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Sunday, December 14, 2014

All about Penang

Is time to continue my Penang trip. Too many to share, until I dont know how can I continue. Picture says all, so I'm going to post picture instead of write it out 

Meet friends from different state is so good. Meet up with Peng Hoi and he bring us walk around Georgetown. He say there is a nice place for picture so here we go.

Penang Time Tunnel
39 Green Hall
10200 George Town, Penang
Phone: 04 261 9181
Visiting Hours: 9:30 am - 7:00 pm (last admission ad 6:00 pm) 

Just some photos. Want to see more, can just visit it and pay for entrance ticket =)
We have some questions and when u complete it, you can get souveniers. 

Nice wall painting

A little bit like a scene in Harry Potter

Jungle is so dangerous

I am so strong!!

Lets eat
We spent quite sometime over here because not only these new 3D pictures, but also history about Penang. Thats why they name it Time Tunnel.

Then we have a little bit hungry, we went to a nice, cozy cafe. I love there. So many cute toys over there. The food, the cakes, the drinks just nice.

Toys Cafe
Address: 67, Lebuh Bishop, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11am to 10pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 6012- 424 6426
Email: toyscafe.pg@gmail.com

Delicious Chocolate Peanut with a cake

Sausage burger with soup. They have combo for you to choose.

The Tiramisu cake also very yummy

There are so many Karmen Rider and others toys too. Really nice place.

And of course we visited other places such as the street wall painting. 

And also the famous Kek Lok Si

We also pay a visit for the Nasi Kandar Beratur

For me this is just normal, nothing much special beside than a long queue. 
Alrite, guess this is about my trip at Penang. All about food and photos. That is what tourist do right haha. Thanks to all the friends who gives us a lot of favor, fetch us from here to there. Just wonderful to have friends everywhere. 

The best thing of this trip is, we are away from our workplace, our job but income still moving in, we still can work and help people to lose weight healthily. That is the lifestyle we want. Travel without worrying too much about our job, our income.

This is what we say Herbalife gives us the opportunity to choose who we work with, where we work, how we work and when we work!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Local Getaway, Penang

Each year will have a local getaway trip with my beloved. This year slightly early because of Tuan Pheng wedding invitation, so Penang here we go. Is a 5 days 4 nights trip, which is a little bit too many days as we have not much place wish to go.

Start our journey with cheap flight ticket and all public transport and reached Penang Airport
It is quite convenient to take public transport to airport, KLIA 2. We from different places so we gather at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) because there is KLIA Transit. If you have debit or credit card, just buy your ticket at the kiosk and skip the queue. This transit is so comfy, and easy for us to go airport, it takes up around 40minutes to reach KLIA 2. So, arrange your time wisely.

Once reached airport, waiting friend to pick up. Make friends around the world, over different places is so good *haha =D* while waiting, and lucky us make a new friend too. Deepavali was 2 days ago and we so lucky to meet a new friend, Ganes who treat us with homemade cookies. Thanks a lot!

Authentic Indian food

Never forget my balanced nutrition no matter where I go

Penang is a food paradise. The first thing in my mind when I know we will be going Penang is FOOOOD!!! ALL ABOUT FOOD. EAT EAT EAT and EAT! Don't waste time and lets start the food hunting journey!

First day, first food for lunch, we went for a healthy food, a lifestyle vegetarian cafe. The menu looks good, they have variety of choices, from chinese to western cuisine also available, even dessert. We ordered just a little bit to try because we have to hunt for other food. 

The environment is cozy, small place but warm. Pay a visit if you are around Chow Thye Road.

Mushroom burger and hawaiian pizza
Janxden Greenlife Cafe, Chow Thye Road
Address: 21, Chow Thye Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: Mon - Tue, Fri - Sun (12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 9pm); Wed (12pm to 3pm)
Contact: 04 - 226 8414

Then is time for famous local Char Kuey Teow. Is a local fried noodle, a soft white noodle, little bit like pasta shape but more softer. This is a local food where can be found everywhere, most of the hawker stall. There are few common ingredients such as bean sprout, cockles, prawn, and some stalls will put chinese sausage 'lap cheong' to make it more tastier.

