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Friday, February 27, 2009

End of Feb

should be stop from working in kindergarten..but they kinda need a primary teacher and day care teacher so I continue lo..
so i stil will work until thr until I get a new job..

plan goin a trip..JB..
on 7th-9th March, 2009..6th ewei wil b bac and we spend our nite thr..
black eye peas + yan..we'll go places along d way to JB or d other way..

went clubbing, MOS, Sat nite wit Peggy, Terenz, WaiKitz & Nevin..
walao..damn mahal...expensive.. rm94 each..haih..4get it la..

lately alwax meet leon, tommy, ml..alwax go out for dinner or lunch..
den makan makan makan..
i dman damn damn damn damn damn FAT....!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant even tahan myself lo..
I rily damn FAT dy..
should control and stop eating like a hungry ghost dy..

March coming and my resolution for this month is..
slim down bit will be enuf la..im not tat greedy..haha..
den i wan hav enuf of fun before d result come out..
i hope i can get a good result..
i hope i can get a new job..
i hope i can get a better job which suits me..
i hope i can noe wat i wan, wat shud i go for my studies..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Malacca 1day Trip

pecah rekod..!!! lari dari KL, S'gor..

d far-est place we celebrating Bday.. Tommy & Peggy (Jan's Babies)

with d new Proton Saga,
MALACCA here we are on 8th Feb 2009 (applause)
Tommy + Peggy (bday boy & gal), Leon, Aaron, Veronica (me)

thr's not much who can celeb with them, left 3 of us ni..too bad..at 1st we wana cincai celeb ni..mayb just go for a lunch at Sakae, walk, movies lidat ni..mana tau..sudenli..a bad idea pop out..haha..go PD or Malacca la..den we just make d crazy idea come true..

d nite b4 I bac home damn "EARLY".. 7am+..sleep for few hours den stupid aaron sms me asking bout d plan at 10am+, I cant sleep cuz I've to use my brain to tink..s I just slept for tat few hours..grr..plan whr, how we wana get present for both of them..end up, Malacca and d present from LM..

get a big Patrick for Peggy, a shirt from Yishion to Tommy..din rily hav those surprise for them cuz al of this plan sudden..damn damn last last minute..d plan was confirm just a few hours b4 we go out, d present just use 1hour lidat to get get it..so all of this was a surprise for all of us..haha..

too bad for json, he is on his way to sban when he reply he cant join us...to bad, u missed out d nice nice damn crazy idea..hehe..d trip was damn damn nice..cool..yeah..

we turn d duno town or wat for few times..sesat jalan looking ong kim huy road to eat satay celup, which intro by leon..but we stil can get it..too bad..so we cincai eat at McQuek restaurant..not tat nice..den we go Mahkota Parade park d car somewhere nearby thr, we start our crazy super fun trip..

1st, Eye On Malaysia (far from us but nice view).. 2nd,TamingSari Tower which known as signal tower for some ppl..haha..den go to d 'ship', Muzium Samudera..d lantern show..things lidat..walk along d river,Little Venice @ 'Venice of the East" to Christ Church and Stadhuys (red house)..almost all we visited..

followed by Jonker Street, Malacca nite market or Malacca Petaling Street..hehe..lots things which quite cute..food..hot dog waffle..1st time eat it but not d 1st for Peggy cuz she made it at home, mayb she's d inventor..haha..

din buy anything bac kl..but brought things bac KL..food inside my stomach..haha..and many many many damn freaking lotzzzz photosssSSSsss....and of cuz memories which others dun hav beside us..hehe..free to view d photos..


well, thats lot things we've done which I damn lazy ceritakannya..why not just check out those videos which explain all~~!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Saturday- February 07, 2008

Noon went Chua's house..he will depart on d nex day, Sunday 10.45pm..its a gathering cause I met LeeYee, Sara, ChiYuen, J-mie, Kitty, Keat, San, Json, Aaron, Leon, & CheeYun..we jux sit and chat there..with d own group..so actualy, I dont tink that its kinda farewell for Chua because I dont chat with him much..anyway..I stil meet up and talk something with Chua rite..so its ok..

Peggy house again..haha..this CNY alwax go Peggy's house and this makes us can enter and out from her house easily as we like..d open house is ..er..cool..manay of her relatives, friends, colleage, mayb her dad business partner..

what I feel weird is..KarKit were there too..with his gf..haha..but ok la..cause we're stil friends rite..actualy he shud join us more..bringing his gf, huihui..this can improve our friendship..not bad not bad..Json, Aaron, Leon, Yvonne, Janice, Nevin, Terenz & Oscar..Ej while lo..

Ej's house got open house too..after Peggy house then Ej's house lo..I loves my life..damn enjoy it..haha..alwax full with plans..Julian, Nevin, Terenz, Oscar, Jingle, Kf, Wk, Peggy, MayLing (ej's gf), Jackie (duno how2 spell, kf's gf/fren??!!)..

