try and go for blood donation because ur blood can help ppl..
go go go...if u scare because of d needle..dun worry
it jux a small case la..nothing much bout tat..
go for it!!!!!! (^-^)Y

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Result of sem1

stop while those happy moments and now v shud focussing on serious thing
my result for sem1..my 1st sem in uni and my 1st time get result is on..I 4get dy..
tats not important..and wats important is my result I dun lik it..
I just cant rily achieve wat I wan for tat sem..
because I got a C in eng so..it totally ruined my result!!!!
others is A, A- and B-...only tat got C but actualy get B- aso not rily good dy
tot wana get 1st clas den no ned pay bac PTPTN and use it as I lik such buy car etc..
but..if I rily wana use d pt $$ without payin it den coming sem hav2 'pia' rily rily hard lo!!!!!

gambateh...I can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gua

Saturday, January 9, 2010


26th Dec 09 bac Ums dy..damn early le..
haih..1st yr student is so naive geh la..no choice..
bac room terus clean up those dust wo..so so dirty..
my luggage..well, a lazy gal lik me sure put aside 1st lo..haha
slept whole day and ready for nex day..doin same thing again..
a very special day because elaine come KK for a week!!!!!
stil in holiday mood huh..hahah
we ponteng for a whole week because we all are stil in HOLIDAY MOOD
in other words, v're in HOLIDAY MODE
well...1st destination after fetch elaine is..erm..ODEC I guess..
4get dy lo...not so important la..d most important is..
me&bell went for class but v waited for half an hour nobody
so chloe&cas fetch us and v heading to airport!!!!!
so do our dayzz wit elaine begin..hehe
lazy type so many things la..briefly post some photos and videos...haha
as I alwax say..photos says a million billion words..ahha

ODEC my beloved place..

ham dan wong

3 sot fellars..

chloe * elaine * bell * casandra * veronica

guess who again so sot..haha
our perahu got place to stay dy lo..no ned yat sai yu lum dy lo..

Friday, January 8, 2010

I admit I'm drunkard!!!

24th Dec 2009
X'mas Eve
is my last clubbing b4 bac sabah and lead a student life..
when d time to be a student den I shud be a student
when holiday a wild child life den wild life I'll lead..haha
bac2 RootZ..is located at Lot10 rooftop..d top floor..
I rily never realize there's such place inside Lot10..is a new club I guess..
I dun rily like d Rootz compare to MOS..because it so small..
no dancefloor..and it looks like..ermm...uncle place..
not rily uncle aunties la..just more mature than us..not rily student place lo..
recommended by ej..oh,he got new gf name Julia..like her hairstyle..so cool..
tat nite is xmas nite and I spend my nite inside a club..not church..
and I'm drunk!!!
sorry peggy..rily sorry..sincerely please accept my appologize..
I actualy aim d cup to puke but..anyway..sorry..!!!! :(
oscar is bac and he bring bruce along..
because bruce went out den he cant get bac wit us so oscar hav2 leave early..too bad..
brad was thr..evy and her bf, wailoon and a fren name ryan i guess..
den who else..ej wit julia, waikit wit shaowan..
and of cuz me&peggy lo..clubbing partner..ahhah and most special is choiei was with us!! special lo..haha
peggy I miss u!!!!!!
choiei were there wit us tat nite...kei jik er...hahah

evy and her bf joined us too tat nite..

ej stil wit his hairstyle..as a lawyer??hahah =.=
nvm la..julia aso tat cool..

brad..is been a long time din see him lo..he stil d same..
and nevin...he din join for d clubbing..he duwan go dy wo..no matter how v persuade he aso duwan...haih haih...
and once again..
Sorry peggy!!!! I miss u...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hang Out b4 bac Sabah

I was busy wit my outings..every1 hav2 book me lo..
I rily no idea why I so busy..yet sometimes I can stay home and spam fb..weird..

21 Dec 09, outing wit choiei, saibou at TS..
went TS few times dy yet we stil goin TS because tat's d most convinience place for us..thr's lrt, bus and somebody can walk too..hahaha

TS lowerground..xmas le..not bad d decoration..
since we love eating and enjoy gaining weight I guess..haha
we meet up and straight go for our meal dy lo..
get to noe a steamboat buffet at Lot10..shabu one..
4get which floor dy..3rd I tink so..
for student it is so cheap and affordable..
those who are not student and did not bring student card along please please dun go for it..
student only pay ard rm20..so is cheap la..
it definately not worth..rm52 for cheaplak not delicious food..no..never..
bit bad 'cheong sui' their name but is a fact la..hehe.. xp

choiei gain weight? everybody say she bulat dy wo..haha

saibou stil d same la..stil bak bak lo..

me ar..fat dy of cuz..but adorable too rite..wakaka (tak tau malu lo)
outing wit beloved mom..is been a long long time din hang out wit her..
she's been working all d time and I going out wit frens too
sorry mom cuz I'm being a bad daughter..please forgiv me..hope u realize I love u alwax..
my mom pretty le..

sweet chat at TS lowerground..not bad la d food..tat spaghetti quite nice..try it..

a nite wit my frens again..
once we work together but not now..hope we got chance to work together again..^^
we went cheong K at I-Box..somewhere near LenSen..
er..looks like cheaplak but it touchscreen le..dun play play..haha
I receive xmas present from oilai waichee too..thanx..
sorry din prepare for u guys..

wai ee & wai chi lik taking photos~~~ hahaha
last but not least..
b4 I bac Sabah and nite clubbing..
Xmas Eve is here...and I hang out wit joee and family for d noon
we went MV, Gardens..
and Istana for a walk..too bad d horses not thr..
my shirt pattern look alike wit tat rite? ahha

pretty joee..