Here I introduce Kafe Heng Huat fried kuey teow. The price is a little bit expensive (Rm7, Rm9, Rm11) but it really delicious, not bad. Can have a try, I prefer kuey teow without spicy.

They put big prawn, that's the price charged.

Kafe Heng Huat
108, Lorong Selamat,
10400 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 016-269 2222
Business Hours: Opens daily from 11am - 6pm. Closed on every Tuesdays.

Well although, is all about food, and of course we have to walk around and take a look at those historical museum or figures. We do walk a lot, we just like a tourist walk with the map.

While we walk then we see Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, which located at Macalister Road, George Town. There is a huge Three Patriot figure just infront of the house. I dont know much about history but I know Dr. Sun Yat-Sen had made lot changes during old days. 

Of course after a walk, we used energy and is time for a tea break. In such historical place, we have to have tea time at oldies cafe instead of western coffee shop. Just right opposite of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, we found a delicious toast bread and half boiled egg. 

Half boiled egg and kaya butter toast is the best matching ever, of course with a hot coffee is just right. If you have not try this, this is a must try. Kaya Butter toast will melt nicely when you out into mouth. If soak with half boiled egg, the bread just soft crust from outside in. 

Old people, old food.
Kiah Hong Restaurant located at Macalister Road, a corner shop lot.
Open daily from morning until 5pm.

Then next destination will be Hard Rock Hotel, Batu Feringgi. It had the famous beaches. The hotel just nice, I really want to stay there. The room when open is not ordinary balcony but is swimming pool! I love it. Promise to myself, the next time I visit Penang, I must stay there, guess March I will be doing so. *to do list, dream list*

Next time!

October is their Pinktober which support breast cancer. PINK. 
Its been a long day. Wake up early early in the morning then start our Penang journey, then eat nonstop, walk and eat then walk again haha! So decided to go back and rest. We stayed Grand Inn Hotel, located at Macalister Road. Nothing much about the hotel, after all we just need a place to rest. Quite clean, so is acceptable. 

After a short rest, time for dinner, eat again! *Penang is all about food, as I mentioned earlier* of course, we are not local, where we go, we refer to the map, we do the same thing to hunt for dinner. You can just grab few maps once landed at the airport. There are few maps, must take all! Some focus on food, some show historical places, hence, grab all then only choose the one that we need.

Since we stay at Macalister Road, and no transport, of course we choose place that is walking distance. Well, when I say walking distance might not be your walking distance. We walked around 15 to 20minutes reach New Lanes. There is a street full with hawker stalls beside Sunway Putra Hotel, George Town. 

There are so many stalls and I am so excited but headache at the same time because I don't know which to choose haha! So we choose all these famous local food based on our instinct which stall that we think it might be delicious. 

Everything taste just nice and it is much more cheaper.
Tried duck egg char kuey teow, fried oyster (Oh Chien), satay, popiah, chee cheong fun. Among all these, my favorite will be popiah and fried oyster. The fried oyster is a local dish where fresh oyster fried with egg. Next will be chee cheong fun, it is special because of the sauce, a shrimp sauce which a new try for me. Then follow with a kuih, a local delight but just normal. Below of it is fried kuey teow with duck egg, taste is bit different, fragrance and texture of the noodle is more juicy.Then special satay which is pork satay. And continue with popiah, a thin layer skin, wrap with vegetable, egg, crunched peanuts and sweet sauce.  

After eat, need to keep fit, so walk around to see night scenery. We walked and walked to the old ancient building. And this is KFC haha! So special and it looks historical. And along our walk, we discover lot beautiful shops lot. 

nice building

Ruite is just funny! He always have wonderful expression when he take photos. Penang have lot wall painting. When we walk in Nagore Square, saw this then Ruite gives us this pose haha!

Hey, pretty lady!
Then is time to walk back. When we almost reached hotel, found out opposite of our hotel have this beautiful and classy place. Totally no idea what is this place, I think is some clubhouse as I saw dining place inside it. 