As usual, hang out with this gang sure drink..I rily appreciate my friends..I loves all of them la..mayb not all la...but..we cant use d period we noe each other to estimate, to explain how deep our feeling, how strong is our friendship..
Peggy join our us after graduate f5 but we stil can hang out alwax..Terenz also..though last time we din rily talk in skol but now..we can hang out alwax dy..mayb its true as he said, ppl change, menatlity change, some of us can click den v can hang out..compare to those they usually hang out, I am more fren wit them dy..totally unexpected..
I am worry someday I wil lose this bunch of frens..I duwan lose any of them..not even 1..few tears drop when they discussed things that damn scary..hate they argue, hate they talk loudly, hate when some1 sudenli left..but, this is wat true frens, argue because wan d best for u, left sudenli but nex day wil come bac with smiling face..
I love my frens..I wont 4get them..I will love them, remember them til d day I dead..!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY Moo~~ Moo~~

I spent my CNY with gambling..haha.mostly at Peggy's house..her house have whatever things u wan..she got Wii, Mahjong, Poker, TV with Astro On Demand, foods, drinks (liquor)..apa pun ada..

nin30 - went to 'da pak' house..eat dinner..tis year very 're nao'...yoong gu, foong gu, fei suk, 4suk, 2pak, my whole family, yik family lo..nice dinner..got prawn, fish, abalone (raw), scallop, nice soup..

chor1 - woke up noon, go Pavillion with mom, bought a RM69.90 from Nose, tought wana buy mom a shirt but she duwan..too bad but i give her RM200..went to Peggy house..her Bday..should get her a Bday present cuz is 21 yrs old..I totally 4get that..but me, hui & ml cant get any present from LeisureMall cuz its like a dead city..haha..nite went to 'xiao yi' house..'tai q meh' and everybody is thr..Ling getting leng lui..same as Joee..but I stil d same.haih..kinda borin hanging out thr..so I bac home earlier than mom, go Chua's house wit waikit. twins, hangshen, zakee & cheeyun..not rily hav fun too..mayb too tired or bit boring..duno..went Steven Corner for supper..roti cheese..yummy yummy..reached home 6am cuz we lost on our way bac home same as go chua house too..teruk la..haih..

Peggy Bday

chor2 - woke up noon of cuz..go 'da gu' house..meet al my dad side family..i love chor2 every year..haha..many were thr..and for sure we'll hav fun and enjoy thr..nice dinner too..shark fin which is ketul2..haha..prawn, scallop, fish from sabah, chicken, yee sang (homemade), hou see fat choy, zha yuk, abalone..play black jack..lose..ard rm5..play poker with vodka, lose, 1cup..nex round is Peggy's house again cuz wk, nevin, terenz, kf is thr gambling..so I ajak hui&ml aso..haha..v played poker at 1st and lose again rm5, den black jack..win with rm0.50 but end up..lose also..haih..consider we noe peggy's 3rd sis..'ngau jie jie' = moo moo sis.. and her fren..they are funny too..haha..gamble til 6am..hui&ml bac so left me, nevin, wk terenz..4 of us went dim sum at connaught..haha..so syok..reached home ard 7am..


chor3 - early early hav2 wake up..cuz go bai nin with choiei cheeyun they al..ard 12pm reached ce's house, our 1st destination...lotx us tat day..hui, ml, cyun, kkit, wk, peggy, kwei, ling, ce, huisiang, syue, pmun, km & me..after ce house we had our lunch at KimGary, den went syan's house cuz her bro, wahsan = chu gor gor bit borin wo..so he bcome d banker and we gamble..haha..he won~~!! I lose again..haih..we spent time thr gambling with pig bro..and out nex destination is Peggy house again..3days straight go her house..she is tired and she slept..we hang out ourself..like our house..haha..played mahjong..when her family bac we aso wana leave dy..bit embarasing..haha..thanx Peggy~~!! after that me, syan, hui & ml look for ewei cuz she miss us badly..haha..so we hang out at d same mamak again Kinrara..im sorry ewei..rily too sleepy so fall asleep thr and because of me u cant chat longer wit them..sorry..reach home quite early..ard 4am+

Galzz power
chor4 - went somewhere near Tanjung Malim for a lunch..as usual, only Yoong gu & Uncle will do so..Benjamin family, Eric family, Keng gu family, Man gu family, 2pak, fei suk, 4suk, Jong & me..damn delicious lunch I had..got abalone, sea cucumber (hoi sum), prawn, shark in soup..food that normaly we eat at those wedding dinner..nite go for d same movie again -ga yao hei xi- with kids, foong gu & leong..mayb all of us had grown up..we doesnt seems that closed we used to be..I didnt rily chat with lily dy nowadays..haih..and others, seems like dun rily hav common topics to chat with..sigh..hope we can remain d cousin, family relatives relation le..
chor5 - tis is d ONLY day I stayed home whole day..ahahahha..but I stil met some friends..Tommy.W, Yoon Foo & Ling..long lost frens..its been years i didnt meet tommy & yf..they dropped by while chat den balik..
chor6 - went MayChen's house..thr's Lion Dance in her house le..damn rich..purposely hired d group go her dad house..geng..!! kinda gatherin for U6A1..though not many were there but at least I can meet some..after lunch at Tan Cha Ok, I follow Keng gu they all go 'Pak Liong' house..its an oppurtunity to noe my relatives..hahah..I dun even noe I got lots cousin..those 'tong gor, tong jie'..those 'piao pak'..once a year meet them wont help..haha..nvm la..better than none..
chor7 - 'ren re' @ 'yan yat' ...went 'yi kung' house..1yr older lo..haha..as usual, went thr aso go for eat chat lo..mom off and she sudenli duno why so good buy something (food) to his house..normaly mom doesnt noe these things..haha..weird..but its good..'noe how2 do'..hehe..