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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Suprise from Besties

November 15, 08 - Saturday -

Suprise which I never expect..
Ewon said wana come oer and study 2gether..
its damn weird because she wont go through such a long way
just to study with me..because its impossible..
I didnt expect she really will come but stil put a hope on her..
she say mayb will reach ard 2pm..

when d time is almost thr..
sudenli some1 knock d door..
heard some voices.. (if not I wont open the door)
once I opened..

I saw SUSAN~~~!!!
next is SOOK YAN & EWEI~~~!!!
d plan is suppose Sook Yan followed by Ewei mana tau that Ewei just come out..
so..mana Ewon..she lied..pakat with 3 of them!!!

they came visit me..
with 2packets of Pan Mee from Hang Shen's mom stall
and a packet of Apples and Grapes..
so touched..
my besties come & give me suprise b4 my STPM..
they give me encouragement..
they worry bout my unhealthy lifestyle.. (its true)
they worry I got masalah sembelit.. (i dun hav d prob)
they worry am I stress or too tension..
but they know I damn relax...they can see it..haha..

we ordered Pizza..delivery..nice..delicious..hehe..
we have a long chat..
its been a loooonnnngg time 4 of us didnt hang out..
we gossip.. (what usually gals do)
we make noise..
we laughed..
we played games.. (facebook)
exchange stories..
Ewei d 1 who is d most talkative..
she talks lot la..many many things she told us..
bout her training..
bout Carmen, Leon & Kit... hehe..

I feel glad..because I have bunch of Besties..
I feel happy because they cares me..
I feel touched of what they did for me..
I feel being love whenever with them..
Mu Jin Jang
A korean BBQ restaurant which Leon introduce..
went for a dinner there..after my Jimui balik rumah..with Leon, Aaron, Tommy Carmen & me..
Leon say wana blanja me..now is d time..finally d day had come..haha..Thanx Leon~~
Aaron Tommy & me had waited both of them for a long time..Leon said 8pm wait at Ampang Point..den sudenli say 8.30pm..guess what time he reach..9.00pm ar~~!!!! is TOO late..
luckily we damn smart..find d restaurant and wait him..not wait him at the Ampang Point bus stop there..wonder what we do if we wait there..
Korean meal..haven try b4..until yday..omg..duno d menu write what..haha..luckily theres some photos..and english describe it..yet..stil duno whats that..haha..d taste ok la..not bad..kimchi..bla bla bla..duno whats d name la..haha..anyway..nice dinner..
guys have next round..gaming is their favourite..so no ned so mafan..I ask Aaron fetch me to Terenz house as it is just around the corner..they have next round I aso got..haha..yc with EuJin they al..yday just 4 of us..me EuJin, Terenz & Nevin..others busy..haih.
wonder why I can mix around with so many guys..I stil can chat for 2hours with 3guys..while I always d only gal when yc...how can I tahan..??!! I also dunno..weird.. (wondering) because I can tolerate..?? my patience damn good..?? haha..mayb..yea..I thinks that is..haha..
Wai Ee is always the best..because she can had so many gang of friends..wakakaka..
but..when come in studies...
oppsss...too bad..malu la..dont say it here..hehe..

Monday, November 10, 2008

November Babies Birthday

aiya..bit boring to blog again for d same event..
after I've blog for Baobao..
but I hav2 add some special thing..because..this my personal feeling..haha..
This time really simple celebration..really very simple..
not all show up..
  1. Leon
  2. Aaron
  3. Tommy
  4. Chee Yun
  5. Json


  1. Yan
  2. Evonne
  3. Annie
  4. Veronica
  5. Janice

Susan & Ewei cant join us..too bad..I miss them..I've long time din see them dy lo..haih..miss them so so much..and..duno why..duno what happened..leon din ask kk..I duno..dun blame when kk upset..hehe..lai yew cant join us..next time lo..oh ya..I just found out that lai yew had moved to Subang..so far..haih..