How I wish this is my mansion

Alright. That's all for first day. So many to go but it's kinda long now, gonna blog more about my Penang trip with few parts, two or three parts perhaps. Overall, my first day is just explore and take a look all places to have a better plan following days. Before I stop, we travel on Thursday until Monday. Worry about our job? Our boss let us to take long holiday? We are our own boss, we work anywhere, anytime. Herbalife gives us the opportunity, work without worrying our job, our income. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Beauty is a choice, not gifted

I was planning to blog about Penang, and when I browsing for photos
I found out these classic photos.

Looking for me?
Wondering which is the mother? Who is the sister? 
Or there is no sister, only a mother and aunt for his convocation?

Well, that was me with my mom for my younger brother convocation
I was 22 by that time.
My mom look gorgeous, as always
My brother look smart and handsome as he do
Meanwhile, ME, trying to look good with limited dress with that giant body size

you may think, 'This is not giant body size, just a little bit plump' (oh yea, I must wear XL size)
you might guess, that is baby fat (I'm 22, already)
you may say, 'Dont worry, you look cute' (I'm not kid anymore, cute doesnt fit me in)

Mom-Brother-Me (22 years old) -BEFORE-
 There is a verb
Only lazy women, no ugly women

well said!
Beauty is a choice, not gifted, not born with

We can choose to become better, become pretty
There is so many solutions:

PLASTIC SURGERY -too expensive? next!

SLIMMING PILLS -side effect? next!

DIET -I am still hungry, I love food. Next!

EXERCISE - 50 reasons to exercise but 2 reasons to not exercise ~ no time ~lazy

mentioned above are ways that I used to play in my mind always
I tried few ways but it doesnt work effectively. 
and there is always a reason for me to not continue what I been doing.

Lucky to meet a person who beautify me *happy*
I had lost 10kg in total where by reduce my size from XL to M

honestly, lose weight is not easy for a person who love to eat like me!
but with the coaching and motivation, and it seems to be easy
I managed to do it. 
Give myself a time frame, a target
'Lose weight to eat more in future' had been my philosophy now

Thats me early of this year by the age of 25.
I feel wonderful, feel great about everything I wear now
can you see the differences? My arm especially!!!!

This is me after 2years. I am glad I know my coach. Glad I made a wise decision 2years ago.

 It is all because of a changing of Healthy Active Lifestyle
a balanced nutrition is so important for weight management

Are you eating right as it stated? Even if you do, can you make sure your meal is really balanced and complete?
Herbalife nutrition can do so with high technology. 

All of these I learn from my coach
how to take care my daily diet
what is my magic number
and besides from my coach, I learn from nutritionist, I pay to learn

Like I mentioned earlier, lose weight is really not easy, is HARD
therefore, after lose weight the most important and also HARDEST part is MAINTAIN WEIGHT

my secret in this lose weight journey become simple and fun with a coach
the result is also magical with Herbalife Nutrition

This is what I taking for my daily breakfast now
I used this to lose weight and now I'm still using this nutrition to maintain my weight

not because if I stop Herbalife, I will gain weight
is because Herbalife Nutrition is low in calories but high in nutrients
it is not lose weight products, it just a nutrition food. 

Still consuming everyday as a breakfast as it can give me a complete balanced nutrition meal in a minute!
That is really AMAZING especially for people who are so busy and stress with job.
want to know more or if you looking for a coach
whatsapp to +601126265392

Im not ugly but Im not pretty. Our heart define our beauty but human is realistic. Things or people that look better attracts more fans.

 Beauty is a choice
I chose to become better 2 years ago
I chose to be pretty than I used to be
importantly, I chose to be more healthy than I used to be

Everybody have the choice. Be brave, have the courage to change. Start by TODAY, NOW!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Herbalife Nutrition is an International Business make Internatiional friends

Wonderful branding of Herbalife Nutrition
so many people looking for solution in finding balanced nutrition food to help them in weight loss or weight gain. Some looking for ways to get more energy and stamina.

