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Monday, July 18, 2011

Annoying Supervisor!!

I am so so annoyed by my annoying supervisor!!!
he is those..hmm...typical malay 'malay' guy..
he is a 'kelate-ian'..although dont have that accent but I still dont like
like any other friends from there they like to kacau kacau flirt flirt with girls..
the way they talk, their lame cold jokes, their face and so on la..
I dont know..maybe only him have such problem..
he is 2years older than me..only 2yrs older but he look so so mature..

he got a wife and a son..that is ok la..no comment about that..
but he is married and he still kacau kacau girls..
only a few times he whistling to girl when he driving and others he say it in front of us..
I once ask him..why he so gatal go kacau girl..
he answered : kalau saya tak gatal, macam mana saya dapat isteri sekarang i?
aiyoyo...that was before he marry gatal ok la..but now he is married lo!!
for me he didnt respect his wife at all!!! and he didnt respect me as a girl..because he kacau girl in front of me..

and he always..I repeat ALWAYS smoking in front of us..when he driving and so on..
cant he respect us and dont smoke infront of us!!!
I try to tell him and let him know indirectly please dont smoke infront of us inside the van..ishk...
but he still the same..and those ashes fly here and there aargghh...

next is his driving skills...suckss!!!
teruk giler...like a bull...
stick follow near near to the car infront of us..aargghh
me always wondering when la..someday he will got an accident because of his sucks driving skills..

another thing..this I still can bare with it la..
he is kinda ego..he not really want to accept that he is loser..
he just want to show he is smart..cool..handsome..instead he is not!!! absolutely NO!!!!
and he always talk something that not really related to us..always brag about himself..
and the topic he say kinda no point!!
and when he speak..he dont know what he talking about or he didnt really use his brain!!
because...a few times what he said kinda offended the teacher..haha stupid..haha

1 more thing...he got a few times late!!!
promise 7am but he woke at 7am..stupid!!
if reach please make it later..
there's 1 time he blame his wife not waking him up..
a grown up man and he cant even wake by himself...so lame..lousy excuse!!!

pphheeww...after a long complain thingy here guess I should stop
I just want to release some tension because of him..
he is stupid..and I always argue and 'ki ki kat kat' him..guess he dont like me too...
because he always ask joee help him instead of me haha
enough..have to be nice with our enemy rite..be patient..

*today he hit teacher's car and run..bad fella*

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tiring Job

oh..finally I tried chattime
tried red bean pearl milk tea something like that..I like =)

I am so so tired!!!!!!!!!!
was happy and feel super excited for the job
but now..I hate it..!!!! super dislike it..

1st..everyday I have to wake super early!!! 6am going out to lrt..so I have to wake at 5.30am!!! and I can only reached home around 7pm sometimes..things like giving talk at d last school at 5.30pm..ishkk

2nd..I dislike my supervisor!!! he is those 'malay' malay guy..those kinda rough..from Kelantan so he got the accent..a little bit la..and he is just muka tembok..he just bla bla bla talking nonstop showing off his stories so on..and he smoke!!!! he smoke infront of us..inside the car..he didnt respect us and ever consider the harm the effect that a passive smoker will face..and he drive like a bull!!!

3rd..the schedule that the office the management made!!! there's hardly have gap between schools..and we have to rush..they ask us to present 39 slides in 15-20mins..how can that possible!!! it can done within the time but the information are not detail and clear lo!!

4th...I have to spend around rm10 each day for travel..super expensive la!!! my salary around rm90/day and deduct everything..travelling fees, food, so on each day maybe only earn rm70 with more than 8hours working time!!!

I feel like finding a replacement for this job so I can resign and get off from this suffering situation!!
but I need money!!! money is not enough and I need to earn..so..guess I will be continue complaining while working everyday!!!!!

just want to share =)

Monday, July 4, 2011

New Job!!

Today, Monday..blue..
not really..starting my new part time for this whole July..
becoming pad jiejie haha

was afraid and kinda worry of today's schedule and job
but end up not bad! I quite like it =)

Baju kambing biri-biri.. Cute rite hehe

Woke at 5.25am..get ready and wait for Joee
depart from my house 6am and begin our train tour
took star LRT from Maluri to Masjid Jamek = Rm2.40 (around that)
and then change to Putra and stop at Asia Jaya = Rm2.00 (roughly, cant remember, tomorrow confirm again :p)

meet up our supervisor, Firdaus
and heading to our first school..
oh, im promoting pad inside school..so..pad jiejie xD

reached our very first school and they say we cant make it today
because they have some function
oh oh~~~~ so what now??
3 of us no idea where to go, what to do..
we stayed at the school while, so me and Joee took a little time camwhore haha

after that we went to a park
somewhere at Shah Alam Wet World...
is a small tiny mini size of Desa Waterpark haha

Sunway Lagoon > Desa Waterpark > Wet World
imagine that haha

and after lepak loitering while..
oh, photo session while *again*
then we went McD for breakfast and now..people from office called and ask us go back..
no choice, we back office while sit there relax while and come out again for second school and also our last school for the day

wuhoo...yes..only 2 schools today yuhoo~~
so we gave a simple talk and now everything done
2.30pm..reached Asia Jaya station and back to Pasar Seni~~

went to Petaling Street, Kun Kee Wan Tan Mee
super delicious lo~~
yummy yummy...last time we always went there for lunch before tuition start

next both us go took Putra again to Dang Wangi = Rm1.20 from Pasar Seni
because I wanted to go Heritage House, NuffNang office to get 4 free movie tickets!!!
oh..is a birthday gift from Nuffnang to Chloe and she cant take it so I took it hehe
thanks Chloe and Nuffnang~~

whole day walk here and there..
super tiring because I am super sleepy
it had been a super long time I didnt wake so early!!!
reached home late evening..and super tired

tomorrow start another day again with super early morning
and now..we have to go 5 schools!!!!
hardly imagine how we rush for each school but tmr got OT..
not bad not bad..extra rm12 which mean got rm100
hope the salary faster faster give me!!
I am super poor now..
wish us *me&Joee* luck and all the best tomorrow ^^

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birth+Mom Day

Happy Bday Mom
Happy MomDay Mom

this is a super super pending post..
mom bday on May22
Mothers' Day I still at Sabah
so as always we celebrate 2 celebrations together

both us super super poor..
so only manage to get mom a small cake
mom although I always quarrel and not a good daughter
but I do love u even I dont say it out
I wish u can see this but I know u wont haha because u cant even turn on d pc
nvm..hope u feel it =)