Today we went for a movie at leisure mall.. -The Coffin- ..not bad..quite nice..quite scary but not really that scary actually..as usual...a horror movie with my crazy friends..we might laugh more than scream..happy more than scary..haha..because we always guess what happen next and make everything looks funny..hehe..weird gang..

After movie..ready for dinner..went to Puchong..Tak Fook Restaurant..CRABBIE here I come~~~ (wish to eat crab sinz 6months ago)

deliciooouuusss!!!! sedap!!!! ichiban!!!!!! ho chak!!!!!

  • 2kg salted egg + 2kg cheese = 4kg crabbie
  • lemon chicken
  • coconut prawn - curry
  • tau foo - specialty
  • yao mak
  • 12 man tao - dipped with CHEESE

total up for menu above is ... RM191.50..there were 10ppl..I think this meal not bad..wont expensive..its ok for me..its worth for me..hehe..not bad not bad..really 'peng leng zheng'..murah cantik sedap..cheap nice good.. haha..

and I just found out that this world is small..but..sometimes..when u're not about to meet den u cant meet..because...Friday nite..went to MidValley for movie with wh & his fren..Vampire loves U (think so) ..8.45pm.. and so ngam..Ewon watching d same movie same place same time with bh..she sat front 3rows..I sat d last row..but..unfortunately..we cant bump each other..

so..is destiny..even though me & ewon consider near..in a same room but we din notice din bump with each other..destiny..we seems so near but far as well..so near, so far..and I believe that..if it is urs, nobody can take it from u..u wont notice what u owned untill u lost it..

so I've to learn..learn appreciate what I have..appreciate every minute every second that I have..be grateful of time that I had spent, things that I've done with my frinds & family..

Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Day of Form6

today is d last day we go for class..
after today..
when ever we got to school..
it just for EXAM..STPM~~!!

we hav a booklet..U6A1 booklet..
luckily..all of my classmate had sign it..
except YeeLing because she absent..too bad

Teck Li (lily) - Kok How (dai lou) - Mun Keat & Mun Hoe (twins) - Chyi Piao - Wan Hoong - Wai Loon - Qin Zhan (ah boy) - Kae Chuen (leng zai) - Zakee (fried chicken) - Kah Wai (tvb lou)

Pui Mun - Wern Pei - Looi PY (sai bou) - Siaw Wei - May Chen - Yin Yi - Ong PY (dai bou) - Kit Lay (kat kat) - Sook Yen - Chooi Yee - Xue Yi (sukiyi) - Kai Li - Chee Leng - Qing Yi - Fung Yee - Bee Lian - Lee Ing - Pei Yee - May Nyan - Yi Xuan - Yi Hui - Seow Peng - Joanne - Yee Ling - Suk Guan - Nanthini - Nalini

1 & 1/2 year had passed..
being a member of U6A1 really great..
our class have lots of fun & laughter..
though sometimes seems like
there were many gangs in a class..
but we still can hang out 2gether..

many joys, laughters that my classmate give me..
each of the moments will become a part of my life..
without it..
my life wont complete..

once..a plan which made by me 'kat kat'..pmun..hehe..
only few of us knows bout it..
a character which i used for a certain time..
venessa..a nice name..haha..
hope I wont 4get this..

anyway..I just happy being a part of U6A1...~~!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Problems around me..
hate it..
many things I have to make desicion..
many things that I have to choose..
many things which I need to do but I cant do it..
STPM just around the corner
and I still relax here..
watching the time pass..
I hate myself..
hate being this way..
I've been ask myself..
Am I doing the right thing now..??
Am I made the right decision..??
can somebody answer me..??!!!
seems like there is nobody can help
I have to solve the problems by myself
destiny is in my hand
my life is control by me
none of them can decide what I want can I do and what should I do
I have to learn
I have to grow up
I'm 19 now
I'm not a kid anymore
stop being so childish
and do what should I do!!!!!!