Lucky me meet a lot of new friends because of Herbalife

Met Ayesha from Bangladesh at Sungei Wang roadshow. She been looking for ways to get more healthy and lose some weight

Met another few more new friends from Ikano Power Center roadshow
A lovely couple where Joy come from Sabah, the place I so in love with.
Joy always feel tired and have low immune system, and the boyfriend because of uncertain job and also lack of time, getting more chubby and fatigue, low energy
So I am glad to help this lovely couple to get a new level of energy 

During the roadshow went to get some snack and there I meet Zarina, a young girl who want to lose weight because going to get marry soon.
Happy for her.

And of course, Sri who also working there.
Because of her job, as usual, no fixed time for meal, stress, and no time for exercise
she had put on 5kg in a month.
She want to lose weight and want to lead a healthy active lifestyle so badly!!

All of them are so young, and no problem
because they know healthy is so important 
and lets walk along this healthy active lifestyle together!

Almost everyone of them change a new body by changing a Healthy Breakfast with rm8 a meal
last time you might think rm8 a meal is expensive, but now, rm8 some how is cheaper than a meal we had outside. 

And here I want to share a special friend whom we got to know each other from my blog!
Fiza from KK, the place i love again haha
she found me from my blog
She is the first person who reached me from my blog
well, I believe with her commitment, she will have very good result
She already lost 2kg is a very short period. Wonderful!!

If you want to be one of the happy young healthy person like us, 
whatsapp me at +601126265392
change a breakfast, change a body =D

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Irritating. Dont talk anymore.

Lately I can feel that is quite irritating and depressing when I keep listening to the same thing again and again.
I have bad respiration system and they suggesting not to eat spicy food, deep fried food and a lot.
But I love to eat, I live to eat.
Force me to dont eat is like 'Please kill me'
Of course I know is for my sake, for my own good.

Of course I dont want to get back the 'used to wear XL and fat' me
I want to maintain the one who lost 10kg and wearing M size me or even better.
If can be better, why not??!! Agree?

So thanks to those nag and nags.
I will try to be better.
Susah susah dulu, senang senang kemudian.

Dont hate those who talk about health with you, thanks them although it doesnt attract you.

People who want yoy good is the people who harsh to you.

Get more nutrition, drink more water, eat healthier, exercise.
Lose weight, lose fats then gain muscle!!
Then have a better and different body.

Wana know more? Whatsapp to

Monday, September 29, 2014

Lose weight and make friends

Last Saturday was Fiesta for Slim&Win Round 27
Total I have 5 contestants and all of them very good, give the commiment
Although not all can make it to the Party at least few did and they are so pretty.

From strangers to friends now all so happy.
Appreciate this relationship.
Kak Samsiah and Puiiy is Top 5 winner
Happy for them. They lost more than 3kg in a short period which they told me before this spend more than a year also cant lose 3kg!!

Their secret??
Beside than 80% Nutrition which included Herbalife shake, and also specialize whole day meal plan
They also do 20% Exercise which suitable for them.
All these are personalized.
So if you want to know more,
Whatsapp me at +601126265392

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Im Herbalife Independant Disributor

Just proud to say im a PHD
So what PHD I got?
Professional Herbalife Distributor
Hahaha yes! I am!
Along the journey, step by step I learn a lot
I grow. I helped lot people. People I know, people I dont know and now become friends.
If you looking for Herbalife products Herbalife result Herbalife coach
Then u you found one here.
If you are serious with the result u want, lose or gain weight,
You like having fun and know new friends,
Then you are the right person to join my healthy babies group!
Whatsapp me at +601126265392

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Get Fit is not a dream

Everybody talking about exercise, gym, workout
And here I talk about Get Fit with a group of people
Who you hang out with is who you will become
If hang out with a gang of people who drink, smoke slowly we will get that virus
If hang out with a gang of people who do exercise and positive we will be more positive
Yes! I know you saying
'Phewww, luckily im with a bunch of people who go gym!'
Then what you do or eat after that? Golden 30minutes after exercise so important!
Here we at Get Fit Studio in ss2, do what we know the best for us
We will have pre hydration and fat burning tea before workout then we will have post recovery shake with protein within 30minutes after exercise.
And all of us have one target. Improve our stamina and performance in a month
Interested to know more just leave a comment here or
Facebook me at Veronica Yap Wai Ee or
Instagram follow me at yapwaiee or
Whatsapp me at +601126265392